life is kinda like a snowglobe... everything is fine and at peace inside of one... until some friggin' shmuck comes along and shakes it all up! ...but in the end, everything turns out to be even more beautiful than before...

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  • tv - survivor, weakest link (the host is such bitch. i love it. "do i have to beg you to take the money?!")
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this snowflake fell tuesday 05152001 05:00am...
...and is about urgh, i'm a dip x.x and stuff...

waaaaa~h! wasurechatta! shinjiranai! atashi wa hidoi na koibito. ;.;


that is all. n.n

* * * * *

this snowflake fell tuesday 05152001 04:13am...
...and is about oneesama o koteru and stuff... blogged about lotsa stuff i think you know i'd respond to. n.n; first things first, i think i might've deduced what gun misato uses. i thinks it's either this or this. i reviewed beretta's and sigs for a while but only felt really satisfied when i started looking at the heckler & koch usp's (swat/metal gear solid guns). i dunno, run it by pack to see what he thinks. i showed the pics to val and eric and they seemed satisfied too. if i'm wrong then, ehh...nothing new. n.n; ho~e...i wish i knew if i was still doing suu-chan. then i could tell you to do haruka. >.< ah well.

as for that commercial, yup. really, it's my belief that raves are the new trend of blame right now. as i grew up, it changed from drinking (and driving), drugs (weed/coke/heroin), unsafe sex, television/music and now raves. finger always has to be pointed somewhere. while raves do have drugs and all that, it does get blown out of proportion at times. remember that huge thread on otaku outpost? *sigh* it's funny because today on irl, one of the topics was 'does being called a raver bother you?'. i don't mind calling myself one because i know what type of raver i am. it's when people automatically stereotype me is when it bothers me, which happens all too often i think, and typically by people who have never set foot into one. but that's me. bleh.

tohohohohohoho~! you harry potter slore! you have been assimilated! now if you want to borrow the rest of the books, you gotta make it over here so i can trap you into spinning too. XD

speaking of dj-ing, i got an email back from konami dude at the fanime dance. unfortunately, the ddr release party was cancelled but they have other releases lined up so i should hear from them. w00t! i need more spinning experience. ~.~ i should talk to that dude that likes anime on ilr. he's hella younger but i have the feeling we'd get along pretty well with our interests in both anime and trance. we see. ti~red. think i'll pass out early today, tired from all that research. wa~h...why aren't there any cz75 gas airsofts? ;.;

* * * * *

this snowflake fell sunday 05132001 05:11am...
...and is about layout h0dom and stuff...

man...i swear i'm becoming one. not only am i thinking 'oh how could i use that for xyz layout' whenever i look through a magazine or something, but i'm getting faster at doing them too. i finished the new layout for my fanfic page all tonight. images and everything. usually, it takes me 3-7 da~ys all together. it's just strange i tell ya. anyhoo, i'm very happy with how it turned out because the picture doesn't hog all your attention anymore and all the menus and what-not fit well. *sigh* gokuro~... now to get working on my fic again. ~.~

* * * * *

this snowflake fell saturday 05122001 05:27am...
...and is about ficcing and stuff...

wai wai wai! i finished chapter one of my fushigi yuugi fic 'roll to me' featuring boushin, the son of hotohori. you can read it here or here if you don't want to go through the menus and what not. i didn't really take time to proofread thoroughly before putting it up so if you see something wrong, smack and tell me. then make sure i keep on working on it because i'm infamous for not completely fics. n.n; (i get it from oneesama. blame her. n.-)

in other news, some idiot on the msg boards was crazy/stupid enough to post the subject 'are you tired of GAY ravers?". ...yeah, we tore him a new asshole. i mean, not everyone on ilr 'embraces' homosexuality, but they don't hate on it. not that i've seen so far at least. it's really sad to see 'normal' people taking such a negative role on the issue. really, other than their 'breaking the mold', what the hell is so threating about it? as far as i know in my history books, all violent acts were forced -onto- homosexuals like gay bashing, hate crimes and ,as oneesama mentioned before on her blog, burning them. what the hell is -that- about? you ask me who seems more humane, and i chose homosexuals. i don't know, maybe it's something i should read up on but for what i know now, that's where my opinion stands. and that's not only because i'm bisexual myself.

random thing of the day was today's iron chef battle. it was french vs. french and both chefs did all the cooking and preparation on their own. o.o it was so much less chaotic and almost easy going without the two assistants there. anyways, it's a peach battle (the food looked so~ goo~d ;.;) and sakai/iron chef french won but the funny thing was... one of the actress tasters lines was translated as 'he turns me on!' to the iron chef. i nearly fell off my seat laughing. it was just like 'wtf?!' now i want to see the original japanese broadcast of that. n.n; and shit...the sun is rising. i sleep. z.z

* * * * *

this snowflake fell thursday 05102001 11:16pm...
...and is about pr0nolizing and more 'girl stuff' and stuff...

i'll spare those who don't want to read about 'girl stuff' by taking about pr0n first. (man, am i corrupted or what?) anywho, once again, another lovely link brought to you by #y. this is the pornolizer. basically, you enter the url of any page you want, and it instantly makes 'porn dialog'. i got some rather entertaining results from a lot of pages. here's a couple:

the quote underneath my blog image - "life is kinda like a titty fucking snowglobe... assfucking is fine and at peace inside of one... until some friggin' shmuck licks along and browns it all up! ...but in the unclefucking end, cocksucking fists out to be even more beautiful than before..."

from michi's blog - Aw man, that sodomited Sakura & Eriol cel is still up there! T.T;;

from microsoft - "Power wanks: Titty fucks 2000 and SQL Server sodomited the scating infrastructure for Black & Decker's new Web site."
"Internet "The-Champ" Explorer 6 Preview "Bust-a-Cunt" Edition: motherfucks new screwed screwing and privacy sodomits. "
"Intelligently monitor and manage your enterprise browns with new Microsoft "Suck my tits dry" Felchs Manager 2000. Learn more."

it's a lot more fun and entertaining than it should be really. n.n;

now for the girly stuff. this is just like blatantly graphic because i'm tired and hormone-y enough not to care right now. if you're easily queasy, run now. more just a general statement. i admit to wondering why we had all these different types of pads for lining underwear. i remember discovering wings were extremely useful. well, let's just say last night, i was given a reminder why we have 'light days' and 'heavy days'. woke up with quite the 'not so fresh feeling'. that i've grossed everyone out, i'm gonna go work on my fic until big o comes on. n.n;

* * * * *

this snowflake fell wednesday 05092001 03:29pm...
...and is about -the- 'monthly bill' and reflections and stuff...

yeah, that's just to warn you guys out there that can't us grrlz bitching about our cycles and shtuff. n.- just be happy that i'm doing it here and not in person where you wouldn't be able to escape. i'll try to keep this fairly tasteful though. muwahahaha~ anyways, i have the 'luck' of an irregular cycle. i can go for a couple of months without paying my dues sometimes. the good points stop pretty much right there. there are few times when i'm like prepared to it's coming because usually, i don't get any symptoms. or if i do, they're not the ones you'd really notice. i'm always tired dammit. n.n; i blame headaches on lack of sleep or boredom. cramps, i usually manage to avoid those somehow. or if i do get them, i only get them for like the first day and then after that 'smooth sailing on the crimson waves'. n.n; ugh not this time around though. i got cramps on monday night (see ref. end of 0509 entry), and was trying to figure out if it was from the korean bbq or not. well, it sure wasn't but strange enough, i went to sleep prepared and woke up clean, so i figured i was in the clear. spent all of tues in the garage of my old house, sorting through all the junk i had just unceremoniously thrown in boxes if it didn't look breakable. hey, i only had a week to pack and i was told this after driving back from la to sf to mountain view. :P it was a fun memory trip and i'll get into that later. anyways, i go through the day doing climbing, lifting, sorting and still come out clean. i come home, take a shower, pass out. wake up the next morning.


*shrug* it was just a little out the (un)ordinary for me. sorry to subject y'all to it. n.n; onto something more memory lane trip. first of all, you never really notice how much crap you really have until you have to move it from one place to another. i feel i dumped a fairly good amount of stuff i didn't really use or have sentimental attachments to. i really should keep keys to stuff i keep locked. n.n; i had to break into like 2 little locked boxes. surprisingly, neither really had too much of value except for a couple of pictures. i still have notes/letters from jhs in a shoebox, love letters from past ex's, a wrist corsage of fire and ice roses from prom, loads of pictures from when i was the age of my cousins and younger. i guess it makes sense that this month become a time of reflection for me. i'm going to be 21. it had seemed so far away then...even now it still feels that i'm not really quite there. who have i become since i had the ability to communicate with other people? am i better? worse? the same? will i change any in the many years to come. will i remember the things i do now then? will i still know the people i know? will i still cart around these old notes and cards from my child/teenagerhood? will i be someone who is happy with their life...or will i be satisfied? hmmm... it's so exhilarating yet frightening almost to a crushing think of all the time i still have left in this life. all the endless possibilities of trials, experiences, opportunities and tragedies. the everything and nothing you have to gain and lose. will i still have someone to share my life with...

meh...that's enough reflecting for today. i just want a root beer float right now. n.n;

* * * * *

this snowflake fell tuesday 05082001 03:22am...
...and is about everything after the 2nd i can remember and stuff...

of course, just as i get back into the habit of blogging, i fall out of it for a while too. arara. n.n; so i have to make up for a week... ge~h. well, i guess for starters, i have gotten 2 interviews. well, more like one. n.n; i don't really count my 'interview' at software etc because well...they are practically salivating to get me to work there already. i don't even go in -that- often but i guess the fact that i'm a girl that like 1) video games that don't just have cute, fuzzy things, 2) anime and 3) action/hk movies made some kind of impression on them. i guess i could see why though. seriously, there is not much of a grrl gamer following here that i can tell. i guess i'm kinda 'the diamond in the rough'. :P but yeah, they basically said 'come in for the interview', we talked about just about anything but interview questions, handed me an envelope with all the final forms and said 'if you know you want to work here before saturday, let us know'. now probably a year ago when i 1) had a car that was already paid off, 2) was living with my dad, 3) didn't have a cel phone and 4) only had to spend money for gas and internet, the job would've been fine. unfortunately, $6.25 for 10-15hrs just can't cut it. i would need at least $8 for full time to keep up with bills and still have breathing room. which brings me to the second interview, a small but growing grocery chain called zanato's. kinda like trader joe's but they still have some unhealthy, safeway like stuff in there. n.n; i could live with the job. it's what i need as far as money/time goes but...i was hoping to get a break from cashiering/customer service. i would really like to get the job of entry clerk at the county. $1,888-$2,312 *drool* to type. even if i had to dress up, i'd be freakin' happy. i just hope they feel 3 months is enough clerk experience to let me in. that's the thing about the admin. ass. jobs here. they all want someone with like 6 months experience. sorta bugs. but oh well, we'll see. clerk II/III calls for experience but this doesn't.

worked on a new fanfic layout throughout the week, as well as my fy fic. the layout of course looks fine in 1024 x 768...but not in 800 x 600. BUT. now i actually know the view height i have to work with in that size. i could never figure it out so my designs would look funky as hell. x.x just as a reminder to myself, it's 800 x 425. thank you steph. thank you thank you thank you. n.n; now my design will suck purely on lack of artistic design and not screen size. n.n; if you want to see how jacked it looks, it's here. linked it for now but will probably change it sometime during the weekend.

the party on saturday went okay. i got there a bit late but thankfully someone had cds to play while i packed all the equipment into the car. x.x i span fairly well considering i haven't practiced my new set nearly as much as my fanime set. still needs a bit of fine tuning and what-not but it was a nice test run.'s too bad that not many people seemed to be into trance though. they all seemed to wait until the hip-hop started. surprisingly, the dj was a girl herself. only thing is, she's only really had experience scratching, not actually making a full set. or beatmatching. augh...and she dragged the needle across the records a couple of times. i was 'whoa gotta use the little lever on the side to -pick it up- then move it over. dragging it like that kills both the record and the needle. @.@' i think she was just a little nervous. it was her first time spinning so i can understand. a couple people couldn't believe it was only my second time spinning for an audience. then again, i've had about a year of on and off practice before then so~... n.n; ah well, need to find out about ax. really hope it'll go down because seriously, i feel like it's almost my obligation to make up for the dj they got last year. *shudders* it just was not kosher mixing.

ah, another result of the party, robin and i finally made contact again. he seemed a little miffed that i had ignored him the entire time until i asked if he was going to spin. pretty much after that, i didn't say anything else either. not to be stuck up or mean, that's just what i thought the arrangement was supposed to be. we were supposed to cut all ties, so i was respecting that request. *shrug* anyways, we cleared up somethings we said in our stupid blog wars (anything you do in anger, is usually stupid when you look back on it) and just overall. i mean, really, i'm not as extroverted as i seem. i spent until 6th grade being introverted. even then, it was like...really me. i still kept the 'negative' inside because i always thought 'who wants to see that?'. so i'm not always serious. i'm also don't always have something to say or i need time to formulate what i want to say. i like to just be alone sometimes, even if i'm bored to death, i'd rather do it alone. i dunno. i'm fuckin' weird. o.o but anyways, yeah, things were cleared up, we spent from about 4 to 6 talking about things. will we ever gain back those first couple of awesome months where we actually didn't annoy the living color out of each other? dunno...but if it happens, it'll happen over time.

ah yes, got a visit from the (in)famous howard, who for nearly a year, has had my escaflowne, while i had his kodocha and a couple other tapes. we finally gave each other back stuff, listened to some records (cuz he likes electronica now. ho ho ho~), then watched a lil' anime. pretty much like old times. n.n he borrowed some digi-anime from me and i borrowed his digi-trigun cds. and now that i've seen all of trigun, my friggin' plotbunnies have been resurrected. >.< but that's a good thing i suppose. n.n;

i sat down and rewatched escaflowne after he left the next couple of days. now understand, this is my -favorite all time anime tv series-. there's just no questioning that. if you were to ask me why i liked any other series, i would give you specific reasons like 'oh, so and so character was cool' or 'i liked the music a lot' and what-not. you ask me what i like about escaflowne, and i can honestly say -everything-. there's no one thing that stands out by itself. it's the series as a whole. the characters, protagonist or antagonist. music by kanno yoko. use of cg. art designs. story. i loved all of these things about this series. that's how i know. there's only one other series that came close and that's cowboy bebop. the problem with bebop is the lack of continuity. it's a great series, no doubt, but i like having a series that follows episode to episode. even though i bitch about it at the time, i love the feeling of 'i need to see the next episode because xyz thing might happen!'. you don't really get that a lot with bebop because in essence, the characters are drifters in themselves. and if you have characters that are drifters, the story will be the same too. but getting back on track, rewatching escaflowne was just really nostalgiac and refreshing... i don't think i could ever get sick of watching it really. n.n

slore-ism #5 - ebay whether it's dvds, cels, figures...i can't seem to escape looking at ebay every once in a while. then again, the fact that val and other look at it fairly regularly then gives me a link to look at, probably doesn't help. right now, i'm drooling for airsoft guns and a 3 dvd boxset of berserk w/ english/chinese subs. *sigh* o~ka~ne~... T.T tummy hurts. i have no idea why. >.< all i ate was the rice, bbq beef and pickles my mom made... i hope it's not my monthly bill. dammit all, i usually barely feel anything at all but oh well. ah yes, i love being a girl. x.x i think i'll sleep now since i have to go get crap out of storage tomorrow. *sigh* oh, and val, sorry i didn't come back. i started watching then i couldn't stop. x.x gomen nasai. *hugs* hope you sleep well kirei. oyasumi. n.n

alana was listening to: the story of escaflowne ~ end title from the vision of escflowne for lovers only cd *sigh* kanno yoko/sakamoto maaya rock my world. *.*

* * * * *

this snowflake fell wednesday 05022001 03:20am...
...and is about why arana isn't sleeping yet and stuff...

sorry to take your line steph. n.n; i have an interview today at 12:30 and i'm not sleeping yet. dammit, i'm gonna be dead at the interview. n.n;;; oh well, what will be will be. today was very kick back compared to yesterday. watched bounce with ben affleck and gwenyth paltrow. it's kinda a strange story/situation. i admit, i was snuffly during a couple of scenes, mostly the one where she finds about his 'secret'. the soundtrack is really nice, and i think i might pick it up someday. it's nice to have soft rock like that sometimes for those uhh...girly moments. n.n; talked about a lot of upcoming electronica stuff: creamfields usa - vegas, trance nation 2001 and out of the blue. the last two are cds mixed by one of my all time fave djs ferry corsten-sama, and creamfields is one of the biggest dance parties out there, with big names. *.* also, this weekend, i'm spinning for a small house warming party for friends. i hope i do alright. n.n; i did a lot of random posting on an old board i used to post a lot on. guess i'm trying to save it. it really was fun for a while since it's just like a small community of peeps but as usual, people drifted. but hopefully they'll get curious or just think 'i haven't visited in a while' and check it out. n.n gaah...i'm gonna try to sleep. ou~ttie.

* * * * *