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i thought the lyrics from the song Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill and the story of the series Mahoromatic went well with each other, and dammit Mahoro is so damn cute, i have to have a layout with her in it.

think back on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 10:48 p.m. and remember the last love song on this little planet

so last night i decided to look into the new series that started this season, like Samurai Deeper Kyo, Whistle, Witch Hunter Robin and Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan. the one that sparked my interest the most was Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (She, The Ultimate Weapon/Ultimate Weapon Girlfriend), which is about the love between two high school students, Chise and Shuji, which is hard enough to handle without a war happening around them. their first couple of days 'together' are a bit tense, and almost result in the breaking up, until they finally lay down what's really in their hearts. as they share their first kiss, they can both hear each others heartbeats. unfortunately, when the city is attacked, Shuji learns that the japan defense force has a formidable weapon...his girlfriend Chise, who has been augmented so much that as he holds her in his arms, he can no longer hear her heartbeat.

...i'm sure this series will end up with me extremely wibbly because although i compare it a lot to Automatic Maiden Mahoromatic, the atmosphere is quite different. a good degree more serious than Mahoromatic imho since Chise has a lot of issues with being the ultimate weapon. on one end, she's happy that she's defending the people around her but on the other end, it sets her apart from everyone else, creating a lot of paranoia that no one, not even Shuji will accept it. i guess it's a bit deeper than Mahoromatic in the fact that Chise was (i think o.o) all human beforehand. eh either way, i'm definately headed into wibbleville with this one. o.o picked up some of the manga too, and even though i can't read it that well (DAMN THE LACK OF FURIGANA! DAMMIT TO HELL!), i still wibble from the images. huzzah for another series to h0 upon. n.n; oh and the music (both official OST -and- the doujin album) r0xx0rz. o.o check it out.

apart from that, got Chobits 15 and Juuni Kokki 8. damn...too bad Sugimoto from JK doesn't always look the way she does in 8. she looked hella bad ass! o.o but yeah, she still got issues. and Yoko is still kickin' ass, even Sugimoto's! XD their fight was pretty cool, but cut short due to darn youkai interfering. =P mmmm...need more. Chobits 15...yeah. OH. MY. o.o; i kinda skipped around on it because i was just checking to see if i got it all (mom got on computer and decided to shut down my mIRC windows while i was at work because she wanted to check her email. GRR.) but diiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaam. Shinbo is one lucky mofo. o.o and it looks like he gets luckier in 16. cannah wait to see but kinda afraid at the same time. o.o;

TWO. MORE. DAYS. rejoice mofos. rejoice.

think back on Monday, July 15, 2002 01:22 a.m. and remember to lock your phones

no really, if i'm on your list, i beg you to please lock the keypad on your phones because i'm usually the first or close to the first person on the call list so i get to hear all the lovely msgs of static crad instead of sweet nothin's. ;.; honest mistake but man does it happen often enough for me to blog about it. n.n;

6 more days to go. XD o/~ can you hear the djs spin? spinning a lot of genki trance, with a few bits of house and nubreaks, just no jungle, please forgive. when the bumping of the bass, echos the beating of your heart, reach for the lasers with me all night at metropolis! o/~ if you know what melody that follows, you get a glowstick cookie. XD

think back on Sunday, July 14, 2002 08:34 a.m. and remember the stuff i forgot

oops, forgot a few things i was gonna mention yesterday. n.n; first, michi n' kyo, i know you guys are always asking me to recommend trance/house cds for you guys, and i can never really come up with anything on the spot for you guys so here's something. i'm sure you guys have probably come across it already but if you're in the east bay, you have a pretty good chance of getting 92.7 on the radio, which is a dance radio station. n.n there's also 90.5 but that's more of a college station and i can't remember when the dance program runs on there. @.@; that and now that you guys have the computers up and running, try running massinova again. o.o maybe it'll work now.

and on another note of music, i'm sure if you're a true Rent head, you've already caught wind of this. apparently, Joey Fatone of the boy band 'N Sync will be making his broadway debut aug Mark in Rent. i guess he'll be with that cast until dec 22. personally, i find it comedy gold, weird, terrifying and intrigued all at once. o.o i might have to go to this and drag lucinda and other with me. XD

aaaa~h...7 days to bass booty bumpin'... *.* hayaku kite~

think back on Saturday, July 13, 2002 11:36 p.m. and remember i survived a great many ordeals or...

...that whole work 8 days in a row crap w/o lashing out too much. though one was i really close. anyone who talked with me on the phone that day knew i was definately 'off'. n.n;

...the complete udder estrogen fest that was my soon to be sister in law's bridal shower. ugh...i swear, if/when i plan to get hitched, if y'all plan a martha stewart, tea party decked out bridal/baby/whatever shower...i guarantee i will personally knock you THE FUCK OUT with a tea cozy. o.o but yeah, i guess the highlights (if you can call them that) was the team efforts of making a bridal dress with toilet paper and the game where no one could cross their legs/ankles that carried on throughout the day. it was quite amusing to see them squirm and complain about how hard it was not to. i only nearly slipped up once, and that's when i sat down to eat, but there was no table, so i went to cross my legs to rest my plate on but caught myself. other than that, it was no problem. i didn't win though since i missed out on probably picking out all the other people that did what i almost did in the other room. eh, no biggie. =P

...finished Choke, the book i bought before going to see MIB2. it's written by the same guy who wrote Fight Club (which i still need to read one of these days), and is just as twisted and satirical, if not more so. basically, it's about this guy who has a mother that's totally nuts that's locked up in a institution, and he pays for it by going to various restaurants and pretending to choke on his food. all this while being a drop out from medical school, and oh yes, don't forget the addiction to sex. chuck palahnuik from what i've seen of his work so far loves to take what seems like a disillusioned person and show that they're just the opposite. that, and usually, a woman is the key to that downfall of perfection the guy's once held so dear inside their minds. Choke is no different, and neither was Survivor, but i think i like the way it was pulled off in both Survivor and Fight Club (from what i saw of the movie) better. though i did pick out a quotable from the book that i liked... 'because nothing can be as perfect as you can imagine it to be.' or something to that effect. i already lent the book to a co-worker so i can't check. n.n; in either case, my new book is now the New Jedi Order books...or at least Vector Prime, then skip to Dark Journey and the two after it. n.n; i'll go back, i swear!

...the however many months i've gone without a car of my own. as of wed of this week, Cha Cha Maru will be in the shop, hopefully out before Cyberfest in august. as for when i'll be moving back into the house, i'm aiming for end of august/early september, but i'll have to see how things go. the car hasn't really been handled at all since it broke down so who knows what things could've rusted, molded or whatever in the car during that time. let's just all pray that the transmission will be the end of it. >.<

...watched A Beautiful Mind. man...if i'm already nutty, it's a good thing i'm not a genius because they just seem to have issues all the time. well...except for Chiyo-chan. n.n; anyways, good movie, Russell Crowe deserves the award for that one definately but eh...i dunno if it deserves best picture still. it was touching and all but...i dunno, i couldn't get into it that much. but that's just me. n.n;

think back on Sunday, July 7, 2002 01:12 a.m. and remember popcorn and bad cosplay don't mix

first of all, saw MIB 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it. i'll agree with the couple of reviews i saw that said they played off a lot of the old gags from the first movie. regardless, it was still fun, paced a bit fast then again, they had a lot to cover which i can't go into w/o really spoiling the movie. n.n; mmmm...Laura Flynn Boyle...and Rosario Dawson was lookin' pretty good too with the short hair. XD i dunno, the way her hair was done in He Got Game and Josie and the Pussycats didn't really compliment her imho. o.o that's my weird tastes though i guess. n.n; MIB2 is definately worth a watch in theatres if you liked the first movie and enjoy watching CG scenes on the big screen. not a complete must see but definately a fun watch, worthly mostly of a matinee screening but full price isn't too bad either. n.n

off topic, they had the Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers trailer. mmmm...Legolas. *.* i was a lil' disappointed they didn't have the Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets trailer but they at least had the poster up in the lobby. wahoo~ looking forward to the end of the year. n.n

getting to the bad cosplay, i braved looking at fansview in the hopes of finding a pic of Val in her Kotobuki Ran costume but feh...i think she's avoiding the camera on purpose. ;.; either that or the weather is as cold as she says it is down there. anyways, the one costume that did stick out to me that was good was this Belldandy. it looks like a lot of time and effort went into it and the results are good, except for maybe the minor detail of her wings sagging a bit. other that, kirei~. n.n but yeah, other than that, nothing too spectacular. plenty of stuff that had me fighting to keep movie popcorn from coming back up. >.< a couple of the Chii's were cute and i'm kinda bummed to see someone cosplaying Full Moon o Sagashite already. ;.; i wanted to cosplay the same character but o~h we~ll. foo~ more disappointed i didn't get to see Val. ;.; waa~h miss you hun. dunno who's phone cut out but sorry i didn't get to say bye properly. anyhow, time to sleep. z.z

think back on Saturday, July 6, 2002 10:04 a.m. and remember all work and no play...

...makes arana very cranky sometimes, so if i bite off anyone's head until like...thursday and maybe a lil' after, it's because they have me working 8 days straight w/o any overtime since it's not within the same week. i say. =P i mean, yeah, i did request -ONE- day off next week and it probably irked things on the schedule with people going on vacation and stuff but they didn't even consult me. pfft, whatever. so yeah, i have put up a beware of arana sign. lilo could possibly go into stitch mode.

think back on Thursday, July 4, 2002 01:04 a.m. and remember Lina Inverse is da bizomb

thankfully, i was able to finish getting Slayers Premium while i was in SV before my parents shut down my computer for whatever reason. -.-; i woulda been so pissed if the file hadn't finished yet. anyways, Slayers Premium was MAD FUN. y'gotta see it kyo. i know you'll appreciate as much as me, which is more than any average person because we're crazy like that. n.n i don't want to spoil to much but let's just say there's a random engrish sentence, a bullet time sequence and a Naga cameo. XD i dunno, i liked it, and it was definately funny, but something just seems off. maybe i'm just too used to the tv series formula for that crew or something because it was just odd having them in an oav type formula. o.o there was just something different about it somehow...and actually, now that i think about it, i'm pretty sure i know what it is but it's kinda a spoiler. n.n; so i'll just shut up now. but yeah, if you like Slayers, get your hands on this one asap. XD EVEN XELLOSS-SAMA IS IN IT. *.* *kirakira~*

think back on Wednesday, July 3, 2002 02:23 a.m. and remember there's a flipside to everything

wa~i, caught Flipside on it's last day in Daly City. yeah, we were late (as only a true filipino can be! o.o) but we got to see most of it. pretty tired right now so i'm gonna be cutting down my review quite a bit. n.n; overall, i enjoyed the movie. some of the acting was a bit off at times but not enough to derail the film really. camera work was also eh but i think the site said they had like an $8000 budget so i'll let them off with that. there was definately a lot to relate to, for me the whole hawaiian thing, but i'm not trying to play off being hawaiian. i just get called on it a lot more than my filipino roots. o.o *shrug* though a lil' less now that i cut my hair. anyways, getting back on subject, if anything, i think the movie really does a good job of making the average filipino american realize that they really don't know much, if anything about their culture or roots because they're so busy with the 'in' culture. i mean really, i don't know how many times i've heard one of my friends say 'nigga please'. i even found myself wondering about today, how 'asian' seems to be the in thing, with DBZ/random kanji shirts being sold in common mall stores like anchor blue and hot topic. i mean, really, even for me, someone who took filipino dance for 3 years and was part of the club in high school, i still don't feel like i know much about it. if i were to say i did, it'd have about the same validity as saying i know all about japan because i watch anime. *sigh* one of these i swear i'll get off my ass and learn more about my culture.

think back on Sunday, June 30, 2002 07:18 p.m. and remember i hate a bad thought...

so along with the many d/l's i've started/completed today, one of them was the Azumanga Daioh ost (WAI!!! XD) ...and i got one of those Bad Ideas(tm) to switch out the RO music for Azumanga Daioh music... sadly, i think it would go together since RO is so cute and the Azumanga Daioh music is so damn cute and campy... ...yeah, i worry myself too. shut up. o.o

oh saw Lilo & Stitch. yeah yeah, i'm Lilo, Lilo is me. shoo~sh before i bite.

oh and for those who plan to visit or anything while i'm in SV tomorrow and tues (possibly part of wed), anyone want to go see Flipside in lil' manila a.k.a. daly city? i think we all forgot it opened last week but thankfully they had a successful run so they're gonna have it running there the rest of this week. i'd really like to check it out to see what i think will be Kevin Smith movie meets a filipino americanized family. XD ikou ikou~!

think back on Friday, June 28, 2002 12:24 p.m. and remember I HEART SAKURA TAISEN MOVIE

omg i swear, satellites circling the globe had to have picked up the strange phenomenon of excessive sparkling in the santa cruz area from approximately 10:30 to 12:00 this morning because damn... i just like the movie THAT much. just the fucking OPENING was enough. of course in usual Sakura Taisen tradition, they use a lot of the old songs and they opened with Kiseki no Kane, complete with the funky green jacket and peacock feather arrangement. ...but DAMN if they didn't make it look hella beautiful. i don't want to go too much into it because it's just one of those beautiful things you should see in action. they put a lot into it though. an extra touch they did though was with the audio. since the camera sweeps from character to character while they're singing, they actually turn up the audio from the singer they're focused on while still keeping the others in the picture as well. it's just...YUM. *.* so that was the first 7 minutes of the movie... n.n; mmm...i just dunno what else to really say w/o going into it. i'm still having afterglow i think... n.n; well, let's just say a lot of the small enjoyments from the game are included in there, as well as some things you'd rather not see on the big screen. n.n; *cough* there's also a healthy serving of engrish! so raburii!! XD the battle scenes are nice but nothing -really- wowlastic until the end really. n.n mmm...kaede in uniform...-err...sorry, kinda halfly rewatching while blogging in order to remember neat stuff. n.n; and Kaede is always neat stuff. *.*

mmmm...well, i guess Sakura Taisen also follows the movie rule of having a more serious story that usually has to do with the government screwing with the smaller defense group. think Evangelion or the Nadesico movie. i think they pulled it off well though. i can't wait for it to be subbed because there is a lot of technical and official crud i don't quite understand. >.< either way, if you like the series/game at all, it's still great to see raw. for anyone that wants to see it, i'll be in SV on mon/tue. i dunno if i'll be up to bringing my compy down again. it's really quite a task for such a short amount of time. if someone could bring their compy, please lemme know so i can just burn the movie to a disc. x.x