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i thought the lyrics from the song Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill and the story of the series Automatic Maiden Mahoromatic went well with each other, and dammit Mahoro-san is so damn cute, i just have to have a layout with her in it. n.n;

think back on Wednesday, June 5, 2002 09:29 p.m. and remember i'm just a grrl

so yeah, mom took me shopping for my bday and i went grrly mood and started oogling shorts, tanks, windbreaker pants, shoes and such. for those whoever wanted to see me in shopping mode *eyes michi mostly*, you missed out. basically, we went over to the outlet center in garlicy gilroy (mmm...garlic), and hopped from store to store. purchases/gifts are:

- adidas: navy blue basketball tank, black/white striped windbreaker pants
- danskin: 4 white baby tees (wai for plain baby-t's!)
- no fear: 2 pairs of shorts w/ spiffy spade design (one black, one grey)
- sketchers: pair of black/silver energy v2 slip on shoes

i also bought some new bras because hey! i finally noticed i was kinda spilling out of the ones i've been using. x.x as to what i upgraded to [Xelloss] Sore wa himitsu desu~! n.- h i think the most amusing thing throughout the day was walking into clothestime and the first thought that came to me was... 'my god, i've stepped into the wardrobe of J.Lo' ...and having my mom agree with me after i shared that though. XD and now to find some scotch guard for m'sho~es... *.*

think back on Tuesday, June 4, 2002 11:06 a.m. and remember sleep does me good

especially after 14 hours of it. n.n; my god i really needed that. as one could've probably gathered from my last entry, it was driving me a bit nutty being as sleep deprived as i was. not to say that i completely devalue everything or anything i said in my last entry but i do think being as tired as i was definately added to how i was feeling. in fact, i'm -really- relieved that i have today and tomorrow off, kind of a vacation from my vacation as strange as that will sound. in any case, today will probably be spent clearing up my room some, watching new anime and maybe a bit of RO. ugh...i just hope my mom won't make me go dress shopping today. >.<

think back on Monday, June 3, 2002 12:40 a.m. and remember maybe sleep keeps me sane

ugh...woke up feeling very blah today. then again i had to wake up in order to call into work and make up some reason not to go into work today because i was still in sunnyvale. didn't really manage to catch up on any sleep at all really. kinda funny that i got a lot less sleep on my 'vacation' than during my normal work week. ugh...i dunno. although i did have fun throughout the week, i don't feel i got to relax as much as i really wanted to. i don't feel i accomplished what i intended to take this vacation for. or maybe i did, but i just don't like what i came up with. maybe i'm just tripping and the sleep deprivation is getting to me. i wish i could define what it is i'm feeling at the moment, other than 'blah', but i can't. the closest i can come to is just...empty. y'know, not sad, not happy, not angry, not depressed, just...blank. and i feel it in my chest and with like every word i type out. maybe vanilla sky fuxx0red with my brain. =P i dunno, whatever. all i know is that i need to get up at 6 to find out what time i work because i'm a bonehead and though it was monday yesterday instead of today, and though i could call to get my schedule at 9. man, am i an idjit. n.n; empty idjit or not, i managed to do something productive today and clear up most of the party mess. pretty much all of the living room and kitchen, from washing the dishes. also cleaned up whatever mess the whole plumbing problem caused in my bathroom. fuck i just want to go to sleep already but dave is working on the other computer. oh the fuck well, don't blame me when i start to reproduce robin williams part in insomnia. =P

think back on Saturday, June 1, 2002 08:06 p.m. and remember it's been one week since you've looked at me...

wapa~h. another week of life come and gone, and a whole year older later, i blog. oof, it was pretty fun week for all i think. i got to buy some spiffy stuff i wasn't s'pposed to: random Yoko Kanno j-dorama cd for only $17 <3, BoA cd, random manga purchase (Chikyuu Misaki), previously viewed Bridget Jones' Diary and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Love on Delivery dvd. wa~i! also got raburi crepe-ness in j-towne. i <3 japan special (green tea ice cream, read bean paste) w/ whipped cream crepe. got to catch up on games and movies a lot as well. i got pretty far into Sakura Taisen 3, chapter 5 right before Hanabi is brought into the Paris Kagekidan. last i checked i'm still a ped0 with Coquelicot in the lead, followed closely by Lobelia. ho ho ho ho ho~! XD <3 i will date her dammit!!! though, i am kinda tempted to take on the great challenge of charming Glycine. n.n;; maybe tomorrow!! steven convinced me to try out the Initial D racing game, and i even beat him once! ho ho ho~! grrl powah! i seem to do fairly well with the WRX but considering how i don't live in SV yet and i REALLY doubt any place in SC will get it any time soon, yea~h... i don't think i'll be advancing in the game any time soon. n.n; i also managed to strain my body a bit playing both Police 911 and some boxing game the same day. ooo~h i hurted muchly for the next few days. mmm...what else. oh yes, movies. finally watched SW:AOTC. i went, i saw, i was disappointed. i liked fucking Phantom Menace better. that is how bad i deemed it. fuck, i just saw Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron and THAT was better. like WAAAAAAAAY better. and the fucking horses don't even talk in like 'normal' Disney Lion King-esque fashion. what is up with THAT?! has Lucas just lost the desire to really back up story, plot and characters to play with digital effects? ugh! it's just sad that the day has arrived when a still fairly new studios kid movie beats that one of the most revered science fiction movie stories of all time. eh...whatever, as long as i get a neato lightsaber i guess. if he wants to kill the greatest cashcow and following he has, that's fine. ugh, Vanilla Sky is still in the other room waiting to be watched. i guess i should start that asap since i have work at 8:30 tomorrow. >.< also made Sho deny her japanese heritage (again/as usual) AND question her Osaka roots by showing her Azumanga Daioh as well. XD the party was GOOD fun. i was really surprised at the amount of food people brought. the quality was great too. sankyuu~ minna~! daisuki desu~! got to try more yummy alkie too! huzzah for Bacardi Silver and Sky Vodka! <3 *n.n* ah yes, SWRPG was fun as ever. i'm REALLY starting to have fun with Dementia. XD and i will continue to do so! ...even if the Jedi are ugrateful for me saving their goody two-shoe asses! >D ah...but the best thing...finally having the fucking toilets working again! i don't know who's been doing, but for fucks sake! STOP FLUSHING TAMPONS/PADS DOWN THE TOILET! >.< thanks for the great week everyone! nice to have a small vacation every once in a while to hang out with the friends you've come to love and trust. n.n

think back on Saturday, May 25, 2002 08:26 a.m. and remember bathrooms

yeah, i really miss the luxury of having MY OWN BATHROOM. this drove me fairly insane when i was living in SC before, but now that i've experienced having my own bathroom, it just plain drives me insane. it seems like everytime i need to use the bathroom early in the morning, someone else is in it. and they take their swee~t time with it too. because obviously, i just happen to like getting up earlier on certain days than others. NO DAMMIT. i get up earlier because i didn't have time to shower the night before. KINDLY REMOVE YOURSELF DAMMIT. ...and now my mom has just asked me 'oh, are you going to shower?'. DUH. ugh whatever, i just won't be able to get out of the house early enough to make a car payment today. *twirls finger* i'll be back on the 2nd and i'll be able to do it sometime that week. deal. besides, i gave them OVER the amount last time. that if they had actually sent friggin' payment coupons like they were supposed to, i could just MAIL it but no~. *grr* yes, i'm just a ray of sunshine in the morning. >.<

think back on Friday, May 24, 2002 11:37 p.m. and remember new anime reviews

episodes watched so far: 4

as i watch this series, i can't help but think of RO and replacing Subaru with Christy/GOD-POING and so on and so forth. XD anyways, on to the actual review, .hack/sign from what i can tell so far is about an online RPG or MMORPG called The World, which actually taps into your mind through the use of a headset. the first character you see, Tsukasa, for some reason is able to accomplish feats in the game that an ordinary player can't. the price for that power though is that he's unable to log out of the game. so far, the series has the same feel as Lain does, where the story tries to imply that the online world has a greater impact upon the 'real world'. while the idea is of course exagerated as it is in Lain, i don't think it's too off, nor do i think we're that far from the type of gaming used in .hack. so far, i'm enjoying the series just on the music alone, done by none other than my current favorite composer, Yuki Kajiura, though i'm hoping for a bit more development with the characters in the near future. so far all i've seen them do really is obsess over Tsukasa and his power so yea~h... i guess i can see what kevin is saying when he says he's waiting for -something- to happen. n.n; and Tsukasa, while he's in a situation he doesn't really understand, he still comes off as a punk to me. rather selfish and demanding of others when and only when he wants. eh oh well. getting back to the music, the only japanese song i've heard so far is the ending song, and the songs in english aren't very engrish-y at all. if anything, i think they play the music a little too loud during the parts where characters are interacting. it's not overpowering but it's definately noticable. to me at least. not that i mind really. n.n; all in all, i'll give it a stamp of approval. n.n v

Juuni Kokki - Ancient Records of Twelve Countries
episodes watched so far: 4

this anime has a very Fushigi Yuugi feel to it, as it starts in modern day Japan and follows a usual day of Nakajima Yoko, a student who has recurring dreams about a mysterious other world. after meeting a stranger, Keiki, and being attacked by a monsterous bird, she is given a sword that only she can wield. when she's unwilling to use it in her own defense, Keiki summons a spirit of some sort that assimilates with Yoko and controls her body in battle. with the help of the spirit, she is able to defeat the 'nightengale' but the threat isn't over and Keiki proceeds to transport Yoko and two of her classmates to another world with twelve divided countries. like in FY, people from the 'real world' are faintly known of but unlike in FY, they aren't respected at all. in fact, they're depicted as people who bring misfortune to the land. wow, i really went into that didn't i? n.n; oh well, so far this series is okay. so far, neither Yoko or her 'friends' Sugimoto or Asano (i think that's his name) aren't the type i can really like or relate to. Yoko whines a lot but she's showing signs of getting some sort of backbone, both in battle and in general. Sugimoto is just a plain bitch, who thinks she knows it all because she reads fantasy books like there's no tomorrow, thus -she- should be the one with extraordinary power and blah blah blah. whatever bitch. park your plain ol' bitch ass down and stfu! and Asano...yeah, he's there. he's a guy. he serves no real purpose other than to attempt to shut up Sugimoto, and form a messed up love triangle. whatever wuss. i almost wish Yoko hadn't insisted that both of you be saved along with her. at least then i'd only have to listen to one whiner, that actually has some right to do so. the art is...mmm...different. i'm not too sure if i fancy it or not yet really. music is very folk oriented, and being that way it kind of has it's own charm. overall for this series, nothing too spectacular about it so far but i'll keep watching it just to see how Yoko progresses probably. i want to see if she'll ever get sick of Sugimoto and tell her to stfu, cuz DAMN...SOMEONE NEEDS TO! >.<

Full Moon o Sagashite - Search for the Full Moon
episodes watched so far: 5 (ha! thought i'd say 4 again didn'tcha?!)

all i can say is -FINALLY-. finally Tanemura Arina's artwork is getting some of the respect it deserves. i was SO let down with the quality of 'art' in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, which was unfortunately made during the 1998 CG fad in japan. the best animated parts were probably the op/end, considering for the actual show, it felt as if they limited themselves to 256 colors. maybe even 16. >.< now 4 years later, i think they've finally managed to establish a balance of some sort and came up with the much better looking Full Moon o Sagashite. this series follows 12 year old Mitsuki, who dreams of becoming an idol singer because she loves to sing and it could posbbile reunite her with her childhood (prepubescent? n.n;;) love. though, this dream is majorly crushed by the fact that she has a tumor/disease (sorry can't remember right now. x.x) that's effecting her throat, making it painful and probably harmful to sing at all. even with the ailment, she's determined to attend an audition for a record company in order to accomplish her dream, when two shinigami or gods of death, Meroko and Takuto, appear before to take her. least in another year. hearing this news, Mitsuki's desire to become an idol just grows and she escapes from the shinigami to get to the audition. as if having a bad throat and two shinigami on your tail wasn't bad enough, the audition turns out to be only for girls 16 and over. the two shinigami catch up to her just as she was going to attempting getting in the back way, and finally ask why she wants to become an idol so bad. after she tells them, Takuto is moved and decides to transform her into a perfectly healthy 16 year old girl. and so the story goes on. n.n; this series is -really- damn cute, from Mitsuki herself, to the shinigami in their normal form, to the shinigami in their STUFFED ANIMAL form, to yeah. n.n; it's a bit more lighthearted than Jeanne was so far though i'm sure it'll reach it's low moment later in the series as well. the music so far is fun but nothing too spectacular. it's a fun anime to watch inbetween my other stuff, and while i'd recommend it for Tanemura/Jeanne fans and anyone who likes shoujo anime with a touch of magic, it's not an absolute must see. if anything...i need to learn the cute dance Mitsuki, Meroko and Takuto do in the opening. XD muwahahahahahaha~!

Azumanga Daioh
episodes watched so far: 4

oh yeah, i saved the best for last baybee. this. series. is. CRACK. XD i <3 this series. think karekano but only high school girls and the story goes nowhere because there is no story, just short vignettes of the girls' lives, both in and out of school. they also go into a couple of the teachers lives as well. Yukari-sensei is CRAZY. Kurosawa-sensei 0WNZ. Kimura-sensei WORRIES ME ("Kimura-sensei, why did you become a teacher?" "I LIKE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS AND STUFF!" "....."). the girls are great too. Chiyo is a 10 year old genius with 'special' pigtails. Osaka, or Kasuga-san, has to be the love child of Mutsumi of Love Hina and Fuuko from I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. she's that. DAMN. SPACY. but i love her that way. XD Sakaki-san 0WNZ. she's a rather quiet person and seems to have a thing for cats but who cares? SHE 0WNZ. *.* Tomo-chan needs valium. A LOT OF IT. Yomi seems rather cunning and has a knack for sarcasm but i really haven't seen enough of her to really like her. n.n; they seems to be the 'stars' so far but i'm sure they'll get more in the other girls, such as Kaorin, Chihiro and Kagura-san later. the music is just...SUGAR. but damn good sugar. like grade A 'i go well with this crack series' sugar. the opening, Soramimi Cake, alone tells you how crack the series is. basically, if you like crack, you'll like Azumanga Daioh. very enthusiatic stamp of approval. v n.n v

out of all the other new series out/running in japan in japan right now, i've been told to watch Rizelmine, Aoi Yori Aoshi and Pita-ten...but what i -really- want to see is the new Gainax anime, Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, or Abenou Bridge Magical Shopping District. ...any anime that has A MAGICAL SHOPPING DISTRICT, espeically from Gainax, king of crackdom, I WANT TO SEE. it just sounds so fun! XD

in closing, netcomments is finally back up so i've put back comments and deleted the old ones just to make things easier, so feel free to comment away! n.n; also...shit, i forgot to pack for all of next week. x.x uhh, sorry michi n' kyo! at least you guys can watch spiffy anime while i pack? n.n;;;

think back on Friday, May 24, 2002 10:04 a.m. and remember i fixed it!!

huzzah! i had to fix it now or else it would've bothered me all during my work shift. >.< it's amazing, you take out one lil' thing and suddenly it works. in this case, i just took out the width commands on both the info and image cells and *poof* yay! i work in IE now! good! stay that way beyotch! and you even work in NS still too! *dansudansu* and with that, i go to work. n.n;

think back on thursday, may 23, 2002 11:36 p.m. and remember the new layout

as you've probably noticed, i finally decided to switch up the design on the blog. yeah, i felt like doing something productive for once on my day off and came up with this. yes, i know it feels like a greeting card. i meant to do it that way! really! ...or at least halfway thru i said fuck it and went ahead with it. either way, i kinda did a half assed job in it. i didn't put links to individual archived pages this time because i figure i'm probably the only person who really looks back at them. n.n; btw, if anyone can figure out why the hell this looks jacked on IE but fine on NS, and give me a solution, you'll be my hero forever and i'll write songs about you. for now, either deal with it looking funky or open up NS because for some reason, it works fine on there.

think back on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 12:29 a.m. and remember as if trekkies are so much better =P

though i have to say, this was some funny ass shit. if it was past midnight, i'd probably laugh so hard i'd be crying but yeah. n.n;; take a look!

think back on Tuesday, May 21, 2002 10:52 p.m. and remember go! go! igo! - sono ichi

pardon me for being a bit cheeky this entry to but i figure i might as well enjoy it as long as i can. n.n; so i played a couple of game of online go today, and after 2 initial bad games i had a really good one against someone who i'm not entirely sure of their skill level, but i know they've definately played more than i have. n.n; maybe i should hold off on playing 19x19 games for a while and stick to 13x13 until i figure out strategy and just what the hell i'm doing in general in the game really. n.n; i must work toward a Move of God. *.* err i mean... o.o; damn you sai! XD

my best game by far

too bad my parents closed photoshop before i could take a screenshot of the board w/o the score box on top of it. =/ feh...