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to val, in regards to our Talk(tm)
initiated Monday, May 20, 2002 @ 12:48 a.m.

in response to your last statement, that's entirely up for you and you alone to decide. i'll wait. i've been waiting. and i'll continue to wait if you'll let me. again, don't feel bad over something you can't help but feel uncomfortable with, nor agonize that it -may- be annoying me when it's not. i've always been upfront with you with things when it mattered and i will continue to be until i decide that things just really aren't working out for me and us. but until that day, just don't worry about it. i don't give a shit what society thinks is necessary to progress in a relationship. we, and only we, will decide what is necessary for our relationship, -and- when.

you know you've played too much RO when...
initiated Saturday, May 18, 2002 @ 09:18 a.m. dream you're lvl 30-something character is trailing behind a high lvl character that does't care about the armor and other such rare drops, and leaves them for you to pick up. i recall saying something in my dream close to 'SWEET! now i can equip all my characters and sell some stuff and get mad zeny too! woo hoo!' ...i'll have to ask my mom if she heard cackling from my room while i was sleeping. dammit's like Garfield dreaming he found the bottomless pan of lasagna. >.< too good to be true. ;.;

underage against the machine!!!
initiated Friday, May 17, 2002 @ 08:30 p.m.

telemarketer: blah blah san jose mercury newspaper blah blah great offer blah blah would you like to sign up?

me: i really don't make the decisions in the household.

telemarketer: blah blah only .92 blah blah sign you up?

me: i'm sure it a good deal but i'm really not the household decision maker.

telemarketer: blah blah only promotion blah blah pretty please with sugar on top?

me: ...i would take your offer but i'm also not of age.

telemarketer: oh no ma'am, i didn't call you a bitch.

me: ???? no, i said i'm not of age.

telemarketer: oh. well i'm sorry, you sounded a lot older than that. thank you. *click*

i don't think i like them apples will! ;.; fuckin' telemarketers. that's the reason i will not do telemarketing. i don't want to be the Jehovah's witness of the telephone. =P (yes, i mean that as a figure of speech you sensitive people)

if i used Xelloss as my rp character template...
initiated Thursday, May 16, 2002 @ 05:10 p.m.

Find your Role-Playing Stereotype at [Angel.]

kakakakakakakakakakakakakaka~! ph34r. also, i find the windows media player Spiderman visualization amusing. XD

The Nod (tm)
initiated Saturday, May 11, 2002 @ 11:03 p.m.

now you could tell from my fanime report that i was pretty damn happy with arisu and my performance for the dance. and it's always a joy to look out onto the dancefloor and see it full of people dancing, smiling and just overall having a good time. but it's a whole different thing to have someone pull you to the side after you're done with set or the day after or receive an email 2 weeks later, to tell you that your set made their night. i got an email this morning, in which i received The Nod (see ref. Groove). and it felt good. n.n i've been a performer of some sort nearly all throughout my life, but i've never really gotten the chance to stand in the spotlight for it. but of course, in the case of Fanime 2K2, i can't do so by myself. dj satine has just as much right, and i made sure the guy knew that since it was a tagteam effort. n.n but yeah, i think along with the overall challenge, i dj for The Nod. n.n

in other news, i had a really fucked up dream where a lot of us were hanging out for my bday in santa cruz, and we were gonna go on a rented sailboat but suddenly the weather got really crappy and the tide started to really swell. well unfortunately for our crew, aliens were invading, and i'm not sure what happened to everyone else, but i jumped off the dock to try to get away from the spacecraft that was hovering over us, but just as i hit the water, they shot me with their lasers and i was pretty much mostly dead from it or in a coma. everyone pulled my body onto the dock again and tried to resuscitate me but i was pretty gone and that scene faded to black as Val was crying over me (cue audience: aww). when it faded back in, everything -seemed- normal and still present day. i woke up and the fat kid from stand by me (vern?) was there and i asked how long i'd been gone and it'd been a year and a half. pretty much the aliens had taken over almost all of humanity, using our bodies as hosts or like, making clones of us with aliens under our skin to study our behavior patterns and what-not (from what i can remember, they had a whole bunch of 'humans' set up in a mall and they'd repeat the same day over and over again, seeing if people would change something). there were still some actual humans around, and cities remained the same, save for them being empty, so you could walk into an apartment building, stay in any apartment you like, as long as you made sure anything noticable was off when the aliens would patrol in that area. it was really fucking freaky but broken up because i kept half waking up randomly in it. i wanted to write this one down because who knows...maybe it'd make a cool, weird ass movie that would be like the new Independence Day or something. n.n; i love how most of my dream play out like a movie, drama or anime. =P

initiated Friday, May 10, 2002 @ 10:15 p.m.

nah, i wasn't playing counterstrike or any other computer game for that matter. for mother's day, my mom decided that in addition to the bird of paradise plant i bought her (which was later exchanged for a grapevine bonsai because they didn't have a pineapple plant. bah. =P), that it'd be special and stuff if we went out to play a round of tennis, or at least rally for a while. now, keep in mind, i haven't touched a tennis racquet since oh...junior high for p.e., so i was expecting to be getting more exercise having to walk around the court to where ever i hit a home run to, rather than normally chasing the ball. amazingly enough, i was able to keep the ball(s) within the fenced area. sure they wandered into the neighboring courts every once in a while but that's why you pick the court aaaaaaaaaaall the way in the empty back corner. n.n;;; so yeah, no one was injured during this whole thing. my forehand was probably the most on the entire time, though a little weak. i wasn't getting that really crisp *thock* sound when i'd hit the ball. my backhand is ever nonexistant. n.n; and my serving, surprisingly wasn't too bad. i -really- expected to suck in it but i actually managed to get i think 6 out of 15 in or something like that. i was quite amazed really. o.o i think my mom was too.

but yeah, other than that, the only other interesting thing that happened was that i went to pay the credit union to catch up on my car payments and i ended up paying MORE than i wanted to because i misunderstood what the clerk said to me. usually, when i come in, they ask me if i want to pay blah amount and get the rest of my paycheck (from work) back in cash, to which i respond in the affirmative. but -this- clerk said 'do you want to pay with your check?' only and i said yeah. so she applied my ENTIRE check towards my car. which was SO NOT WHAT I WANTED. I WANT CASH BACK DAMMIT. >.< urgh...oh well, i guess that's less money i have to pay later. i'm down to like 4K so that's not too bad i guess. still sucks shit though. i pretty much won't have any back up money until the 24th unless my parents feel like being generous, which i highly doubt at this point. so now would probably be an opportune time to sell the Noir doujinshi and hope i make decent money on them. >.< *sigh* ;.;

for the record...
initiated Thursday, May 9, 2002 @ 11:23 p.m.

...i got Shigure on the other fruits basket selectsmart test, followed by Kyou then Ayame. ph34r. XD

...sorry, comments are out the window again until i can find another place to get a script from. bah, you guys didn't end up using it much anyways. =P

...according to my mom, there will be another opening in the house as of the end of june, so that makes 2 empty rooms in the House of Ill-Repute open to anybody who's interested. i know there are a couple of you that asked me before and i'll be making the rounds again later, but yeah... i figure my want to get back to the house will be fairly dependant on whether i can get at least one more familiar face in there. too much mad single white female movie mojo going on about random roomies. >.<

...Yuki Kajiura is like my new Yoko Kanno. she (at least i think it's a she n.n;) does the music for a couple of soundtracks i've really been into lately, and although her style may not be as refined or sweeping as Kanno's, i still find her style very appealing in a way that it isn't complicated, but not so easy it's cheesy. it definately has a signature sound to it, especially tracks like Salva Nos from Noir and Zodiacal Sign from Aquarian Age, which have a chanting ensemble. i have yet to hear anything from .hack/sign but i keep hearing good things about it so i look forward to hearing/watching it. n.n now excuse me whilst i go dig out my Noir cds. x.x

...there was talk of possibly throwing a party for all the may bdays (so far, i know of me, Flo, Eric and now Val since she'll be in the area), but a date was never really decided upon. i plan to take at least 26-31 (sun-fri) off since that's how long Val will be in town but yeah...i guess i just need to know when is a good time for everyone to get together. i figure nothing too fancy, just a party at the house, people bring food, snacks, booze and whatever and we try not to get five-o on us for being too rambunctious. n.n; but yeah, i'll probably send out uber email sometime this weekend about it so we can start arranging a lil' sumpin sumpin! XD

just a lil' reminder for myself
initiated Tuesday, May 7, 2002 @ 05:07 p.m.

and damn you michi for emailing me that. >.< we'll see. i liked Noir and all but it was more for the characters than the production. mmmm...we shall see.

fear leads to anger, anger leads to angst, angst leads to rock
initiated Friday, May 3, 2002 @ 01:53 a.m.

mmyess...angry rock is goo~d sometimes. like when you're working as a retail slut and 3 cashiers decided to call in sick. mmmmyesss... but really, i've been on an angry rock trip lately. o.o with the Resident Evil ost and now Linkin Park. i'm actually d/l'ing all the other LP songs i don't have in order to make an angsty rock cd with the songs i like from the above cds. maybe i've gotten in touch with the angry little asian girl deep down inside or something. or pacific islander. *snert* then again, the fact that the sinfest god hand puppets are portraying headbanging rockers doesn't help either. XD

my parents said that there was something wacky going on with the DSL right after i left to go to fanime, and i believed them when i got home and fiddled with it for a while and couldn't get it to work. so the next day, they're like 'it's working now but don't reconnect your computer to the router or play that game yet until they run more tests because they said something about 98% of the bandwith being used'. okay, if i had been home during Fanime, playing RO, d/l'ing anime and mp3s, then browsing/chatting or whatever...i could see their concern but i don't even think my computer was ON during that time. either way, i shrugged and said okay but tonight i decided 'screw it' and replugged everything back in the way it was. so far so good so yeah...i think they can stop being paranoid now. in other internet related news, it seems the beer related email addy i was using before is going down so now i have to remember to change all the addys on to mitsune at beer dot com. =P i wish i still had the one, was so coo~l. ;.;

in either case, i am going to sleep and get as much rest as possible because even though i only have 5hr shift tomorrow (12-5), it'll be followed by a barrage of early shifts. 8:30-5:30, 7-4, 6-3. i love how they just get earlier progressively. and not in a dark way either. *badump* but yeah, z's for me plz. z.z

gay-dar alert!!!
initiated Thursday, May 2, 2002 @ 12:32 a.m.

first of all, yeah, i think my commenting is just screwed until i can find another place so sorry y'all.

second of all, for those who knew about my drama during Fanime, it's been resolved. wasn't really smooth but i think things will be a lot better from now on. n.n

third, i took gay test a waaaaaaaay long time ago, and was most amused when i turned out to be more gay than two of my other friends (now a third i think. o.o). well i decided to retake it tonight and...well...i'm 6% more gay than before. o.o i swear, i think it's the fact that i know what a bandsaw is that kills me everytime. n.n; fucking woodshop corrupting me! but yeah, apparently i'm 20% more gay than the typical lesbian. which is damn fucking weird considering i still consider myself to be bi since i still do check guys out. o.o

which brings me to four, steven and i have decided that i really am Shigure, seeing as how evil and secretive i am. and oh yes... how much i leer at girls. XD joshikosei~ joshikosei~ o/~ <3

listening to - linkin park :: in the end
i tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter

o/~ misty water colored me~mori~es o/~
initiated Sunday, April 28, 2002 @ 10:14 p.m.

well, it's the time again kiddies. that's right, arana's post fanime report. the thing is, i don't want to repeat the same stuff everyone else says so i'll just kinda list off the highlights of my con experience. well...what i can remember at least. which is really going to probably revolve around the dance but yeah... n.n;

+ getting the Noir staff badge after making the poor staff girl look through nearly all the other ones. hey, it's worth it to me! n.n; i wore it proudly with my new #fy badge that had my lost RO character on it. RIP Misao-cha~n.

+ friday night dance went pretty smooth. some of my transitions were kinda assy but hell, for not having practiced beforehand, arisu and i did real well. we got started really late because opening ceremony started late, so it created this domino effect. but yeah, i think we got on around 1. of course i spinned Heavenscent because 1) henry was asking me to (a lot) and 2) dammit all, i just wanted to. lemme 'lone! =P i'd have to say highlight of the dance though is when i looked up from the turntables to find both Ikuhara-san and Yamaga-san dancing. to our set. dude. i never saw it coming at -all-. fucking famous people dancing to my shit. it just made my night like you cannot believe. good shtu~ff.

+ dealers room rampage was fairly well paced. i checked out all the booth, looking for stuff i liked, rooted out which places were selling them for the least and such. i came out with 2 Noir doujinshi (which i'm sorry to say will be promptly scanned then ebayed since they're not quite as tasteful as i had hoped. >.<), the Mahoromatic artbook (which came with either a free Evangelion scarf or angel keychain. i chose the keychain cuz i thought it'd go nice with...), a kodama side bookbag (ho ho ho~! XD), the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust DVD and the grand prize...the new Mitsune figurine that comes with various alcohol, stool and stereo! XD HO HO HO~! not bad considering i had a 0 budget for food and what-not. but yeah...need to sell those doujinshi after scanning the cover pics i liked. n.n;;;;

+ sat night dance actually started off REALLY well. that is, until we blew the circuts. n.n; ara maa~ yeah, that kinda sucked but they got it back within 5-10mins. after that, it was pumpin' again. no Ikuhara or Yamaga this time around but we did manage to play Angelfalls, Ghost,Time to Burn, Sandstorm and Face to Face. it was very fun and energetic. according to some people, after arisu and i were done and left, we took all the cute girls with us. n.n; i'll take their word for it?

+ got pretty drunk with #fy-tachi. probably acted like a complete idiot but hey, that's half the fun i suppose! n.n; arisu was pretty damn out of it, as well as charles, ben and chad, who ended up spouting a good amount of random korean throughout the night/morning. n.n; was much good fun but stopped drinking just as i got any inkling of wanting to throw up. got a free half case of smirnoff ice tho! n.n;

got in at around 7:30, woke up at 11:40something, watched Night of the Living Penguins-i mean, VHD:B. what happened is we put in the dvd for VHD, and the stereo was on and set to the dvd player, while the tv was still set to cable. so when we turned on the tv, it was some penguin documentary that was in black and white. it was almost all too appropriate with the VHD music playing in the background. n.n; we ended up not going back to the con and just getting something to eat and coming to the office to play some games. all in all, it was a pretty decent con. not perfect but decent with a few good memories to definately remember to tell the kids someday. =P hope everyone else and had a good time though. although next time, must make a point to catch the boys Yatta performance. XD