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Ragnarok Online
initiated Saturday, January 26, 2002 @ 10:29 a.m.

curse you florian. you got me stuck playing this game full of extreme cuteness with ass kicking. x.x i went ahead and got 3 characters from the get go just so i'd have the names 'reserved' and what-not. Makimachi Misao - thief, Sizer - swords(wo)man and Jubilee - mage. though the hairstyle and the 'accessory' clothing look a bit different from my characters. ...i have yet to sleep yet but hey...delirium just makes the game all the more enjoyable. n.n; or something. anyhow, kyo, i'm going to at least show this to you in hopes that you'll play it. just think final fantasy tactics sprites in a EQ type setting. the emotes should crack you up. sleep or not to sleep...

o/~ i must, i must, i must avoid these busts! o/~
initiated Friday, January 25, 2002 @ 01:27 p.m.

as tragic as this story is, wouldn't it be damn cool to use it for current events in elementary school? XD i'd think i'd die laughing seeing the various responses of the students and teacher. what a way to go.

Aquarian Age
initiated Friday, January 25, 2002 @ 01:33 a.m.

i had seen the game cards before since they came in AX magazine (i think...that or animage. whatever.) and thought 'ooo~h...what pretty artwork. too bad i don't really dig card games much.' the only i reason i can think of my dislike of card games is that i constantly had to go with my dad to Magic the Gathering tournaments when he was still doing his magazine. but i digress as usual... anyways, i had known that a series for it was in the makes and when i saw the ads, i thought the art was a bit off from what i remembered. then i decided to actually look up stuff on the net for it and found out 'hey...some of the artists i like do the art for the cards!' artists like Aoi Nanase, Kia Asamiya, Keiji Goto, etc.if there was ever a card game i'd want to learn how to play, this would probably be it because dammit, at least i'd get eye candy with it. o.o; i even found a page with a really good tutorial of how to play should i ever get the nerve to build a deck.

the story of Aquarian Age is quite simple yet intriguing as well. for ages, young women of 3 different cells of society (Arayashiki - eastern sorcery; WIZ-DOM - western sorcery; Darklore - descedants of an ancient race) have been fighting one another in hopes of controlling the world as they see fit. they tried to accomplish this before the year 2000 but failed to do so, thus with the coming of the Aquarian Age, a new faction of girls was born into the world with psychic powers (E.G.O. - Evolution Girls Organization), and joined the battle believing they're the superior of all. In addition, certain males also gained the power to awaken the powers within the girls and control them for their own purposes (Mindbreaker). And just when things were starting to feel crowded on poor planet Earth, an alien force decided to show up and start eradicating any opposing forces with no hesitation (Eraser). it's Battle Royale on a worldwide sorcery and space gun scale!!!

getting back to the anime, it opens with a young man, Kyouta, playing his harmonica on a dock, wind and waves in the background. when he returns home and starts working in the small convenient shop below, the earth begins to tremble as what appears to be two different forces of 'ki' battle it out. in the ruckus, you barely make out 'I won't let you have Kyouta!'. from what i can tell, Kyouta, a young man with the dream of being a rock star, will end up being a mindbreaker of sorts, fighting for humanities sake...if he can survive to learn how to do so. Kyouta, looks wise, reminds me of a cross between Spike Speigal with Macross 7 Basara's hair...but not quite as pointy. personality wise, he's pretty damn normal. just a guy trying to make his dream come true. i think i'm gonna keep my eye on this one. n.n the character designs are by Hishahi Abe, who worked in Petshop of Horrors. there were a good amount of k0r34n names in the credits as well. the music varies between rock, techno and pop. i'll probably end up getting the OST when it's out (and i have money). i couldn't really recognize any of the seiyuu but maybe a second watch will prove more fruitful. but yes, i will end up showing this to as many people as i can before i move and after somehow. more sl0r3sim! otanoshimi ni!

evil resides...
initiated Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 06:54 p.m.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmyessssssssssssssssss... Resident Evil teaser trailer goooooooooooooooood. while you're at it, watch the fan trailer too, be you a RE gamer. which i'm not really. i have yet to really play any of the RE games to completion but i'm still gonna dig the movie. let's hope that it's along the same lines of good and cheesy as the first Mortal Kombat. i mean really, how wrong can you go? it's not as if zombies, human or animal, are a foreign thing to film so i don't really see them having problems with it. though, it seems like they're going definately more for an 'action' movie, with the whole Matrix martial arts and bullet time effects, rather than horror or sci-fi, which is fine too but i don't want to see just the legions of zombies closing in on the team. i want the whole 'i'm walking down this nice safe hallway with boarded up windows that should do just fi-OOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIIIIT!!! RUN!!!!' effect too. XD mmm...i guess i can see most peoples problem with the computer voice in the trailer and for a while i thought they were trying to imitate Red Queen but then they showed RQ and that idea went out the window. n.n; GRAAAAAAAAAR!!! i just want to see it already! *froth* @.@

personality chekku sono yon!
initiated Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 05:02 p.m.

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Selphie! Party time! Nobody's better at putting
together fun plans than you. You're never at a loss for cool
ideas. You attract friends like magnets. For you, the world is
just an awesome place! Booyaka!

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here! least she's not a thief? o.o oh well, not that it matters since i haven't played more than the demo of FF8. n.n; sorry, it just didn't catch me. maybe i'll give it another whirl later on down the road but for now, i'm cool. i guess i'll be moving back to SC again after this month. quite the bummer but hey, it has to be done. hopefully, i'll get a decent job that will pay at -least- $8/hr so i can get back within 3 months or so. and since i'll be working during that time, it should feel like too long. who knows? maybe i'll still be able to make it for fanime seeing as it's at the end of april. maybe i'll get lucky and get a job that's mon-fri so that i can at least come back during the weekends or something to hang out. we'll see. i guess i'm happy for the most part, mainly since my mom didn't chew me out nearly as much as i was fearing. :P just to decide what the hell to bring with me while i'm down there. x.x

36F...why aren't i snuggled up in bed? x.x
initiated Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 05:37 a.m.

f-f-f-f-fuckin' coooo~ld. >.< gah! i should've been tucked away in bed by now but as i forgot to mention in my last catch up entry, i actually started playing Chrono Cross again. even more wonderful is that i remembered what the hell i was doing last i played it so i didn't have to start over from the beginning (not that i was that far along to make a huge difference). god i love the Chrono just rules. sure, the magic system on Cross is a bit funky but once you get a hang of it, it's not too difficult at all. and so far, none of the bosses have been too threatening. though now that i've said that, i'm sure the AI will be out to get me. x.x i didn't realize it at the time but i really did miss playing rpgs when my Playstation and tv got wiped out by the electrical surge (no pun intended). i think i freaked steven out when i pulled out Final Fantasy 3/6 for SNES. n.n; ah...memories of the awesome opening credits with the Magitek Armor trudging through the snow... it used to be so cool and hi-tech looking... *.* even though it's not state of the art anymore, still holds a precious place in my heart. well as the opera scene with Celes. XD but yeah, time to hibernate underneath my covers now. z.z

the new and catching up
initiated Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 10:15 p.m.

huzzah for a new layout. not too artsy fartsy but eh, it works. just felt like a change really. waa~h...still pretty wiped out from this weekend. lots and lots of fun with everyone for aya's b-day party. it was pretty much a two day event, with the 'surprise' party on saturday then ice skating/dinner party on sunday. both went down without any major problems so that was cool. there was a lot of good food that people brought and/or made on saturday, i pitched in with two casserole pans of shepard's pie. i think that's like my signature dish within the group now. n.n; there was a lot of gaming, watching of anime and trying to figure out the accursed pyramid puzzle. i'm overjoyed that i've spread the epidemic of Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu more. XD skating was fun even though the rink we were supposed to go to initially was full of hockey players. we ended up going to the rink of my teenhood at vallco mall. it was a lot more packed than i expected it to be, and the only thing i can think of is that all the kids want to try it with the olympics coming up soon. that and yeah, it was a holiday weekend.'s gonna sound like i'm bragging but honestly i was the best one out of our group (bran, gary, steven, aya, ed, jensen, bruce, ryo, janelle). forget that i have hockey skates of my own (yet don't know how to hockey stop). i believe the score of falling was...

Aya - 2
Gary - 2
Janelle - 1
Jensen - 1
random kid - 3
random lady - 1

pretty much everyone but myself started out clutching the wall but as the day progressed, the wall got less lovin'. then jr and fiona joined us for a little while and they were a lot better off than the rest even though it was their second time out. hell, fiona and i were doing random dances, including the macarena, while out on the ice. n.n;; out of the recorded falls, i'm responsible for 2 of them, aya and the random lady. aya, i think jr was joking as if he was gonna make her fall, so i figured i get back at him by scaring him...which worked but kinda made a domino effect. n.n; as for the random lady, i take full responsibility for that because i was zipping around even though it was crowded. the couple was in front of me and originally, i was gonna go around them on the left near the wall...then some little kid started skating the opposite direction and right into the path i was gonna take so it was either take out the kid or the lady... i vouched for the lesser evil and took out the lady. :P i think i frightened her because when i asked if she needed help up, she refused quite adamantly. oh well. hopefully next time we all go, it won't be as crowded so we can skate more freely and the ice won't be too chopped up. ~.~ after that, there was dinner at a thai restaurant on winchester that was pretty nummy. a few more people showed up and afterwards, we all migrated back to the house for more random gaming and anime watching. oh yes, and the infamous conversation concerning bra cup sizes with fiona and amy while i was trying to play GTA3. ...they're great girls...i'm just happy they didn't group me to figure out what size i was. when i told them what size i was and i got a 'really?!' response...i had to wonder, do they mean that in 'really?! i thought you were bigger...' way or 'really?! i thought you were smaller...' kinda way. ...but yeah, i managed to refrain from clarifying that statement.

monday rolled in and any of the guest staying over left that day. met up with kyo and michi since they had returned from socal the night before and went to mitsuwa and ninja market. oniisama got me some GSC and FLCL manga~. arigato~. my brain has melted gratifyingly! got some pizza and plopped in front of the computer to watch some FB and IMM. was good fun, though next time, must catch the bakery while it's still open. o.o

had a job interview yesterday at shoe pavillion in MV. seemed to go really well though i think i might turn it down if i have a smidgen of a chance of getting a job at Tower. *cue angel chorus and bells* a~h...dream job... *_* and not just because i love the movie Empire Records. ugh, either way, we'll see how mom reacts to it tomorrow. she wants me to move back to SC temporarily so that it'll be easier on me and everyone else to get my car and myself back on my feet and able to maintain staying at the house. it seems like the extremely safe and smart thing to do and i'm really tempted but i'd hate to leave eric and steve here. not to mention the once again lack of friends and social life. ble~rgh...we'll see. maybe i can get my mom to drop me off at Tower to turn in my application and i can talk to an actual manager or something. ugh...tired of typing, now. i hate it when i fall behind on my entries but i refused to blog until i got a new layout. x.x well, wish me luck whoever you are.