personality chekku! sono san!

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

i'm just a little punk left and right aren't i? n.n; uhh...don't know about the hicktown part (Sunnyvale? in the middle of the Silicon Valley? i think not. n.n;;), and i put rock star but y'all know i meant world class dj. n.- kekekekekeke... it was the closest option to it really. n.n;

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sleepless in sunnyvale

y'know that scene in Stakeout (Richard Dreyfuss/Emilio Estevez), where they guy comes home after a job...only to hear the FUCKING WOODCHIPPER start up after his head hits the pillow? yeah, i'm having one of those moments. granted, it's not as bad as a woodchipper but at least with that, you know it'll be at a constant rate. with hammering, it fucking teases you because of those pauses inbetween. it's like someone, somewhere is trying to mock you. it's not that i'm a super light sleeper but i know i just can't sleep through construction of any sort without earplugs. for some reason i thought the construction noise ordinance prohibited people from doing construction until at least 9am...but it turns out that any law abidding citizen can start JACKHAMMERING at SEVEN FUCKING IN THE A M. now i'm all for getting an early start and all but god damn...7am. construction. doesn't that just seem a BIT too early? granted, this is during the week when everyone should be up and about at that time but what happens if someone is a graveyard worker or some shit? hell the construction ordinance even for weekends is 8am. i'm surprised they prohibit any construction on sunday or on national holidays! i think i'll buy some maximum strength, bullet proof, teflon, superfly earplugs today... X(

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Fast and the Furious

i sat. i watched. i drooled. i moved on. yeah, some of the cars were pretty and driving sequences were pretty cool but...that was about it really. o.o Michelle Rodriguez kicked ass as usual. i'll admit, she's not that pretty but -damn- does her attitude kick ass. the stunts were pretty sweet as well but racing movie. next! o.o;

and now, for another personality chekku!

i'm Cherry flavoured!

sorry michi? n.n;;;

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personality chekku! sono ni!

You're Rikku! You love to be with those dear to you. You're resourceful; a little stealing never hurt anyone! You try to help whenever you can, even if it means going against your own personal believes and desires. Friends come first! like thinks that go BOOM. Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test.

What FFVII character are you?? Find out here!!! by washu!!

i swear...all these tests make me sound like a clepto. n.n; i'm not really! i stopped stealing uhhh...5 minutes ago? o.o; j/k i used to be really sticky fingered but i think i've more or less grown out of it now. i prefer 'liberating'! XD but yeah, i guess no real big surprise on the result of both tests. n.n;

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o/~ sealed with a kiss... o/~

so i just finished watching the Discovery channel special 'Secrets of Kissing'. very interesting, covered pretty much any and every aspect of kissing you'd ever wondered about and then some. well, except for maybe what makes you a good kisser (though they did recommend the book The Art of Kissing by William Cane! :P seriously though, you have to wonder how kissing even came into being really. sure it's the most exposed erogenous zones on the human body and it had to happen sometime but when? hell, chimpanzees kiss even without training. most mammals have some form of affection that is very apparent (kissing, nuzzling, licking) so was it just an 'animal instinct' that humans kiss to show affection? then again, in some cultures today, they don't kiss as a greeting, instead they touch noses. so the possibility of attraction to scent came into being.

another thing i found interesting was the difference of recollection between a first meeting and a first kiss. i can remember my first kiss damn well. i was in 8th grade, in my house at sunnyvale, practicing various breakdancing moves with Mike Delos Reyes and we decided to take a break. i brought him to the extra room (which is now my bedroom) and was showing him the backyard. i had been facing the sliding glass door while telling him various things about it but then he said my name and as i turned to look at him and ask what, he kissed me. now how in the world can i managed to remember that much detail about one little kiss...but not as clearly recall when i met the guy i did so with? i think my friend had introduced me to him but i am in no way sure. x.x pretty weird don'tcha think?

other than that, they went through the various chemical responses within the body when one kisses/recieves a kiss, what muscles are being used, how safe/healthy it is, mentality of using makeup to make one's lips more appealing, etc. etc. uck...seeing someone get collagen injected into their lips made me twitch. it was just funky watching the chicks lips bulge out suddenly. @.@; worth a watch for the interest factor if not fun factor. n.n;

with that aside, now comes the random stuff. kyo, i am not a post office worker. hush. and he was lecturing, not listening. . and if you ever wondered what Shoujo Kakumei Utena character i'm most like (according to selectsmart):

I took the Utena Chara-Selector test! Which character would you be?
Test made by Merulu

came as quite a suprises to me really, i thought i'd get stuck with Wakaba, Nanami or one of the other psycho bitches. o.o; though, i guess in a way, it is a rather appropriate match, barring that she is probably the character i like best in the cast. ...nevermind, it's really appropriate now that i really think about it. x.x mahjong monday wasn't very...mahjongish again, seeing as how everyone ended up watching HK movies (King of Comedy and Love on a Diet) in the living room instead. was still good fun though. n.n also put in a good session of intensive DDR and i even got Eric to play a few songs! XD ugh, i just hope i stretched enough so that i won't hate myself in the morning/afternoon/whatever. i just did a lot of random shit today. spun on the turntables which have been neglected for a while, pulled out and set up the Super Nintendo to play Final Fantasy 3/6, Chrono Trigger and DBZ2 for a bit and now i have more anime to watch (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures) from mark. i guess one could say may day was kinda full and away from the computer for once. n.n; maybe i'll go out blading later...

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the difference between hearing and listening...

ever wonder about that? which one is actually the 'better' of the two when someone is talking to you. i've always though 'listening' was better but it's funny since the definition of the words contain the other. getting on with it, i consider myself a pretty good listener. i'm always willing to listen to a friend if they need to rant, no matter what the case may be. if i'm not in the mood, i'll tell them right off because i don't want to belittle what they have to say by pretending i care at that moment. although i'm a good listener, i'm not exactly the best at interpretation or giving advice. in fact, i'm probably horrible at the two. n.n; but regardless i try. if i can at least provide my friends with a bit of sanctuary by listening to them and letting them know that they're not utterly crazy or stupid for whatever actions drove them to such a state, i will do so. i've been slapped in the face so hard i bled by my parent because i was late meeting them when they were picking me up from the ice skating rink because my friend needed someone to listen to her and i didn't want to leave until she felt satisfied. even if they're not a close friend, i'm willing to be there. i'd rather it be out than having it fester inside of them, driving them insane. it's kind of ironic since i don't nearly speak out when i probably need to because i feel like i'd be burdening my friends needlessly. i guess i don't want them to have to feel like a) no one wants to listen, b) no one cares to listen and c) no one would understand even if they did listen. i'll admit, i may not understand completely or agree with them, but those are my shortcomings i guess. so just to let you all know, if you need someone to rant/bitch/talk to, i'm here, even if i'm asleep or on the can. just ask and 99.9% of the time, i'll be all for listening. yes michi, even when i'm sleeping. *noogies* :P

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"i've had worse..."

blah...hate the mopeyness that comes with taking people to the airport. airports are starting to become my mortal enemy. no wonder terrorist go after them so much. they always has to watch people leave from them. :P sorry, ranting but then again, this is what this is all for right? at the same time, like michi, i have trouble deciding what should and shouldn't be said on here. true i'm not doing this so that other people can look into my life and know what's going on. i do it to go off when a willing ear isn't available but the fact that people i know do read this does taint that purpose to a point. i've considered making a second blog somewhere but never done much more than the considering. i guess in a way, it does help to say things on here because then the possibility of that willing ear (or eye if they be on AIM) increases. hmph...just read something from last year. definately something that makes me think and reflect over things, just as the person intended and didn't think i would. not gonna lie and say that -none- of it makes me roll my eyes and mutter somewhat bitterly 'whatever' but i did take the questions presented to me into a great deal of consideration. and honestly, yes i'm all too aware i do those things to people i know but for fuck's sake, who -doesn't-? this is not to excuse it but it is just the way things go these days. you made it sound like it was all on my end, and that i wasn't receiving any of the 'abuse' either. you made it sound as if -you- didn't do the same thing as well. and i'm sorry, the bs about me never doing anything in return. sure, it might've not been on the same scale as some of the things you did but i -did- do things. and i went so far as to ask my friends to help you out as well. was just an odd day. put me in an even more blah mood than wednesday did. one of my 'fears' was confirmed today. i guess i'm happy for her but all the same, i wish things hadn't changed but lord knows where that path would've taken me. oooh...old song with memories attached to it. All I Need by Spanish that seems so far away. okay, i think i'll shut up for now. i'm probably just confusing the hell out of anyone actually reading this and when i try to read it later on down the line, i won't know wtf i was talking about either. x.x

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*crosses fingers* o.o;;;

why am i doing so? because actually hit the 'submit' button to send my posters in for the Resident Evil Movie: Ground Zero poster contest. i superbly doubt i have a chance at winning seeing as how i got a peek at some of the other contestants work but hell, at least i got to play with photoshop 6 and learn a couple of fonts that are freeware! n.n;;; if you want to take a peek at them (what poor excuses of "art" they are), they're here [ 1 2 3 ] the pics they gave you to work with weren't exactly stellar but i guess they worked for the most part. i'm usually very simplistic when it comes to layouts really. no huge fancy arcs and stuff that you see on rave flyers, just good ol' plain advertising. i'm sure i have just about the same chances of winning as i do at becoming a Pulitzer prize for leapfrogging but the hell. you never know. anyways, i guess i should pass out so i don't do so when the new year comes around. bleh...maybe it's because i was tired and grumpy today but i just don't feel like going to a big party this year, not i ever really have before. n.n; i'll be more than happy with Val here, even she is ummm...yeah. n.n; either way, hope everyone has a fun and SAFE new years. be smart and know your limits, kay peeps? n.n

oh and michi, yes it is very disturbing and hilarious at the same time. we should start keeping track of how many people think we're sisters. n.n; and twins? oh...think of all the possibilities. XD and just fyi...

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

2 Pikachu, 3 Eevee, 4 Mewtwo, 5 Chansey, 6 Jigglypuff (ROTFL), 7 Mew, 8 Missingno

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xmas run down...

other than that little incident at the beginning of the day xmas went decent this year. spent most of it with my dad's side of the family. lunch was...different. o.o; not the typical turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatos, gravy and what-not that i'm used to from them but still really delicious. it's just a bummer i had eaten not too longer beforehand. @.@; ah well. dad sat me down to watch A Knight's Tale (because it's so christmasy!!!) and it was as corny yet fun as i thought it would be. now that i have had my dosage of heath ledger, i just need a vintage tee. n.- finally have a tv~! even though it's just going to go into the living which i have to admit, i find somewhat absurd considering it's the smallest one of the entire household, yet it's going into the 'social' room. i'm not complaining but it's just a strange observation. n.n; i have yet to take it out of the box and give it a whirl so i might do that after finishing up this entry. probably take out the DDR pad and try to burn off some of this flub i've collected lately. i'd rollerblade like i said i was going to but i HATE rollerblading on wet surfaces. ~.~ got some cool presents this year, still have to get one from my bro. ah~ moo~. told you i'd feel better later hun. n.n anyways, time to fiddle with the tv! but before that...personality che~kku!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

not exactly my first choice but a good runner up to who i was hoping to get. those who know me ought to know... n.n

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merry christmas to all...

except to the one person who fucked it all up for me this year.'re such a prick for what you did, makes me feel ill. i can't believe you had the nerve to do what you did. i simply loathe you at this point. i was going to leave anything that happened before behind but you just fucking had to do something again, didn't you? thanks a fucking lot you ass.

sorry about that everyone. it seems i'm destined to have yet another christmas tainted by some insensitive asshole this year. don't ask, it's a lot better than way. i'd really just forget about it and take any agression i have out on GTA3. -.-; why why why fucking me? FUCK! >/

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one ring to rule them all...

gee what movie did i see tonight boys and girls? could it be...Not Another Teen Movie?! anyways, yeah i went and saw Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring with my mom and dave. i was pretty sure i'd like it because i totally dig fantasy stories, i just was worried that i'd be a little lost since i hadn't read a single one of the books prior to the movie. n.n; that and my mom wouldn't like and/or fall asleep during the movie. x.x i tend to pick movies that aren't exactly her type a good amount of the time. n.n; but anyways, i was of course very impressed by the excellent CG and cinematography. i thought it was paced really well and the cast was great. mmmm...Orlando Bloom. *.* err... *ahem* well, at least i like him as Legolas, dunno about his usual mundane look though. yeah, i'm picky, sue me. XD i'm definately considering reading the books now that the movie has gotten my attention. i'm hoping someone in the family was clueless as to what to get me and just got a gift certificate for borders, barnes and noble, tower books or something so i can get them. that and i hope my dad's side of the family will want to see it later today. two showings in two days! w00t! XD definately a recommendation for anyone into fantasy/sorcery even if they haven't read the books. b n.n d <= two thumbs up! and now, personality che~kku! XD


Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Legolas, Elf, a son of the King of Mirkwood.

In the movie, I am played by Orlando Bloom.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

i didn't change my answers or try to arrange them in such a way. really. i even answered that i didn't want pointy ears. x.x must get OST as well. good music for our SW RPG group. XD

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