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today 4 u
i just recently picked up The Best of Rent - Highlights from the Original Cast, and have been listening to it on a pretty frequent basis every since. while listening to the songs i haven't heard in nearly a year by now, i noticed that One Song Glory would make a interesting fanvid/fic to Saishuu Heiki Kanojo/She, The Ultimate Weapon since the catch phrase for the series is "The last love song on this little planet." then the cd progressed to Will I?, which REALLY fits Chise, especially towards the end of the story when...well that's spoilers. n.n; anyways, this is a combonation of two of my fave things right now, depressing as they may be. n.n;


in the zone
Monday, November 25, 2002 11:18 p.m.

a.k.a. monday. oof, so i took the suggested dose of two sleep aid pills, and while they did definately aid in my sleeping...it aided in my sleeping through my alarm and my head being muddled at work until...oh, 2:15pm. keep in mind i had an 8am shift. so~ i think next time, i will take the non-suggested dose of ONE, maybe even a pill. ~.~

started watching a j-drama from last year called Strawberry on the Shortcake. in a way, it kind of reminds me of Marmalade Boy but like...switched around. the guy who plays the main character, Takizawa Hideaki, is hella cute. *.* but like...so is his next door neighbor, Haruka, played by Uchiyama Rina. XD (bwahahahahahaha! i love being bi. o.o) i really like the way this one is shot. they use a good combination of what i think of as 'cinema' shots and 'drama/tv' shots, even with the 'realness' of a typical j-drama. what i mean by that is that in j-drama's they hardly EVER go back and tamper with the original film or even use any special lenses or filters, unlike most drama shows in the US. and the fact that they use ABBA songs for the op/ed just amuse me to no end. XD it's a fun drama and i'll probably end up showing it to everyone since it's subbed. whoo~ time to sl0r3 j-drama again! XD

and now, it's that time again... personality chekku!

What Sign of Affection Are You?

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cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be close to your special someone and feel warm, comfortable, and needed


surf's up
Sunday, November 24, 2002 11:11 p.m.

yeah so i lied about doing a more in depth entry of my night out. spank me, why don'tcha? =P anyways, i think i pretty much covered everything i really wanted to.

so i woke up feeling just slightly woozy, so i though 'oh i probably don't need to take any aspirin'...then i got to work. then i saw what a nightmare the day was going to be because it was busy as fuck. then i saw the carnage of what was my department that was left by customers a.k.a. tasmanian devils with a shopping cart. needless to say, the throbbing increase tenfold, if not more. ~.~; luckily, i had at least one nuprin stashed in my locker, which i saved until lunch. the day wasn't too bad really, just frustrating if anything because of the mess and usual not putting things back. *sigh* whatever.

head is still a lil' woozy and throat is definately still scratchy. if it's still around tomorrow after work, i'll probably do the age old cure of gargling warm salt water. yay~.

on a random note, like some many other things, i amuses me that that sleep aid pills i took have carnauba wax in them. if i was a surfer, i could use my pills on my board! *beavis/butthead laugh* oh yes, and if anyone has suggestions for short hair styles for me, lemme know. yes, i know it's odd to even think of me with anything shorter than shoulder length hair, but i just really want to cut it. it gets in my way at work and just irritates me to no end. @.@;

drinks 3, drunks 2, girls 0
Sunday, November 24, 2002 03:06 a.m.

this's gonna be a short highlight version of my night but i promise to go into it more when i come back from work later.

started out late, got to amoeba music on haight after some confusion, didn't find anything i was really looking for but was very happy they have more than just jungle and d'n'b. after grabbing a bit at mc d's, headed to the club or rather...15-20mins of trying to park, THEN went to club. decent layout but serves better as a bar (maybe even a karaoke bar) rather than a club. dance floor is wa~y too small to hold that many dancing, gay men imho. n.n; hell, half the time i couldn't tell if someone was just trying to get by, trying to pickpocket me or trying to grab me. =P let's see...to drink i had 1 smirnoff ice, half shot of tequila (i can still feel the burn in the back of my throat @.@;) and a couple of sips of a 'too much alcohol' mai tai and a taste of a lemondrop and something cocaine. amazingly, i was able to drive home having to smack myself only mmm...twice? n.n; nah, it wasn't that bad, even on 17 with fog. i think seeing stef/steph, jeff's cousin, feeling sick sobered me up pretty fast. that and standing next to the windows a lot of the time. o.o; we left early since she wasn't feeling well but not before dancing to Punk and Sandstorm! W00T! XD they also played the bongo song which was hella fun. i was actually expecting more disco house but they surprised me with a good supply of chee~sy trance. XD personally, i think the place could use a few more bass speakers. XD muwahahahaha...speaker hump! speaker hump! yes, there were girls there but no one really caught my eye or vice versa. eh whatever, i had a good time regardless. n.n will do it again, but must bring jeff 'n crew to either a rave or 1015 sometime as well. XD must bring photons as well too! felt so naked w/o them!! ;.;

le pact des loups
Saturday, November 23, 2002 12:17 a.m.

a.k.a. brotherhood of the wolf. mmmmm...good fun. pretty treacherous story towards the end but still really cool. it was weird having all the martial arts in movie that takes place in france during the 1700s. n.n; i had no idea that mark dascascos was in it, so the entire time, i kept getting flashbacks to his earlier, uber cheesy capoeira movie called Only the Strong. n.n;;; i really liked his character in this though.

basic intro to the story is this: multiple deaths, consisting of mostly women and children, occur in the countryside of France called Gevaudan. after two years of these attacks, the king orders two men, Fronsac and Mani, to investigate and eventually dispose of the beast responsible.

the story has a couple of twists and some things that are just a no-no, even in france. n.n; there's a lot of references to spirituality as well since Mani is a native american, and uses his connection to nature to help in the investigation. and wolves...oh the wolves. i love wolves. if california allowed me, i would own a wolf. they're just one of the bad ass mofos of nature. i've always loved how they're very family based, but at the same time, are capable of being independant ("you want to be terry 'the lonely wolf' bogard forever?" "that's 'LONE WOLF'.") they're just really majestic creatures in my eye...and cu~te. *sigh* *.*

anyways, definately worth at least a rental, if not just a 'pick it off of the shelf'er, which was how i got it. hell i went to k-mart to get some sleep pills and ended up with a bad ass movie to watch before sleeping. life ish goo~d.

sleepless in santa cruz
Friday, November 22, 2002 02:15 a.m.

i hate a lot of closing shifts and then the one early shift in the week. i especially hate it when even though i planned it out so that i'd get a good 8 hours sleep, maybe body decides 'oh...nah, i'm not tired yet', and i end up tossing and turning for 2-3 hours. i swear, i should buy some over the counter drug that'll knock me out when i need to because now i'm going to be an irritable zombie at work. damn 8am shift. ~.~

oh well, planning to go clubbing with lucinda on sat in the city. where exactly, i don't know, but i'm pretty sure it'll be somewhere in castro. n.n; i doubt i'll see any dj i know by name but it's all good as long as the music and crowd is right. i have to say, i'm a bit...hmm...what's the word... not nervous but just kind of...overall curious about going to a 'gay club'. it's pretty much the same feeling i had about raves, where i've only heard about them but am trying to go into it unbiased, or else i get too caught up in whether i'm going to have a good time or not. screw it, i just want to go out and dance. listening to both di.fm and trancemission has been pressing the 'urge to go to rave/club...rising...' button on a 4/4 beat. @.@ just gimme loud thumping music that isn't jungle or rap and i should be ju~st fi~ne. too bad i have to drive back to SC since i work sunday. ~.~ bah.

must burn these huge wav files tomorrow. two of them are taking up a gig...EACH. the things i do to my HD for Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto live radio sets. ugh...really need to cut down those two since they're both 2 hours long. that's 40 minutes go~ne... >.< but they won't fit on a cd-r any other way so...*sigh*

bah...i'm gonna read some of Abarat, which will hopefully make my eyes tired or something. ~.~

o/~ sexual appealin' o/~
Thursday, November 21, 2002 12:32 p.m.

so when i chose lunch as my favorite subject, i got...


...but when i switched to bodybuilding/PE, i got...

What's your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla

either works for me i guess. =P

Thursday, November 21, 2002 01:18 a.m.

so after emailing cyberpixels twice... well, once one week after i sent them money, then after two weeks, i emailed ALL of the addys listed on their support page, which i think adds up to...5 emails in total. n.n; hey, i tried calling the number listed on the page before the 2nd week but it was out of service and that was just unacceptable. =P anyways, they got down to setting up my account AND domain pretty much that day, with everything fully functional by the next day. not to mention they also upgraded my package with no extra charge. sometimes it pays to be overzealous with support. XD

so haibane.net is officially mine but if you bothered to click on that link, i have yet to put anything on there of any real interest. n.n; not that that i ever will have anything of any real interest other than to myself but eh... as far as the first layout, it's just a debate over whether to use something i was intended to use for a blog layout or make something new. at this point, i'll probably do both, use elements of the blog design but switch thing around to make it more homepage-y or whatever.

speaking of blogs, i'm not sure if i'll be moving it over to haibane. it will depend largely on how much of a lazy bastard i feel like being really. o.o michi said that cyberpixels will actually set up moveable type for me so ma~ybe i will. if i do, it'll be farther down the road.

other than that, nothing too new. watched Witch Hunter Robin 19 and got a lil' more background, as well as a glimpse of how cool Robin would be if she used the Ultimate Technique. it was a pu~rty lightshow. *.* both of my d/l's of Haibane Renmei 3 and 4 were f00ked. 3 didn't want to play except on WMP which just sucks ass now for some reason, and 4 had no sound and later caused an error in divx player. grr~. i picked up 2 episodes of a 'new' anime from Avex of all companies called Chance Triangle Session. [sarcasm] surprisingly, it's about 3 girls who want to become singers/idols. [/sarcasm] it looks to be another 'feel good/motivational' type like Piano (which still hasn't been kept up with the digisubbers) as far as story, but in the great Avex tradition, it's more about the music. nothing -too- spectacular yet but i only have 2 eps. it feels very Full Moon o Sagashite w/o the shinigami, mahou henshin and disease pretty much. n.n; i'll probably keep getting it.

ah yes, Birds of Prey... i'm not incredibly torn up that WB is giving it the boot since the show isn't really that great but i was hoping it'd at least make it to a second season, where i'd really start judging. it's like with anime series that extend past the usual 26 ep mark, first season is always ass in comparison to the 2nd or 3rd season because that's when the writers start to write out the goo~d, dark bits. i guess, not being much of a batman fan past the movies allows me to be more lenient on the show but whatever. hopefully someone else picks it up, if not, bummer. i think it really could('ve) developed into a really cool show as long as they didn't try to milk it too much but *sigh*...these goes my wednesday night eye candy...

oh, kyo 'n michi, alisu said she'll be at the HoIR on sun so we might actually have a rigger for once. n.n; so i guess plan to game on sun but if you guys feel up to do anything sat, lemme know so i know if i should drive down earlier or not.

i got game
Monday, November 18, 2002 12:25 a.m.

i was going to post some pics from RO on here that were either really cute or funny but xoasis is being a buttsmear so that'll have to wait until the smearing goes down or something. o.o;

though i just have to let this be known since a lot of the people who played RO with me the first time around on the english beta heard me whining about this a good amount of the time. n.n;



seriously, anyone who played during the last couple of months with me on the english beta heard me wishing for one -at least- 3-4 times. it was like a RO life long dream to equip one on my thieves. and i think i might've actually gotten one towards the end but what makes this one so special is how much i got it for...

now, keep in mind, in the old beta, ninja suits went for b a n k. they were practically impossible to get through just hunting and selling stuff unless you were pretty high level and/or had a merchant to sell rare items of your own. OR...you could try to live long enough to go down to the third level of the izlude mines to kill munaks, in hopes that they'd drop one.

i couldn't do EITHER.

so imagine my shock and surprise when i was just randomly browsing through the different merchants in prontera square...to find a ninja suit...for 12000 zeny.

YES. 1 2 0 0 0 ZENY.

i was/am a very happy gamer grrl, even if my thief can't wear it yet, nor may ever get to wear it because of the rumor that RO is going pay-to-play soon.

it's the small things in life i tell ya...

other than that, we had another fun filled Shadowrun game. n.n our group got through our mission fairly clean, except for one injury, which was thankfully, healed pretty quickly. a~h...the night skies and nexus corporation buildings were ablaze with our explosives tonight... XD rightfully so after what my poor Kerrian had to go through. ugh...NEVER. DOING. TABLETOP DANCING. EVER. AGAIN. IT'S. JUST. BAD. NOT. ENOUGH. LEVER. 2000. EVER. >.<

other than that, uhh...wow, when i actually split up my entries into paragraphs, it makes it seem like i wrote so much. n.n; just odd really...

Abarat by clive barker is turning out to be -really- good, even if it is clive barker...writing a CHILDREN'S BOOK. yeah, i know. spooky, ain't it? though, i do warn everyone that this is a series, just like Harry Potter so you might get stuck wanting more when you finish it. i'm pretty sure i will but i don't think that barker is taking as long as rowling to punch them out. i've heard that it could be released on an anual basis so keep your fingers crossed. o.o

also, i guess disney finally realized 'hey, maybe we should've gotten in on Harry Potter...' but since they can't, they put money down on Abarat instead. apparently, they're gonna go the full nine on this; movies, tv series, theme park rides, video games and of course, merchandising!!! if you're having a hard time thinking about disney and clive working together, just remember that disney worked with friggin' tim burton on Nightmare Before Christmas. and if that movie wasn't 'outside of the box' for disney...yeah... i dunno, it's hard for me to judge as well since i'm not that far into the book but i can't see it being a completely bad idea.

heck, universal is doing his other children's book, The Thief of Always, which i just finished recently and was just kind like...'whoa'. o.o if i was like an elementary kid and read that, i'd be all sorts of weirded out. n.n; it was a cool story but just plain BIZARRE. i think it'll make a great movie though, especially with all the effects. it'll be awesome to see what they do with the changing seasons of Mr. Hood's house. n.n

saigo ni, aa~h...kanojo hoshii na~. saikin, atashi ga sabishii no kimochi aru. sabishii wa iya na kanji, dakedo daremo inai. hitori bocchi iya~ ;.; aa~h atashi no tokubetsu no hito~ doko iru no~? matteiru yo~

addiction, revisited
Friday, November 15, 2002 01:12 a.m.

huzzah for having a day off, really needed it just to take a rest from work, which hasn't really been that stressful, just a bit taxing on my body. especially since the DM decided to throw in some early shifts into my week after getting used to late/closing shifts. oh well, i did get to talk to her about getting sun/mon off, which she said no to since she has school that day and no one else could cover, BUT...sat/sun is actually a possibility so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. it'd be absolutely wowlastic to have 2 days off in a row, and on the weekend nonetheless. XD

anyways, so i got up, ran some errands, picked up another brick of dice for Shadowrun in downtown then decided to check out what i thought was a comic book store the couple of times i had drove past it.

turns out i was right, and even though i didn't end up buying anything today, it's still a pretty cool shop. they don't keep much in the way of back copies of comics but they had a lot of different figures. i think i might end up getting the Bruce Lee lego figurines for my dad for xmas. i think he'd get a kick out of them (no pun intended). XD

the main reason i wanted to check it out was to search for Gen13 comics. i've been craving an issue since i'm using Roxy as my character pic for Shadowrun. i ended up going to the other two shops i know in the area and got 1-3 of new Gen13 comics and a random comic Shidima.

now it's probably been YEARS, like...my freshman year in high school, since i bought a comic that WASN'T translated manga. let alone a Gen13 comic, a series i liked a lot but when it was first being put out, i had virtually no money. so if i got a comic, it was on the pure faith that i had done something to deserve it. i have to say, i REALLY like the new Gen13 comic. for a handful of reasons really.

first, the new cast seems like a cool bunch, all new york teens. i've read about 3 of the 4 so far and they're characters i could care about and relate to. second, it takes place after the whole 9/11 thing, so there are a lot of references/homages to it. hell, one of the characters dad was a fireman who died trying to save people from the towers. i like how they were able to work it into the story w/o making too huge of a deal about it. third, three words. japanese. chick. dj. thankyouthankyouthankyou. her power kicks MAJOR ass too. i'm tempted to get (a smaller version of) her tattoo but nothing solid yet.

those are the main reasons that come to mind, and i know there's more but i don't want to end up spoiling or blabbing endlessly on about it either. ugh...as if manga wasn't enough...now i'm back to comics as well. n.n; mattaku~...

another addiction revisted...Ragnarok Online. yes, i've decided to give it another whirl on the japanese servers. this should be a bit better this time around, especially if i play during the day, when it's pretty much night time over there. not that the servers are that lagged anyways, even when there's 7000 people on.

the only hold ups i have is of course, the language barrier, especially since my computer can't read the japanese text. so most of the time, characters names, dialouge, everything, comes up as little boxes, lines, symbols and random letters and numbers. @.@; i'm sure there's a way i can fix that, even if i'm still running 98, i just need to find it. @.@;

i love just walking around. everything is like...10x's cuter than it was in the english version because almost all the characters look cute in different ways. i love the way some of the male vendors sit uber FOBby. hurrah for the asian squat!

my character, Satoka, was able to get her job as a swordswoman tonight so hopefully tomorrow, i can work her out more, in hopes of becomng a sword mage. that way, she can kick ass with a sword but also... OPEN ZAA GEETO! XD

uguu~...sent out the money order to cdjapan today for the saikano limited edition boxset and witch hunter robin osts. it should get there just in time to pay for all of them before their release date, then hopefully get shipped to me within a week and a half... gaman gaman~ shikkari shikkari~ P n.n 9

may i take your order?
Wednesday, November 13, 2002 12:35 a.m.

argh...so i'm all set to punch in my order at cdjapan when i notice this.

Your order will not ship until all items are available. If you prefer some items delievered earlier than the rest, please place separate orders. If your order includes a future release, please take note of the release date, and decide whether or not to place separate orders.

man does that put a damper on things because only one item out of the five i'm ordering is out now, another two due out later this month and the last two, the end of december. de-cem-ber.

before, this wasn't a problem. they'd take your order and just send it out as that came. when they changed that i don't know but i sure liked that policy. u~gh...my order is over $100 and if it's over $100, they give you a free poster, and while it is just a poster, i think it's the least i could get for spending a $100 there. there's a really cute Dejiko poster and a pretty cool .hack//sign one as well.

that's not the main reason i'm mulling over this though, the main reason i think is because it's just a plain hassle to have to do three orders when i could do just one and get it over with. but i know i won't get my stuff until AT LEAST new years, and that's if i'm lucky.

bla~h...well, i have until the 18th when the sale is over so i guess i can think it over until then. ~.~