12:49 a.m. Wednesday, October 27, 2004
the muse has entered the building

for some reason, i've been wanting to do various things on photoshop. i ended up making a sig for the pRO msg boards for myself (2 for myself actually) and nam, as well as an avatar for Tsutako... then before that, i went ahead and did a new blog layout for aniki, mostly so i could figure out how to do at least 1 thing in CSS. *twirls finger* n.n; i dunno if it's because pRO is down and i have not a great deal else to do in the meantime or what but eh...whatever. i haven't really diddle around with photoshop in a while so it was kinda fun even if i don't use it to it's full abilities. n.n;

oh i finally got around to watching Beck and Sunabouzu, both which are very enjoyable and am looking forward to collecting. Beck being about a group of kids that eventually all come together to form a rock band. i think ultimately their goal will be to make a break in the US since there's a lot of english/engrish thrown around (how many times can you fit the word 'fuck' into a conversation?). looks like it'll be a kinda fun coming of age/reach for your dreams anime.

Sunabouzu is set kinda like...in a universe similar to Tank Girl or actually maybe more like Mad Max. something gone and fucked up the land so that it's a huge desert. and of course, what's a fucked up desert land without a bunch of hooligan gangs running around causing those just trying to get by a lot of trouble? =D so people hire people like Sunabouzu to right things that have been wronged, and Sunabouzu is VERY good at his job regardless of his height. definately a fun watch with an atmosphere that kinda reminds me of Planetes somehow.

oh, and i finally got a response from one of my resume's for a local toy shop geared more towards educational toys rather than the typical power ranger figure stuff you see in toys r us. went in for the interview today and am pretty sure things went well. the owner of the shop is out on vacation though so they said they'd call me back when she gets back so i can meet with her as well. i'm really hoping to land this job just because of the hours. opens at 10 and closes at 5:30 for most of the week except for thursday, when they close at 8 and sunday when they close at 4. with hours like that, i can hope for a regular schedule like at UPS Store. *prays to the job gods* onegaishimasu~ >.< in either case, the owner is supposed to be back next tuesday so that'll give me at least this weekend to have fun before/if get back into the grind.

what is going on this weekend other than survival horror? o.oa;; *scratches head* hmmm...i guess if pRO isn't back tomorrow, i could carve the pumpkin my mom bought. pumpkin innards~ XD oh just because i haven't posted a random convo in a while...

[Natsuki] !fight yuri vs yaoi
[PlusVee] yuri: 2543 // yaoi: 1906
[PlusVee] yuri beats yaoi by 637 points
[Natsuki] yuri is WINNAR!
[Natsuki] \o/

yay for bots with fun scripts. XD

02:31 a.m. Sunday, October 24, 2004

so just when i decided to call my car the Millenium Falcon since it had been having quite a few false starts lately, my mom decides that we're just gonna have the battery replaced. boo~ but that takes all the character out of it! oh well, maybe i'll just keep it named as so anyways. i'm sure something else is bound to break down soonish anyways. XD

ugh while waiting to see if any of my resumes i've sent out get a bit, i've been watching any of last seasons anime that carried on into the new season, checking out some of the new season anime and playing RO. Mai-HiME and Kannazuki no Miko are the ones most of the yuri community seems to be concentrating on, which is cool but man can some of them blow it out of proportion sometimes. i mean, i like to pretend/fantasize some 'coupling' but i can admit when it's not exactly in canon. like turning ALL of the ROD tv girls into raging lesbians just doesn't seem that right to me. sure there might be some 'akogare' here and there but for the most part, it's pretty tame.

Mai-HiME reminds me a bit of Scryed with the way that the girls can materialize/summon up weapons or creatures to use in a fight, the only difference being that they don't need to actually use material around them to do it. anyways, Mai and her little brother decide to transfer to a new school, Fuuka Gakuen, which seems to have quite a few students in it with various powers. why they've been 'assembled' is still kind of in the shadows as it seems like there's more to it than the heads of the school let on. the music is done but Kajiura Yuki, and while so far it's not as fancy as either Noir or Madlax, i'm still enjoying it. overall, even if the series doesn't have huge yuri overtones in it, i think i'll still be able to watch this and enjoy it.

Kannazuki no Miko follow two girls, Himeko and Chikane, who are reincarnations of the Sun and Moon priestesses that are said to protect the world when the Orochi threaten it. of course, when one of the Orochi members, Souma, happens to have a major crush on Himeko, he manages to overcome the Orochi genes and not only refuses to kill the girls but uses his powers and big mech to protect them. of course, this upsets the yuri fandom because Chikane seems to have a crush of sorts on Himeko as well but starts to feel inferior to Souma since she has no real power to protect Himeko on her own...yet. oh~ the drama! XD even tho there's that 'kiss' in episode one, i think i'll enjoy watching Mai-HiME over this one for some reason. i can't really put my finger on it yet...

Uta~Kata is probably my favorite out of the new season stuff so far because it's very light and sweet so far without being overly cutesy. Ichika on her last day of school before summer vacation is cleaning a room with a huge mirror that's rumored to show a reflection that's not of themselves. this of course happens, not once but twice since while cleaning the room, she dropped her cellphone in there. when she goes back to get it, the phone is now in the mirror and the girl inside says she'll give it back to her if she does her a favor. eager to get the phone back since there's a charm she cherishes on it she agrees and the girl steps out of the mirror. the girl introduces herself as Manatsu then after a strange occurance, she asks Ichika to do her summer homework for her as the favor. n.n; i left some stuff out but that's the gist of it. for me, this is like...the way i wish that Yukitsukai Sugar or Pita Ten had been, thus the comment about it being not 'overly cutesy'. that and there seems to be a lot more of a flow of story i like in comparison as well. not to mention i really like the music for it so far. n.n overall, i really like the warm feeling i get from the series and really think it shows a lot of promise. n.n

Teizokurei DayDream is actually an OAV series that started a bit back but it caught my attention when i saw the cover for it on an animaxis newsletter they sent me. it follows Misaki, who's main job is being an S&M Queen/Jou-sama at a club...and other job being a medium for ghosts along with Souichiro, excellent martial artist but perv and scaredy cat when it comes to anything dead, and Mitsuru, a photographer who usual stays out of sight and just sends the photos as clues to Misaki. i am a SUCKER for storylines that just sound fucked up so i had to check it out. i'm wondering if there's a manga for this since there will only be 4 oavs, or at least that's all i've seen scheduled so far. it's about as nutty as i expected it to be with some serious tones here in there since dealing with a ghost generally means dealing with someone with a great deal of angst. a fun inbetween watch, i'm hoping for the sub of oav 3 soonish since the dvd for it was released just a couple of days ago...tho the 4th dvd isn't due out til december and in the preview for 3, it said it'd be the first half so...i'm preparing myself for quite the cliffhanger. <.<;

lastly for the new season anime, there's Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~. now the only thing i really knew about this before watching it was that there's a young vampire girl that wears neko-mimi/cat ears. again, the thing about being a sucker for fucked up storylines. Hazuki is indeed a young, neko-mimi wearing vampire that seems to be more or less imprisoned in a castle in germany. a castle that Kouhei is investigating with 2 other people he works with for a spirit magazine. while his coworkers have some power to feel the presence and such of spirits...Kouhei is a friggin' BRICK when it comes to spirits. seriously, they practically just bounce off the boy when they try to come into contact with him. somehow, his 'talent' for being a brick allows her past the barrier protecting the castle where he meets Hazuki but is unaware of her...'orgins' because well...he's a BRICK and just wants to take pictures of her. stuff happens after this but it's more fun if you watch it...if you can make it past the opening sequence. i. LOVE. this opening sequence. it's SO FUCKED UP. I LOVE IT. it's kinda weirds you out at first but it also makes sense at the same time. it's just one of those things you need to see for yourself. and i will be showing this to people...oh yes...you can count on it... XD

the other stuff (School Rumble, Beck, Sunabouzu) i haven't really had the time/want to sit down and watch quite yet but they sounded interesting so i got them anyways. and they might be put off for even LONGER now because i went backwards and checked out a series which also falls under the WTF story category, Kaleido Star.

this series is about Sora, who has a dream to become a performer at Kaleido Stage. and what is Kaleido Stage, you ask? think Cirque de Soleil and you'll have it. no, i'm serious, this is about a girl that wants to be a circus performer. ...and i thought we had covered everything with Ranma½ and all the other countless anime. surprisingly tho, i find myself falling in love with it like nothing. Sora is a very sweet girl with a 'never give up' attitude that just makes you want to cheer her on in her dream to become the top performer. of course, she deals with the hardships of not exactly being the most competent person and acceptance from the other performers, but slowly she starts to change all of that when they see her raw passion and love of wanting to perform. ike ike Sora! ganbatte Sora! zettai ni makenai de~! XD

ugh i just wish i had the money to actually buy the dvds at the moment. -.-; since i don't though, i've been watching it thru *cough* other means but seriously, having only watched 2 episodes, not only are the story and characters lovable, but that animation is pretty top notch too. nice mix of cel and cg, much like Fruits Basket. so i'm pretty certain i will be picking this up as soon as i can afford to do so. =3

oorgh...yup, other than that, trotting around on RO. ugh i'm amazed i still have some sense of direction in that game as far as knowing where i am and what i can take on. granted i kinda took the easy road and made a swordy/knight first but still...no mocking is quite painful. <.< doable...but painful. ah well.

ugh...i'm thinking since i might be in the SC area longer, maybe i should just sign up for some classes at the local college for now. it won't be the courses i really want to take but just something...like i dunno, a CSS class...because trying to read the online tutorials just makes my head hurt something awful but i do want to learn at least the basics of it so i can start doing things with the few pages i want to make. because y'know...frames are like, so 5 years ago! n.n; eh just something to consider.

06:52 a.m. Friday, October 15, 2004
action is the enemy of thought

...which is probably the reason why i'm not asleep at nearly 7am in the morning. there's no reason i can think of for my not sleeping apart from the fact that my brain refuses to SHUT THE FUCK UP. or stfu for all you |33t speakers. since i'm not actively doing anything to distract myself, brain just keeps sputtering off random crap that i don't really care to think about at this wee small of hour in the morning. and believe me, i've been trying to sleep for the past 2 hours. tried counting, tried lying on my side, stomach and back, even tried taking a quarter of a sleeping pill because i don't want to be extremely zonked out when i wake up. not. WORKING. i didn't even have any tea after like 11 so i have no idea. =.=; short of taking actual nyquil or drinking to make myself drowsy, i just give up after trying for 2hrs.

maybe i'll watch more Elfen Lied, i'm sure that'll help. NOT. XD

[ EDIT - 09:36 a.m. ]

okay i think i'm tired enough to try sleeping even though it's bright as hell now. =.=; i did manage to get Saber to Knight though and get her a few job lvls before saying 'f this. sleep now.' though i wish i could figure out why the hell the peco-peco trainer won't give me my chicken. fucker. <.<; oh well, fare thee well and shit.

01:21 a.m. Friday, October 15, 2004
for those getting older in october...

happy birthday~ n.n pretty belated for some of y'all but uhh...better later then never yeah? n.n; so happy bday to michi, janelle, kage, Tsutako-oneesama, Sei-sama and...anyone else i might've missed because my memory is ass. seriously, i forget my family's bday half of the time. <.<;;

in other news, finally started watching Elfen Lied since i think just about all of it is out subbed now. everything you've heard about it is true. it's bloody. it's violent. limbs get thrown about like a ticker tape parade. and it's due to a cute, almost Nuku-Nuku look alike girl that goes by either Lucy or Nyu. you KNOW this series is fucked from the get go though even if you didn't hear the hype before watching it. why? because the opening song is somber and sung in LATIN for christ's sake, that's why. that's the kiss of death there...LITERALLY. and while i like me some violence (i wonder if steve still thinks i'm a closet psycho for watching Battle Royale on repeat for about a week XDD), it's not the primary reason i'm gonna continue to watch the series. i -think- i like it but it's definately not going to be an all time favorite or anything.

05:05 a.m. Monday, October 11, 2004
postlude to a kiss

yay~ new layout~, so devoid of color~. deal with it~. it's 5 in the morning and i don't want to change it anymore~. besides who cares~? Ciel is shiny either way~. XDDD uh but yeah, if you can't figure out who she's kissing, i could send the doujinshi but it's not translated. n.n;

anyhoo, spent most of the day hanging with nam today. we were supposed to try to catch Zatoichi since i had caught it on thursday with my mom and insisted he check it out. unfortunately, there was a film fest going on at the theatre so they won't be showing Zatoichi until tuesday. bleh~. ~.~; so we ended up just walking around downtown a bit, looked at the costume store and the happy fun adult section it has. what is it with costume stores having adult sections? house of humors has one too... while we were in there, one of the 'toys' was on the shelf moving on it's own so i was like 'dude, go turn it off. XD' to which nam replied 'hell no, i don't know where that thing has been. dir~ty~.'

after that, i had to try out the new boba/crepe place that opened up, and was surprised to find that 1) they actually soak their pearls long enough so they're soft, 2) the staff was all white folks and 3) they asked me if i wanted my drink 'blended or shaken'. i figure 'blended' means that they blend the ice and tea before adding the pearls but wouldn't that make it kinda hard to drink with tiny ice chunks? o.O; oh well, i chose 'shaken' in the end and was fairly surprised with it being like 3 white folks and 1 asian guy that was just coming in for his shift or something. didn't get to try the crepes though, next time i guess.

after that, we chilled at the cliff overlooking the beach and cliffs near my place, just BS-in' about random stuff. then we came back to watch more boobalicious-Maya-goodness Tenjou Tenge and finally, Tipping the Velvet because i feel it's my civil duty to show it to anyone and everyone or something. or at least i'm sure it seems like it. n.n; anyhoo, had a good time and was glad to bug him into getting over his fear of driving 17, even at night! XD

mmm what else, ah i didn't make it to the lobster festival which was this weekend but definately want to go next year. mmmmmm lobsterrrrr~. <3 there was a fireworks display on sat tho for a school fundraiser or something. you're -supposed- to pay to see them but since they shoot them from the beach near my place, i pretty much only have to stand just outside my house to see most of it. n.n; though it looked like they used these really huge close to the ground fireworks like 3 or 4 times. must've been beautiful to actually see on the beach. *sigh* i love fireworks, they will always be a timeless enjoyment to me...but it's kinda sucky to watch them alone. <.<; alone and sober. >.>; T_T at least the grand finale was really kick ass...and i had sour cream apple pie.

anyways, i'm sure the sun is rising now so i close with demanding everyone see Zatoichi because it's fucking kick ass. want on dvd NOW dammit.

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