yet another day
Monday, June 23, 2003
08:28 p.m.

ooooooorrrrgh so tired. ~.~; damn my DM for not giving me today off like she ok'd in my request.

ah so another con, another dance, all gone by. while it wasn't my typical 'con run' as past ones, it was still a decent weekend spent with various friends on all sides of my life.

for me, the weekend came down of course to the dances on fri and sat night. while the music was turned up too loud, i was late getting to the hotel on sat and i made a couple of mistakes, i'd say overall it was a success. the dance floor was decently covered for both sets but having an early set on sat really dragged down attendance as most people were still at Der Cosplay. feh...ah well, i still think i had a better set sat just because i wasn't jittery from drinking taurcrack like on fri. anyhow, i was finally able to record myself spinning via my aniki's laptop, and have a copy of both. i really wish i had a cd burner to copy them at the moment but unfortunately my computer is still down. BUT...i'm considering u/l'ing both sets as soon as i can set up a homepage of sorts for the promotion of dj mpu, as well as try to clean up the recordings as they are distorted a bit by the high volume output from the mixer. >.< ah well, at least i have something to hand out as a demo now. n.n

as for the rest of the con, i passed by the karaoke room a few times to see what #fy-ers were lingering about but other than that, i only visited the dealers room, which i have to agree with everyone that it was REALLY sparse this year. both in dealers and stuff i was really interested in buying. not to say i didn't buy anything but it was mostly stuff i had meaning to buy but just never got around to it for whatever reason. anyhow, here's the list.

record bag w/ Lain in teddy bear pjs embroidery
Chikyuu Shoujo Arujuna DVDs 1-4 (complete series)
Chikyuu Shoujo Arujuna ost 1 - Into the Another World
Chikyuu Shoujo Arujuna ost 2 - Onna no Minato
Ghost in the Shell TV - Stand Alone Complex ost
Wolf's Rain ost 1
Jet Set Radio Future OST
Shaolin Soccer
God of Cookery
From Beijing with Love

also got the Noir artbook as a gift from aniki, for which i am EXTREMELY greatful for. *_* definately something i was aiming to buy but since i have that now, i need to look for the Sakura Taisen Tribute book, which has illustrations of ST characters from both Teikoku and Paris Hanagumi. i was pretty shocked to find an illustration from Rikudou Koshi, who does Excel Saga. i don't know why but i just was. o.o, i sure went on a Kanno Yoko run. n.n; i was debating the .hack osts as well but figured i would eventually get them with the .hack series domestically anyways so i passed. there were some really cute Azumanga Daioh genga too but no scenes i was really hoping for (Osaka waking up Yukari w/ either the knife or frying pan; Sakaki w/ Maya). thankfully, there was a lack of Noir cels as well. x.x; last thing i needed to do was blow another $300 on a single cel. n.n;;;

as a con, i was only there for the dance and dealers room, but as a weekend away from work and with friends, i was there for it all. it was fun guys, thanks for the small hiatus from the mundane retail life. n.n v

tree tree treeeeeeeee
Friday, June 20, 2003
02:25 a.m.

my tree type o.o

Uncommonly attractive
does not care for criticism
likes to play with its fate
can be egoistic
very reliable and trust-worthy
faithful and prudent lover
sometimes brains rule over heart
but takes partnership very serious.

...i think those are actually all pretty right on. o.o my reliability as far as making it to place on time wavers but yeah...apart from that. n.n;;; the 'uncommonly attractive' thing is kinda...odd but i understand it at the same time. n.n; i dunno, it's 2am dammit.

*yawn* either way, i have both sets all ready for Fanime so now it's just up to the trainwreck gods to not punish me for doing my saturday night set so late in the game. T.T *crosses fingers* here's to hoping! n.n

my and alice's minutes of fame
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
10:55 a.m.

Confirmed DJs for Fanime 2003 - Update 2
Dates: Friday and Saturday
Times: 7:00pm to 2:00am, both days
Duration: 6 hours, 360 minutes; both days

Alexander Trinidad (DJ M.O.D)
Justin Hernandez (DJ Muteki)
Al Flores Jr. (DJ Socket)
Warren Fernandez (DJ Katsuhiko Jinnai)
Alana Salom (DJ mpu), w/ other DJ)
Alice Yueh (DJ Satine)
Cesar Aldea (DJ 8-ball)
James ?
Brian Roe

Friday Schedule:
08:00 DJ M.O.D
08:45 D-James
09:30 DJ Socket
10:15 DJ Satine
11:00 DJ 8-Ball
11:45 DJ Jinnai
12:30 DJ mpu
01:15 DJ Muteki

Saturday Schedule:
08:00 DJ mpu
09:00 DJ Socket
10:00 DJ 8-Ball
11:00 Brian Roe
12:00 DJ Satine
01:00 DJ Jinnai

just in case anyone was curious or cared. n.n;;; hope to see a few familiar faces of the dance crowd. n.n v

this just in at 6:02pm!

be proud of me aniki, i went vinyl shoppin' today. XD and i got some stuff i think you'll know and like.

Lange feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Beam vs Cyrus remix; Extended Version; Kansas Remix)
Noel Sanger - Darshan / Confinement
Desiderio - Starlight (Armin Van Buuren Rising Star Remix; Ferry Corsten Remix)
Marc et Claude - Tremble
Daft Punk - Discovery
Paul Van Dyk - We Are Alive
Ghostland feat. Sinead O'Connor & Natacha Atlas - Guide Me God (Vinyl 2)

ooooorrrggghhh...still need to make set for sat night. x.x pinchii desu!

it hurt so good
Saturday, June 7, 2003
07:04 a.m.

wheeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooo~! so happy i went to tiesto. o.o so happy that jahi came with. while i was kinda curious as to how i'd handle going to a club all by my lonesome, i'd rather save the experiment for another time. =P omg Noel Sanger fucking KICKS ASS. i loved his set though i missed the first 30-45mins of it. of course Tiesto kicked major ass as well. lol he started his set with a sample of Matrix, then went into a song that sampled the 'blue pill, red pill' thingy. i didn't really recognize too many songs other than Leama - Requiem for a Dream and a remix of William Orbit - Barber's Adiago for Strings. omg the place was PACKED. i don't think there's anyway all those people could've fit in 1015, at least not in the main room. it would've been too weird. they'd either have to seperate Noel Sanger and Tiesto into two different rooms or something to that like. o.o; the crowd was really cool for the most part being 21 overs. since it's a gay club, i was able to pick out a few. omg this one guy practically had his hand down the front of his partner's pants at one point. n.n;;; lol whatever, long as they're having a good time. there were some really awesome lightshows as well though not to many people rolling thankfully. least not rolling and sitting in the middle of the dance floor. n.n;; oh oh, there were of course a plethora of cute girls but there was this one cute asian guy, omg! he's such a sweetie! his name's patrick and 1) he's a REALLY awesome dancer and glowsticker and 2) at one point, he was like teaching this lady how to do certain dance steps. it was SO CUTE! XD i want one lol! jahi and i got his email addy and # so hopefully we'll be able to stay in touch. lol poor jahi was jealous because he only shook his hand while i got to shake his hand, get a hug and kisses on both cheeks! XDDD and if that wasn't enough, later on when jahi and i were holding up the wall (because we were DAMN TIRED), he came up and asked why we weren't dancing, to which responded that we were taking a breather. at which point he stood in front of me and started bumpin' and grindin' away. i was SO NOT COMPLAINING. XDDD lol i was kinda shocked at first but then was like 'awww jyeah' and started bumpin' back. wahahahahahaha good times. XD just wish i hadn't been so tired from staying up playing RO the night before. T.T raging bull did nothing!! then again, we DID dance pretty hard during Sanger's set so we paced ourselves more during Tiesto's set. waaa~h i didn't get anything signed this time though. T.T didn't get to drop by to get Sparkles for Tiesto to sign and didn't get up to the booth before he left. waa~h oh well, all the more excuse to see them next time they're in town, wahahahahahahaha~! XD now i go take lots of prescription drugs to dull the evergrowing pain in my legs and arms. x.x XD

ni-juu-san-sai desu!
Saturday, May 31, 2003
02:34 a.m.

ah yes, i am there. the big deux-trois! it started off really good this year. i was kinda wishy washy as to how the day/night would go consider the day i had at work but thankfully, i decided in the end to go and hang out with some coworkers at a local club/bar called Dakota (yes yes, you can stop laughing now aniki =P) since one of the other ladies b-day is also on the 31st. big fiji woman named Enid, who's gotta a lotta love. you can totally tell she's an islander. anyways, we (myself and jeff) get to the club a lil' later than everyone else since we had to work (bleh!) but the night was still fairly young. no more than i think 10:35 or so. i started my night with a sour midori, then hit the dance floor after i finished and started buzzing. omg the dj suuuuuuuucked. i can't decide who sucked more, this one or the dudes from...whatever that club in MV was on castro st. actually, i think i liked this dj better but yeah, she played a lot of 80s, then some hip-hop/r&b shtuff. OMG she spun JUSTIN FUCKIN' TIMBERLAKE. AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGH. XDD lol i think i fuckin' died laughing. she played a couple of trance songs and i do mean A COUPLE. all of the remix of Heaven and Sandstorm. ba~h! ah well i don't think i really cared toooo much at the time since i think by that time i had had another sour midori, a shot of peach schnapps, a smirnoff ice black (which was pretty good i must say, since i had passed it up once for hard cola), a couple of sips of vodka (GAAAAAAH! x.x) and some of a fuzzy navel. omg when they played Sandstorm there, i think i was the loudest and energetic fuckin' one on the dance floor. XD i was screamin' my head off and shit, doin' the Groove countdown when the climax hit and shit. good fuckin' time...then they went on this stream of rap that pretty much sobered me up pretty fast. n.n; lol omg the dj spun fuckin' BABY GOT BACK by SIR MIXALOT. LAUGHED. MY. ASS. O F F ! ! ! XD there was that we had like a night long debate as to whether it was a girl or a guy. really, it's a close fuckin' call and no one felt like asking but we all agreed that it could've very well been a girl. man, there was a lot of fuckin' Madonna and Michael Jackson songs too. x.x lol weird, just weird. there were these two Japanese chicks (well one was definate, the other might've been hapa, wasn't sure) but they were dancing ALL NIGHT. i don't think they ever stopped moving in some sort of dancing motion. n.n; they were awesome though, you could tell they were having a good time. speaking of good time, omg there some cute ass girls in there but i think most of them were hooked up already. che! XD ah well, maybe next time. ah fuck! i need to bring my damn photons next time too! i felt so fuckin' naked w/o them! AUGH! so on it next time. oooooh...registered for RO just a few minutes ago too! whoo hoooo~! less lag, here i come! XD o/~ oh happy day!! o/~ also got a hook up to stay at a coworkers who moved to oakland if i got to either metropolis or cyberfest. lol promised to give her a massive lightshow if she rolls at either. anyways, off to sleep with me as soon as i take some aspirin in hopes of escaping any hangoverness. n.n;

(this b-day rant was brought to you by a lot of fuckin' liquor and good dancin' even with unsatisfactory music. REACH FOR THE LASERS! SAFE AS FUCK! XD)

p.s. how many parents leave a msg via screensaver saying this... 'Happy Birthday Alana!' signed by them and the pets. XD everyone say it, awwwww~ =P lol n.n

boxed in
Thursday, May 22, 2003
06:35 p.m.

so i won it. XD don't ask me for how much though... n.n; let's just say it's a very very very very early happy birthday present to myself. n.n;;; i'm amazed i won it at really, i thought i surely would've been outbidded at the rate i was going. oh that a lame thing about yahoo! auctions...i had set my alarm to wake me up around 5:45am so i could make sure i'd win. i thought 'no prob, if someone outbid me, i can just wait til the last minute to outbid them.'


apparently, if you outbid someone at the last minute, it extends the end of the auction another 5 something minutes...soooo i ended up staying up til about 6:30 trading bids back and forth with this one person. x.X;; did i mention i had gone to sleep at 2am, needed to be up at 9am to get ready to pack up my stuff at the SV house and have MAJOR issues falling back asleep after i've been awake long enough? T~T ah's mine, all mine. =P

moving on to the packing stuff, bleh, i also discovered that while i don't mind and kinda like moving, i really dislike packing stuff just to put into storage. especially when i have to go through all my crap to decide what and what not to hold onto. ~.~; blah...i want my own place already. x.x

finally gonna see Matrix Reloaded tonight, hope it's not as confusing as people are making it out to be. =P

huzzah rinkya asdkljdaigbf!!!
Tuesday, May 20, 2003
02:50 p.m.


ohyesohyesifuckingam! it will be MINE DAMMIT! t-minus 15 hours, 2 minutes and 3 seconds. nummy num num! *_*

it's not often that i see Noir cels, DECENT Noir cels, below 10000 yen, if not more, thus why i am DYING to win this one. it's not only Kirika, it's PSYCHOPATHIC WITH A SWORD KIRIKA DAMMIT! IT WILL BE MINE! for the lowly price 4600 yen hopefully with whatever commission i have to pay to rinkya. i am soooooooooo happy i decided to get that account not, oh yeah bay-beh.

...this is what happens when a hydra kills me on RO and i have to wait to regen. i go looking for stuff i shouldn't but do and end up spending more money... ah well, it's for the sake of ART! XD

speaking of art, i finally got around to watching the 4 pieces of Animatrix on the site, which are 2nd Renaissance - part 1 and 2, Program and A Detective Story. wow. or should i say '...whoa.' i think Program stuck with me the most just because of the HUGE similarities to the style it was done to Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. they managed to pull off the 'bullet time' effect really well too, minus the bullets. XD Detective Story definately felt very Cowboy Bebop-ish as well, liked that they did it in a grainy, black and white fashion. i think out of all the other one's left to see, i'm looking forward to Kid's Story and Beyond the most. yeah yeah, i wanna see Square's work as well as the Aeon Flux work as well but eh...i'm just not as hyped up about it as the others. in either case, i hope they release a soundtrack for Animatrix, they have some really good tracks i wouldn't mind havin'. =9

btw...who's actually still coming to see tiesto with me? o.o

crazy sunshine
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
02:12 a.m.

any day i get to spend with the cute girl from work is good, even if it will never progress any. darn boyfriends. XD *ahem* so yeah, for once i decided not to play RO all day on my day off and took the opportunity to hang out with a coworker i usually don't get that much of a chance to since she had two jobs at the time but just quit one, allowing her more free time. did i mention she's cute? o.o

the set plan was to go rollerblading on the other side of the hill around 2...and that was about it. n.n; so we made a few pitstops on the way. i figured it had been a while since she'd hit Mitsuwa, so i took her there then to Clover Bakery, where we stocked up and ate a small snack. after that, one other small trip to frys before picking up my blades at the SV house to pick up Noir vol. 3 - The Firing Chamber and GTO vol. 8 - Transformations (which i will talk about later XD). after that, grabbed my blades then head out to the Shoreline marshlands, a place i hadn't been for...years.

thankfully, it was still really sunny as we set out to blade around the trails that were paved. it was still pretty windy but overall good weather to just get out there and roll along. it's amazing that a place so quite and beautiful exists so close the clutter and busy life of the silicon valley. really, it's like butt up next to silicon graphics with netscape a few blocks down. n.n; though next time, definately need to bring a bike since most of the trails aren't paved. o.o *nodnod*

after that, i took her to jujubi's for some dinner, which was really cool. i get to talk to her at work some but never in depth. talked bs for a while - school, work, family, friends, future, y'know. last stop before heading back to SC was borders, where i picked up Wish vol. 1 because i want her to read it. it's too ky00te! XD

so was a good day. great weather and great company. and to close it off, great GTO episodes! XD OMFG, i <3 Urumi. she is GODDESS. i want one. T~T or something close to her, she's just too friggin' badass and ruthless. i'm sure Miyabi has issues but seriously, unless she was banging that classmate that left, she needs to get over it before she's left with no one. bah...wish they had kept going with Miyabi after ep 33 but it went back to filler stuff. ~.~; feh...i want more Miyabi vs. Urumi showdown! XD, bad thought. Urumi x Miyabi...Urumi would so be the seme. XDDDDDD AHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

blah blah blah...i haven't blogged in a while...just haven't felt like documenting anything really. life is just feeling kinda blasé. mmm...maybe that's not the right word... RO is still fun, but this time i don't have that huge urge to push my character to assassinship this time around. i think i've just played the game so long and so hard that i just can't do it the same way again. i've gone through what...i think 8 characters now? maybe more...and all of them i worked so hard to get them to that goal, and now i've reached it twice, only to have it stripped from me. i guess now i just don't feel the rush because i know eventually it'll be taken away again. although, even if they do another item reset, i'll be a little better off with Rachette since she's a dagger assasssin, not katar, because what happen to Shirokaze just sucked. so yeah...i'm just leveling pretty casually now. don't feel like trying to hit anything that hits me for more than 50hp and more than twice. *nodnod* ...though a sohee hunt would still be fun. XD

blah...matrix reloaded soon. will i go see it opening night/weekend? i think not. prolly wait for it to cool down from all the hype. heck, still have to see X-Men 2 and Identity for pete's sake. maybe i can catch a matinee for one of them sunday or something...

oh yeah, my #fy badge is TEH WINNAR! XD tho crack's is still the best. o.o err...btw, just c&p the urls yo, didn't know about the direct linking thang. gomen tama-chan! ;.;

ph34r my mad purity skilz!
Wednesday, May 7, 2003
05:15 p.m.

...or something...

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive 94.7%
The Pope is envious
Just go fuck something, okay?
Gayness 100%
Fucking Sick97.3%
Refreshingly normal
You are 84.4% pure
Average Score: 68.9%

went and saw Better Luck Tomorrow finally, with my mom at that. n.n; hmmm...very interesting. ...i guess i'm not too sure about how i feel about the movie as of yet. thought provoking definately but...i dunno, in some ways it was a little too extreme i guess. not to those things couldn't ever happen but they're still kind of farfetched. it was kind of interesting after the movie, my mom said that she felt that asians weren't portrayed properly. that with asians, you're either really brainy and proper or a bad ass, to which i replied 'not'd be surprised how much they mix these days.' which is true, i know a good lot of people who fit the 'stereotype' of those portrayed in BLT, where they're really academic, yet still a bad seed. hell, i think that's like a good amount of monta vista high. =P anyways, worth a matinee prolly but could wait for rental as well.


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age - ni-juu-san-sai!
signs - Metal Monkey / Gemini
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abode - Central Coast / Monterey Bay
status - hitori desu~ ;_;

My ultimate dream is to be dj. Local, world class, whatever. I just want to be the one making the dance floor shake, the roof raised and the tootsie rolled. And if I ever get enough money pooled together, I'd want to open my own club and have an open table night for all the other dreamers out there.

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6/20-22/03 - fanime con

Haibane Renmei (rewatch)
Noir (rewatch)
Sakura Taisen TV (rewatch)

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ah, so yeah, i decided to change the layout a bit. i was fighting with an image from Noir for a while and decided it was indeed a losing battle so went to search for other images. huzzah for Yua Kotegawa to the rescue! so the girl above is Anna from Anne Freaks, a lovely story of a girl who meets a boy that is burying his mother after accidentally killing her in defense. the girl then proceeds to kick him and tell him he's doing it all wrong. XDD i <3 it. but yeah, i saw the image and it just kept staring back at me... @.@ so i went ahead and used it. n.n yay~ pumpkin color~ *licks the screen* ble~h >.< j/k