STORY MODE :: "o/~ it's a beautiful life, oh o~h... o/~ *boingyboingyboingy*"
02:06 a.m. :: Sunday, February 9, 2003

WARNING: The following entry is nothing but absolute fangirl-ism. If you do not wish to picture me in this grotesque, freakish, SPARKLING manner...TURN. AWAY. NOW. You have been warned.




though yeah...the Venus bathing suit... *shudder* a bit too much for me. o.o; swear to god, might as well just wear those japanese bandage things 'nippless' and a LEAF over your privates at that point.

i have yet to actually try the game out but i figure i'll have time tomorrow to do so. in the meantime, SAMUSH it is! awww...Rally and Priss are so cu~te. *n.n*

STORY MODE :: "Ramifications of being rammed."
01:32 a.m. :: Monday, February 3, 2003 my weekend had started out just fine. sat, went to work, had a decent day, visited Streelight Records before heading to SV to pick up some records. got to SV, kicked back, RP'd a bit on SAMUSH, watched Signs *snerk*, followed up by some Outlaw Star, then sleep.

sun, woke up around 11, lazed around for a bit then went to pick up my turntables and such. the first move went smoothly, packed up the record boxes, turntables, mixer, stereo and even some of the kitchenware for kyo 'n michi to use. went back to the apartment, dropped everything off, got some really good Chi-style polish dogs and such then headed back to the HoIR to pick up my computer table to put my turntables on.

mind you, i have a 1990 Acura Integra GS. and while it does have a lovely hatchback trunk with the ability to fold down the back still isn't made to carry a 5' x 2.5' or so desk inside of it. so we do the best we can, which is pretty damn good considering it's an old sports car, bungee up the trunk and head off, deciding to stay to the city streets instead of attempting the expressway.

kyo and i both thought this was a very good idea. fate, as only fate can think, thought otherwise. fate decided that when i reached the point where it'd be safe for me to merge onto the expressway for oh...maybe a quarter of a mile, that it had to throw the wrench in our works.

so here i am. in the car. unable to see out the back because there's a big desk in the way. the intersection clearly states to YIELD before merging onto the expressway. i take a look to make sure my way is clear. after one more car passes me, i'm good to go, all clear.


i am rear ended.

kyo and i are both okay, the desk happily decided to stay in the car and not jump onto the hood of the car behind us. of course, i still pulled over, took a look at both cars and took down info just in case.

i'm sure i'm just fine but my body is definately voicing otherwise. while i'm not bleeding or in any deal of great pain, i feel a lot tenser and a bit achy, which could be a combonation of the shock of getting rear ended suddenly, having to lift a decent amount of weight around (read: damn record boxes n.n;) and sleeping on an air mattress designed to hold 2 people. i'm sure that's what it is but it doesn't make it any less annoying. ~.~; bah, if anything, my chest probably hurts from the impact of the seatbelt and my wrist/arm/shoulder from trying to brace the impact on the steering wheel. because really, i feel pretty close to how i did when i crashed poor Gekiganger. so i'm okay for now, but i guess i'll sleep and see how i feel in the morning. =.=

STORY MODE :: "See Signs. Hear screams."
12:19 p.m. :: Sunday, February 2, 2003 i brought Signs over since michi hadn't seen it yet. she flinched at least once and screamed once as well. hee hee hee. XD

and now for your daily head check!

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

i find it amusing that i got Bombay seeing as when i was into wei゚ kreuz, i liked Omi the most. Omi's cat being the bombay. wei~rd. XD

STORY MODE :: "*gorogoro~* ...and I thought I wasn't photogenic..."
02:29 p.m. :: Saturday, February 1, 2003

*gorogoro* cuteness ahead. proceed with caution.

seriously, i'm not one to take a lot of pictures, but when i do/am forced to, i try not to make any of these faces...

STORY MODE :: "I <3 Spundae!"
05:04 p.m. :: Thursday, January 30, 2003


sunday, february 16th, 2OO3
three day weekend

FERRY / netherland
voted # 9 in the world - by DJ MAGAZINE
THE SCUMFROG / new york
opening tag team by:
GIANNI spundae meets TAJ spundae

upstairs: DEEP ZONE
ELLEN FERRATO 2nd sunday / voted #3 "favorite san francisco DJ" by NITEVIBE
DAVE COLEMAN & SEN-SEI kinetic grooves / voted #6 "favorite san francisco DJ" by NITEVIBE
FRANKY BOISSY wet / metrojazz

JONATAN OJEDA spundae / spundae reckords
ALEX WHALEN thump radio / blowfish music
SPESH qool / looq / bedrock / rennaisance

frontroom: GARDEN OF EDEN
DAVID GARCIA solmatic / moonshine

bassment: MOTHER EARTH
MYSTRE f8 / dancing spirit
ARMANN THE BRAINCHILD orgy / brainchild
DYLOOT skills / dancing spirit
ALAIN OCTAVO feel good entertainment

.- PRE-SALE TICKETS limited amount

for more info please go to

21 and over clubbing // 10.00pm - 6.00am


mmmmmmm...maybe this time i'll get Ligaya signed. *.*

STORY MODE :: "To do list."
01:53 a.m. :: Tuesday, January 28, 2003

currently, i'm sitting here debating as to whether i want to watch more Invader Zim (seeing as i now have audio, and let's face is 90% of what makes IZ so great), more Outlaw Star, start on a possible new layout idea, fic or what would probably be the sanest option...sleep. maybe i'll write them all down on a piece of paper, toss 'em into a hat, then do whatever i pull out. oh...i could also work on my Bloodlines character page... eh, either way, i'm pretty damn tired and looking forward to my day off.

one thing for sure i'm going to be doing tomorrow...attempting to bring my friggin' computer back from Hades. i have the feeling it will be a very trying and tear-out-my-hair-frustrating experience...but it'll be worth it in the long run. or at least until i can actually afford to build/buy a new one. one good thing about it going down, i'll probably have one hell of a good time queuing myself up for all the anime i've missed out on. XD yeah, i'm so-many-track-minded, saran wrap me. =P

i was in a very creative mood today or something as i was working today. i think that contributed to my overall work effort. =P i was able to think about a couple of fics some more and finally came up with a song that i'd really love to remix if given the opportunity. i won't say it for weird reasons, mainly just because i'd like to keep it to myself until i have a chance to see if i can even do it. robin did give me some music software that i still need to install, and if i have a chance, i'll probably do so tomorrow.

ah yes, must not forget to attempt to apply new weatherstriping for car window and replace dri-z air pellets as well, just in case stupid weatherstriping doesn't work. stupid car. >.<

BONUS LEVEL!!! @ 04:05 a.m.

w00t, Bloodlines character sheet all nicely reorganized and printed out. XD now if only i had another sheet protector. foo~ oh well, pass out i shall. z.z

STORY MODE :: "The width of my band has been exceeded."
02:06 a.m. :: Monday, January 27, 2003

g'lord peoples, i know Art of the Saber is pretty bad ass, and i loved sharing it with people i know, but i am going to have to take it down as i have officially exceeded my bandwith. n.n; sorry y'all. it should still be available on but the wait will be much longer. if you posted the link for it on any forums, please let 'em know that i've taken it down so they don't get all pissy and whiny about it. =P

obviously, the width of of the Oakland Raiders band was exceeded as well, with the disappointing loss of 48 - 21 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. i think we checked in during the second quarter and saw the score of 28 - 3 and the room was filled with many a '...', followed by a course of 'doh... well i guess we can watch Notorious C.H.O. now...' we'd still check in from time to time, saw a couple of the nice plays by Oakland during the last quarter, but we the loss was inevitable. *sigh* poor Jerry...ONE touchdown pass. ONE. talk about a waste of talent. poor guy looked somewhere between frustrated and disappointed on the sidelines. didn't help that the refs made some really bad calls but oh well, what can you do. overall, the Buc's were on their game and just ran them over. so sad, so sad. ah well...good luck to the Oakland citizens, and good luck to the Raiders when they fly back into Oakland, only to be...'greeted' by their fans. n.n;;;

in other randomness, after watching an episode of Outlaw Star earlier in the week, i had decided to look for Aisha x Suzuka yuri fic (and before you ask aniki, yuri fic is probably exactly what you think it to be. lesbian (usually sex) fan written fiction). i came across i think i have been to the site before but i believe at the time, they didn't really have much fic so i was happy to see they had quite a bit more. one of the categories that caught my eye was...Azumanga Daioh. now i love AzuDai, and while people can/will find a way to slash, i'd rather it not be since they are just a group of really good friends that go through high school together. that and there was never really any suggestions of 'pairings' other than Kaorin and Sakaki but usually Sakaki was too damn concerned with cats and other such cute things to really make it matter. n.n;; but anyways, there were two fics available. one was Yukari x Minamo, the other was Tomo x Yomi, both being written by the same author. and while i thought the YxM one was a trainwreck as predicted, i actually liked the TxY one for it's cuteness factor and managing to stay IC with the two. n.n definately worth a quick read for those who don't find Tomo utterly annoying. n.n; this Juri x Utena one was pretty good too.

mmmmmm...must try to watch more Invader Zim before going into work tomorrow. XDDDD

STORY MODE :: "Head. Hurts."
12:05 a.m. :: Friday, January 24, 2003

just to give everyone a TMI warning, i've had the same headache for the past two days due to Crimson Tide Syndrome. this is a new thing for me. i've had the extreme tiredness and cramps but never the headache so i'm plenty more cranky than usual. so if i (have) bitch(ed) anyone out, i apologize and will make a serious effort not to let this lovely event of nature rule over me. talk about an uphill battle... =.=;

in other news, i know you said not to take it but that's like telling me to take it so i took it.

you are lilo!! aaawwwe how cute!!! feel special?
What character are you from Lilo And Stitch??
brought to you by Quizilla

also, dude. sho. 私わ君の子産む. XDD you are the shit. thank you soooooooo much, the doujinshi were exactly what i was looking for. i <3 j00. definately made my day to come home to find a package waiting. *.*

and now, a random conversation...

* Chonmage thinks of Somethign Positive when I think of Shadowrun now
[Reki] Something Positive? o.o
[Mofo_P] Something Negative
[Chonmage] *nod* A really cool webcomic, one of my faves
[Chonmage] they had a little story line going recently with Shadowrun LARP
[Reki] ...htf do you do Shadowrun LARP? o.O;
* Reki has images of people trying to insert their finger into the cigarette lighter of their car....



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