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today 4 u
i just recently picked up The Best of Rent - Highlights from the Original Cast, and have been listening to it on a pretty frequent basis every since. while listening to the songs i haven't heard in nearly a year by now, i noticed that One Song Glory would make a interesting fanvid/fic to Saishuu Heiki Kanojo/She, The Ultimate Weapon since the catch phrase for the series is "The last love song on this little planet." then the cd progressed to Will I?, which REALLY fits Chise, especially towards the end of the story when...well that's spoilers. n.n; anyways, this is a combonation of two of my fave things right now, depressing as they may be. n.n;


the 0wn4g3
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 12:31 a.m.

one more post then i swear i'll go to sleep and leave you alone.


well...at least until i see Satoka, who has a BIG ASS SWORD. XD even then, Isuzu will still 0wn a piece of me.

that is allzzzzzzz... z.z

communication irritation
Monday, November 11, 2002 10:16 p.m.

do i suck at it? no really, do i? i mean, c'mon, i thought being a gemini, i'm supposed to be decent, if not excel at communicating with people.

i guess right now, the better question is am i quick to be angered or irritated? i know that when i'm provoked or wrongly addressed, i can -definately- be quick to get irritated and i think this is one of those moments.

basically, i've just gotten home, put my bag down in my room, put all my dirty tupperware in the dishwasher and then check my computer to see whether or not all the d/l's i had set up for the day completed since i know my mom wanted to disconnect the router to check her email.

unfortunately, it got cut short on the second d/l, most likely because the person fserving was disconnected in some manner. so i shrug, accept this, and start checking my other windows on the computer.

in walks mom... '"did your d/l's finish?" now i heard her loud and clear, but i was in the middle of checking something and she could see this. nonetheless, five seconds after the first question, i get "ALANA?" in that very parental voice they usually reserve for when you've broken the lamp or treaded mud on the carpet, and they're demanding you acknowledge you did something wrong. you know that tone, right?

well SO~RRY~...but i REALLY didn't see the necessity for that tone so i answered in a slightly irritated manner, "no, they didn't finish." which she interpreted as "no, they didn't finish, and i'm blaming you for it."

so she goes on and on about she didn't do anything, and she was checking my screen to see if the d/l's had finished and nanananana. and i just simply say, "when did i ever say that you were responsible for it not finishing?" and she huffs off saying that i'm acting like i'm blaming her and the hell with everyone, not giving me the opportunity to say that i wasn't and didn't blame her, but i didn't care for her tone. great. how am i supposed to give a 'mature' response when my own mom goes off pouting? URGH.

fuckin' a, and i actually had a decent fucking night at work today. i managed to get just about EVERYTHING done before i had to leave and was very happy with that. now i have a headache because of pausing to answer one fucking question. urge to punch wall...SEETHING.

can't get it up for the birds?
Monday, November 11, 2002 12:09 p.m.

this is for all the girls out there that game or have boyfriends that game, especially the ones who like shooters like Time Crisis.

don't give me that look, i don't have the game and i didn't use the trance vibrator that way. o.o but i figure i could give the poor girls who usually just sit on the couch/bed/floor/whatever next to their bf a little more...incentive if you will. XD

i feel ya sista
Monday, November 11, 2002 03:34 a.m.

poor 'nique. definately know that feelin'. :( *joins in the sigh* it really does bite because i'm at that age were i can't really cuddle with family since it'd be 'childish', and i'm lacking a significant other. bah...winter is such a poor time to be single. =P i swear, i just need to drive to berkeley to hang out with jen and see what happens. n.n; and wear like...my dj headphones because apparently, chicks dig djs. lol...i don't know why that amuses me, it just does. maybe because it's 3:30 in the morning.

oh, weird realization, i remember when i was driving to sf with lori, she asked me why i steer with my left hand even though i'm righthanded. at first, i didn't know because really, i'm pretty sure it was the way i drove from the beginning. but now, at least for a partial explaination, i know why. it's because for a while, since i was the driver, my right hand was occupied by my SO's hand if they were in the passenger seat. really, i should've thought of that when she first asked but i think i was too stressed about getting to the club in time. n.n; oh well.

happy veterans day to all you veterans, and all you lucky ass people that don't have work/school today. n.n;

work is gonna kill me
Friday, November 8, 2002 11:26 p.m.

or at least find ways to fuck with me. o.o and i'm talking my workplace as a whole really.

example. yesterday, some idiot called the capitola police saying there was a bomb in the store and would go off at 11:45. i shit you not. i wasn't there when they had to evacute but still. when i did come in (4 hours earlier than scheduled), everyone was back in the store already, life was going on but of course it was still the talk of the day. so i asked if they brought in dogs to sniff the place, to which they replied no.

...okay, maybe i'm brainwashed by movies and television but i would think the police would bring dogs just to be sure. i think if i had been there, i would've demanded at least one dog or else i wouldn't have gone back in. i'm sure everyone and their brother knew it was a BS call but that doesn't mean i just want to throw my hands up to a half assed assumption. oh well. the store still stands i guess.

example 2. this is more idiocy on my part but it's my blog and i feel like listing it dammit. so it was all dark and stormy when i drove to work, i figure, what the hell, i'll turn on my headlights so that the car in front of me knows i'm there, as well as the person behind me. unfortunately, the 1990 integra doesn't come with a lil' 'hey doofus, your lights are still on' warning beep so~...needless to say, at the end of the night, my car needed to be jumped. thankfully, my coworkers had cables so it was all good, and i think i managed to recharge it enough until i can buy a new battery or get a recharger. also, it had stopped pouring rain because that would've sucked majorly. ugh...no more turning on lights during day. ~.~;

example 3. this is more me bitching about work stuff but hey, if i don't work out that stress, it'll find some way to kill me. =P so people have been buying our bottled water like MAD because i guess a lot of people living in the santa cruz mountains and such use electricity to pump water through wells or some shit. ah, the sweet irony of buying water because some other water is messing up the way you usually get your water.

anyways, so around 2, i go out in just my normal tech chinos, sketchers and rain jacket to get water. now first of all, the tarp that was covering the 4 1gallon and 2 2½gallon jugs in cardboard boxes, was RIPPED and had a flippin' 2 - 3 foot hole in it. second, water and cardboard equals wet cardboard equals bad when stacked 4 boxes high equals said wet boxes toppling all over the yard and onto the tarp, weighing it down a lot. did i mention the tarp also had spilt white paint tainter on it? also, when i mentioned this to the managers, they just kinda shrugged and said 'oh well, replacing tarp would just be a hassle right now. besides, all it does is make it a little harder for you to move it since the cardboard is messed up.' ...really, i love the teamwork here sometimes. it's just overwhelming. so i just shrug it off and try to make do.

the second time i go out, it's around 8 and i have to fill up the endcap before i leave at 9:30 (or so i though. fsckin' car.). this time, i put on the full, smurf blue, rain jacket & pants and galoshes that make me look like i work at the docks or some shit, and head outside. as i'm loading jugs on, i realize that i forgot my department phone on my desk because i put it to the side while i was putting the rain gear on, so i head back asap, load what i have on the shelves then pick up my phone. now, the yard is on the complete opposite end of where my department is, and getting a phone call while out in the yard has to be one of the most teeth grinding annoyances in the retail world. so i figure, hey, i'll leave it at the customer service desk or with a manager for like at the most 10 - 15 minutes. both of them tell me no. ...again...TEAM. WORK. LOVE IT. so i just say fuck it, and turn the damn thing off until i'm done AND take a break. booyah. =P

in other news, i cannot BELIEVE...that out of all the newspapers in the world...the santa cruz sentinel gave 8 mile a friggin' A. supposedly, while eminem's music (which i really don't care for) contains lyrics that talk about killing and stuffing either his mom or wife's body in the trunk of a car, he supposedly brings out a softer, vunerable side in this movie. it has made me curious enough to possibly sneak into it.

also, michi mentioned on her blog the start of a 24 hour anime channel on cable from ADV. it makes me happy yet disappointed because anime is finally at a time and place where the US wants it so bad that they're putting it on television for all to see BUT...i KNOW, it'll consist of only anime that 'sells', which makes sense but feels like a sell out at the same time. i mean, that's like making a hong kong movie channel but only playing Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li action and martial arts movies. what happens to the movies like Anna Magdelena or C'est La Vie or Lost and Found? what happens to shoujo series like Marmalade Boy, Hana Yori Dango or any others that aren't magical girl? they say they're making this channel for the Americans that are curious about anime, that only have the limited resources of Toonami and the tidbits Sci-fi Channel put out at their limited times. yet they narrow it down to 4 categories that supposedly 'are designed to include virtually the entire spectrum of quality anime': 'Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts'. so...they want to provide anime to the newcoming fans who are limited to cutesy kid, action, sci-fi, comedy incorrect and martial arts anime...with action, sci-fi, comedy and horror/martial arts. uhhh...it is me or has only one thing really changed there? *sigh* whatever, it is a press release so maybe they glossed over the shoujo end just to sell it to the press but i'm still wary about the whole thing. they didn't metion anything about editing or censoring stuff either...

i know this entry is getting explicitly long but i just have to blab about one more thing before i let you, the reader, go if you haven't taken that liberty already. and that actually ties into this last bit. blogs. this occured to me a while back but not it's really hit me just how much i really depend on them, and not just my own. my friends' blogs as well. it's become another means of communicating to them without really communicating and it's kind of just...odd. there are some people i 'keep track of' on a daily basis, and then there are the others they i check either sporadically or weekly. i mean, i know some, if not all of my friends, it is a good medium since they either live states or at least a couple of hours away, with their own busy schedules that usually don't match mine. it's just so easy to type up a url or click a link and see how their day or week went instead of having to email or im or call them, only to have them repeat what they've already written for practically the whole world to look at. just odd i tell you.

now to end on a somewhat brighter note, personality chekku!

What's your Battle-Cry?
this quiz was made by Aroihkin of PlanetKulitron

i was one question away from getting 'the silent type' as well but this was with my initial choice.

can we say 'swee~t' boys 'n girls?
Wednesday, November 6, 2002 10:59 p.m.

Click to take the quiz!
click here to find out which asian action superstar you are!

You are Chow Yun Fat. You are a charming and devilishly attractive person. On one side you are strong, wise, cool and calm, but on the other side you enjoy chaos, bullets, guns, explosions, blondes and have a knack for killing people. You're primary colors of dress are grey and black. you like the expensive stuff.

dunno about the blondes part but eh, it still kicks ass. XD

argh...been feeling pretty lethargic pretty much all week and i hate it. i blame it on the change of weather and having that 'woman thing' at the same time. and entertainment, or lack thereof. most of my amusement this week has come primarily from playing neverwinter nights, but i can only run around in the game for so long. ~.~ and when i get on the public servers, most people i've come across are ble~h. maybe i just need a genki character or something. @.@; birds of prey was pretty neat tonight, and i'm definately looking forward to the next episode. girls gone wild! XD

foo~...is it sunday yet? >.<

serial thrilla
Monday, November 4, 2002 12:49 a.m.

first of all, whoo! i live! o.o / the ring video can kiss my ass! kekekekeke...

second, for a couple of reasons, i decided against going to see tiesto. i really wanted to but i figure i'll have the opportunity to see him again next time he comes around. besides, i already saw god, thy name is ferry corsten. XD

so instead, after i finished making a mix cd, i picked up jahi and we just chilled at the house, working on our shadowrun characters and other such bs. n.n; i also got him hooked on the Rejected video. XD

the shadowrun game was GREAT. XD our poor team is on the run from a huge corrupt corporation called Nexus, who framed us for the murder of the client we were supposed to 'set free'. did i mention our team got split up as well? so our group consisted of 3 elves, Ifrit/jahi, Baby/michi and my character, Kerrian. 2 street samurai and one decker. surprisingly, the worse we suffered was Kerrian taking a grenade launcher in the chest, which thankfully, didn't rip her up due to 2 layers of armor plus aluminum bone lacing plus muscle replacement. cybernetics goo~d.

i think the best moment for Kerrian was when she took out-no...took OFF the head of a shock trooper, cleanly...with a single round off an ingram. XD dude, it was the troopers fault for turning his back on me. o.o;

anyways, looking forward to the continue of this game. we got some UBER equipment upgrades in tonight's game and i really want to try them out. XD but alas, i'll have to try to put in a request to have sun/mon off on a regular basis now that i have a department manager. pray for me. o.o

last but not least... FORTY NINERS WON LIEK WUT!!! XDDDD don't get me wrong, i like the raiders too, but when i have to choose between the two...niners all the way. o.o w00t w00t! XDDD

Thursday, October 31, 2002 10:45 p.m.

like Sho, i really didn't do much for halloween because i had to work the closing shift. *twirls finger* woo~

on the otherhand, it was cool to see that other people at work all dressed up. everyone seemed to like my random Jedi/Jaina Solo costume, especially the lightsabers. n.n; thankfully, there were no kids in the store today so i didn't have to worry about losing my new $30 lightsaber. @.@; we finished closing the store really damn early, though i felt kind of bad since my being in costume really limited what i could work on. ~.~ beh...not like i can't make it up tomorrow, seeing as i'm getting in there at 6:30am. @.@; once again, woo~ *twirls finger*

BUT! o/~ tomorrow is the day o/~ tiesto is on the wa~y o/~ happy happy joy wai~ o/~ still need to pick out a record for him to sign though... I'm thinking either my white label Flesh, Delerium - Silence, Gouryella - Tenshi or Sparkles. *.* ugh...but i still don't have the mix of Sparkles i really like. ;.; and dammit, i should've had Corsten sign Tenshi, then getting Tiesto's on it too would've ROCKED! UGH! I'M A DUMBBUTT!!!! x.x or hmmm...maybe Vimana - We Came/Dreamtime since it was the first record i ever spun for a performance... hmmm...ugh, will have to get to SV asap to decide which one with the quickness. ~.~ so happy i have fri night to sun off~!!! XD

toys toys be my toys
Tuesday, October 29, 2002 10:13 p.m.

so i went to toys r us to get a lightsaber because they're a bit cheaper and i actually have money now. i was planning on dressing up as a Jedi Knight to work for halloween since i guess a lot of other people actually dress up there.

i get to the section and hurrah, there they are in all of their $19.99 glory. then i saw another one just to the the left of it for $29.99 called 'Anakin Skywalker - Interactive Jedi Training Lightsaber', and was in a state of 'oo~h aa~h'. it's supposed to make different woosh noises when you strike a certain speed and way so i though 'o~h cool! it'll probably have the 'crash' battle action sounds when you hit something with it too!'.

i was a bit disappointed to find out it doesn't... that and one of the 'training exercises' feels like it's meant to build up my wrist for more efficient wanking. ~.~;

in all honesty, i like the other ones better but i'll probably hang onto this one anyways for novelty sake, even if i don't end up dressing as a Jedi for halloween. sources for costumes in the SC area suck ASS. well...at least for a dweeby one like a Jedi Knight. n.n; if all else fails, i could always wear one of my anime costumes but i can't really work in any of them. walk around, yes. constantly lift huge boxes and the like, no. i wonder if they'd let me get away with dressing up as a raver. =P

and now...personality chekku!

seven days...
Saturday, October 26, 2002 11:17 p.m.

first of all, sorry the dates for the past three entries are off. my computer fucks up time/dates a lot of the time, including today! it thought it was already sunday so i ended up waking up, looking at my computer time, then saying fuck it and going back to sleep, making me an hour late for work. thankfully, i didn't get reamed for it. n.n;

second of all, i have seven days to live! XD wooooooo bring it ON SUCKAS! yeah, i went to see The Ring, mostly because i had never seen the japanese version when it came out in 1998, and heard it was pretty damn freaky. i'm always up for a good scary flick as well, especially when i drag my mom to go see considering she HATES scary movies. XD this movie definately has scare in it, both in the creepy and surprise ways. basically, it's about a tape, that has very surreal, nightmare like imagery on it, and after it finishes, you receive a phone call that says you now have seven days left to live. for some people, especially those with really good deduction skills, will be able to predict the end of/figure out the movie after watching the cursed tape 2 or 3 times. for some, i'm sure it'll make them very wary of ever using their vcrs again. and why should they when they have the perfectly good alternative, DVD! *angels sing~*

for those who haven't seen the original, i'd say it's a real good view. for those who saw the original, i can't say since i still haven't seen it. i really hope to maybe see the manga sometime since i'd be lost trying to read the actual novels. n.n; definately need to find the sequels, excluding Rasen because everyone seemed to hate it. n.n; oh well, hope to still be living next sat. XD if not, at least i'll have seen tiesto before i die. o.o; shit...i'll still have to go to work though... damn my seeing the movie at 9:45pm! >.<;