11:54 a.m. Wednesday, March 9, 2005

my internet is back to being borked. i'm pretty sure it's a problem with the router, which the stepdad thinks will be fixed by switching to another isp. ...i guess i shouldn't be surprised seeing this is the same guy that bought a G5 to do word processing and spreadsheets... anyways, he still got a new router to see if that works so hopefully that'll solve the problem by this evening. <.< here's to hoping.

09:23 p.m. Monday, February 21, 2005
if it feels like i've dropped off the face of the planet...

...well...moreso than usual (read: it seems like not only school and WoW are keeping me at bay), it's because my internet has been more spazzy than crack addict on detox. i have no real idea what the problem is but i've tried a few things here and there, may have worked but seeing as i STILL drop off every once in a while, i figure there has to be something wrong on the ISP side, whether it's on the phone lines or at the offices. something is fucked up in the state of denmark yo. anyways, if you've been trying to get a hold of me and it's of importance to you, email me. i'll still be able to check my email at school and what-not if my net decides to keep dropping dead on me. until then, pretty kitty! pretty cave! pretty sunset!

05:31 a.m. Sunday, January 30, 2005
new wreck-chords!

so you guys remember the game Dance Dance Revolution, right? probably still remember some of the songs from 2nd mix, right?

well, believe it or not, while on a random jaunt to one of the used bookstores near my house, i went to browse the used music section because every once in a planetary alignment, they actually have something i want or that at least piques my interest. so i'm flipping through the 'new' electronica stuff and something catches my eye. i stare at it in disbelief for a while as i try to remember if this is actually the same DDR song i'm thinking because while i knew the song title, i wasn't too sure about the artist. i even considered calling up michi to confirm this but i figured 'eh, it's , if it's not the right one, i'll live'.

sure enough, when i get home and check it, it -is- in fact a DDR song.

so i'm now the proud owner of Hero by Papaya.

lol so random, yet fun and surprising! now i have a DDR song to use at Fanime other than Sandstorm, Ordinary World and whatever trance songs they ripped. =P

also got a remix record of A Whiter Shade of Pale by Sarah Brightman and another record only because one of the songs on it is produced by BT. haven't gotten a chance to listen to any of these yet but again, if these they suck, no biggy since they were /3 too. n.n;;;

in other news, i can't remember if i mentioned this on a previous entry and i'm too lazy to check but i'm going back to school. DAISHOKKU!!! yeah yeah, my mom basically said 'well, if there aren't any jobs, you might as well just go to the community college for a few classes' to which a shrugged and went along with. i went to enroll in the classes i wanted but 2 of them have me on a waiting list so i'll have to cross my fingers and hope i still get in. god, that's going to be such a culture shock for me probably. x.x haven't set foot in a classroom for so damn long, at least not as a student. hope i don't choke, though i'm taking mostly 'intro to' type classes and i didn't fill my plate up all the way so i should be fine. ...should being the operative word. n.n; anyways, i think classes start on the 10th so if you want any hanging out done and such, be sure to bug me beforehand. =P who knows what my availability will be once i'm running around like a chicken with no head in school. <.<;

03:50 a.m. Friday, January 21, 2005
for the alliance! or...something...ah fuck it.

yeah, that's pretty much been my motto for the past however long it's been since i last blogged. <.<; as usual, the new mmorpg has sucked me of my will to leave whatever chair i'm currently occupying to keep staring at the back of my now lvl 34 night elf huntress. sure i've seen movies and hung out with people a bit in the meantime as well, but let's just be honest and say that for the most part, WoW is rockin' my world.

i mean, really, the game has a PvP system i actually LIKE and WANT to participate in. even at the cost of my poor huntress' life sometimes because like it matters that the opposing Horde characters con as ?? to me. and yes, for those who don't know, ?? is very very bad. the chance of you hitting them is about as high as the chance of them laughing and dancing with you while you still attempt to hit them.

but honestly, where is the cooperation and want to defend your land and people with the Alliance man? it's like horribly non-existant unless some poor shmuck goes crying to his guild of 100 so people that care just enough about the person to strike back. try to get a band of Alliance together on general chat when you REALLY need it because suddenly you find you and the poor pally next to you outnumbered 2 to 7 with a few of them being 10 levels above you, just seems to get you ridiculed or shot down for being a 'moron that was stupid enough to put on your pvp flag anyways' and won't get help because they don't care. where's the love yo?! where's the brotherhood?! sisterhood?! whatever!! i mean, i know it's not an RP server and no one is 'obligated' to participate but jeez...don't have to cut a person down because they're actually trying to take part in the BACKBONE STORY of the game... it's just kinda sad and a bit disappointing really but i guess there's really nothing i can do about it. *sigh* so much for 'For the Alliance!' =/

in other news, lots of new shows for the new anime season. i've promised myself that i won't collect too many until i finish up some of the stuff from last season but 2 shows i was kinda curious about i will be keeping tabs on, which are Jinki Extend and Starship Operators. also have to keep in mind that i'm more or less collecting episodes of Lost [grins at Michi] and the first season of the Gokusen drama at the same time. ooorgh...more HD space plzz. n.n; need to exchange that HD my mom got me for xmas soon.

anyways, feeling quite tired now so off to bed i go. hopefully, i'll be able to continue that dream i was having before i woke up this morning. it was so weird but really cool at the same time. maybe i'll write about it next time.

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