STORY MODE :: "It was so good, it still hurts."
11:45 p.m. :: Wednesday, January 1, 2003

that's my response to 'how was your New Years?' and i'm stickin' to it. XD

so we (kyo, michi, jahi and myself) started off with yummy takoyaki and wonton soup at steph's place in sf. mmmmmmmmmm...totally hit the spot since i hadn't eaten since like...7pm the day before. n.n; got to hang out with steph, mitch, dom, scott, terrence, hank, tanzy, kouripon, norcal alice, flo, tama and k-itchy, some of whom i hadn't seen in a loooooooong time. stayed around to chat and listen to an interesting conversation with the IL-gumi (which also included a duet of Depeche Mode n.n;) was time...

i think we arrived at 1015 between 9:45 and 10. we actually found a pretty decent spot to park on the street and didn't have to pay the vultures at the lot across the street. w00t. XD there were 2 seperate lines to get in and ours was a little long but not like Cyberfest 1 hour wait type of line. w00t w00t. i had brought in my record of Armin - Communication with me (because i REALLY wanted Armin to sign one of the records i had used for my first set) so we headed over to the coat check, which was another fairly scary line but again, went at a decent speed. after all was settled, it was time to hit the floors... XD

now the first time i had gone to 1015 for Corsten, they had only opened up 3 of the rooms. this time they opened ALL of them, i think at the same time. there was hip hop on the 2nd floor, progressive trance/house (brought to you by Jonathan Ojeda in the main room, disco house and 80's remix in the opening room and deep progressive house in the basement. i'll give you 3 guesses as to where i went and the first 2 don't count. XD ojeda's set was pretty good but i think i enjoyed his set from Metropolis more. still he made for a great opening act. n.n

then...The Man. The #5 ranked DJ in the WORLD in DJ Mag. stepped up to the tables at 11:30. i believe he opened with Saphire Cut - Free Your Mind (DT Club Mix) and from there on, it just DID NOT STOP. XD i wish i could go more into his set and name off the songs i recognized but dude...i swear, he was so good, i was too overwhelmed to take the time to nitpick at details.

countdown was SICK. i think the poor video screen guys' watches were a little off because it said 5 minutes one second, then like 30 seconds after that, it said 30 seconds left. n.n; after that confusion tho, as it got down to the final 10, i swear, i think the entire block could hear the rumble of everyone screaming their heads off. it was so loud, you couldn't tell if you were screaming or if it was one of the other 5 people next to you. then it hit, and it got even LOUDER! XD it was BEAUTIFUL. we have pictures that hopefully michi will get up sometime later today. but hit midnight, the crowd roared, balloons dropped from the ceiling, lasers and lights were spinning, sparkling confetti being shot out along with the fog machines...all while Armin spinned a remixed version of New Years Day by U2. it was beautiful, beautiful moment that i will never forget.

and if you think that's good, wait, it gets better. XD after making the round of calls to parents and talking to D a little outside, i decided ''s time for my autograph.' XD so i got the record, planted myself all starry eyed in front of the DJ booth with my record and pen in hand. just like Corsten i got a smile, autograph and a handshake. BEST. NEW YEARS. EVER!

and then it got even BETTER! a month or so back, i had talked to jen about live performances, and how they moved her so much to the point where she started to cry. and i had told her at the time that i had never had an experience like that. i mean, lord knows i REALLY do enjoy performance i go to but i've never been so moved that i cried out of sheer joy...

i can now take that statement back. =D

i wish i knew what the name of the song was but the build up along with the entire dancefloor pretty much disappearing from all the fog, which accented the lights more, and being on stage to see it all while still having a view of was too much. i felt the tears build up in my eyes. NEVER before has that happened, not while i was on E or even when listening to Corsten live. it felt like i had been lifted up to clubbing heaven, and i was the vip. and as soon as the bass thumped back in, i was dancing SO. DAMN. HARD. i don't know how the hell i kept from kicking or kneeing the people in front of me. it was just...EPIC.

after that, i just couldn't stop dancing. for the last 30 minutes of his set, i didn't stop ONCE...even if it was just like side stepping and shit, i didn't not stop dancing. i also continuted to scream my head off even though my vocal chords had been complaining about it for an hour beforehand. i also think i set a record for saying 'FUCK YEAH!' in 3 hour space of time. n.n;

finally, his set finished and Christopher Lawrence came on but by this time, i think ALL of us, especially myself and jahi and exerted ourselves so much, we just couldn't stay any longer. anything more and we wouldn't be able to drive home. n.n; so unfortunately, we had to skip out on Lawrence AND Glaude but...i honestly believe we didn't have to at that point. so we picked up our coats, made our way through the remaining crowd, out the door, to the car and putted our way home, very a la Groove or Human Traffic.

so yeah, we had a very GRADE A+ KICK ASS NEW YEAR. XD we decided the only way it could've been better, was to have like mad monkey lovin' sex, the only thing to top that would be to cum on the 'stroke' of midnight. XDDD even then, i think i could've passed up on sex for AVB. XD it helps that he's a cutie! hee hee hee~! seriously! he's so genki when he's spinning, he even started dancing a couple of times in the booth! it was too cute!!

seriously though, i think i can honestly say that this was THE ABSOLUTE BEST NEW YEARS EVER. granted, most of my new years were with family, and only in the recent years have i ventured out with friends to do things but this...this was beyond all that. even with all the weed smokers and random etards and crowded dance floors and etard/drunk puke and raw throat from screaming and sore arms and legs from excessive was so good it overcame all that crap. i want to thank spundae for making it even possible, Armin for spinning such an awesome set, but most of all, to kyo, michi and jahi. friends who i refused to let me go alone and were with me throughout the entire evening, making it all the more worthy. a girl could not ask for better friends to share a night of Armin with. n.n *hugs* thanks you guys.

so yeah, for all you 21 and over peeps out there, if you liked what you just read, best plan to go with us next year because we're going ALL OUT NEXT TIME! XD we're gonna get a hotel room with a jacuzzi, limo and bust out MAD LIGHTSHOW ACTION with ULTRA BRIGHT GLOWSTICKS at midnight! OH HELL YEAH YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT! v n.n v that's my resolution, to have a New Years equal OR BETTER than this years! whoooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! XDDDDD

*coughcough* real resolution and like year summary will be in the next entry when i come back down. promise. n.n;; and in closing, i leave you with the lyrics for New Years Day. n.n

All is quiet on New Year's Day
A world in white gets underway
I want to be with you
Be with you night and day
Nothing changes on New Year's Day
On New Year's Day

I will be with you again
I will be with you again

Under a blood red sky
A crowd has gathered in black and white
Arms entwined, the chosen few
The newspapers says, says
Say it's true it's true...
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one

I...I will begin again
I...I will begin again

Maybe the time is right
Oh...maybe tonight...

I will be with you again
I will be with you again

And so we're told this is the golden age
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage
Though I want to be with you
Be with you night and day
Nothing changes
On New Year's Day
On New Year's Day

STORY MODE :: "Where will you be when the ball drops?"
02:40 p.m. :: Tuesday, December 31, 2002

welp, t-minus 9 hours 20 minutes until the new year. definately looking forward to partying at 1015 with a grade kick ass+ line up for the evening. i'm planning to have Armin sign both Armin - Communication (because it was used in my first performed set ever) and my ILR lanyard (since Corsten signed it too), and this time! i shall have a sharpie!! XDD

anyhow, just want to wish everyone a fun AND SAFE happy new year. just remember to be responsible for everyone's sake, mmkay? n.n v new years report will probably up either late wed/early thurs, jaa~! XDDD

STORY MODE :: "And now for a taste of things to come..."
01:41 a.m. :: Monday, December 30, 2002

brownie points for those who can place that quote. XD

had a pretty fun weekend, minus work of course, and even work wasn't too bad. rained a little but not enough to annoy the crap out of me. then again, i was in a 'fuck it' kind of mood sat anyways. n.n; i did my job to the extent where i did it to the lowest full extent if you get what i mean. *snerk* also got to talk to lori a bit before she takes off for socal for NYE. got a pre-NYE hug too. XD damn that girl for having a boyfriend. o.o i swear, god is mocking me by putting interesting girls that i can't have at my workplace. >.<

anyways, after work, came home, watching some of the anime i had d/l'd during the day, then headed over to kyo 'n michi's. albeit, late as always but i believe i arrive at least before midnight. kekekekeke... got to show them But I'm a Cheerleader, which they enjoyed more than Kissing Jessica Stein since they didn't feel cheated at the end. n.n;

next day, played a lil' more JSRF and am very happy i'm back at the point i was in my other saved game on another xbox. after that, showered up, picked up jahi and boba before heading back to the house, where kyo and i took turns playing jahi at counterstrike. ...let's just say that jahi was promising the blood and death of kyo and i at the end of the session. n.n; of course, it didn't help that michi's compy kept crashing after a while. especially when i threw a smoke bomb. it was such potent smoke, it gave jahi the blue screen of death!!! XD i have to say i'm happy that i have completely lost touch with the game but i'm sure if i had tried to go up against kyo, there would've been much death of me as well. n.n;;;; kyo haveth trained me well. XD unfortunately, i think playing CS messed with my wrist since the compy set up wasn't exactly what i'm used to. huzzah for carpal tunnel shite. =P~

after that, there was fooding (brought to you by michi's curry!) then Shadowrun when hank showed up. it was a fuuuuuuuuuun game. XD basically, we've become to some effect 'Minority Report', except we go back into time to make sure events happen the way they should. in this episode, we had to maintain the history/legend of King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot and such. there was much Indiana Jones-ness about, including the near apocolypse caused by trying to take a key from a temple of God! =D inch of blood on floor ba~d. means God very very mad. but nothing ventured, nothing gained. XD we still put the key back though. n.n; to make a long story short, we had to help King Arthur find the holy grail, then prevent his death by having him drink from the cup. twas some fun rpg shit. o.o

though, it's kind of freaky because i'm kind of sure of where the story is going since it sounds REALLY familiar to an rpg story idea i had pitched to eric once when we were thinking it'd be cool to make a video game. i'm sure it won't be exactly the same as my idea, but i think the base for it is the same. if so, even though i know the story, i'm still uncertain of what to do since uhh...really, the story isn't finished. in fact, one could say it's still being 'written' now. either way, i'm so there and want to see the end of this game, preferably with Ravendark's nordic tracking ass on a stake, a la Doom 1. XD

STORY MODE :: "personality chekku~"
07:09 p.m. :: Friday, December 27, 2002

Your magical style is Psychic.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

You are a phoenix. The phoenix was known to both the Russians and the Native Americans. This legendary creature of flame was said to live for thousands of years, and then die in an explosion of flame. When the fire dissipated, the bird would be reborn from it's own ashes.
What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

whoo~ got new phone connected and bought a new cover and leather belt clip. also bought But I'm a Cheerleader on dvd (wai~!) and a cool maroon Emily neko shirt. n.n and now off to find some ring tones for my phone! XD also got the Haibane ost from a friend. *.* it's some weird file (*.ogg) that i don't think has a converter to wav yet but i figure if i send out the money order to CDJapan tomorrow, it won't be too~ long until i get it. n.n i just realized what track 11 - Blight reminds me of, and it's music from the movie The Piano, another ost i REALLY like. strange ass movie with harvey keitel and holly hunter but GREAT piano and orchestra pieces.

STORY MODE :: "another day, another christmas"
10:30 p.m. :: Thursday, December 26, 2002

gift rundown:

[mom] nokia 3360 phone, new black slip-on sketchers, choice of either computer upgrade or contribution for turntable(s)

[dad] Spirit dvd, Lilo & Stitch stickers

[bro] old navy striped long sleeve rugby shirt (i think?), black zip up knit sweater and cream performance fleece zip up sweater

[melo's/aunt,uncle,kids] Lilo & Stitch snowglobe w/ light up tiki torches!, blockbuster gift card, $20

[other] lotto tickets (won $10 on one and another ticket on another), $30 check, and eventually ninja sword. w00t. XD

it was an overall good xmas. didn't get to sleep in as much as i would've liked to but eh... n.n; had brunch with dad's side of the family, then picked up kyo 'n michi before heading back to SC for dinner. GOOD DINNER. i'm so thankful my mom didn't make turkey again. ugh...we were all turkey'd out from thanksgiving. ~.~ dessert was REALLY good too. =9 croissant bread pudding. i <3 bread pudding. *.* anyways, much more enjoyable than last year. oi vey... ~.~; now on to new years at 1015, with Armin Van Buuren, Donald Glaude and Christopher Lawrence. YUM! *.*

STORY MODE :: "Kissing Jessica Stein"
02:46 a.m. :: Monday, December 23, 2002

okay so i just finished watching it and...whoa. yet another film that resonates. basic rundown of the story is two women who've played the 'straight' dating game with straight losses across the board, find each other when one of them places a personal ad in the paper. this movie covered a lot of things i found myself thinking, feeling and reacting to when i had even just an inkling of having a same sex relationship. the whole 'is this what i really want? is this me? who will accept this, and more importantly who won't? what about my family?' etc. etc. etc. there were just a lot of issues where i was either laughing or weebling because i had been in somewhat of the same situation. was definately worth the buy and i will have to thank lucinda for reminding me about it later. n.n;

though one thing that slightly bothered me, and i think i remember a review from either the SC Sentinel or maybe it was the Metro, expressing how the end of KJS was kinda...a cop out. i can definately see where they felt that it was but at the same time, i have to say to myself that that's how it turns out sometimes, whether the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual. that and i don't really know if the screenwriters (who are actually the two main actresses) were really intending this to be a full on 'gay/lesbian' movie...or just a movie depicting that you should go after what you really want, even if the road is uncertain and may very well fall out from under you, and the whole 'gay/lesbian' thing was just kind of an extreme example of that. i think it really could be taken either way and so...while half of me is slightly disappointed with the ending, the other half is maintaining that possible second view, in which the ending would make perfect sense.

either way, i really liked the movie and definately recommend it to anyone who likes romatic/drama comedies like Singles, When Harry Met Sally or even Sleepless in Seattle.

...and i still need to get But I'm a Cheerleader on dvd. "Hi, my name is Graham and I like girls. A lot." XDDD

STORY MODE :: "Tis the season"
12:12 a.m. :: Monday, December 23, 2002

ah thank god i finished all my xmas shopping on tuesday. while it does feel good that i can actually afford to buy my family and a friends that are more or less family to me gifts this year, the whole 'jolly'-ness of gifts isn't with me this year. it just seems like the older everyone gets, the harder it is to find something that you think so and so person will like and not have because like my aunt and uncle pretty much have EVERYTHING. seriously. they have a house in friggin' los altos even with cali being in the shit it's in right now. and don't even get me started on my new sister in law.

*sigh* either way, at least i got it done and the presents i gave early looked like they were definately liked. seriously, i do think of you guys as family and getting to know you, even through the screwed up circumstances, has definately had a positive change in my life, along with hours of shits and giggles. i truly feel that i can trust and open myself up to you guys more than anyone else in the world right now, and though i do feel like a third wheel at times, i know i can depend on you during my darkest and loneliest days. i can only hope that the feeling is remotely mutual, knowing how carefree i seem most of the time. i love you guys from the bottom of my heart and wish you the best holiday and years to come. n.n

bah...writing that made me weeble. i swear, i would've never been able to write that on a friggin' xmas card. my hand would've cramped up or something. but really, it felt good to say it. i suck at showing my gratitude for the relationships i have with people a lot, so sometimes i think the feelings may not be accepted for what i present them to be but all of that was for real. yes, i am a cream puff. eat me. XD

a few other things worthy of mentioning, Margaret Cho - I'm the One I Want is GREAT. i have loved Cho as a comedian since i first saw her before All American Girl, but in this she really digs deep into those dark years after the show being cancelled, and while it's still comedy, there were a lot of things said that will resonate within me for a long time, if not indefinately. I'm not sure what the content of Notorious C.H.O. is supposed to be about but regardless, i'll still end up getting it. i think some of the critics of the SC paper didn't like it as much as ItOIW but damn, that's a hard act to follow up. i guess maybe they felt it didn't have the same impact since she hadn't been angsting over anything afterwards. =P bah...stupid critics.

one more thing, sat morning, i'm getting ready for work and my cel starts ringing. i look at the id and it says it's a local SC number, but there's no name attached to it, nor do i recognize the number at all. so i shrug and answer it anyways. mind you, i'm still pretty groggy since i believe i had taken a sleeping pill to help me catch up on some much needed sleep. i know it was a girl, i'm pretty sure she called me by name but...i couldn't catch her name for the life of me. it pretty much went like this...

me: hello?
girl: hey alana(i think)! it's *blah*!
me: ...who? *blinkblink*
girl: *blah*! what's up?
me: ummm...not much. i just kinda woke up.
girl: serious?! da~mn. maybe that's why you're acting so weird.
me: well...i have to work and all.
girl: o~h. you want me to call back later?
me: uhh...sure? that'd be cool.
girl: okay, i'll call you later! bye!
me: bye. *click*

yeah...i dunno either. i feel really bad that i kinda brushed her off that way but i really did need to get ready for work and my brain just didn't want to cooperate with my ears or something at that point. she called again today but i guess i didn't hear the phone ring. i'd back but what happens when someone else answers the phone and i don't know who the hell to ask for? =P i mean, really! i think like only 2 people around SC have my number outside of work and parents and neither of their numbers match this one. it's like...weirding me out and stuff. n.n; oh well, guess i need to wait until she calls back again. i'll feel bad as it is but i'll feel worse if it's someone i actually -should- know. n.n;

debating whether or not to watch Kissing Jessica Stein before i sleep or just wait. i think i'll at least try and if my eyelids start falling, i'll just turn it off. i REALLY want to watch it but i'm TIRED. my lower back didn't approve of kyo and michi's couch, thus kept waking me up on the hour. @.@; i think after i moved to the floor though, i was able to sleep a little better. i actually remember being in a deep enough sleep to have a dream so... n.n;

STORY MODE :: "There is a god(dess) and they've given me a break today"
07:02 p.m. :: Monday, December 16, 2002

first off, i thought it was all bad news since the electricity was out and OSH is one of the few places that has a backup generator, which generally means we're one of the few sources of 'entertainment' in the SC area. and though the day was still a little stressful here and there, there is one thing i can definately not complain about and that is baskin and robbins being right next to us.

why you ask? well, that's because we have a generator, they don't.

what to do with all those ice cream cakes in the freezers? ;)

needless to say, it's not only good that they're next door to us but also good neighbors since the current manager is the mother of one of the employees at OSH. so we got free oreo ice cream keeki. XD w00t.

second, though i haven't gotten them yet...i got a sign from heaven (read: an email newsletter from the official Ferry Corsten site) which relayed this message along with everything else...

Hey Ferry, Ive been wondering, where on earth can I find any of your remixes on vinyl that you have done for AYUMI HAMASAKI. ive been trying tofind them for the longes time and can not find them at all. i really want a copy of your remixes of hers BADLY!!!! they were amzing, and i am asian and i love AYUMI's work and your remixes were TOP NOTCH!!!! can i get any copies ? :) hope to see you sometime in ORLANDO FLORIDA thanks

David Miclat

Its out now on Lightning Records (Bonzai) and on Drizzly Records as well!!!
- FC

iamsogettingthemiamsogettingthemiamsogettingthemandiwillsteponanyonewhogetsinmyway! XD

STORY MODE :: "Raging Storm!!!"
12:21 a.m. :: Monday, December 16, 2002

no, not the KoF fightining move, the storms that have been going through the bay area the past couple of days. annoying more than anything else, especially when it's windy and raining. makes doing just about anything ten times more difficult, such as getting the stupid plastic containers out from under the tarps in the back of the store so we actually have stuff to sell.

or driving. it was raining pretty hard tonight from SV all the way to the 880/280 intersection but after that, the rain cleared out, only to be replaced by pretty strong winds on 17. just about anything that hinders your driving on 17 is just plain BAD(tm) mmkay? it's a 2 lane mountain highway that curves a lot for starters, and adding rain and/or wind to it when it's dark is just lovely. blah...i guess at least i wasn't on a bridge. i REALLY hate driving on bridges when there's strong gusts of wind. ~.~

looking at the weather forecast up until the 24th isn't that comforting either. there's only one day where water falling from the sky isn't expected. ~.~ blah...i bet they expect rain on christmas too.

oh well, braving the foul weather was worth it to play another round of Shadowrun. mmm...more kickin' of ass. XD sure, nearly lost an arm but nothing nanomachines couldn't handle since it was a nice clean laser cut. n.n; muwahahahaha...i love this game even if the villain is a smug bastard who will maim, castrate, pummel, stomp on, give him massive amount of paper and cardboard cuts slowly the pour lemon juice on the wounds and other such lovely things when we finally catch his wannabe god-like ass. 0=) trust me, you'd hate this character too if you had to fight him. ah well, here's to hoping for a decent schedule next week so we can play again. =9

did i mention we saved Santa, a few of his elves, his bling-bling sleigh, the reindeer and all the kids toys in this game? XD huzzah for the obligatory christmas/onsen episode! XDDDDD

STORY MODE :: "You have unlocked the hidden stage!"
02:41 a.m. :: Saturday, December 14, 2002

not really, i just changed my layout. =P why? i was sick of the old one as much as i liked it. it was getting just a little too dismal for me. huzzah for losing sleep for a new layout.

anyways, on a random note, i noticed as i was watching my new Utena dvd tonight, that it's the ONLY anime dvd i have that's part of a series and not a seperate movie. ...guess that'll change once i get those dvds from CDJapan or something. it's just odd...i used to have a ton of series dvds before i had to sell them. now they're all replaced with digisub cd-r's i guess. ah well.

off to rest up for another fun, rainy as hell filled day of fun.



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