AVB returns to SF
Friday, May 2, 2003
02:17 a.m.

it's such a good thing to be on spundae's mailing list... Armin Van Buuren will be returning to the SF club 1015 on 5/25. if you don't know/remember who he is, he's the badass dj that rocked my last new year night.

i -might- go to this for my b-day thing but i dunno...i was thinking of maybe spending a day in monterey for my b-day party like thing. i have this hankering to go to the aquarium and canary row for some reason. *shrugs* it's either that or maybe karaoke since it's been a while.

in other news, while i did register an account for RO, i have yet to actually play seeing as i still need to d/l the friggin' client. thankfully i have both AO and dRO to occupy the time whilst i wait for my chance to get the client but all the same, i'm really not in too much of a rush considering 1) i'm gonna be starting from scratch AGAIN and 2) even if Shirokaze is still around on my friend's account, he's naked save for probably 530,000 zeny due to his high level. which is better than nothing, given that i don't think he had anywhere near that amount of zeny when the game quit (maybe 155,000z checking screencaps), but would've been nice to still have those boots of hermes and mocking muffler... *nodnod*

ah well, i don't want to completely abaddon Chloe after all the effort i put into her, whether the private server has 2x's exp and higher drop rate or not. that and i'd like to try building Kirika as a dagger assassin instead of katar, just because while the katars do strike faster, i think overall, i put out more damage with daggers, and if i still get my double strike while duel wielding daggers...man oh man, i don't think i can complain. i do wish i could at least see text on dRO though. i think that's what's hindering my fun with it the most since when i run into people, i don't even have a chance to start a conversation. -.-; ah well, hopefully i'll be getting a copy of XP soon. for now...zzzzzz... z.z

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
12:15 p.m.

yes ladies and gentleman, Ragnarok Online registration started today at 11am pst, so if you haven't registered, DO IT BITCH! XDDD they don't have the client for d/l yet but i'm assuming it'll be up sometime later today considering this announcement...

Hello this is iRO GM Team.
Both Game Servers,Chaos and Loki will be open
at 11:00,May 1 Thursday(Pacific Time).
Thank you.

iRO GM Team,
Gravity Interactive LLC.

TEH CUTE! IT RETURNS TO ME!!! XD ah...to start at the bottom rung again. n.n;;;

nozomi mono
Monday, April 28, 2003
11:11 p.m.

*sniffsniff* why oh why did i have to watch Angelic Layer this morning while getting ready for work? it so got me in a mood for CLAMP. and what did i decide to pick up? Wish.

Wish is something that i wanted to read however many years ago but i think i either didn't have enough vocab or just time to back then due to whatever reason. it's about angel named Kohaku who is rescued by a doctor on his way home, Shuichiro. in return for his kind act, Kohaku practically begs him to grant him a wish...problem being that he doesn't feel that he needs anymore in his life. regardless, he lets Kohaku stay with him until he can think of a wish for her to grant him.

now i weeble at a movie/book/what have you from time to time, maybe get a little misty eyed...but -very- rarely have to actually wipe tears from my eyes. this manga made me do so. T_T it's such a simple story that's been told probably hundreds of different ways but still...i felt it man.

damn my singleness. it's turning me into a softie, easily swayed by CLAMP goodness. >.<;;;

ah well, at least my wish of getting this, this and this will come true. n.n; y'know...i've never really decided on a name for my car that i was satisfied with...but i think i now have. TROGDOR! THE BURNINATOR! XD

*wanders off humming Bowling for Soup*

cause she's watching wrestling
creaming over tough guys
listening to rap metal
turntables in her eyes
she likes them with a mustache
racetrack season pass
driving in a trans am
does a mullet make man?
it's like a bad movie
she's looking through me
if you were me than you'd be
Screaming, "someone shoot me,"
as I fail miserably
trying to get the girl all the bad guys want

what day is it? what year?!
Sunday, April 20, 2003
02:08 a.m.

hmmm...lovely that easter should fall on 4/20. =P

ugh...i really hate it when my work schedule changes from it's usual pattern. it just throws me way off the tracks...and my luck, this week was that track. to make a long story short, i missed my shift at work today and look forward to the brewing storm that is monday... if i remember when monday is.

really though, if i had gone into work, it would of been one of those 'i'm woogy and useless, don't give me the department phone because it'll end up in the toilet or some such' days. doesn't justify it but that's the way i feel. my head just feels stuffy, most likely from sleeping way too late. bleh, stupid body. guess i'll have to get back to sleeping pills if this happens again.

ugh...tomorrow is looking not much better. get to go to my brother's joint party to walk around in a dress and whatever torturous shoes my mom picked out for me, while i try to mingle with people i don't know and probably will notice me for the 10 seconds my brother introduces me to them. did i mention there's a funny hat contest too? hopefuly, i'll end up in a nice quiet corner reading the rest of American Gods while everybody else flits about in various stages of pastel colored clothes. bleh. maybe if i'm lucky, i can take my own car down and hop over to see what my dad and them are up to. hoping maybe i'll get to stay around long enough to show the kids Spirited Away...though i guess i'd have to show them the dub version seeing as they're only 5 and 3. n.n; ah well...as long as it's not the (f)art of fighting dub. XD

anyhow, happy easter from me to you! if you're lucky, maybe i'll get a picture of the hat i made for the contest. if anything, at least i got to use a hot glue gun. *nodnod*

brought to you by friday five!
Saturday, April 19, 2003
05:27 a.m.

1. Who is your favorite celebrity?

hmmm...actress - angelina jolie, actor - takeshi kaneshiro, other - long ass list of usual djs. n.n;

2. Who is your least favorite?

actress - sarah michelle gellar, actor - tom green, other - jHO, spears, monica lewinsky (i can't believe they're making her a host of a show...), etc. etc.

3. Have you ever met or seen any celebrities in real life?

as far as hollywood goes, not that i recall at the moment. well...unless you count seeing some of the staff of Pixar. =P as far as musicians, i've shaken a couple of hands since it'd be a lot harder for them to see me bowing over the dj booth and all... oh wait! lex from survivor uhh...africa, i think? he comes into OSH every once in a while. i got to help him at the register once. *twirls finger* he looks much healthier in person. =P of course some of the japanese guests at cons as well... *eyes michi* XDDD

4. Would you want to be famous? Why or why not?

mmmm...i don't know about famous... i think i'd be happy with just a good rep/name out in the music industry or just the nor/socal dj scene but if that leads to fame (and hopefully, fortune! $.$), then so be it. i just don't want to be like...National Inquirer famous. >P

5. If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why?

i don't know why anyone would want to trade for a retail peon job but... n.n; mmmm...i'd be more for 'spend a day with that celebrity' really. n.n;; err err...i guess i'd switch with either corsten or armin, just to see what they have schedule for a day, their studios, their record collections. XDD see if they have a vinyl cutter, bwahahahahahahahahaha~!!! err *ahem*... XD really, i'd just want to see what it'd be like to live my hoop dream, see if it makes me as happy as it seems to make them because every time i see them perform, they always have this genuine, satisfied, exhilirated about life and what they're doing smile on their face... there's gotta be something worthwhile in the line of work, and i think i know what it is, but to experience it on their level...man...

damn i'm up way too late... last night i passed out a little after midnight, now look at me. x.x i even woke up pretty early today, like 9ish. i should be tired dammit! blah! ah well, gain some lvls on AO so ain't too bad. n.n; mmmm...the cute but taken guy at work says i have good vibes. *sigh* i swear, work is there to torture me mind, body and heart. =P~ nyeh!

wireless and weary
Thursday, April 17, 2003
02:48 a.m.

bleh...feels like i haven't talked to anyone for a while. friend-wise that is. i'm used to talking to at least 2 people online per day, and i just haven't and it feels darn strange. o.o

why? well first we have *trumpets sounds* tax returns. i'm not sure if my stepdad just waited until the last minute to do them...or if he forgot that 'oh yeah, i'm married now. guess that factors in and stuff.' ...or both. >.o; regardless, he was working on them all the way up til the due date. >.< was rather annoying really.

second, yesterday was the day one of his buddies was going to hook up the wireless router so that he wouldn't have to go to the trouble of having to reset the wires and dragging one out to the living room when he needs to use his laptop. fine, i worked 7-4 that day, i figured 'cool, it should be done by the time i'm back', right? wrong. or am i? the guy was supposed to show up at 3. i got home at 5 because i had stopped by circuit city to pick up Sen to Chihiro Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), Tenku no Shiro Laputa (Castle in the Sky), Majo no Takyubin (Kiki's Delivery Service) and The Transporter (more on those later). was it done? nope. in fact, the guy hadn't even shown up yet. so i was like 'whatever' and decided to claim the tv instead.

a little break in the story for a minute, i know some of you are thinking 'tv? computer? what's the difference? they're both mind numbing and time consuming, right?' essentially, yes but somehow, i feel a lot more 'on task' when i'm on a computer. i'm not just staring at the screen...i'm typing away, clicking the mouse, which allows me to communicate and navigate around the web or whatever. for some reason, i'm able to relax a lot more when i'm on a computer than vegged out in front of the tv most of the time. it's weird but it's true. *shrug* i guess with a computer, i feel i have more options open to me other than 'change the channel'. n.n;

anyways, back to the story, so the guy shows up like 30 minutes or so after i get home...then my stepdad is like 'oh well, i have to go to the post office to file this stuff.' they sit there and debate which friggin' post office to go to, then about who's going to go (him, friend and/or mom) for nearly 20 minutes then head out. i take what small opportunity i have to sign on to at least check email and what-not, and even got in a good 15-20 minutes of AO before they got back.

somewhat begrudgingly, i surrender the computer and return to the boobtube. by this time i think it's 6:30 or so. when asked how long it would take to install everything, the answer was 'oh, probably under an hour, tops.'

they finished at 10:00PM PST.

needless to say, i was a little...put out since i had choosen to go into work early (two people were no shows in my department. one quit, the other was in the emergency room for a pinched nerve. meh...) so that i'd have a bit more time on the computer. fate/destiny/blue cheese thought otherwise. -.-; *sigh*

ah well, everything is up and running now so it's all in the past. i intend to make up for a lot of the 'lost time' tomorrow since i have the day off.

overall, my week has been between shitty and bleh, with the small exceptions of getting my tiesto tickets, those dvds and the second Harry Potter movie, receiving my order of the Niea_7 books, getting a call saying that the comic place i frequent here got their Invader Zim baby-t's in and artbook and finding out that tiesto will be spinning at the Mezzanine, which is a gay/les club, instead of 1015. i'd love for it to still be at 1015 just because i like their set up and lights and all but it's almost as entertain a thought to be seeing tiesto in a gay/les club. XD or a club frequented/recommended in the gay/les community. whatever. n.n; argh...too fucking tired. will do movie/dvd reviews later. >.<

Monday, April 14, 2003
09:28 a.m.

with the absence of better luck tomorrow in the greater santa cruz area, i went to go see bend it like beckham instead. now, i'm definately no soccer buff. like golf, i know it takes a lot of skill to play...but it's just not my bag baby. n.n; i did really like this movie and definately recommend it to anyone that can stand english accents. n.n;;; more in-depth review after work. ~.~;

no obstacles, only challenges
Friday, April 11, 2003
10:27 p.m.

so i check my email after i get home from work and see this message from the crew at 1015 folsom...

You may have seen a press release, issued by the ABC on April 11, 2003, under the headline "ABC to Shut Down Well Known S.F. Nightclub." The headline is false. Here is the reality of the situation.


The ABC has simply filed an accusation in which it alleges that 1015 engaged in certain actions which, if proven at a hearing before an administrative law judge, could allow the judge, at most, to revoke or suspend 1015's liquor license. 1015 believes it will receive a favorable decision from the administrative law judge, or from the court of appeal should an appeal become necessary.


The ABC first alleges five incidents in which its investigators were supposedly able to purchase ecstasy from employees of 1015. The five incidents involve only two persons, neither of whom has ever been an employee or agent of 1015 or of any of the promoters that put on events at 1015.

The ABC next alleges six incidents in which 1015 bartenders supposedly "permitted" ecstasy sales at the club. What did the bartenders actually do? According to the ABC's own report, an investigator would approach a bartender and say "Do you know where I can get some ecstasy?" In every case, the bartender said "No." The investigator would then disappear into the crowd and seek to purchase a tablet of ecstasy from a customer. If he succeeded, he would come back to the bartender -- who, the ABC admits, had not witnessed the purchase -- and say "Well, I was able to get some ecstasy." Apparently, the ABC is contending that the bartender can be deemed to have "permitted" the ecstasy purchase because he did not have the ABC investigator arrested in response to the investigator's statements. That is simply not the law.


Finally, the ABC suggests that certain safety procedures employed by 1015 -- EMT's on site, free water, a cool-down room -- are "evidence" that 1015 encourages or accepts drug use at the club. The ABC ignores the fact that all of those procedures are mandated by court order, in accordance with a stipulated injunction entered into by 1015 and the City and County of San Francisco three years ago. The City and County of San Francisco insisted on those procedures, and 1015 agreed to them, because they understood -- as the ABC apparently does not -- that even the most rigorous procedures to keep drugs out of a club cannot totally eliminate the possibility that some patrons may experience medical problems, whether related to drug use or to the mere fact of dancing for hours in a crowded room. It is sadly ironic that the very steps taken by 1015 to protect its patrons and to comply with the law are now being cited by the ABC as "evidence" that 1015 -- the only club in San Francisco that carries out rigorous patron searches and that arrests anyone found with drugs -- is somehow encouraging or accepting drug use at the club.


1015 will do everything it can, at the administrative level and, if necessary, at the judicial level, to show that the ABC's charges are completely specious and that no discipline should be imposed against 1015's liquor license. We ask that you continue to support 1015 by coming to the club to dance -- we will be open, at the usual times, for the indefinite future -- and by letting people know that you oppose the ABC's efforts to drive 1015 out of business.

Thank you.

as i look at the ABC (alcoholic beverage control) page, i can't find the press release they're refering to, so let's hope it's a good thing. though there was one for san jose clubs. =P

either way, i think they're aiming at the wrong people here personally. i have yet to hear any of the staff of 1015, bartender or not, yell anything close to 'reach for the lasers, safe as fuck' or other such drug 'encouragements'. most of the time, when i see the bartenders, they're busy as fuck trying to take care of the people who want to get legally fucked up on alcohol. =P the girls in the coat room are always busy, so that leaves...what? the door people and security? oh yeah...i can seem them saying 'light 'em bongs up!' or 'want a lollipop with your drop?'

c'mon people...yes, there's drugs at the club. i've seen people on them myself. hell, i've been ASKED if i'm selling. twice and then some. but you know what, that's all the crowd, not the staff. if the only thing they can get someone on is by saying they 'permitted' the purchase of drugs to conduct because they were busy doing their -job-...then that's just lame. that's like saying, i should be arrested for not telling the security people that some guy asked me if i was selling.

and the cool down rooms? dude, if they didn't have that room, people -would- start to pass out from overheating because they don't always open up that side alleyway for people to just chill out or smoke. yes, i've smelled someone lighting up in there but again, i didn't see a staff member lighting that pipe or blunt.

it's not like i don't see their points...i do. but i don't see them as reasons to shut down the club or take away their alcohol license. maybe to say 'hey, you guys need to bump up your security, searches and crowd runs more' but not shut down. that just seem like a load of shit to me.

oh well...guess they have to do -something- with those tax dollars. _ me? i'm showin' my support by going to see Tiesto baybee! XDDD

didn't see this one comin'...nope, uh-uh... XD
Friday, April 11, 2003
12:13 p.m.

Congratulations! You're a kitsune baby!!! Wily,
cunning, seductive, vampiric, femenine, and
possibly gay (yay!)... There are a thousand
adjectives we could use to describe this
sexy/furry critter. Kitsune are some of the
more powerful spirits out there, and you're one
of 'em! (At least figuratively). These
shapeshifting spirits love to cast illusions on
weary humans and love seducing those big burly
samurai and emperors into doing whatever it is
they want. Go you!

What Japanese Creature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

1. What was the first band you saw in concert?

that would be Soul Asylum, Screaming Trees and Spin Doctors at great america in junior high. mmmm...runaway train.

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?

ummm...i guess i've been listening to the Trapt and One Side Zero cds my manager gave me quite a bit, but there's also the Chicago and unreleased tracks cd for Haibane Renmei. n.n;

3. What's your favorite song?

ehh...i should really get a tracklisting for the Trapt cd. darn people burning stuff and not writing down tracklistings. >.< i like Headstrong but there's a couple of other songs i like the i don't know the name. @.@;

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

i wish i had kept learning how to play the violin and/or the piano. they're both really powerful instruments either on their own or together. a lot of orchestrated tracks i gravitate to have them. guitar would be need too, acoustic and electric. guess i could always get better at turntables too. n.n;;

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?

mmm...well i've -seen- corsten, armin, sasha and digweed but i haven't really -met- them...nor tiesto. why? well first there'd be a lot of prostrating. o.o *nodnod* then just...i dunno, everyday conversation i guess. there's not i can really ask in regards to dj'ing other than 'hey...can i open for one of you guys? o.o *more prostrating*'. i guess i could talk to them about actually producing tracks but...seriously, i think i'd be too into prostrating. o.o

i consume, therefor, i am
Thursday, April 10, 2003
01:23 a.m.

mmmm...so i ended up christening my new debit card with the purchase of the second Noir dvd - The Hit List and the anarchy online upgrade - the notum wars. i'm still gonna wait til friday to buy tickets though just because i want to make sure i don't overdraft. >.< t'would be a bad thing, yes.

mmmm...finally got my Sennen Joyu/Chiyoko Millenial Actress dvd collector box today. OMGITSBEAUTIFULIRSOTEHHAPPIIBOUGHTIT! XDDD seriously, it's about as big as a normal 4-5 dvd box would be, with a simple black cover and traditional japanese drawings in gold on the sides. it comes with the movie (w/ english subs! XDD), a making of (w/o english subs T.T), a hankerchief, the storyboard book and a postcard set featuring the 'posters' of Chiyoko's movies. all in all, i'm REALLY happy i found and bought it. i'm really hoping they show it at fanime so i can see it on a big screen with a good/decent sound system. n.n

little change with the blog layout, decided to add an 'event' section for...well, events. =P that i'm planning to go to that i guess i invite anyone and everyone to participate in if they like. n.n i'm hoping to put cyberfest and/or metropolis on there, but i have yet to see any dates or line-ups for either so~ we'll see.

blah blah me...
name - Alana S (email)
a.k.a. - Reki Shizuka Mitsune (IRC)
Tsubasa Satoka Nekotine (AO)
Sizer Kestral (NWN)
age - ni-juu-ni-sai!
signs - Metal Monkey / Gemini
job - OSH Houseware / Seasonal peon
abode - Central Coast / Monterey Bay
status - hitori desu~ ;_;

My ultimate dream is to be dj. Local, world class, whatever. I just want to be the one making the dance floor shake, the roof raised and the tootsie rolled. And if I ever get enough money pooled together, I'd want to open my own club and have an open table night for all the other dreamers out there.

got planzzz...?
5/25/03 - armin @ 1015 folsom
6/6/03 - tiesto @ mezzanine
6/20-22/03 - fanime con

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ah, so yeah, i decided to change the layout a bit. i was fighting with an image from Noir for a while and decided it was indeed a losing battle so went to search for other images. huzzah for Yua Kotegawa to the rescue! so the girl above is Anna from Anne Freaks, a lovely story of a girl who meets a boy that is burying his mother after accidentally killing her in defense. the girl then proceeds to kick him and tell him he's doing it all wrong. XDD i <3 it. but yeah, i saw the image and it just kept staring back at me... @.@ so i went ahead and used it. n.n yay~ pumpkin color~ *licks the screen* ble~h >.< j/k