02:44 a.m. Monday, June 13, 2005
this space now for...something...

yeah so, i've more or less gone against my word and started using LJ more since it's not as tempermental as a 5 year old on crack, a box of twinkies and denied their right to watch YuGiOh...

not sure what i'll end up using this for other than linkages and archive purposes but when the time comes...i'll let ya know. until then...over and out. o>

= Myself =
Alana S
Metal Monkey/Gemini
Central Coast/Santa Cruz

morainaki @ flickr
Nekotine @ MiniTokyo

Shouko-chan, Saber, Satsuki-chan, Natsuki, Mitsune, Nekotine
(City of Heroes)
@ Guardian
Animus - Fire/Ice 28
Azure Raze - NRG/Dev 14
Nao - Emp/Radiation 10
Sarah Conner - Rif/Dev 7
Yankumi - DM/Regen 5
@ Victory
Airmaster - MA/Reflex 12
Skye Syn - Grav/Storm 9
Faye Valentine - R/D 5
Yankumi - Ice/S.Str 5
Tasogare - DM/DA 5
(Ragnarok Online)
Nekotine 75/47 Hunter
Sister Rosette 72/39 Priestess
Saber 64/34 Knight
Kumori 8/7 Novice/Acolyte
(World of Warcraft)
@ Proudmoore
Tyrella 56 N.Elf/Hunter
Kyrienne 5 N.Elf/Rogue
Crucia 5 Undead/Rogue
Ariyanna 3 N.Elf/Priest
Arturia 1 Human/Paladin

= Dream =
Become a dj of local or international fame. Secondary objective, to open a club of her own to encourage others in the same field.

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Full Metal Alchemist
GitS:SAC Gig 2
Gokujou Seitokai
GunBuster - Top o Nerae 2
Kaleido Star
Kazemakaze Tsukikage Ran
Melody of Oblivion
Samurai 7
School Rumble
Sensei no Ojikan
Sousei no Aquarion
Starship Operators
Tenshi na Konamaiki
Teizokurei DayDream
Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~
Yukitsukai Sugar

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Star Cross'd Destiny
Wapsi Square

homestarrunner / SBE

= Version =
Perhaps it's the change of weather as fall is starting to truly let itself be known by the cooler nights...but I finally felt like changing my layout after 3 months. This layout features Ciel from the h-game, anime and manga Shingetsutan Tsukihime. At least I think they went in that order. <.<; The pictures used are from various doujinshi by Gyokusai Jima. I love all of his that stuff I've seen so far, especially since a lot of it has Ciel. Because Ciel is shiny and hawt dammit. <3 And if don't know who she's thinking of, click on the comment link. ;3

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