life is kinda like a snowglobe... everything is fine and at peace inside of one... until some friggin' shmuck comes along and shakes it all up! ...but in the end, everything turns out to be even more beautiful than before...

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  • name - alana
  • age - phys 20, mental 18
  • location - midcoast california
  • origin - pinay, hawaiian, ssspanish!
  • life - hiatus
  • love - val
  • free time - mediocre webpages, dj in training, glowstick/stringing, irc &/or aim chat

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  • anime - chikyuu shoujo arujuna, flcl, inu yasha
  • manga - love hina, buttload of online comics n.n;
  • j-music - the pillows
  • trance - sleepwalker // face to face

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  • aim - MitsuneK // dj mpu
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  • efnet - Ninamori (always subject to change)

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  • current - fallen angel // takeshi kaneshiro from hk movie fallen angels
  • version 1 - pure snow // narusegawa naru & otohime mutsumi from anime/manga love hina

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this snowflake fell monday 04162001 02:26am...
...and is about mission complete

i'm just like in a hot streak as far as designing or something. i finish naze nani a couple of hours ago, and i am pretty fuckin' happy with how it turned out. it's not perfect but it works. i kinda messed up on making it viewable for 800x600 people but i've been told it's passable as long as they have it full screen. huzza~h! maybe i'll work on hinata sou stuff that i've been putting off for a while... we'll see. i feel that i accomplished a pretty big chunk so that might equal rest time for my head. n.n;

easter was just another day pretty much. went to sleep around 4am because i was bent on getting at least the graphics end of my page down. of course, that pretty much cursed me to be waken up at 9:30am by my parents talking and laughing away like they think my walls became soundproof overnight. -.-; regardless, i tried to make the best of it and put ear plugs partly into my ears (these ones irritate the hell out of my ear skin *shrug* dunno) and tried to get back to sleep. at most i might've drifted off for a few minutes here and there but definately not the hour i was hoping for. this was all so that i could actually make an attempt to get to my aunt's house at noon. highways had no traffic going in my direction thank goodness. ...which was why i actually did get there at 12 and was immediately confused when i saw no one was home. 'did i go to the wrong house? was i supposed to go to the san jose one?' turns out people were held up by church or other things...so i go there first. nyeh! take that! highlight was porbably the easter egg hunt with my litte cousins. i zipped around on their razor scooters while they were scurrying around. heh... i guess i was kinda preoccupied most of the time, thinking either of my page or new dj set for ax/whatever. not like i really had a great deal to talk about since i'm not working or anything. ah well...

one of the subjects brought up was the fact that my brother is for sure moving to socal within the next couple of months. apparently my dad is seriously considering it as well. both have asked me if i wanted to move down there but...i see it as a hypothetical still. i dunno, i'm not like jumping to move down there, but it would have it's good points definately, along with the bad ones. ugh...too much thinking. i just want to curl up and sleep. which i think i'll end up doing. love luck and lollipops!

melted at monday 04162001 02:56am... while listening to the very loud ticking of my love hina clock... i still haven't gotten used to it. x.x

* * * * *

this snowflake fell sunday 04152001 03:18am...
...and is about more layout stuff (mostly)

wahoo~! design inspiration is goo~d... even if it takes me a whole night to figure out how i want it to look. n.n; i'm pretty satisfied with what i accomplished and should have it up either tomorrow or monday. it actually won't be black/dark too! i must stretch my wings from my goth web design persona! or something like that! n.n;;; my thanks for this design go to tanjii, for showing me the spiffy art, and val, for the massive attack of new fonts. *gives you two choco dipped strawberries* n.n

speaking of choco dipped strawberries, that's what i had for dessert along with eclairs... *eyes dom* ...for early easter dinner today. it was an okay gathering. i spent most of the time/any chance i could get hiding in my room since i'm not one for small talk with the 'adults'. :P besides, i had to work on my layout! n.n; nah but my mom and her bf invited a new coworker over from france, so it was even more awkward. food was great though! n.n; helped in making it, as well as decor (food and house). even my room is clean! floor! i have a floor! it's tan carpet! i know the color now! ahahahahahahahahaha~! *ahem* err...right. anyways, time to sleep lest i face the wratch of my brother, who is expecting me to rise and actually be somewhere before noon. ble~h... n.n; at least i get to see my baby cousin jackie bully her older brother out of his candy... *snicker* grrl power! (really...i didn't teach her how to do that... she does it on her own. i'm so proud! ;.;)

melted at sunday 04152001 03:32am...
...while listening to disc 3 of the chrono cross soundtrack, track 15 - radical dreamers

* * * * *

this snowflake fell friday 04132001 06:51pm...
...and is about new layout

w00t here it is. nothing spectacular like promised but it's different darnit. n.n; i dunno...makes me think of like...the cure cd covers and stuff. either way, isn't take-chan so pretty and...not in a panda suit? n.n; (see ref. onimusha) maybe now i'll work on a new layout for naze-nani... x.x; either that or fic. not sure yet. urgh...need more tylenol for shoulders/back... ~.~;

melted at friday 04132001 06:54pm...
...while listening to little busters by the pillows

* * * * *

this snowflake fell friday 04132001 02:33am...
...and is about musically melancholy

*takes a moment to register that it's friday the 13th* okay that was fun. n.n; it's mysterious and fascinating how music manages to move the soul. whether it's inspired, delighted, overwhelmed and yes, sorrowed. i've been going through my anime cds, ones that i haven't listened to since xyz. one of them was the video girl ai soundtrack, which was kind of inspired since i happened upon eric's tapes of the series. as the second track cued...i realized why it's a cd i really don't put on often... the song was ano hi ni/to that day. it's hands down my favorite song from the series...but it's always had a really strong effect on my emotions. i still can't understand it word for word without a translation in front of me but i'm still able to feel the meaning through the language barrier. i don't associate the song with any past memory that i can think of...but yet i'm moved. ah well...back on the shelf the cd goes.

on the random tip - (1) a new layout for snowglobe is in the works. nothing wow but i think it's time to change the scenery. i've had this layout since december for pete's sake. n.n; (2) Eriol x Tomoyo fics. Need more. Damn you oneesama for fanning that flame. *muttering about getting you hooked on dj-ing* (3) fonts are spiffy...but i'm sick of unzipping all of them already. x.x; thanks for all of them though kirei. they all look spiffy so far! i hope they don't crash my photoshop like you warned. n.n;; (4) be sure to drink your ovaltine

ended at? friday 04132001 02:51am :: while? listening to lady in red. 80's...mmm~. *.*

* * * * *

this snowflake fell thursday 04122001 04:09am...
...and is about imouto-cha~n

*nitanita* @ oneesama. n.n aww c'mo~n...it'd be neat to have 2 of the 3 sisters as a tagteam dj crew. XD you know that the mystre - flight of a 1000 angels records was saying in it's chibi-voice... buy me~ buy me michi~ nah but seriously, if you ever just want to try, lemme know. it really is fun/frustrating but the high you get from making the crowd dance is awesome. better than an aphrodisiac! XD j/k n.n; i wouldn't know as that was oh so blatantly pointed out yesterday. man, i really do miss just hanging out like that. i guess it is kinda strange though. i've had 3 relationships that have gone at least a year...yet the chasity belt is still as unadulterated as ever. n.n; maybe it was all that drilling they gave you throughout your school days. you know, all the pregnancy, std, aids b.s. when i was sitting there listening to it, i was just like 'yeah yeah okay, i haven't heard this 50 times before' but a lot of it did stick in my head. basically, all the many (negative?) after effects of having sex seemed like a lot of responsibility, and being only so old at the time...they just weren't thing i knew i could deal with. i can barely balance my life as it is now for pete's sake. x.x it's not like i never had the desire to have sex. like anyone else, yeah i'm curious as to the sensations and how it would effect my opinions/beliefs about it, like with drinking, raving and party drugs. or just about anything in life. in a way though, i guess i also kind of see it as not necessarily...necessary. n.n; to a relationship that is. maybe that a folly or i'm incredibly simple minded and easy to please but...that's me. i mean, i've gone this far without it, what's the rush? bah! i dunno. there's so many sides to this... n.n; the fact that i like (to try to be) romantic probably plays a part too. i'll blame that on chick flicks and shoujo manga. n.n; whatever...nantoka naru yo! or something like that! on more random notes, i found a fushigi yuugi fic idea i had over a year ago... i'm thinking of actually trying to do it since i have nothing better to do with my time these days. oh and there was a 3.5 earthquake 6 miles from watsonville (which is only a couple of miles from me) around 3am. that kinda freaked me out. @.@; and i -finally- have an mp3 of blues drive monster!!! *.* thank you do~m! you rock! i need to find out the title of the song from ep 6 soonish. that's it for your broadcast asexual arana. n.n v

ended at?thursday 04122001 05:03 :: while? listening to o.k. house by idol taxi from the dreamcast game jet set/grind radio

* * * * *

this snowflake fell sunday 04082001 03:36pm...
...and is about cleaning...

my room. and i came across something that i want to keep but need more room so i'm gonna document it here. i figure it's some place that i can't really ever misplace it y'know? it'll be fun to post anyways. :P

men - please read rules before proceeding

1. please don't talk to my breasts. you won't be meeting them.
2. if you want to control someone, sleep with your remote.
3. i always choose chocolate over men - always.
4. 51% love goddess 49% bitch
5. my sexual preference is no.
6. my body is a temple, now get on your knees and pray.
7. it's not the size that counts, it's... no, wait, size does count.
8. remember you horny piece of dirt, girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice.
9. men are like hardwood floors, lay them right the first time and you can walk all over them forever.
10. save your breath for your inflatable date.

i didn't write these, i swear. my friend gave them to me. n.n have a nice day!

ended at? sunday 04082001 03:55pm :: while? listening to funny bunny by the pillows, once again from flcl

* * * * *

this snowflake fell saturday 04072001 10:54pm...
...and is about ┐snafu?

no that's not a new type of martial arts. oof...so nearly a weeks time has passed since the end of fanime. i'm still feeling a little out of it. on thursday, i had my mom drive me to work because i was just that sick of driving a car by then. i don't know...i've done a lot of driving imho but this is the first time that i've just plain straight out didn't want to drive somewhere i had to. it's a little strange. oh well. shikata nai daro. speaking of things that can't be helped...it sucks ass when i'm in that situation. i hate being stuck in the imaginary gum of 'i can't' or 'i'm not capable' of helping those i care about most. it's just kind of like a 'jesus, what the hell am i good for' kick in the head. rrgh...then my resiliance kicks in and i go off on my nonchalant way because i can't do anything. i dunno... it makes me think of the movie patch adams for some reason. people were dying or depressed and the first thing he would try to do is make them laugh. connect with them. make them forget about their pains and troubles for even just the briefest (is that word?) moment. sometimes i've succeeded, a lot of times i felt i haven't. maybe that's just not my role as a friend. am i willing to accept that? heh...not likely. at least not for long. i'm stupid/stubborn that way. it's almost a year... i don't know exactly when it'll be a year but it's sometime between may 14 - 31... man...i usually kept that info engraved in my mind when i was a teeny bopper. how things and memory changes. a year. but probably...2 months actual real time? man...how did the time just zip by? the months of mainly im'ing, every once in a while phone calls or visits. what's changed? how have we grown? who's accepting of the idea? where do we stand? does any of that matter? yes, no, maybe so. love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. oh no. it is an ever fixed mark, that looks on tempest and is never shaken. ugh...what is with me? my mind is just thinking in fragments, speaking in fragments, feeling in fragments. shatter shatter shatter. maybe i've lost my authentic swing like junuh in legend of bagger vance. maybe i'm suffering from cold medicine withdrawal. lol, that would be amusing. n.n; a~h...finally it seems like my sniffles and cough are gone. thank god. citrus crap ass theraful actually does work. mmm...i need to find more work since the job at ucsc is done. hmmm...new love hina clock. i wonder if i'll be able to sleep with it ticking like that, being a new noise to get used to at night. i remember trying to get used to the constant buzz of my alarm clock when i was younger. soon all noises in your room and house become a secret lullaby that soothes only you. that's why you can't sleep as well when you're at a friends or a hotel. it's a totally different song. for me, it's the hum of my computer fan, the distant crash of waves on the shore, slight rustle of wind... now the clock. we'll see how that goes i suppose. after i finish cleaning my room, i think i'm gonna try to plan a set for ax. try being the operative word. bleh, i've been going to bed too early, now i'm used to it. i guess i shall end this ranting. oyasumi~.

ended at? sunday 04082001 12:47 :: while? listening to crazy sunshine by the pillows from the crazy visual crack anime, flcl/furikuri

* * * * *