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i thought the lyrics from the song Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill and the story of the series Mahoromatic went well with each other, and dammit Mahoro is so damn cute, i have to have a layout with her in it.

think back on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 01:38 a.m. and remember i'm still here but lost another

just to let those who care know that if you don't see me online much/at all, it's because i'm having major issues with the router we're using. my parents computer is able to connect just fine when it's hooked up to the dsl modem directly but when we try to switch it back to the router, it more or less says 'thpbth' and gives us the finger. >.< bitch. hopefully, it'll be resolved soon and i'll be able to get on with my 'life' online. =P

in other news, spent mon and tues down in sunnyvale hanging out with anyone and everyone, especially steve before he took off to the air force. such a fun guy and roommate who will truly be missed for however many years he's in the service. i salute you! n.n hurry up and move back! XD

also got to meet up with someone i've been meaning to for about a year or so from irl, my friend nam. definately had fun hanging with him and ho-ing him on anime. just hope i didn't weird him out too much with the 'specialness' of me and my usual group of friends. n.n; i mean i like hangin' with the ilr peeps at the raves and meet up but i never really could get into too much. *shrug* oh well, can't have it all i guess. hopefully, i'll be able to get down to the house enough to hang out and ho him more on anime, and possibly drag him into the SW RPG group. XD ho ho ho~!

as for the random stuff, kyo you can finally rest since i got Neverwinter Nights. still not sure of how well it'll run on my parents computer but i'll see tomorrow. a lil' too late to start installing it now. >.< and to close... muwahahahaha...i love being a dealer of anime h0-dom. i 0wnz j00 all with Azumanga Daioh and Chobits! XD

think back on Saturday, June 22, 2002 01:47 a.m. and remember my minority report report

i dunno, maybe it was that fact that i had a rather blah day before going to see it, but when i think back, i was never -that- gung ho about wanting to see Minority Report in the first place as well. i mean, sure my interest was piqued when i heard speilburg attached to it but i think i'm still hurting from AI a bit. =P all in all, i wasn't disappointed in Minority Report, but nor was i really impressed. there were some good quotables, the set up and functions for the replay of future murders was kinda neat (though i couldn't help but snicker a lil' cuz at times it looked like they were parapara-ing), the 'chase' scene in the mall was amusing and there were even a couple of parts where the audience flinched/jumped/screamed but for the most part, no pun intended, the movie was fairly predictable. n.n; for some reason, i find myself comparing it to Total Recall a lot. which kinda makes sense as far as base storyline goes. a guy who is living a 'normal' life when one little thing changes it and he finds himself on the run from the people he trusted the most. i guess i'm taking an 'eh' attitude towards it because it was nothing really groundbreaking in anyway his earlier work like Jurrasic Park or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. nor was it as fun as Indiana Jones or Hook. i seems like a lot of the 'old school' boys of film are starting to lose their magical touch with the audience lately. look at lucas for pete's sake. or maybe it's just that all the great stories out there have been done already. who knows? certainly not me. i just like to watch dammit. o.o

think back on Thursday, June 20, 2002 11:35 p.m. and remember it was an off day

bleh, first of all i had a really hard time going to sleep. i managed to count to like 600 before i gave up on that. in the end, switcing from one pilow to the other seemed to work from some reason. either that or i was just so tired from trying to be tired at that point. in any case, i went to bed at like 1:50, and probably fell asleep around 4-4:30. i swear, i need to keep some sleeping pills or something for those odd off nights.

work was just odd a bit because like two people went home early due to stomach flu or food poisoning, whatever. kinda threw everything off schedule a bit so a lot of my breaks were off. the one amuzing thing that happened though, was when a customer came up with a single tube of caulking. and y'know how at -every- store you work at, they train you to ask if they want a bag for something as small and light as a pencil or stick of bazooka joe gum. so i ended up saying 'would you like a bag for you caulk?'. fortunately, they didn't seem to catch it so it was all good. n.n; apart from that, the weather was really overcast and bleh so that might've contributed to the offness, as well as my being pretty tired and out of it. oh well, at least i have the day off tomorrow.

lastly, if you haven't seen or heard about it yet, check this out. craaaaazy shit.

think back on Thursday, June 20, 2002 1:06 a.m. and remember today was a good day

a~h finally got to sleep in some w/o worry whether i'd have enough time to get ready for work and shite. got up around 11-11:30, did misc shite on the computer 'til about 5, cleaned up room a bit, showered and waited for kyo, michi and kevin to show up for deener. after a bit of debate as usual, we went for italian at Zoccoli's, which was alright. frankly, i think i like Frankie, Johnny and Luigi's Too better but eh...who cares? n.n; we bs'd and talked about previous irc/muck shtuff and found that paths had crossed way before we thought they had (o/~ it's a small 'net after all o/~) and squeezed a bit o' anime talk in there as well. afterwards, we grabbed some coffee and such and headed back to my place to watch the fy oav and azumanga daioh 6. i'm glad to see that 2 more people in the world think Mayo is MEGABITCH and needs to be BITCHSLAPPED so hard her children (not Miaka and Taka's) will be born BRUISED. nyahahahahaha~ XD in a way, i feel bad for exposing them to it but i had to share the grief somewhere. =P azumanga daioh 6 was a hoot of course. i'm sure we have more quotables now for whatever. especially kevin and i, since 2 of val's friends remember us solely by our repeated quoting of lines from Puni Puni Poemi and such. XD but yeah, thanks for the fun day off guys! i swear, you'll meet the cute japanese girl someday! n.n;

in other news, if anyone is REMOTELY interested in helping to translate the Sakura Taisen movie, PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE let me know because my friend is willing to sub it, he just needs translators. ;.; onega~i, i will love you forever and pay you when i have money again.

also, kyo, i think i've spotted another victim-err person we can drag into the SW RPG group. n.n my days off next week are mon/tues, and he works at the Fry's near the house so he might drop by to hang out, watch anime and hear about the campaign a bit. he's an ex-D&Der so i imagine it shouldn't be too hard to get him in. n.n

*dansudansu* wa~i i wish it was 7/20 already. i'd be dansudansu'ing to BT, Crystal Method and other such spiffy djs and artists. n.n; oh well, just a month away~ XD

think back on Monday, June 17, 2002 01:31 a.m. and remember the grey inbetween

bleh, this'll be a static entry really. n.n; just things to note for anyone it concerns or who cares. o.o;

[one] will be down for a while since i really shouldn't put more money into a page i update on a whim really. you get more info out of here than you do there really.

[two] becoming familiar with your coworkers is good. especially when they're a cute japanese chick who's going back to japan later in the month and actually offer to get something for you (as long as you pay them back of course. n.n;)

[three] i'm having the absolute SHITTY (no pun intended) luck with bathrooms this month/year/lifetime. dave decided to play bob villa and replace the linoleum in the bathroom. fine, handy dandy. but not if you make the water valve of the toilet leak for fucks sake. grr.

[four] people who are (thinking of) going to metropolis should buy their tickets soon soon soon. i made my mom go get mine since i had work on fri and even here in SC, they were down to 15-20 of the $35 tickets. next price i believe is $44 so tick tock tick tock.

[five] getting to talk to an old ilr buddy was much fun. of course, i can't remember ever meeting the guy in the flesh but he's really fun to talk to. it seems a bit has changed since we last talked (what? a year ago? more? n.n;) but things seem to be going well. hopefully, i'll be able to move back to SV should things work out with that so we can hang out and i can h0 him on too much anime. XD

think back on Saturday, June 15, 2002 12:10 a.m. and remember just when you thought they had their happy ending

so after a bit o' trouble, i finally got my hands on the new Fushigi Yuugi oav - Eikouden : Gaiden Yori. let's just say if people didn't like Yui, they'll REALLY hate Mayo. n.n; everyone has their issues but DAMN. she's just a BITCH. straight up. at least Yui was deceived into bring a bitch, but this girl, she's just all 'me me me me'. >.< it's driving me NUTS. she just needs a nice, crisp slap in the face if you ask me. o.o eh, but oh well, she'll get hers i guess. for the curious, Tasuki, Chichiri, Sunake-baba *thwack* itee~ ja nakute...Taiitsu-kun, Boushin and Houki make an appearance in the first ep. huzzah for the fan(g) and monk fans. n.n;

as far as the actual production, hmmm...the art doesn't seem as pretty as the other oavs, and is a lot closer to that of the tv series, quality wise. the music is o~kay. i still think nothing beats the first oav series music. i think i actually like the 2nd oav series music better than this one...then again, it's only the first episode so we'll see. n.n; the op is pretty and the ed i -think- is sung by Koyasu but i can't be sure. n.n; i'll keep getting just to see where they take the story (cuz i have no idea what this is supposed to be based upon o.o;) but i have the feeling i won't be all that estatic over it since Mayo gets on my nerves. n.n;

think back on Thursday, June 13, 2002 11:35 p.m. and remember it was meant to be

according to this site, here's the downlow on my past life...


I do not know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere around territory of modern West Russia approximately on 450. Your profession was librarian, priest, keeper of tribal relics.

Your brief psychological profile in that past life:

Seeker of truth and wisdom. You could have seen your future lives. Others perceived you as an idealist illuminating path to future.
Lesson, that your last past life brought to present:

You fulfill your lesson by helping old folks and children. You came to that life to learn to care about weak and helpless.

now i just find this amusing just based on the fact that some day, after one of us has won the lottery or some shit, my friend alice and i want to open up our own club somewhere in the bay area. club church @ the cathedral. oooo~h yea~h. i know, sounds cheesy as fuck but yet, still cool and fitting. basically what we want to do is either buy an abandonned (probably gothic n.n;) church or rebuild a structure just like it, and redo the inside to fit as a club. and as much as we want to of course bring big headline names in, i want to give local talent a chance to spin too.

there's a lot more to it but that's beside the point of the entry. getting back to the past live shit, i was deemed a librarian, priest and keeper of tribal relics. alice was deemed a builder of houses, temples and churches. that's right, churches. XD muwahahahaha! it was meant to BE! in addition to that, cat was a carpenter in her past life, so we have help! n.n; man, i really hope we hang onto this idea. i think it's something that i would really enjoy creating, building and living with my friends and everyone else. n.n

now who wants to fund us? o.o;;;

think back on Monday, June 10, 2002 01:41 a.m. and remember i got lei'd

yes that's right, i got lei'd. i still have no idea what the occasion was but the customer service manager went around giving the cashiers either leis or weird hats along with a cup full of candy at work today. maybe it's because we broke store records or something but eh...whatever. i just liked walking around saying i got lei'd. i'm weird that way. o.o that and of course, i wore my lei different from everyone else. i made it a headband and wrapped the leftover length around my ponytail. it would've looked better if i had another lei on and wrist ones but beggars can't be choosy. n.n; i don't how many times i had people ask me if i was from the islands. x.x either way, work wasn't absolute hell today. definately more hectic than yesterday but still not completely bad.

i had a chance to get some things off my chest with val today. there were a couple of things that i had never said before, that i kinda just realized on the spot but know it's been something that has been waiting for the right time to voice itself. in either case, i think we definately have a better understanding as to where we stand on certain things on the relationship, and now we just have to...well, progress based on those facts. because i know i was close to breaking things off...but i know even more that i really didn't want to. it was just reaching that breaking point and i didn't know how much longer i could hold on anymore. but now...that's all gone. really, i think the one thing i've been trying to say all along just finally came out and it's clicked. i think reading another friend's blog regarding their relationship actually helped in some way but i can't be sure. either way, i hope things will improve from here on.

breaking away from my sappy side now... n.n;; i think i'm finally starting to develop 'em lovely allergies my family always told me about. rats, that's one part of the gene pool i wasn't able to escpa.e =/ let's hope i stay out of the impared vision thing for good. >.< personally, i don't think i'd look good with glasses and would gouge my eyeball out trying to use contacts. n.n; but that's just me.

think back on Sunday, June 9, 2002 12:10 a.m. and remember cons that will never be

me: i taught my manager a random japanese word today at work...
me: rorikon
people: o.O;;
person a: what does that mean?
person b: lolita complex
people: oh...
person c: oh
person c: i thought it was like a convention

*snickersnicker* yes, rorikon is the same weekend as shotacon. XD followed by anilesbocon (and the scary thing is, that con actually exists. gotta love the point blank-ness of the title.)

well, day 1 of no sales tax weekend wasn't nearly as hellish as i thought it was gonna be. i think there were only 2 or 3 instances where everything felt outta control but that's all. i figure it's because UCSC was having it's graduation today and shite. i'm sure things will pick up tomorrow, as much as i'm looking forward to it. urgh, i think tomorrow i'm gonna make it a point to wear my old sketchers. my feet still haven't adjusted to my new ones or vice versa. that and i don't think my feet ever had time to really recover from all the walking i did when i went shopping. boo~ oh well.

oh, much thanks to tama-tama for giving me the Hikaru no Go op - Get Over and the .hack//sign end - Yasashii Yoake. *bowbow<3* in addition to the list, if anyone has the Abenoubashi Mahou Shoutengai op/end by Hayashibara Megumi, that'd be spiffy too. n.n departing words...YUKI KAJIURA 0WNZ ME.

think back on Saturday, June 8, 2002 09:14 a.m. and remember no sales tax weekend

it's bad when you're bored in the morning and you're not even at work yet. n.n; oh well, it's no sales tax weekend at OSH should work should be fun/ABSOLUTE HELL. must get used to customers saying 'that's w/o tax right because it's no sales tax weekend and i don't want to be charged tax pera pe~ra pera pera pe~ra' (see ref azumanga daioh). blah, i suppose i should stop procrastinating now and get ready for work. n.n; must look both ways before crossing the parking lot for crazed, frothing, penny pinching customers looking for a decent parking space...

p.s. if anyone has soramimi cake (azudai op), hikaru no go op, full moon o sagashite op/end, chobits end or .hack//sign end, full versions, choda~i... ;.; i will <3 j00 forever~. i'm wanting to make a new anime op/end cd (even though my discman officially MELTED in gilroy heat) and really want these songs. winmx has not been friendly with me. >.<