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damn...will Fanime even compete? o.o;
initiated Wednesday, April 24, 2002 @ 10:57 p.m.

so yeah, sun-tues was a bunch o' fun. n.n

sun - i was around the family for my cousin's first communion til around 3. his commentary on receiving communion: "the host doesn't taste like bread and the wine burned my throat." gotta love kids and their blatant honesty. n.n the park where they had the party was cool because some weird feather/cotton like seed/pollen was floating around and i felt like i was in a shoujo manga. XD thank god most shoujo manga characters don't have allergies, they be dying out there. n.n; oh yeah, got to meet my dad's new gf. i feel kinda bad since i can't remember her name but i thought she was pretty cool. she looked very school teacher-ish at first but she's actually pretty laid back. all in all, i dig her a lot more than dave i think. maybe it's kinda cruel for me to say such a thing but's true. oh well. =P after that, kyo and michi picked me up so we could meet up with everyone for the new Star Wars RPG. oh yeah...everyone LOVES my new character. muwahahahaha~ XD especially eric's character serten. i really should finish making her backstory so she has a lil' more depth. so far, she's been fun to play though. i'm sure she'll continue to be fun to play. XD oh yeah, there was a small inbetween break in which tanjii and i watched Serendipity. fun little romantic comedy, though it's not cussak's best one. the chick was purty hot though. *.* but yeah, only thing she suffered was a burnt arm. pshaw. tis but a flesh wound! bring it! after that, watched Momento with e and d. they seemed to dig it though god damn that short story is just...not short. x.x

mon - kyo ended up not having to work that day so he came over again to hang out while michi went to the gym for a few hours. we tried to figure out how the hell you work the tv card on steve's compy for pretty much that whole time since we didn't have a modded dc to get into more trouble- i mean play more Sakura Taisen 4. at some point when i went under the desk to check the wires i ended up smacking my head against one of the metal pieces of the keyboard shelf. ah~ that was much fun yes. according to eric and divon, i took some skin off and bruised myself a bit but i have yet to check it out myself really since it's more towards the back of my head. n.n; thankfully, it hurts a lot less now. but yeah, then kyo, michi and i went to mccarthy to have pho, then hit tung kee for 3 color bean drinks and egg flour taro cakes (and my 25 LotR ring! XD), then over to sweet tooth for boba. i wasn't really in the mood for either boba or 3 color but it was still damn hot so i opted for a baskin robbins kaluha frap thing. oishii~ *.* after that, it was nearing mahjong time but it didn't matter much anyways since eric called steve to find out how the tv input thing worked and there was much Fruits Basket goodness. everyone who saw Kisa-chan was reduced to a blubbering simp that want to coddle her. just as told. XD everyone who saw Ayame, saw what a fucking fruit rollup he is, but damn is he bad ass while he does his thing. everyone who saw Megumi...continued to love/fear the Hanajima family even more. XD after that, half of the group was still playing mahjong while most of the FB group went to play games on eric's PS2. eric and divon are convinced that Ayane is more my character than Helena, which may be true but i still think Helena rules. o.o but yeah, we played many a round of similar characters together so that we could get the alternate outfits. i still say that costume 8 Ayane vs Kasumi looks like Urd vs Belldandy...but that's just me. n.n;

tues - woke up fairly early and decided, aww what the hell, i'll try to get started on pulling the jungle of weeds the boys let overrun half of the backyard. =P i managed to pull out a whole maybe 3 square feet of weeds before my hands really started to hurt. pulling weeds that have been left to grow to up to waist height without gloves hurts. i decided to go for something a bit easier and mowed the lawn, though i had to rest a bit since my arms were tired from trying to yank the mutant weeds out. after that, i went about trying to fix the poor rose bush and bamboo growing on the side of the house. they were both pretty much floored after the neighbors had put in the new fence, so for now, i just have some simple twine holding up the rose branches and the bamboo being held back with the ladder. it was the best i could do for the time being but hopefully after Fanime, i'll be able to work on it more. in any case, it felt rather good to be out doing yardwork for once, especially when it's going towards what is my own house, regardless of whether i'm currently staying there or not. i think it's also a part of the whole me wanting to get back to a lot of things i did during my childhood, and when i was younger, i used to help my grandpa out in his vegetable and fruit garden, and of course mine as well. ...though it'd be nice to have a hand getting all those damn weeds out first. >.< anyone want to help plea~se? n.n; after that, eric finally rose from the bed and we headed over to MV. finally got my atm card all sorted out, then realized 'hey...i haven't had anything but oj since i woke up. foo~d. x.x' we ate at this -REALLY- good (we think french?) restaurant on castro (not SF, still in MV) called Babbo (i think), and omg i think all the dishes were just DAMN good. it could've been we were just damn starved to begin with but i don't think so. the lemon herb cream sauce on the chicken was just...yum. i pretty much cleaned my plate of everything, then had some really good strawberry sorbet. could had lemon but i figured i got enough lemon during dinner. n.n; after that, it was then the great quest for Star Wars toys! namely, lightsabers! unfortunately, eric was only able to score the Anakin one since all the Obi Wan ones (ha ha) got sold out. x.x i got the purple Mace Windu lightsaber that doesn't light up but still has the cool lock on it so that the 'blade' doesn't come out unless you press the button. XD though it's not the color of Dementia's current blade, it could be arranged. i'm just waiting for -some- character in SW to have a white energy has to be possible dammit! if not, then i want a purple lightsaber that lights up and hums! rar! n.n; but yeah, after that, came home and more or less crashed since i was so tired. been working ever since. n.n; speaking of work, got that at 6:30 tomorrow so, i'm outta here. z.z

i wish i was a ruler who'd make them understand
initiated Saturday, April 20, 2002 @ 12:09 a.m.

yes i went back to RLR lyrics. sue me. =P but yeah, i had a fun couple of days hanging out in SV and oakland. breakdown - i got my new character sheet all done for stats and such for SWRPG so hopefully sun, i'll get out of family stuff in time to play wif everyone. XD playing Sakura Taisen 4 with Kyo was great fun too. i dunno how many times we thought we were gonna get poor Oogami killed because of both Sakura and Erica being in Tokyo. n.n;; somehow, we almost always managed to pick the right thing for them though. o.o *shrug* maybe my japanese is a lot better than i give credit for. n.n; either way, i still want to take a class someday. finally saw American Pie 2 (never saw the first one) and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. AP2 was alright, funny stuff here and there but not the best teen flick of all time. JaSBSB was fun but really did lack the usual bite Kevin Smith has. i mean, i like Jay and Silent Bob, i just don't think they were necessarily made to be main characters and carry an entire movie. that and some of the inside jokes they cut, i think should've stayed. fucking tracers. XD now i'm home and just received an email from some guy asking, and i quote, 'can you be my Obi-Wan?' ...i'm very much at a loss here on a lot of ends. it's like...i'm honored and all but...damn, have i really been into anime that long and that deep that i've attained a status equal to that of a Jedi Master? o.o;;; i mean, granted, i don't really know jack about retro anime past Macross and Voltron but i do consider myself up to date on stuff from at least the past 5 years, give or take a few popular series here and there. and i may not know every detail or watched every episode of a series i start but yeah... i dunno. it's just strange i guess. oh well, not something to mull over at this hour when i have work at 9:30 so i think i'll just stop here. n.n;

needlessly complicated
initiated Sunday, April 14, 2002 @ 01:03 a.m.

that's about all i can really say about Changing Lanes. it was really needlessly complicated. it's a movie that's frustrating to watch the whole way through because it's so 'reality based' that you KNOW if only one little thing had been done different, the movie would've been done in 5 minutes. i dunno...i guess it was a situation that i know would never really happen, so it bothered me that it escalated as much as it did. i feel it would've been better if the movie were split up, one movie devoted to the lawyer dealing with the morality of his firm, and another for the alcoholic trying to get his life and family back into place. i wouldn't go out of my way to recommend this movie, even to a die hard Samuel or Ben fan. if anything wait for rental, cheap new release at most.

in other news, i FINALLY got Fuuko the hell out of well...HELL a.k.a. the training grounds a.k.a. novice purgatory. she's almost all but set up, save for a buckler and accessories but i'm not too worried about that right now. also went ahead and reserved names on Loki for the hell of it. so far only 1 other person is playing on there but i might give it a shot tomorrow. see how infuriating it is to start from square one again. n.n; oh yeah, and to whom it may concern, i have thurs and fri off again this week. if anyone wants to do anything, there ya go. n.n;

i want to go, i want to fight -- end day ??
initiated Friday, April 12, 2002 @ 02:24 a.m.

well...the waiting was supposed to have ended 24 mins ago but apparently, the peeps at gravity are still having issues with the servers so RO won't be back til another 3 hours or so. i don't have work but this medicine has made me drowsy as hell and i don't think i can manage another 3 hours so i'm just gonna plop myself in bed and hope to god that i get on RO sometime before going back to work tomorrow. >.< as for starting new characters on the server, i'll consider it if anyone else wants to but on my own, hell fucking no. n.n; the fact that i can't trade anything between the servers is just e~h... i'll really have to start from scratch and that just ain't cool unless you have a group to do that together with. n.n; so yeah, see anyone on RO later if you're on! =P

I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest -- end day 10
initiated Wednesday, April 10, 2002 @ 11:49 p.m.

blargh, yes was definately sick. still am kinda sick but much better than yesterday considering i'm able enough to sit here and blog about it. n.n; my throat annoyed me pretty much the whole day yesterday, i wasn't able to get any sleep really. it was that bad. forunately it wasn't strep though so i can definately be happy about that. around 4 i took some more theraflu. whether it was non-drowsy or not i'll never know but between 7-8, i just completely zonked out. x.x i didn't wake up until 10am today, which is good. i've gotten really behind in sleep, which is why i probably got sick in the first place. if i hadn't been behind in sleep while my mom was sick, i think i would've been fine. but oh well, shit happens.

speaking of 'behind' and 'shit happens', it looks like RO will be delayed until either fri or sat. i haven't confirmed it for myself but some people were saying the server got held up in customs, which isn't too farfetched with the amount of paranoia running through the US. either way, it doesn't really matter to me. don't get me wrong, i wanna play the game and all but for the most part i've been to busy with work or too tired from work to do much afterwards. x.x but a good part of that could've been the start of me getting sick and all. *shrug*

other than that, i've continued catching up on all the anime i've been collecting. it's amazing how short amount of time it took really. o.o i figured i'd have a lot more to d/l than what i have but i was wrong. in any case, i really like the direction Scryed (up to ep 16) and Aquarian Age (up to ep 11)have taken. it's a shame they'll be 'ending' Aquarian Age after episode 12, which is supposed to be an hour long finale special, but hopefully, they'll consider a second series. of course, they might leave it very open ended for the people who play the game as well. on a random note, i was amazed to see how many people in the fserv room i get my hookup from didn't know that Aquarian Age originated from a trading card game. o.o tsk tsk...bad fanbois. oh god, also saw the 2nd RK Seisouhen oav... that was...very...bittersweet, as expected. n.n; Guu 13 was typically fuxx0red. n.n; btw, Kyo, you finally get to see the blood spurting maid. ho ho ho~! also did a Young and Dangerous half marathon, seeing as i only have the prequel, 2, 3, 5 and Born to be King on me. n.n; personally, i still like 5/98 out of them all so far, even if it 1) lacks Jordan and 2) has Tsu Chi. ge~h. >.< oh well, can't have it all i guess.

i don't belive in trouble, i don't believe in pain -- end day 8
initiated Tuesday, April 9, 2002 @ 01:05 a.m.

grr...i think i'm officially sick. definately have that tale tell sign of scratchy throat. >.< bleh...why did mom have to get sick when i was sleep deprived? ach nein!

ah well, today was pretty blah. got up, watched some anime since i'm finally catching up on stuff. Aquarian Age is definately getting a lot more interesting now that the key players both know what's going on. watching Inu Yasha makes me want to see the movie more. >.< the Love Hina Again oav ending(?) was as usual, a bit different from the manga but still was cool to see. i'm waiting to see if they'll go the full 9 and finish the whole story. still waiting for the Kenshin oav to d/l but it should only be another 20 something minutes from now. in any case, after that, i'm probably gonna curl up and sleep. i told my supervisor that i wasn't feeling so great before i left so hopefully they won't get too peeved if i call in sick tomorrow. >.<

but i believe in fantasy, the future's understood -- end of day 7
initiated Monday, April 8, 2002 @ 01:31 a.m.

so i finally watched Legend of Zu, which was both produced and directer by Tsui Hark (who also produced The Killer, Iron Monkey, Once Upon a Time in China, the list goes on... n.n;). ooo~h pretty~. definately a lot more showy and fantasy oriented in comparison to the previous hit, Storm Riders. while they put a lot of time into the green/blue screen shots and graphics, it was lacking in development quite a bit. from the get go, you get a summary of the legend of the forces of good and evil fighting against one another, then it just kinda takes off without ever slowing down. o.o i would've liked to see a couple more scenes concerning the relationship between King Sky (Ekin) and Dawn/Enigma (Cecilia), and maybe a bit between Joy (Zhang) and...crap forgot his name but other cool sword guy. x.x i can see not going into them since they are very minor characters but between Sky and Dawn/Enigma, there should've been more considering that's what drives Sky to fight in the first place. then again, from my understanding, this is a remake of the 1983(?) version, also done by Tsui Hark so maybe he felt like he explained everything in that one and this one he just wanted to dazzle people, and finally be able to do so with modern graphic technology. which is cool but yeah...a lil' more backbone wouldn't have hurt. it's only a 1hr movie so i wouldn't have minded another 15 or so to develop things. as for the martial arts element, there really wasn't -too- much of that since a majority of the time, their weapons act almost more as familiars rather than actual wielded weapons. think Sword Saint from Storm Raiders but nearly all the (main) characters have that ability to some degree. x.x the coolest weapon had to be Red's metal wings that provided both defense and offense. mmm...wings. *.* i'm sure i'll pick up the dvd some time just to have it in better quality but i'm in no serious rush. i'd almost rather get Help! or Shaolin Soccer beforehand but that's me. n.n;

whoo~! 3 more days til RO comes back! i'm pathetic but i don't care! all i know is that it comes back just as i get my days off so i figure i probably won't end up seeing Rent over at the Flint Center unless eric or somebody else wants to go. n.n; either way i'm coo~.

i wish was a starship when saturn's flying by -- end of day 6
initiated Saturday, April 6, 2002 @ 09:53 p.m.

muwahaha one of the amusing things happened at work today that only an anime fan would understand. call me a dork or whatever, i still found it amusing as hell. so this guy comes through my line, has a whole cart full of fence materials. i ring it all up and he starts writing out a check. he finishes, hands it to me and i start checking the info and find...his name is Rick Hunter. XD hyuk hyuk hyuk! well i thought it was cool. =P so i was like, 'hey cool, you have the same name as a famous japanese animation character who's a fighter pilot! now i can go home and tell all my friends i met Rick Hunter, once great pilot, now fence builder!' mmmm...that was a fun moment of geekiness for me. n.n

other than that, i just tried to make it through the day. i had a bitch of a time trying to sleep last night and probably only got about 3hrs at most. last i looked at the clock, it was 2:26am and i got up at 6 so yea~h...i was pretty out of it outside of normal mechanics of running the register. i'd like register that people were saying something to me but i wouldn't really hear it the first or probably second time around either. n.n; made it through the day though, pretty fast too since the flow of customers was busy to steady. urgh...with that, i suppose i should shower and (hopefully) sleep right after this with the time change and all. spring forward y'all!

i wish i was the animal which fits into that mood
initiated Friday, April 5, 2002 @ 11:32 p.m.

muwahahahahahahahaha~! Fruits Basket personality chekku!

Which Fruits Basket Character are you?

full results were...

# 1 Shigure
# 2 Haru
# 3 Kagura
# 4 Tohru
# 5 Uo-chan
# 6 Hana-chan
# 7 Momiji
# 8 Ritsu
# 9 Ayame
# 10 Kyou
# 11 Yuki
# 12 Kisa
# 13 Hatori
# 14 Rin
# 15 Hiro
# 16 Akito

it's funny but i guess Shigure, as described above, does fit me more than Kagura. n.n; ...who cares, as long as i get to cuddle Kisa-chan dammit. o.o;;; and yes, those are actual lyrics from Run Lola Run. all too appropriate. XD

i don't believe there's nothing left but running here again -- end of day 5
initiated Friday, April 5, 2002 @ 10:26 p.m.

yes, i will be on a Run Lola Run lyric trip for a while. deal. =P ugh, woke up around 10:30 for some reason and lounged about before getting ready for work and all. i was fine even though i was tired up until i got into the car to go to work. for some reason, a headache decided to strike right then and i couldn't go back into the house to grab some advil or something lest i be late for work. so i dealed the first hour or so of work, just trying not to be rude to customers. eventually, i got my pills and was much better. pills goo~d. other than that, it was a typical work day. i got my lunch an hour late but it's not like i was starving at that point anyways.

i started reading Queen of the Damned during my lunch. note: the only reason i'm bothering to read it is because my mom thought i was interested in the movie for some reason. the only thing i could've possibly said to that effect is i was wondering how they were able to finish the movie since Aaliyah is supposed to be dead, not damned. =P but oh well, free book, can't complain, even if vampires really aren't my deal. i know i've always expressed interest in paranormal/ghosts/extraterrestrial stuff around my mom, but never vampires really. when i think about it, the only vampire stuff i like is Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (hey, it was good in that cheesy way and the music was pretty cool), Blade, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and maybe Vampire Princess Miyu. *shrug* i mean, i find them interesting and all but i dunno if i can handle a novel about them. x.x especially when it's Anne Rice and i didn't really care much for Interview with the Vampire. granted, i only saw the movie but oh well. in either case, inbetween IwtV and QotD, i think i missed a book because i just realized that it was a continuing series of some sort. anyways, it reads a bit funny so far but i was getting to the point where it was getting a bit interesting when i had to go back. boo hoo~.

after that, regular everyday register BS. the few crabby customers that don't understand i need to see all the plants to make sure they're coming from the same vendor because it DOES make a difference people. really, it's like people forget their retail roots after 30 or something. STFU and just put the shit on the counter you bitches. i wouldn't ask if it wasn't an actual COMPANY POLICY. it's not like i go out of my way to pick out the customers with basket loads of plants to torment. hell, i try to avoid it at all costs for the most part really. but oh the fuck well, sorry, i ain't gonna kiss your platinum ass just because you're in a rush. i try to get my customers in and out as fast as possible always but if there's a set procedure, i'm gonna follow it because i like getting a paycheck on a regular basis. you gotta problem, take it up to management. ...yeah, just your typical retail slut day. n.n;;;

dammit all, for some reason my Run Lola Run cd is skipping. i shall be very upset if it has a scratch already because it really -shouldn't- have one since i treat my cds like a glass of water filled to the brim. grrr...anyone know if those scratch repair kits for CDs actually work at all? don't wanna invest in one if it's BS. =/

hmmm...other than that, the only thing else i can really rant about is an article i started reading on my last break. it was about how chimpanzees were being used for HIV/AIDs testing and such back in the days, and how nowadays, no one really uses them at all anymore since they were replaced by another breed of monkies. so the question was...what the hell do they do with them now? you have hundreds of monkies in the US alone that have been exposed to HIV and other crap, and have nowhere to put them. not too long ago, all scientists used to think about was how expensive it was to have a chimpanzee to test on. it's frustrating, saddening and depressing to see it being dealt with in almost the same manner as a child wanting a toy, using it until the new fad toy comes out then just throwing it to the side. which is essentially what is happening to these poor animals. fortunately, a few shelters have been established in the world but they're still seen as a threat to human society. hell, one shelter in Canada started taking in chimps and the surrounding schools instituted 'monkey drills'... wtf? whatever, it's just another example of the stupidity of humanity because of instant gratification w/o thinking of the after effects. i hope that article is still around tomorrow so i can finish reading it. i think i only got a third of the way through it before heading back to the registers.

bah...anyways, i should eat and pass out since i have work at 7am both tomorrow and sunday. jo~y. ~.~ with that, i leave you, the audience, with this bit of wtf-dom. no, i did not find or create this myself. >.<