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o/~ i don't you can resist the things that make no sense o/~
initiated Friday, April 5, 2002 @ 02:34 a.m.

eh...that's a bummer, when electric hamster goes down, the comment link doesn't even show up. oh well. hopefully it gets resolved and doesn't happen too often. hmmm...watching the music video for Believe on the DVD. Franka Potente is kinda cute/cool looking in the same way i think Michelle Rodriguez appeals to me. that 'i can so kick your ass, and you can tell by the way i stare you down, but i can be secksay too dammit' way. n.n; ...i dunno, don't ask me, i have weird tastes i guess.

whee~!! -- end day 4
initiated Friday, April 5, 2002 @ 01:58 a.m.

y'know, it's kinda sad that i'm counting the days until i can play RO again but oh well. i like the game, if you can't handle that, sod off. XD but yeah, i woke up this morning to the neighbors constructing away again at the fence. i really think i'd be cool if someone else of the #fy-gumi or something rented the house next door so then we wouldn't have to build a fence on that side and have big ass parties all the time and not have to worry about going back and forth through the front...but that's kinda a hoop dream i guess. n.n; but getting back to my day, work up, looked at the clock in the kitchen which read 9 something. i was 'fuuuuuuck, i just went to sleep around 3-4...' so i pondered going back to sleep but figured with all the construction, that just wasn't possible anyways so i got up and showered. when i got out, i checked my phone and discovered 'uhh's actually like 12, and eric's not showing signs of being awake. oh well, no Fry's for me.' n.n; so i just hung about, watched a bit of the Young and Dangerous prequel and played some puzzle fighter. i think we left the house around 2:30-45 and amazingly, after going through 17, going to my house in Aptos then backtracking to Capitola, i was still 15 mins early. o.o sweet! so we decide since i only work til 9, we might as well hang out afterwards since they drove over here. n.n; work goes on with no problems really and we set out to downtown SC to walk about. while i was at work, i read my horoscope for the day which was something along the lines of 'don't spend money on things that you have not looked into'. well, we went to streetlight records and i found the Run Lola Run dvd brand new for only $20. they also had the soundtrack for $17 but i remembered it going for only $11 at borders so we backtracked to there. well i bought it, and only after that did i notice what was next to the price $10.99. it was the title of a COMPLETELY different cd. i peeled back the label to find that i should've actually paid $16.99 for it. can we say 'SCORE!!!' kiddies? XD best $11 i've ever spent. after that, we hung out at the cafe robin and i used to go to a lot. drank some coffee, had some laughs at the metro personals (no 'Others' section this time. =P che~), then came back to the house while listening to Run Lola Run, only to watch Run Lola Run. n.n; i'm like kicking myself for not checking it out sooner, i really am. i usually dig foreign/artsy fartsy movies a lot but i never got around to this one while i was still at hollywood. oh well, at least i have it now. n.n it's just an awesome combonation of cinematography, story and fucking BADASS music. if i ever find any of it on vinyl, it's SO MINE. but anyhow, i got work at 1 and i'm probably still behind on sleep. should pass out. n.n; and i should see more comments on camping trip and once in a blue moon! >.<

jigga wha? -- end day 3
initiated Thursday, April 4, 2002 @ 12:49 a.m.

Kurt Wagner

Mein Gott! I'm Kurt Wagner, the fuzzy blue elf with that adorable accent. Sure, you may look like a demon, but you've got a heart of gold and are always looking to make others happy, even if it means playing all sorts of devilish tricks on them. You have a soft spot for the ladies and tend to be a bit of a ladies' elf. Quite the charmer,nein? What X-Men Character are You?

sorry for the random title but i couldn't think of anything else really. i figured i'd either get Kurt or Jubilee. n.n; eh...didn't do a great deal today. i went to Tower but they didn't either the soundtrack or DVD for Run Lola Run. >.< so i'll drop by Fry's tomorrow before heading back and see if they have it. if they don't then i can still get some CD-Rs and maybe cases. got to have dinner with everyone and reminisce about 'easier times' within the group and other stuff. frankie, johnny and luigi's was good as usual and we all strayed from our usual orders. n.n; also tried to play Um Jammer Lammy again, and only managed to reconfirm my total inability to play the game. x.x i swear, it's the only dance/rhythm game i can't really play well, as well as Parappa. i dunno why but i just do. i got to the wacko pilot song at least though. n.n; o/~ did i eat my drink? i thought milk was pink? o/~

yay! -- end of day 2
initiated Wednesday, April 3, 2002 @ 02:53 a.m.

well, thanks to kouripon, i finally got the whole comment thing to work the way i wanted it to. n.n; arigato~! i also finished playing the Super Mario Brothers RPG for SNES! XD ...yeah, in my boredom and now lack of need to really practice or make a set for Fanime, along with lack of car, i have been reduced to attempting to finish old RPGs i started years back (freshman year of high school i think?). in a way it's good because i can actually say i've finished more games but yeah... n.n; hey never a bad thing to return to your gaming roots!! thinking of making some trips to Tower Records and Mitsuwa tomorrow before going back before work on thursday. hopefully, eric or steve will be up to it. but yeah, on the phone so i'll cut this one short with a lil' personality test. i'm sure you'll all be surprised with the answer but it is actually true. i do wish for intelligence but only selectively i guess. =P oh well.

What is your meaning of life?

testing 1 2 this thing working?
initiated Tuesday, April 2, 2002 @ 09:44 p.m.

okay so uhh yeah, i think i got it to work so that the individual entries will have seperate comments. so yeah, people reply to the whole camping thing now or again so i can see if this is working. =P

yeah yeah yeah... =P
initiated Tuesday, April 2, 2002 @ 04:11 p.m.

hey, i wish i had a comment thingy too but i guess i never really thought i needed one til now. in either case, i'm working on it right now, seeing as i no longer need to really worry about making a set for Fanime. you'll be able to comment soon enough. =P

i'm one campy mofo
initiated Monday, April 1, 2002 @ 11:00 p.m.

so yeah, i've been looking more into places to camp and remembered going spelunking when i was a kid too at the Pinnacles National Monument. although they don't have actual camping grounds on site, there is a place nearby that we can stay at. the only hang up i see is the 'no wood fires during dry fire season' which is pretty much when we'd all be going. >.< camping just kinda loses a bit of it's spark when you can't build a -real- fire...but i guess i could live w/o it. i still need to research more on Butano but what i really need is input from anyone interested in going. like what things do you want to do (hiking, biking, swimming), what environment do you want (woods, beach), err...sanitation (bathrooms, showers), how much you'd be willing to pay, how long you'd want to camp, how far would you be willing to travel, etc. etc. i really want to make this happen but i need feedback y'all. please email, IM, msg me with suggestions.

RO server countdown -- day 1
initiated Monday, April 1, 2002 @ 08:10 p.m.

okay well, i guess i'm getting my wish, as well as a good amount of other people *coughKyocoughMichi* gravity is finally buckling down and not only making another server but basing one in the US as well. ZA~NG. *.* of course, there's a lovely waiting period of 10 days before that happens so hopefully i won't crack or anything like that... next 2 days should be bad since i'll be working on my set for Fanime. oh, to those i emails, PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU, RSVP ASAP. ;.; i really need to know if anyone really wants to go to this or not. the other 8 days, i'll be working then who knows, maybe i'll actually make an effort to brush up my webpages, work on fics or the like for real this time. n.n; i find i always need some kind of distraction in my life and i'm sure i'll manage to find one during the next few days. i need a new book to start on...i'm almost finished with Bonesetter's Daughter. x.x so far, i -REALLY- like this book by amy, probably second only to Joy Luck Club. if any of her books were going to be turned into a movie, i'd love to see them do this one. it has a really nice and moving feel to it. speaking of movies...HA! I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO DO AN SILENT HILL MOVIE! HA HA HA! XD SWEEEEEEEET.

wabbit season!!!
initiated Sunday, March 31, 2002 @ 11:53 p.m.

ah another Easter come and gone...and where was i? behind a cash register. a-yup, another lovely holiday tossed aside y the frequent, and nowadays necessary, need of money. 7:30-4:30... 9 hours i could've spent, probably not really giving much offical Catholic thanks to Him and all that, but at least with family i don't really get to see much of, especially my cousins on my mom's side. i may not be hella close to any of them, but i definately like to touch bases with them whenever i can. would've liked to see relatives on my dad's side too, especially the little kids Jackie and Jason (and watch Jason cry/whine about Jackie taking candy or whatever from him because dangit all...he is kinda wuss. n.n;). i wish i could've done a lot of these things and more...and yet i still saw probably hundreds of people go through the store and buy very un-Easter celebration related shit. hell, half of them that went through my line said things along the lines of 'thank god you're open because the mall sure isn't.' ...has family value really dropped -that- much from when i was a kid and remember spending time with my family before the whole divorce shit? maybe i value it that much more because it'll never be that way again but...i dunno. and i know tomorrow is just another work day but geez man... oh well, whatever. can't change it so why fuss over it. i guess one good thing about so many people coming is was that time went by much faster. one moment it was break, then lunch, the break, then *boot* go home! pretty sweet. ugh, i think i need some inner sole liners for my shoes. my heel feels pretty worked at the end of the day, as much as i try to shift my weight back and forth from my heels to the balls of my feet, there's a noticable amount of pain when i get home. which is why for the most part i just flomp down and sit at the computer for the rest of the night. don't feel like standing anymore. n.n; will have to look into that once i get this crap figured out with my bank account. dumbasses, they said it was fixed but i go to deposit my check and neither of my cards work still. -.-; so much ass. oh yes, tue and wed off so i'll be heading over to SV but i will be so buckling down on my set for Fanime. i'm not even bring my computer with me this time. way too much distraction. hopefully, i'll at least be able to establish what songs i want to play and in what order. *sigh* oh and for the clubbers/ravers/electronica lovers out there that actually read this, check THIS out. only things, i just got the Fanime dance lineup, and arisu and i are spinning that night. FUUUUUUUUUUCK. i guess i need to get together with alice and figure this shit out. >.<

"ballsy. stupid but ballsy" - tom arnold, true lies
initiated Sunday, March 31, 2002 @ 12:05 a.m.

mmkay so my mom wanted to see monster ball because my choice of movies are weird like 80% of the time. ...riiii~ght, and monster ball isn't weird. let me list the things i picked up from/saw in monster ball.

1) i don't ever want to go to backwater georgia. unless i have an armored hummer, a choice firearm and some mags to back it up.
2) don't walk at night, in the rain while in Georgia or you could be the victim of a hit and run
3) more halle berry and billy bob thorton sexx0r than i ever really wanted to see...which was like...-none-.

mmmyeah, i could've done w/o seeing this movie on a holiday like weekend. it was just a bunch of genki nai, with a bit o' sex here and there and some time to eat chocolate ice cream. it's really not much of a feel good movie at all and is dark pretty much throughout the entire time. if anything, hatred comes across as the main character, spreading it's poison throughout almost all the cast, followed up by it's supporting character, despair. it's interesting that on the official page, it describes itself as a 'powerful, life-changing love' story, which i guess i can kind of see, but to me, it seems they focused so much on the misery brought on by different forms of hate, that the love element was very rushed and almost comes off as a sort of giddy, nonchalant, teenage type love between the two. eh all in all, i wouldn't go out of my way to recommend this to anyone really, unless they just had a full dose of prozac or some shit and are looking for a way to tone down. =P i guess the message behind the movie is that it's never too late to change and grow into a better person, no matter how much hate or misery you've gone through or forced upon others. and oh yeah, you might get choco ice cream and some sweet lovin' if you do. ~.~