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if only...
initiated Saturday, March 30, 2002 @ 01:26 a.m.

it just amazes me how much money people have locked away somewhere to blow on movie props... it really does. man, it'd be so tight to have the Rain/Michelle Rodriguez uniform with the commando watch, then get the Biohazard airsoft pistols. XD ...but yeah, i don't have thousands of dollars to play with soo~...i'll just drool as always. n.n; shit, i'd be cool with the movie display too. ...i'm not helping myself. >.< i think i'll close that window now...

in other news, i erased Makimachi Misao on RO and decided to attempt a mage... of course, when you don't really have much of a choice of whether or not you want to do the quest or just go right to Midgard (or at least when i tried, the option didn't work), the training grounds turn out to be more of the moronic novice deathtrap grounds. it's true, fuck i want to just finish the stupid quest and get it over with too, but i still have the decency to recognize other users and the limits of NPCs. in other words, when people tell you ONE FUCKING LINE so that only 5 people will access the training NPC so it won't LAG to death, you should fucking do it. not because you'll get reported and banned if you don't but it just makes it easier and faster that way. fucking morons. i swear, i'm reaching my threshold with this game myself. i though 8K users was reached 9.5K. PLEASE OH PLEASE MAY WE HAVE ANOTHER SERVER NOW. I BEG YOU GRAVITY. i know the game is full of self indulgent idiots but god...this is just waaaaaaaaaay too much. i love playing the game but it's getting ridiculous. it's a miracle nowadays if i see the user amount under 6K. i hope that when they have a final release, they'll have at least 4 servers. korean, thai and 2 english. i would so pay for that.

blah i just want to get through work until tue and wed. i'm hoping i'll get to go down to SV and get some much needed practice on the turntables during that time. this time, i'm not bringing my computer with me so i can really concentrate.

testing testing...1 2 7?
initiated Wednesday, March 27, 2002 @ 08:28 p.m.

for my junior and part of my senior year in high school, i was part of a program called the Learning Community, which basically took up 4 periods and we were free to create our own curriculum as long as it still followed the basic courses (english, history, etc.). once in a while the 'teacher' Gary would have a psychology presentation, and one of the them was on the enneagram. basically it's a system of personality traits everyone has broken down into 9 different categories. back then, i was a 7. now that i've taken a test a few years later, although 7 is still near the top, i've changed to a 2 apparently. the difference was only by 1 point so i figure it could go either way so i'll list both i guess.

take free enneagram test

i feel i learned a lot of things in LC even though i wasn't able to fulfill certain aspects of the program. things that changed me greatly as a person and really made me evalue who i am, how i interact with people and the choices i make. ...whether that was a good or bad thing, or even changed the way i do things has yet to be revealed. n.n; and oh yeah...i'm the poster boy... n.n;;;

Which HP Kid Are You?

"we're on an express elevator to hell - going down!"
initiated Wednesday, March 27, 2002 @ 12:10 a.m.

okay, i know i have one hell of a twisted and dirty mind sometimes but man...they just made it waaaaaaaaay too easy with these statues. it's horrible of me, i know, but i just can't help it. x.x here's some of the commentary from me about the statues. n.n;

baseball - "No no, my son, hold the stick like this. Oh yeah, that's the way..."
basketball - "You want the BALL huh? You like BALLS? I don't think you can handle -this- ball..."
hockey - Notice how Jesus' stick is 'on top'...
golf - Jesus is teaching the poor little girl the proper way to grip when putting... RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

i was disappointed there was no Mud Wrestling or Rodeo Jesus. though i guess the fact there's a Ballet and Cheerleading Jesus somewhat makes up for it. =P anyways, yeah, i'm going to hell for all of the above. n.n; and all of you who laughed and coming down with me!! XD

upcoming stuff
initiated Tuesday, March 26, 2002 @ 03:07 a.m.

first of all, the new Disney movie, Lilo and Snitch. now when i first saw the trailer for this (the Beauty and the Beast one), i was both shocked and cracking up that they dared to mess with my favorite Disney movie of all time. then today i found out that it takes place in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. of course, being all of 12.5% Hawaiian and 7 years of hula, i thought 'OMG! DISNEY IS DOING HAWAII! SWEEEEEEET!' ...then i thought 'wait...Disney is doing Hawaii? erf...' especially after seeing the Hawaiians character designs. i began to wonder just how truly 'Hawaiian' it's going to be. is it going to be Tourist Hawaii or Native Hawaii. and seeing as it's a modern day story, i fear it'll be a lot of Tourist Hawaii, which is cool i guess but it'd be nice to see actual historical or folklore references make an appearance somewhere. i guess i'll just have to stand by with bated breathe.

also, whereas Fanime is a definate Go, i'm still VERY iffy on AX. i really want to do something different this year and with all the lovely financial responsibilities i am trying to accomplish this year, i'll only get probably one big trip this summer. there were a few bumps with Val on that matter but hopefully something will work out for us. as for me, i REALLY want to go to Yosemite National Park. i have not been there in YEARS. partially because of the whole weird murder thing but also because of my hobby thing...anime. i was devoting so much time, money and effort into that, and hanging out with my friends that love it too (not that i'd take back any of that time you guys), i just really forgot about the other things that impacted me earlier in life when i was a kid. i want babbling brooks, 3000+ft high rock monuments and just all that beauty of nature again. i just want to stand in the valley or on that one spot before you enter the valley and stare at the beauty John Muir and Ansel Adams look(ed) upon. and just be overwhelmed by the size of it all until i almost feel crushed by it. i want to go to the small museums and galleries to really soak it in. i want to breathe the warm, sweet grass smelling air from the meadows. i want to hear the force of the falls hitting the rocks below. i so miss that all. i want to be away from my computer, dvd player and video games and TRULY enjoy doing so. i want to sit by a fire, watching the embers floating up the trees towards the HUGE glistening stars of the night.

...but if i can't have Yosemite i could settle for Butano (not the skater =P) or something of the like. anyone else in? n.n;;

*crack*sluuurp* that's some good soup baby! good soup mama!
initiated Monday, March 25, 2002 @ 08:56 p.m.

MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THEY HAD TO EAT BALUT ON FEAR FACTOR! THEY ALL DID IT! THEY'RE OFFICALLY F.O.B.s!!!! raise your right hand! slap yo'self! XD i can't wait to hear rex comment about that on his next CD or something.

more ebay and random shiznits
initiated Sunday, March 24, 2002 @ 07:27 p.m.

ebay -- random

those ufo dolls are way too cute, especially the very grumpy looking Kyo. XD i hope that if they have them at Fanime, i'll have some money to get at least one. knowing me, i'd debate which one for hours. i'm sure it'd be between Kagura, Kisa-chan or Kyo, possibly Aya because he's such a FRUIT (no pun intended). Hatori would be fun to have just's a seahorse for pete's sake. n.n; ah well. as for the random thing...yeah. no. if i had my choice, the only thing i'd agree with on that image is 'Directed by John Woo'. XD i think for Faye, Shannyn Sossamon could pull it off pretty well. Spike...i can't really think of anyone off the top of my head right now but i probably will later. same for Jet. Ed...would probably have to be computer animated in order to get her to bend and do half the crazy shit she does... n.n; grr...fuckin' cold after waiting for the bus and walking home today. so want car back already. ;.; oh well, $100 already saved up towards car, $900 more to go. n.n;;;

keekibash & DOA3
initiated Sunday, March 24, 2002 @ 12:41 a.m.

welp, steph's keekibash has come and gone (well for me, having left early so i won't be a complete zombie tomorrow at work) and as usual, it's was fun and zany in typical #fy fashion. eric actually wasn't last to arrive this time around though. *gasp* o.o; finally got to get my hands to try out Dead or Alive 3 and oh my is it pretty. the new characters, Hitomi and Christie both really kick ass. i think i have improved a bit on the game though i should probably refrain from drinking a smirnoff ice before playing. n.n;; even if i use Brad Wong, the drunken style fighter. mmmmm...Christie. one of her outfits is very reminiscent of King from KOF but the fighting style is quite different (muey thai/she quan). her cinema sequence is quite...yum. o.o really. everyone stopped what they were doing to watch her movie. mouths dropped to the floor. n.n; Helena's was pretty w00tish too. i couldn't really hear the voices much so i couldn't really hear Kuwashima Houko or Mitsuishi Kotono's voice in either Kasumi or Christie. i could pick out Horie Yui's voice in Hitomi. she's a really neat character to play, especially when tag teamed with Ein (even if i HATE his voice). anyhow, blah should really pass out. btw, tanjii if you read this, i have tue and thu off this week so lemme know when is good for you and steph. be sure to ask chad too if i don't talk to him first. i think thu will be better for me though just because i don't have work the next day until 4, and it'll just overall allow more time to plan and all. n.n;

oh yes, and this disturbs me, all while making me want to sing o/~ that thong thong thong thong thong... o/~

personality chekku!
initiated Saturday, March 23, 2002 @ 11:49 a.m.

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!

Do you have Superpowers??

I took the Paragon Powers Test and tested positive for

and now for the weather and mood report...
initiated Saturday, March 23, 2002 @ 03:30 a.m.

beginning of spring my ass... so far spring has turned out to be a joke. yes, all 2 days of it. first day, joy i got to go to work on the only frickin' day it was sunny. and today, was mediocre to crappy. the highlight of my day was finally watching Run Lola Run, which i'll have to get the dvd and soundtrack for in the near future. supposedly, my tax return came in so just maybe i'll be able to treat myself to that and the RE soundtrack at least. that should keep me happy for a while. must remember to grab my discman to and pray to god it still works. ugh, kinda looking forward to tomorrow but dreading it at the same time, and especially dreading the next day when i have work at 8:30am. fuckin' a my life is in the shitter sometimes. and unfortunately, i think i'm just in for more in the long run. *sigh* oh well, que será será. btw, happy b-day mom.

and if loving EVIL is wrong...i don't wanna be right!
initiated Sunday, March 17, 2002 @ 01:38 a.m.

paul anderson rocks. he just fucking does. he's video game movie GOD. GOD I SAY, G O D. i will have to give him a big sloppy kiss if i ever meet him for not fucking up this movie. not that i ever really though he would since, like i mentioned in a previous rant, he also did Mortal Kombat. i guess i'm just EXTREMELY happy that the movie lived up to the expectations i had for it and more. i'm fucking sparkling. a lot of reviewers compare this movie to Aliens and i can definately see why (hell, i made the association on my own ever before reading the reviews. o.o;), especially since a lot of the reviewers admited to never playing the games before. i could really give a crap but it is a note worth mentioning i think.

Milla Jovovich is also GOD. a damn secksay one too. after The Fifth Element, i was disappointed she didn't really get much afterwards. i though her performance was excellent in that one. not many people can pull off being an engineered supreme alien being that knows no english but can spout off constantly and convincingly in an alien language. let alone a person who's been modeling since she was 9 who went actress. though she doesn't have too much dialog in the movie, she does extremely well in her part as Alice aka Janus imho (and i'm not just talking about the sex appeal of the red dress. i can't believe they left a nipple shot of her in there! x.x). she doesn't have the complete Ripley act going on but then again, it's hard to do that type of character when your character has no memory. n.n; still, thumbs up! Michelle Rodriguez, playing Rain, more or less the Vasquez of the Colonial Mari-err...i mean Umbrella Special Forces, also puts in her part, even if it is secondary. what's up with them both being latina? n.n; lol guess they just have the right attitude for it or something but hell, i ain't complaining. yada yada yada, yeah the guys did a good job too. n.n; (sorry, need to sleep soon!)

the music was pretty awesome, i really dig the theme of Resident Evil. the make-up and graphics were sweet too. i have to agree that it's damn cool to see how an eyeball would look if is was sliced in half. XD poor captain. if anything, i guess that's what was missing from the movie. the gore, which i can live w/o because they had to keep it just clean enough so it wouldn't piss off -every- parent that brought their kid to see it. n.n; that's another thing, i'm surprised they went as far as to make it rated R. o.o; typically, they like to keep in PG-13/NC-17 to allow the younger audience to see it on their own. as mentioned earlier, i was surprised by the amount nudity even if it was brief. the explicitives was pretty surprising too. though i have to wonder, if they were gonna be that naughty, why couldn't there have been a bit more gore? anyways, really need to sleep already so just go see it already! o.o on the big screen! pay the awful full price if you have to! i love this movie! i need to see it again with people that actually game! n.n; watching it with parents who think 'this movie is loud' is ble~h... ~.~ i wonder which i'll see first... Resident Evil again...or Ice Age. n.n; tsuzuku! also, i'm sure we'll be seeing a RE layout on either here or soon... XD

p.s. seeing as how i just read kyo's 'review' of RE... poor michi, if you read mine, i'm sure you're shaking your head and thinking 'why? why must they both like the movie with the same intensity? god help me when they start the new RP game.' and you know should. XD btw guys, i'm free on sat but don't know about sun yet. ask me again like on wed or something to see if we can figure something out. n.n v and i want a copy of the cd. o.o;

a bit o' everything
initiated Tuesday, March 12, 2002 @ 02:28 a.m.

if you actually bother to check the lil' info bar on the left, you might've noticed that i finished both Confessions of a Shopper and Survivor. both were a pretty fun and interesting read. Survivor is very odd and surreal just like it's 'brother' Fight Club. Confessions goes much along the line of Bridget Jones 'clones'. i still say you should check it out though steph. you'd crack up at some of the parts i think. n.n i tend to end up reading just about anything my mom finishes so Bonesetter's Daughter is next. i haven't read an Amy Tan book in a lo~ng time so it should be swell and shit. *yawn* bah, so tired now that i'm working now. i'm barely awake now seeing as how i'm so used to sleeping before 2 if not 1 these days. damn reality. what else... ah yes, caught up on s'more anime. FB keeps getting better as the new characters arrive (Kisa-cha~n *.* kawaii~~~~!! and Ayame 0wnz!!). SOEX is winding down to it's end i think (26 episodes nee?) and things are getting weebly between Claude and Rena. n.n; Guu is... \\ ((( ¯ o ¯ ))) // shokku!! Poemi oav 2 melted my brain and a couple other peoples. -finally- got a few eps of the Mahou Tsukai Tai tv series and am liking it so far. it is a good deal tamer w/o the uber boob/butt fan service shots but i kinda like how it's not the -only- source of comic relief in the show now. finally getting a bit more depth in the characters too. moving on, can't believe it's been 6 months already since the whole twin towers deal. it feels like time just zipped on by. what the hell was i doing all that time? o.o; anyhow, as much as an impact i know the event had on people, i hope that we can all move on and just become stronger and cautious about the way Americans live out there life. it was very sad to see in the papers that people are relapsing into neurotic behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drugs, insomnia and other stuff even months after. sure it's the paper and they like to ham their stories up a bit but i wouldn't be surprised if normal business people were having constant nightmares of fire and death plauging them, especially if they saw the planes crash from their own offices. i guess what NY is experiencing is somewhat like the bay area went through with the big quake in 89. the closer you are to the 'epicenter' of the tragedy, the harder your shaken by it, body and soul. again, i can only hope that this will further solidify people's strength and resolve so that we all come out on top of this event. and with that, i am gonna pass out. x.x we leave you with yet another damn personality test...

What Flavour Are You? Tomato is what I taste like. Tomato is what I taste like.

I taste like nothing, except a tomato. I'm sometimes sweet and sometimes tart; sometimes juicy, sometimes crisp. The roles of a tomato are many and varied. I am an exception to all the rules. (If you were not Tomato you would be Chocolate.) What Flavour Are You?

can't believe i almost got tea like michi. x.x that just didn't sound like me at all so i retook it. =P