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ooooh~ aaaah~ light the fire within
initiated Friday, February 8, 2002 @ 11:45 p.m.

welp, the 2002 winter olympics have officially started. i missed the athletes entering the stadium but switch the tube on just to catch the beginning of the history of Utah section. n.n; when the mark twain part with all the silk screen animal puppets on the ice rink came on, i was pretty impressed. i thought it was really sweet how they had lights underneath the ice. and the flares/sparklers on the ice skates, i li~ke. i'd be afraid of lighting myself up personally but damn did it look sweet, especially when they spun! raburii de~su! the pyrotechnics were okay up until the grand finale, but i will definately give them snaps for using fireworks to create a flame effect on the unlit caulderon during the theme of this years olympics. very ni~ce. i'm still puzzled as to how the lit the rink on fire to form the rings but who cares, it looked COOL! n.n; the kristi yamaguchi story was really well done and touching, i was wondering if they were gonna involve her in the ceremonies. speaking of involvement, dude! never expected to see Steven Spielburg carrying the olympic flag! suprised the hell out of me! same with Yo-Yo Ma showing up, playing with Sting even! i swear, they went all out for this one and it was a good time to do it. i admit i found myself weebling through it because it was touching in many different ways that would just take forever to really capture with mere words. but you could see it on the face of everyone there, olympic athlete, spectator, children, just everyone. you could really sense that they were putting all their emotion into it and not just because it's the olympics. hats off to the guys in charge, you did a great job. now let's kick some ass and get some medals! XD

wow, i'm 3 goddesses in one!
initiated Friday, February 8, 2002 @ 05:04 a.m.

no, not the AMS goddesses you freaks. weird greek goddess test. apparently, i tied between these 3 on the test.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

cool! ...i think? o.o

dance like a butterly, buzz like a bee
initiated Friday, February 8, 2002 @ 04:18 a.m.

i love being a gemini and getting away with it. n.n; this is kinda a throwback to the entry where i said eric and i talk to much. now granted, online, it's a little different since there's still that amount of distance and ambiguity between you and the person but still. to take about 15 minutes of time you could be leveling your character on RO to talk to a complete stranger instead befuddles me even though i'm the person who did it. n.n; it just amazes me how much i can bs about stuff for that long (sometimes longer) with people from germany and austrailia. i swear, i must be trying to make up for those years in elementary school when i just didn't talk unless spoken to. which is good i guess. i should think of it as improving on my BS, charm and social stats. n.n; oh and apparently...

Take the "Which Nationality Are You?" test at OuchCryManson

Made by: gothichic666 and ecology

wow...3 people of the 'family' are even more offically 'family'. n.n; must be all that GTA3, watching of Godfather and pasta... mmmmm...pasta. *.* and kyo... MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! I HAVE OVERCUTED J00! J00 HAVE BEEN 0WNZ3D BY KY00T! B00Y4K4! XD that and i dunno, now with RO, i may not stray over to SWG anymore. n.n; I MUST HAVE MY NINJA SUIT DAMMIT! O.O;

a hunting we will go, a hunting we will go
initiated Thursday, February 7, 2002 @ 02:28 a.m.

so far, my week has pretty much consisted of eat, sleep, job hunt and Ragnarok Online, in no specific order. which is why i haven't really typed anything up in a while. nothing too big has happened other than recieving a blister on my foot from walking around in my mom's boots too long while job hunting. i'm all for looking presentable and all, but dammit, it shouldn't be a pain -literally-. grr...i just want some novicaine to put on it so i don't look like a gimp when i walk around. >.< far the job openings are in capitola, which is alright, but i'm really hoping for something more within biking distance so i can start getting some type of workout as well during the week. and capitola mall is just a li~l' too far to bike on a daily basis for me. x.x; hopefully, i'll either get the job at Washiton Mutual or something equally nearby. hell, it could be the chevron station for all i care, just something NEAR. yes, i'm picky even when selecting a job. sue me. =P

and now the random shtuff...

I'm a Fire Spirit

just like long, i'm not too surprised. on RO, Misao has reached 16/11 and Jubilee 9/9 but i have yet to get her her actual job title of Merchant. i didn't about the whole $3K thing until i got there (and it took my forever just to find the building. x.x), so she's more or less just hanging out in Alberta until i raise up enough money for her. which is good i guess so that way i can help kevin and who ever else up to par with at least most of the other players. that and i want to eventually make a compilation of Chrono Cross music to switch out the RO music sometimes. i feel a lot of the tracks from CC would go -really- nice with RO, though i will always love the original as well. anyhow, i'm pretty tuckered out. nighto~ z.z

last post for a least a few more hours, i swear
initiated Monday, February 4, 2002 @ 03:50 a.m.

Kiyone: that is the cutest fucking thing i've ever seen
Kirika: LOL
Kiyone: I swear! :-)

=^n.n^= niya~o~

to answer those who've been wondering...
initiated Monday, February 4, 2002 @ 01:45 a.m.

Call me Blanaced
Are you seme or uke? Find out!

...i'm honestly not sure if i'm happy and/or satisfied with that but i guess when i read the other results, it fits the best. n.n; must make a note to have Val take this test later just to see what she gets. =P

i'm a RO pimp. ho ho ho~
initiated Sunday, February 3, 2002 @ 11:57 p.m.

now, i'm not bragging in any sort of way but it's pretty undeniable that when i get into something, i can usually get a good amount of other people into it to. Josie and Pussycats, raving/electronica and now Ragnarok Online. granted, i never did it -completely- on my own ( for maybe raving), but it still happens. just today, we had 4 new people from #fy start up on RO. so in total, flo and i have managed to wrangle in 6 people in playing RO, and with a couple more possibly starting up later. WOO HOO! group screencap time! XD though the only problem with that many people signing the picking them up and/or leading them to the capitol. this is not an easy thing considering RO has no auto follow system at the moment but isn't terribly difficult either since there are dots on the screen that represent members of your party. you can generally get an idea of where your party is headed, unless they climb up to a higher plateau. though, i don't think that was the problem in this case. for the most part, it was due to lag, but it was also due to people dying in the middle of the trail and being teleported all the way back to the beginning. now, okay, happens once. no prob, they're new, gotta at least happen once. ...again...same person. umm oka~y, well i'm sure he's got the idea by now. ...AGAIN. ......... okay, i'm all for helping my friends out, really i am. but dude! 3 times a charm! even if i hadn't wanted to get to the capitol so we could group up to make it to Morroc i would've been a bit irked. x.x sorry, i've been working damn hard to get just one weapon for my thief and even though i got it, i'm a lil' off because i haven't been able to use it yet and i won't know when i will be able to cuz i gave it to some to hand off to me but i had to get off the computer at that time. >.< *sigh* either way though, i guess i'm damn happy i at least got the damn Gladius, lvl'd my swordswoman and dragged more friends online. n.n can't wait to get everyone else! XD and now for something fun!

Misato: Kyo feels your pain
Kirika: did he get his tsurugi yet?
Kirika: or plate armor for that matter?
Misato: Yeah, he got his tsurugi
Misato: Nah, he wishes he had his plate armour
Kirika: ah, you're working on your HP recov now right?
Misato: kyo says no o.o
Kirika: bash?
Misato: Wait, rewind, yes he is working on HP recovery right now -- when I said it outloud to him, he thought i was referring to a Hewlett-Packard recovery o.o;
Kirika: ...........
Kirika: *snertsnertsnickercackle*

A Walk to Remember
initiated Saturday, February 2, 2002 @ 11:33 p.m.

yeah, i like watching mushy movies. shut up. :P anyways, a friend of mine, who (no offense n.n;) i usually wouldn't think of the type to like a movie of this genre...and admit it, told me that A Walk to Remember was actually a pretty good movie. now, i have to admit, i didn't think this movie was going to amount to much seeing as how not many music artists to actor(ess) conversions work, and i really didn't know much about Mandy Moore to begin with. but after the recommendation and checking out some of the critic reviews, i shrugged and said, why the hell not? i'm not paying for it and parents didn't want to see Black Hawk Down or Count of Monte Cristo (...i have half the mind to say crisco but yeah...). when the movie started, i was like ' least they picked cool music' since it opened with Cannonball by The Breeders. XD mmmm...the beginning felt very rushed and didn't slow down until it became really apparent that Landon/Shaun West was falling for Jamie, and even then, the movie still jumps a lot. then there were parts inbetween that dragged a little too long, but still managed to seem jumpy. i don't know, don't ask me. i guess what bothered me the most was leading up to the romance. i mean, sure you know that they -have- to end up together at some point of the movie but...the development towards that was kinda e~h. at least for me, until the play, it felt like the character Landon would hang out with her almost just because she was there and he didn't have much else to do.

onto the acting, i thought Mandy did really well with her part, and really made me think of Kirsten Dunst even though i can't recall ever seeing Dunst in a romance movie. they both have that kinda wholesome look but can be ever so slightly mischevious and get away with it because of that wholesome cuteness. shaun west... hmmm... i guess his acting was good, but not extremely eyecatching either. kinda just enough to pull of the role to make the movie weeble worthy. i can't really think of anyone who i think could've done a better job off the top of my head but i guess he works. the supporting cast was...just kinda there for the most part. just to kinda throw into the mix every once in a while to progress things, even Jamie's father, the preacher, seemed to be restrained from the typical father role. oh my goodness does daryl hannah look OLD. it's hard to believe she was once the chick from Splash. o.o; there were a lot of key cute moments between the two, such as the being in two places at once and sleeping next to her at the hospital. it really gave depth to Landon's love of her. *sigh* such a lucky girl.

music selection was great and i'm considering getting the soundtrack. Mandy Moore has a great voice, and if i actually listened to the radio on a regular basis, i'm sure i'd like it even more. n.n; anyways, i give this movie thumbs up, even with the slightly off pacing and somewhat restrained story. it is damn hard to pick and choose what you want from a book and fit it into a slot of what seems the normal 1 movie, and maybe i'll have to pick up the book to get the development i was looking for, but i think overall, you can still feel the romance between the two of them. like the wind, i know i can't see it but i can feel it. definately worth a watch in theatres, possibly even at full price. it leaves a really good feeling in you when you walk out of the theatre. b n.n d

unless, you're the teeny boppers who gather in the bathroom and stand in the way going on and on about 'oh my gawd, i cried during the movie, did you cry during the movie? oh my gawd, this movie is so sad. i need to see it again. did you cry? ohmigodshaunwestissohot! ohmigodstillcrying!', i don't recall crying during a movie at that age...not even Untamed Heart. :P wimps. XD

over the mountain and through the woods, to santa cruz i go
initiated Friday, February 1, 2002 @ 05:29 p.m.

*sniffle* well, this is probably the last hour or so before i relocate to santa cruz again for a couple of month. the past couple of days, i just kept telling myself it's only going to be those few months and that as soon as i start working, they'll pass by like nothing. which is probably true for the most part...but i'm still gonna miss the house, my roommates and hanging out with my friends, old and new, on a much more frequent basis. i'll still be online y'all and try to make it over the hill every once in a while to hang out. and i'll definately work my ass overtime and whatever else it takes to get back here asap. i'll miss you all, even though i'm only like another hour away, but that just goes to show how much i love all of ya. god...i make it sound like i'm dying or some shit. n.n; bah! i'll be back! and badder than ever! THE HOUSE OF ILL-REPUTE WILL LIVE ON!!! XD VIVA LA CASA DE LA OTAKU!!!

more bounce to the...pixel?
initiated Friday, February 1, 2002 @ 01:14 a.m.

okay, so we've revolutionized digital boob bounce with games like Dead or Alive and what-not... but dammit all, did they have to give little sprites bounce too?! x.x you can kinda see it on the pic from ro-world but i didn't notice until today, after zooming the camera in to take a screencap...that female thieves bounce. x.x she's the -only- one who does. not even the mage who i think is slightly less clothed bounces. it's just wro~ng. SPRITES DON'T BOUNCE!