personality chekku!

ph34r? :) i really don't remember enough of the movie to remember if Harvey Keitel played one of the bad asses of the movie but he tends to be in one way or another in Quentin films, so i'll be satisfied for the moment. as long as it's a character with a gun. XD

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things that make me vroom!!! XD


I enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto III. I really do. o.o It's like putting Crazy Taxi, Max Payne and the Goodfellas all in one. I'm really surprised at how much mature content they were able to stuff into the game and be able to release it at all really. n.n; Things that amuse me about the game...

- being able to run over pedestrians
- being able to MUG pedestrians
- being able to steal just about any vehicle on the screen, even ice cream trucks, hummers and triad fish market delivery trucks
- the thrill of repeatedly hitting someone with a baseball bat while they're on the ground, maybe kicking them a few times
- stealing a list of cars a la Gone in 60 Seconds
- picking up a ho in the red light district, driving to a secluded area and watching the car rock XD
- getting paid to do all of the above and more XD

It's just a real fun game over all dammit and it makes me want to go out and buy a PS2 even more. I remember saying before that I wanted to wait until all the new systems came out with some games before I decided which one I'd get. I think PS2 reigns supreme now. n.n If I get a TV for Xmas, I'll consider it even more but for now, I'm cool with playing on Eric's system. okay, time to sleep. eyelid is involuntarily twitching. >.o;;;

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daylight! *hisssssss*

uuuurgh...i've been such a vampire lately. x.x i've been going to sleep between 5-8am and waking up between 2-5pm. usually about the time starts sinking in the sky and the orange and reds are about. i'm trying to break this by just saying the hell with it and staying awake until at least the sun sets, hopefully til 9pm or something. i've done it cons but then again i usually have something to distract me all that time i suppose it's possible with all the anime i have to catch up with that either Steven or Eric have on DVD. like i just finished watching all of Jubei-chan before putting on Josie and the Pussycats (i couldn't resist. i haven't heard it in surround since i saw it in theatres! it's spiffy with 5.1 dolby! o.o), and i can see why people wouldn't really dig it that much. it's fairly repetative and has very...interesting character designs. n.n; it's kinda like watching Excel Saga but it tries to throw in serious bits here and there and mahou ninja shoujo action. o.o ugh...i wish i had bought a lovely eye patch when Jubei was still fairly unknown. i'm sure they've gone totally up in price now. ma~n...i'd like to cosplay Jubei in her ninja form but i don't think that'll happen any time soon. it was a pretty fun watch though, i enjoyed it enough. the henshin footage is pretty cool as well as some of the fight scenes.

hmmm...well else can i talk about in my delerium... oh yeah, i finally won at mahjong! twice even! both on pong (or however you spell it) because i'm not |337 enough to go for straights, royal flushes or nikuniku. i'm not even sure if i won by the whole point system but who cares! i got a mahjong! bite me! XD but i still suck at hearts. n.n;; at least i didn't get the absolute highest score of the night though. i don't think i'm a poor loser but i'm not best either. i do feel bad when i lose, repeatedly even. hell, i cried once after a basketball match once in 8th grade because we were in control for the first half but we got too damn cocky and lost in the 2nd half. but getting back on subject, i'll keep playing if i'm determined enough and i know that i have a good chance of winning. which is also why i continued playing Jak and Daxter through all the swearing and other such colorful expressions, even through a second game to see if the ending changed any when i got -everything- before defeating the final boss. alas, to my dismay not a damn thing changed. n.n; oh well, that's how it goes, guess i'll have to wait til the second game comes out to find out to see what's behind the huge precursor door.

bleeeeeeeeeh...i can't believe i've been randomly typing away at this entry for two and a half hours. ah well i guess i have been attempting to do too many things at the same time. chatting on aim, watching Pulp Fiction (yeah, it's been long enough that i needed to change mvoies) and of course, typing this out. been having fairly interesting dreams lately. pretty much a mix of a whole bunch of things i've seen lately (games, movies, anime). hell, in one of my dreams i ended up in a maid looking outfit (that was either Mahoromatic or Kokoro Toshokan). @.@; at least they were fairly action packed in some fashion (because even in a maid's outfit, i could do a knife and explosive fight in an old victorian house!) bah, one last thing before i cut this off. Gals is a cool anime and I love the ending song Dakishimetai by Jungle Smile. :)

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Tom's condition

Just in case some of you haven't heard about it, they have determined how the accident happened. Apparently, any brain damage that occured did not come from the accident, but rather a serious stroke that happened while he was driving. A vein burst with enough force to actually shift things around in his brain, so the doctors are really skeptic that he'll regain the ability to walk. *sigh* Like I said before, it could've been a lot worse, and for the most part, it sounds like he's doing okay. He is a bit different from before but he still remembers everyone and all. Let's all continue to hope for the best and speedy recovery.

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lament with me...

and people wonder why dubs are hated so much by certain individuals. i had the fortunate torture experience of hearing a couple of the dub voices for Love Hina, Mitsune and Kaolla's.

...let's just say I needed a glass of liquor afterwards.


if you want a better idea of how much i don't like it, let's just say i'm having trouble deciding which i hate more. the card captor suh-koo-rah one or these. i dunno, i understand that it's really hard to decide how to dub a character that uses Kansai/Osaka-ben but really, I'd be fine with a normal voice over a fake ass one. like giving Kero-chan a Brooklyn accent. WTF?! basically, they gave Mitsune (my FAVORITE character in the series) a fucking. southern. accent. and they tried to give Kaolla a Hindi accent. i rest my case.

onto a funner subject, did a bit of gaming this week. tonight they finally wrangled me over to the mahjong table to learn how to play. i suck but it's good fun. n.n i need to polish up on strategies and watching what other people throw out but it is only a game. thankfully we do not play for money. n.n; and i also played and finished the ps2 game Jak and Daxter. that was fairly infuriating at some parts considering that eric commented he had never heard me swear so much even while playing metal gear solid 2. managed to finish it in 2 days though. n.n; pretty good considering my past records with video games, which i would usually start, play until i got to the point where i could do the final battle...then stopped playing. o.o don't ask me why but i just did. i still haven't finished final fantasy 7 to this day. n.n; anyways, pretty fun platform game that's hard to stop playing because some parts are just so frustrating that you don't want to give up until you get it right because they give you infinite lives. i think the ps2 would've been in pieces if the game didn't have infinite lives. x.x yes, i died that much. either way, i look forward to the sequel.

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one thing after another

hmmm...this week has been very strange so far. i'm wondering how it's going to end really. it kinda started off first our internet went down during the weekend because of the whole stupid @home thing, and yes, i am fairly dependant on the net as far as communication because i really don't like using my cell phone unless i really need to. and seeing as how my parents are paying for it for the time being, i don't think they'll see me calling vegas on a daily basis as essential to my immediate needs. feh...that definately sucked. even if we don't talk the whole time we're online, it's still always comforting to know that she's there if i do have something to say. ah well, still managed to have a fairly good RP night with all of 5 people present (iow, we didn't die... merely ended up in a state of undress x.x). then monday rolled around. wtf is it with mondays? as if they aren't bad enough on their own, fate decided to stack it on this week. as soon as i wake, i notice a missed call from kyo. called him back only to find out that someone i saw, live, healthy and lovingly shit talking, was in a major accident that got him sent to the emergency room with a brain aneurism. he's in ICU as far as i know but's great he's alive but with something like that, you know they'll never be quite the same again -if- they pull through. i hate to sound pessimistic about it at all but that's the gospel truth. *sigh* i can only hope that he's not in any pain of the sort right now. maybe after the party this weekend, we can visit if more than family is allowed. *sigh* i really don't know what to hope for at this point. for myself, i don't if i'd want to keep going after such a serious injury that was going to handicap me that much. not just because it will be hard for me, but for anyone and everyone that cares about me as well. it's hard to see someone you call a friend or even family in such a state. on the outside, i've always been able to be strong when visiting relatives in the hospital and what-not but on the inside, i'm thinking 'jesus...will they really be happy living like that for however many years they may last?'. it's really up to the individual but i dunno... rambling i am. i shall move on to the rest of monday now really. so it's mahjong night again. usual people show up and- someone that i -knew- i had to run into eventually because we live in the same area but just not in my own damn house -*drumroll* marla. now, i don't really have anything against marla seeing as i've only met the girl once (well, twice now kinda) but the stories, oh the stories... i mean, sure, genkiland was off to begin with and i'm sure that might've effected her mood during that time but for the most part she seemed alright. not like she was smacking kids with balloons or even the characters in costume. either way, it was just the fact that she was in my HOUSE that weirded me out to no end. only weirded out. it was absolutely feasable since it's kinda a seven degrees thing through fanime staff but still... just the fact that she was in my house. that was like my quote of the night. 'marla's in my house...' weird weird shit i tell ya. she thought i looked familiar but didn't id me right on, nor eric, which i practically broke into a giggle fit about as soon as i was out of earshot. XD just weird man. moving on as i am repeating myself once again, finally got the net back up, eric got his 5.1 system and steve got the new EQ expansion. we all stayed up til 8 playing with our various toys since PG&E was going to turn off our electricity to do work at that time. luckily slept right through it, just to get back online and start d/l'ing more shtuff. huzzah for more pretear. gave eric and divon a lightshow (or 5) tonight. nice to know that my lightshows don't suck absolute shit. n.n; waaa~h...want the rav'n ribbon photons. ;.; or the strobe ones. they're so pu~rty! ha, mom asked me what i wanted for xmas, i could think of ' or a big HD'. i don't really need much else right now unless they want to buy me Technics 1200s. ha ha. yeah right. shucks, if everyone just gives me money to put towards fixing my car i'll be the living embodiment of hallelujah. n.n; mmmm...had a fun convo with my kirei before she signed off today. put me in a fairly good mood. n.n i love how playful we can be with each other sometimes. always gives me that airy feeling in my chest. bah...i'm so easily amused. n.n; end transmission...

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i love you... i'll kill you

no i'm not angsty but the second series of Magic Knight Rayearth sure was because that was pretty much Nova's motto throughout the entire series. thank you enigma for creating such appropriate lyrics for the series. i have a music vid idea. x.x but yeah, finally. after almost 5 years when i started watching MKR, i have finally watched all of it as of 9am yesterday. Presea and Hikaru are still my favorite characters and Primera still needs to be smacked with a flyswatter, slipper or something. n.n; i cheered muchly when Mokona shut her up by nearly eating her. XD i even rewound it so i could watch it all over again in slo-mo. kekekekekeke...oh yes, Lantis is still one hell of a secksay man. *_* it was decided that Aoshi and Misao of Rurouni Kenshin are just way too similar to Lantis and Hikaru (well other than the fact that Lantis talks). overall, i had a lot of fun watching the series and would probably do it all over again if anyone wants to do an official marathon. XD well, except for maybe the oavs...i only really liked that for All You Need is Love. n.n; but yes, kudos to Clamp! now back to Angelic Layer! and maybe X TV too if i ever get around to d/l'ing it. n.n;

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le si~gh... anyone that watches Fruits Basket, DO NOT watch episode 8 unless you have someone to cuddle with during and after it because it's just so sad and bittersweet. x.x Damn anime exposing the big softy deep down inside me. Not to mention Mahoromatic 6 was kinda bittersweet too when Suguru tells Mahoro that they can come back to the Obon festival next year and she can't bring herself to tell him the truth. Arrrrgh...need happy, crazy anime to counter the mushiness! NEED! MORE! POEMI! x.x And now I will try to go back to sleep. *snuffle* T_T

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metal gear sl0r3

*** possible spoilers ahead ***

my god, i can't believe i played Metal Gear Solid 2 from 6pm to 2am... granted i got to the end but didn't defeat the last two bosses yet because my brain was about to melt, which i'm sure either the psx2 or game were about to do as well from excessive playing. n.n; i'm really surprised i did as well as i did though. i was using the strategy guide but still, reading something and knowing what you're supposed to do is still different from actually -doing- it, not to mention all the small extra things like jumping over huge gaps and getting dog tags. urgh. x.x not to say i didn't die attempting those things but i'm just amazed i pulled them off at all. and EWWWWWW! i can't believe Hal got it on with his own step-mother. *BRRRRRRR* my god that creeped the hell out of phing, neil and i for a good couple of minutes. GEH! still creeps me out now. x.x i mean, step-siblings, been there and done that with Marmalade Boy and all, but step-PARENTS. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! i think some of the most amusing things of the section of the game i played were: 1) sniping the controllers for the bombs fatman set up without taking drugs, 2) coolant! best item of the ENTIRE GAME!, 3) accidentally blowing up the president with the Nikita missles (hey, -he- ran into it!) and 4) beating up Solid Snake for his dog tags. XD yes, i'm such a easily and violently amused person. i will have to ask kyo later what the requirements to play Counter-Strike are later.

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another improv-con come and gone

ah #fy and our weird con get togethers. n.n; so yesterday and today were all gaming days. tabletop rpg, mahjong, magic the gathering, axels and allies, the xbox and even the survivor board game were all present. n.n; i think right now they're -still- playing (scrabble). as always, things went well and everyone had a good time one way or another. w00t got a lot more anime to watch as well. thanks to katie and terrence. n.n oof...didn't really participate in a lot of the gaming myself except for star wars RPG and survivor. did pretty well in both, group didn't die or even get that badly hurt in star wars and i got a win for survivor. XD ah...but so tired. probably need to take some vitamins later so i don't get sick. @.@; thanks to everyone that came, it was fun. needs to happen again. it's amazing how much fun board games can be sometimes. i remember when i was a kid, my family used to always play a game sometime during the week, my personal favorite being life. n.n and now the really fun part...clean up. ya~y. n.n;

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