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this snowflake fell saturday 06302001 12:58am...
...and is about a.i. artificial intelligence and stuff...

mmkay, before i go one with my review, know that i don't watch tv more than probably a random 4-5 hours a week if that, thus i had never seen a preview of this movie before seeing it. i hadn't really done much research on the movie beforehand earlier because it was on my 'wait for a couple of opinions' list of movies but parents already wanted to see it, so i said what the heck. all in all, i honestly expected a movie with the same feel as steven speilburg's earlier abbreviated film, e.t. the extra-terrestrial. i got something veeeery different from it. o.o then again, instead of just snickering to myself when i saw stanley kubrick's name go by on the opening credits, i should've taken that as the mother of all clues. after reading a couple of other reviews though, i find i'm not alone in my slight discomfort of the movie. the movie doesn't suck by any means but as the movie progressed, the whole following an artificial child around on it's journey to 'love and be loved in return' became a bit too much. perhaps it was just the way that they were trying to tell the story but something about it just couldn't make me completely buy into it. slight (however obvious) spoiler ahead but i think the fact that after david (haley joel osment), the ai, is abandonned in the middle of the woods by his 'mother' -only- get to see what happens to david, never what impact this has on his former family, and most importantly his mother. there was never any engine to make you truly believe that she never wanted to part with him. for all you know, she could just be crying out of plain old pity for the poor robot that doesn't know any better.

...yeah, i'm pretty sure that's what bothered me. ah well, other than that, it's pretty enjoyable. my favorite elements of the movie were probably gigalo joe (jude law), an ai made to woo and umm...bed his clients... n.n; *ahem* ...and what every kid probably wanted out of teddy ruxpin, teddy, a mechanical toy bear that acts as kind of a babysitter for david. the futuristic scenery was well done, from the ruins of the washed out new york city to rouge city, which reminded me of a mix of the lights and characters of vegas and japanese or chinese hoods as depicted in movies. and of course the insides of the mechas were intricate. a big step from earlier films such as terminator and total recall. hard to believe things have improved so much within the 21 years i've existed. n.n anyhoo, i'd say it's worth a theatre watch just to see the huge cg scenery they dish out for you. whether it's a full price or matinee...i can't really decide myself. i dunno...just don't go in expecting to feel all warm and fuzzy at the end i suppose. n.n; hmmm...maybe i'd feel better if they had put the harry potter trailer at the -end- of the movie... n.n; j/k

* * * * *

this snowflake fell sunday 06172001 12:08am...
...and is about truth, beauty, freedom ...but most of all... love and stuff...

if you can't tell by the title of this entry, i just got back from seeing moulin rouge. before i go on a rabid roll and onslaught of words, i just have to comment that i more or less tricked my parental units into seeing this one. they had no idea...i mean NO IDEA...that this was going to be a musical movie. my mom found out as we were walking across the street to get coffee. and my mom is not really the 'musical' type. i don't think she even likes DISNEY musical movies much. and dave wanted to see swordfish (and i think he retained that opinion all throughout the movie. n.n;;; poor guy. maybe i should've suggested theatre hopping?). damn...where the hell do i begin... the movie overall is just AMAZING. baz luhrmann has definately taken advantage of the new technology used in films today since his last work, the remake of the classical shakespear movie, romeo + juliet. the movie moves much like a fast, breakneck paced rollercoaster. the initial climb starts in the present (of the movie 1900) paris with the young writer christian/ewan mcgregor lamenting over his tragic love with the courtisan satine/nicole kidman. as he starts to type out the story of truth, beauty, freedom and most of all, love, we reach the pinnacle of the ride, allowed just a few breaths of 'normalcy' before the sudden drop down into a swirl of dancing colors, rough and parodied music of the bohemian paradise, known especially for the brothel called the moulin rouge. it brings you up and down and upside down with the constant movement of dialogue, emotions, bodies and camera angels, spiced with digitally enhanced backgrounds. finally, a small break inbetween to really let the love story develop, only to be swerved at a sudden corner. indeed, it moves a lot like romeo + juliet did in the aspect of speedy and jerky movements just about anytime it wasn't a 'love scene' of some sort. while the background of the actual district is rather drab and boring, it allows the characters and the moulin rouge to truly stick out, with the loud mixes of reds, yellows, purples and the like. the music, i have to admit, shocked me at first. i had expected musical, but not bits and pieces of 'classic' love songs and others, transformed into half opera and half electronica. it was quite interesting to hear songs such as like a virgin, smells like teen spirit and even the can-can in such a style. it almost reminds me of the new school breaks group hybrid, who also mixes orchestrated music with digital bass. but i digress. all characters are played EXTREMELY well, as if they were allowed to be as loud and flamboyant as they wanted, and then pushed even more to do so. not to mention the singing done by the characters was excellent, pre-recorded or not. MAN i wish i had seen this in a theatre with THX surround or dtss... i have to wonder now if it'd make a difference, and i have the feeling it would to a point. what would really kill me though, is if they actually did a LIVE PERFORMANCE tour of moulin rouge. i would die deader than dead could be. i like it that much. i don't think i've liked a movie this much in a while. maybe since matrix. and for a love story, i don't think i've liked one this much since titanic. i was just completely blown away by every single aspect of the movie. it's a pity that most people will just see that it's a musical with ewan and nicole and be turned off by the idea. but i suppose one must have an extremely open mind to watch this movie. i mean, it's on fucking crack, i won't deny that. i think baz lurhman and craig pearce were snorting something REAL good to be able to pull this much absurdity out of their ass compartments, and still make it a moving, singing masterpiece. very enthusiastic two thumbs up from me. if it's still in the big screen where you are, get your butt over there and watch it. n.n

* * * * *

this snowflake fell friday 06152001 07:51pm...
...and is about tomb raider and stuff...

i'll admit that i actually wanted to see atlantis first but i missed the last matinee showing at 4:15 and opted to not make waste of my trip to downtown, and trotted over to the other theatre a block away to see the 4:30 matinee showing of tomb raider. of course, i took one look at the theatre and said 'wa~y too crowded' and decided to just wait for the 5:00 showing. n.n; it was almost a good thing i went by myself because i think any other person with me would've gotten frustrated with me. anyways, i had been hearing all the talk about how tomb raider sucks and blah blah blah, but...hello mcfly. it is a movie based on a game. of course it's not going to be intellectually or emotionally stimulating. some people just don't understand this. n.n; i went in expecting little storyline (because they expect you to know the basics already o.o), a bit of witty dialogue and a lot of 'oo~h pretty explosion/kick to solar plexus/etc.' and i got my $5 worth of those, save for maybe the witty dialogue and somewhat tame climax/end fight. the 'violence' was toned down of course, being a pg-13 movie, so if there was ever any guns in a scene, you saw no bullet penetrating human flesh. angelina jolie looked like she had a lot of fun playing her role, and paid a price for doing her own stunts at times (torn ligament and burned leg. ouch!). the movie even comes with nearly minute long shower scene... H.H all in all, it's a pretty fun movie but doesn't quite live up to the 'grrlz rule' type of fun i got in charlie's angels (and they didn't even have guns. o.o). worth a watch in the theatre for matinee, full price would have to mean you love to see angelina 'jiggle' or you worship the game. n.n;; ...did i mention the shower scene? XD oh yeah, the white matrix-like outfit looked yummy too. H.H

* * * * *

this snowflake fell monday 06042001 12:01am...
...and is about post project a-kon report and stuff...

friday - so i sleep in until about 1, get woken up by dave who was amazed to see i was still sleeping at such an hour, showered then took off from the house at about 3. but not before watching and quoting as much as possible from the princess bride. n.n; run a few errands before getting to the hotel. now, val had called me to wish me happy b-day while i was at dave's but i had hushed anyone in the room so she wouldn't know i was there, so she still didn't know i was there. of course, a fair amount of the surprise is ruined when i walk no more than 15 feet into the con hotel, see val coming towards me and can't run to hide since i'm carrying a cake in one arm, and the other is dragging my luggage. n.n; it went more or less like this...

[val] dave!
[dave] val!
[alana] *stuck in place thinking 'aww shit'* @.@;
[val] what the hell are you doing here?! O.O;

ah well, even though it didn't go exactly how i planned, it was still effective. n.n had a free complimentary badge from dave and wandered around for a bit before wanting to move stuff to actual room i'd be staying in. n.n; at that point, i ran into kyo and was asked if i wanted anything to least twice. n.n; as i was waiting to get the key to the room, i tried to have a conversation with kyo while ignoring his friends eyeing me. i dunno, call it women's intuition or whatever, but i can generally recognize when a guy/someone is checking me (or my girlfriend for that matter...) out. and i don't mean that in a stuck up manner as in it happens all the time, i can just recognize certain 'symptoms'. but yeah, after dumping stuff in the room, we go to benihana's and i get a b-day bottle of sake. XD oh yeah, i was pretty happy after that. *n.n* food was pretty good but our chef didn't do that many stunts. *pout* oh's not like you can pick and choose. n.n; after that, i think we just wandered around again, psuedo helping out with security (kyo and joe), and poorly directing people to karaoke and other such places. n.n;;;; it was a very genki, semi-tipsy night.

saturday - got up and immediately went to the dealers room i believe (i have such a crappy memory, i shit you not). since i was given reasons not to worry about room or registration, i had a bit more leeway than i originally thought i was going to have as far as spending money, but i still did an initial walk around to spot out stuff and compare prices. purchases stood at:

- cowboy bebop / faye valentine figurine session
- love hina / konno mitsune fastener mascot
- love hina / kaolla suu fastener mascot
- love hina / konno mitsune pin
- love hina / kaolla suu pin
- sakura taisen 2 / kanzaki sumire battle uniform mini figure

i thumbed through any sakura taisen doujinshi i came across but none were anything i was looking for. =/ there was a trigun / wolfwood x milly dj i was eyeing but i decided not to get it in the end. omg i couldn't believe omocha box had a plushie bear in box from digicharat and a chacha ring from akazukin chacha! i also couldn't believe the utena ring for $200. x.x i was hoping to find more sumire stuff but alas, no dice. maybe ax. same goes for having makoto uno signing my ani hina book. -.- they closed the line for signing before i got there. ;.; ah well, he's been showing up to cons lately so it wouldn't be surprising if he showed up at ax too. provided i go. n.n; but anyways, sometime during the day, i lost my complimentary badge, so i joined security, and opted to help out with cosplay and the main dance. neither really ended up needing our help so after maybe an hour or so, we were done. n.n; so we patrolled the halls after grabbing a drink (i had a margarita *.*) and didn't really run into much trouble. just one party of furry mu* that looked like it was overflowing a bit. met back up with val then wandered around the hotel looking for familiar faces but unfortunately, i was pretty tired already from all the walking i had done earlier, combined with tiredness and a drink. n.n; i think i snoozed a few times during the convo but i couldn't really relate to most of the subjects anyhoo. n.n;

sunday - *sigh* last day. ;.; reluctantly shower and pack up everything and haul it out to the car. do one last sweep through the dealer's room and etch my sl0redom for sakura taisen in stone. kyo ended up buying me not only the sumire...but the sakura, kouran and maria battle suit sakura taisen 2 dolls which are no longer in production. kyo. you suck. damn you and your temptation. i'll pay you back somehow! x.x so we (i, genkily) wander around a little bit more before deciding to grab something to eat before i have to take off. parting is such sweet sorrow, and today's partings were no different. flights were okay except for the fact that my mom wrote down one of my connecting flights wrong. x.x thank gawd i asked the flight attendant.

overall - i'd have to say i had a pretty awesome time. this is considering i didn't know more than 10 people there that i really felt comfortable hanging out with. it was rather different being at a con where every 5 minutes, i didn't see a familiar face. but in a way, it was better because i was forced to mingle more. i have to say i'm really happy that kyo and i get along really well, considering he's the ex and i'm the current, and a girl on top of that. n.n; we get along so well, that we can even discuss val without there being a veil of discomfort, and i really appreciate the chance to be able to communicate with him on that level. ...but he's still evil for making me crumble for those dolls! x.x n.n;; my only regret again is not pushing myself to do more with val. i swear, i'm such a chicken shit sometimes, even with the huge Talk(tm) we had not too long ago. ah well, maybe it's a good thing that we don't rush it as well. change isn't something that just happens, especially when you just pop in out of nowhere. n.n; mmm...maybe ax. anyways, i am p00p'd! night all! hope your weekend was just as 'kickin' as mine! n.n

* * * * *