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this snowflake fell friday 01012001 07:58am dallas time...
...and is about close encounters of the third kind and stuff...

no, not the movie or anything having to do with the aliens. you ever get into a fight with your parents/siblings or the like when a friend or guest is over? i know i have, and i know i felt really bad about doing it in front of the person but i've never -really- had to experience myself yet to the point where i just wanted to scream at (both of) them. x.x; i dunno, to me, it was almost a petty fight, but isn't how they all start? n.n; basically, a friend's mom was helping her with some cels she wants to sell at the con. friend thought it was only going to take 2˝hrs. they started probably around 12:30am. here it is like 7:30am, friend and mom have kinda been going at each other off and on all night. i've been trying to sleep probably since about 6 since i was crazy/stupid enough to stay up to watch the first sakura taisen oav. i -think- i might've actually gotten 30mins of sleep because i woke up to the arguing. what it came down to was that the mom thought my friend should retouch all of them in the end. maybe she was right, i don't know, i was feigning sleep, but from what i saw when they were working on it, they looked fine to me. it just seemed like the mom was kinda pulling rank/superiorness on my friend when she was already admitting that she just wanted to finish it the best she could within the time she had. sound familiar to anyone else? you know, you pour your best effort into something at the moment, then someone comes along and says 'oh it could be better' in that not so helpful tone? i dunno. it was just weird for me i guess. i am rather sleep deprived so it could be due to that too. bah, well they're gone now so i'm gonna actually try to get some sleep this time around. x.x is it bad that the con hasn't even started for me...but i'm already behind in sleep? :P n.n;;;

* * * * *

this snowflake fell friday 05012001 03:03am dallas time...
...and is about post b-day report and stuff...

well, my actual birthday was more or less uneventful for the most part considering i was either on an airplane or waiting at the terminal for my next flight from 1:40pm PST to 11:15pm err...dallas time. n.n;;; yeah, the crap on my previous entry was resolved...but then another problem came up. apparently, what i thought was a free flight coupon turned out to be a refunded ticket that was nowhere -near- the amount due for any of the flights. i got this info at rush hour lunch in the grocery store (yes, i am a slave to cash registers). so i get home from work, and suddenly, my mom still wants to pay for the trip. this is a LOT more than any of us anticipated really. so i toil over it until the next morning and decide 'fuck it, they offered, i've been given the run around, i'm going'. so here i am. oh, did i mention that i didn't have a drop of alcohol the whole day? n.n; somehow, i get the divine feeling that will be taken care of tomorrow... don't ask me how i know. val called me earlier and i thought it was going to be tanjii calling me back to see what's up, so i was caught a lil' off guard. n.n; as far as i know, she still doesn't know i'm here, or if she does, she's feigning ignorance. i guess we'll see tomorrow. n.n

in other news, for some reason, a couple of individuals think i'd be an excellent candidate for Dejiko's dub actress. ...sure! i have absolutely no acting experience other than j/hs drama classes, can't sing that well and...stuff. n.n; i dunno...maybe i'll just do it for fun, seeing as the tryouts are at AX, should i make it to the event. n.n; ...and now that i've read the page a bit more thoroughly, yea~h...i'm guessing experience would be helpful, and the fact that the final audition (like i'd cut it) would be in front of the con-goers, as a test to see who they'd like most likely...tis a bit more intimidating... x.x anyhoo, i think i'm either going to sleep or watch sakura taisen. i really wish i had brought a copy of my fic with me. T.T i would've liked to work on it. ah well. see you when the con is done! n.n v

* * * * *

this snowflake fell wednesday 05302001 12:40am...
...and is about pre-birthday blues and stuff...


several of you already know the story so you can just skip this. val, i might want to skip this. i'm really disappointed but i'll try to make up for it, kirei. gomen.

so i have had the 'paid birthday trip to akon' rug more or less pulled out from underneath me. i had been planning to go to akon since that's where 'everyone' was going to be. originally, my family was going to send me to vegas to my surprise, seeing as they don't really 'approve' of my decision to being romantically involved with val. but they figured, hey, we might as well send her somewhere where she'll be happy right? ri~ght... that's why now 2 days before my reserved flight on hold, they decide to have a Talk(tm) about how i should consider using the money for catching up on my financial situation. okay, fine. it's all good. BUT NOT FUCKING 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. honestly, i really appreciate the thought and would've really considered it if i already hadn't gone through the trouble to make reservations, ask for time off from a job i just BARELY started (but they were -really- nice enough to give it to me anyways) and made arrangements for transportion/rooms at the hotel. and on top of that, they did the half-assed 'but if you really want to go, we'll still pay for it' bullshit. NO. DON'T BULLSHIT ME LIKE THAT. IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO GO, FUCKING SAY SO. FUCK PRETENSE. and at this point, AX looks out of the question too. dammit all, i need to get away from this shit. i just want to sell every fucking thing i have of value to pay them all off and get them off my back. i know my financial situation is SHIT right now, but i can't really do anything about that until i get my CHECK. which is now going to be short as hell because i thought i was going to texas. had i known, i would've just WORKED. now i have to go in and ask/beg to see if i can regain any of those hours. i feel like a flaming IDIOT. i really should've seen it coming. it was all too good to be true. so now here i am. i'm pissed. listening to alanis morisette - jagged little pill for 'mood music'. and 2 cons less from what i hoped to be this year. yes, there will be more but after a -really- important discussion with val (not to be single-minded), i feel like shit. we finally lay down some really good thoughts, and now i can't do a damn thing to follow through with them for probably the next 2 months. yes, i dug my own grave by not immediately getting a job after office max. but i'm still irked as fuck. a~h...i need to get the HELL out of this situation asap. i know they thought they were doing it 'for my own good' but it just makes me fed up and crappy. it's almost like xmas eve all over again. "we love you alana but we can't support your decision to be with val in such a fashion. BUT we'll accept it anyways." ri~ght.

isn't it ironic?
don't you think?
it's like rain on your wedding day
it's the free ride when you've already paid
it's the good advice that you just didn't take
and who would've figures
well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
when you think everything's okay
and everything's going right
and life has a funny way of helping you out when
you think everything's gone wrong
and everything's blown up in your face

i'll eventually calm down enough to post the rest of the sakura taisen quotes, really. -.-; sorry everyone.

* * * * *

this snowflake fell monday 05282001 04:54am...
...and is about the sakura taisen marathon and stuff...

i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that everyone coerced me into dragging my butt out to berkeley for the marathon. *.* arigatou minna! i had a great time watching with you all and scaring/corrupting at the same time. XD i wish i could go into this more but i'm really exhausted. x.x i'll probably put more later but for now, memorable quotes!

"where do they get all these random miko?" "rent-a-miko." "we're gonna need more pork rinds!"
[Setsuna] *popping out from Lasetsu's body* BLAAAAAA~! @.@
"that's a big fucking rock!"
"did they have computers/radar/object back in the 1920's?" "yes! they were powered by steam!"
"there's two types of steam. good steam and evil steam."
[Lasetsu] *kanna teleports from his grasp with the aid of iris* rrrgh?!
hmmmmmm~... *rubs chin in thought and is immediately smacked/hit w/ hand, pillow, kouran shitajiki, mallet, etc.* @.@;
"look! she has the glow!" o/~ you are the last possess the the GLOW! o/~
"oh look! tsubaki gets a line!" *everyone looks at terrence* *pikupiku* what?!
*everyone parapara's to the 2nd opening/ending sequence* XD

that's all i can remember right now. n.n; more later!

* * * * *

this snowflake fell thursday 05242001 12:31am...
...and is about grocery store cashiering and stuff...

i have to admit, i had always thought of the position as a 'grunt job' like it's depicted in movies and what-not. but damn, now that i've tried it, it's a lot of friggin' work. o.o i felt that same anxiety when i was told i would have to memorize all the printer cartridges at office max, when the zanatto's group told me i'd have to memorize all the codes to ring up fruits and vegetables. i never really noticed how many there were and their variations on top of that until i had to try to ring them up. x.x now on top of straightening videos and other 'job' habits, i can add shouting out ring up codes when i walk around safeway or something. ~.~; ga~h... the place is pretty cool though, and so are the people. there are a lot of new people but i still feel at a disadvantage as far as socializing since i'm not a student of the university or community college. ah well, i'll get over and done with that soon. it never gets that busy from what i've seen so far, but we'll see how fridays and saturdays are soon.

in other news, i need to really start planning my trip. x.x swa is so weird. i can't tell if these are roundtrip or not and i haven't had time recently to call and find out. bah...i guess i'll get up early fri and call. i don't remember it being this hard before dammit. x.x i wish i had the luxury to just drive everywhere. n.n; roadtrips are always more fun for me anyways for some reason, even if i'm by myself. oh...i also managed to scare a love hina fan by telling them i was watching a fantasy noir anime with yaoi tendencies. XD a.k.a. yami no matsuei. i've d/l'd what available of that and mugen no ryvius, and like them both so far. n.n but i'm still waiting for inu yasha 25. x.x rar! oh, i finally got a review for hesitation. *.* i'm really glad because i wasn't sure if the characters were IC enough even though it was kinda a OOC situation to begin with (imho at least. that's why i wanted to write it. n.n;). to add to the creative binge i'm on, i want to do a music vid of you're gonna get yours by public enemy to initial d (even though i've seen -zip- of the series) and the bitch song by bowling for soup to flcl. XD zettai ni! bah...damn 9am shifts...time to sleep.

* * * * *

this snowflake fell monday 05212001 09:47pm...
...and is about hosting anime website pains and stuff...

honestly, i had no idea love hina would gain this much popularity when i started hinatasou back in april '00. let alone that my site being one of the most visited for info, and now that it is, i am happy that my work is being recognized. but i guess kinda like what one of my megatokyo friends was ranting about a while back, i don't like being 'harassed', for lack of a better word. the request that has slowly built up a big annoyance is the request for subbed episodes. i think i will have to officially put it on the front page somewhere that i am not a distro like genkiland's fushigi yuugi page. this is typically how the dialogue goes.

[fan] can you give me ** episode(s) of love hina?
[me] unfortunately no, i'm on a dial up and it would take forever for it transfer. you'd be better off finding a site.
[fan] oh, do you know any sites?
[me] no, i got my episodes from friends. you might want to check the msg board because i've noticed they usually post a url there. or the anipike.
[fan] oh! can i get it from your friends?
[me] unfortunately no, they're all private login ftps

typically, they say they'll check the board then wander off. this recent guy was different.

[fan] Why don't you give me the login for it. In return I will upload some Serial Experiments: Lain vcd episodes.
[me] be~cause it's not my ftp, it's a friends. i don't they would like me giving out login info. n.n;
[fan] >.> <.< Who sayd they would have to know?

i'm not the most honest person on the planet but i have the decency not to give away info that was entrusted to me for my own benefit. especially to people who just msg'd me out of the blue.

[fan] I have a better idea then. Tell me how to contact your friend so I can work it out.
[me] #anime-fansubs on EFNET
[fan] No aim or icq?
[me] not that i'm aware of nope.
[fan] Well I don't know how to contact the person then...
[fan] I don't know how to use mirc or direct connect or newsgroups or anything..
[me] you'd have to d/l either pIRCh or mIRC, then get on a EFNet server.
[fan] mIRC scares me. My friend says that if I learn how to use it I could get a lot of anime off it...but it is scary >_<
[me] if you need a list of servers -
[fan] Thats not the problem. So many buttons and windows and errors >.<
[me] u~hh...well, i've been on IRC for like years and i have yet to run across anything so terrible i'd stop using it.
[me] it's just like aim, except for a few things here and there.
[fan] It wont let me connect to efnet
[me] none of those servers work?
[fan] Looking up your hostname, checking ident, got ident response, found your hostname, Closing link uder..blah blah blah etc.
[fan] *user
[me] try
[fan] (You are not authorized to use this server)
[fan] Oh I got it to work
[fan] -_- They say love hina is licensed so they no give and they chewed me out for making a request
[me] d'oh... you'll have to check the boards then.

honestly, i had forgotten about love hina being licensed at the time... ...but i admit that i found it amusing as hell that the guy got bitched out. XD

[fan] -_- That is why I don't like mirc. Got to choose like every server to pick one that works. Ask one question and get chewed out.
[me] *shrug* well it's a general 'fansubber' rule not to distro stuff after it's been licensed, and love hina was announced back in march.
[fan] I know it was licensed.
[fan] Still doesn't stop anyone at the anime club from swapping it though.
[me] *shrug* that's the rules though.
[fan] Well you could have told me that before you sent me in there!
[me] because it's a universal rule? o.o
[fan] You sent me there hoping I could get the love hina episode from there. But I couldn't!
[fan] This is all your fault and you owe me big ^_^

i owe him? uhh...sorry no. in fact, the guy is still trying to get it from me somehow. he wants me to buy a vcd copy off of ebay then make him a copy for $10. why don't i just buy you the dvd set while i'm at it huh? i'm fuckin' sorry, but these types get on my nerves. the type who just want as much as they can get for free from anyone. yes, i d/l episodes myself but if i like something enough, i tend to buy the legit in some form later on. I HAVE THE FUCKIN' ORIGINAL JAPANESE DVDS FOR LOVE HINA THAT ARE AROUND $100, SPECIAL EDITION. maybe i'm on a fuckin' high horse and being elitest, but if you really like something, i believe you'd put whatever you could into getting it. and ONE episode that isn't really that plot developing isn't worth $10+ s&h. i'm really on the verge of telling this person to fuck off but dammit all, i'm too polite for my own good. customer service made my tolerance for idiocy pretty high. RAR!!! after this guy signs off, i'm blocking his ass.

*sigh* i didn't even originally intend to blog about this but it's just eating at me and since i can't tell the guy off, i'll just bitch here... in other news, i finished my trigun fic hesitation. i'm on such a fic run right now after years of nothing. once i finished the trigun fic, it was replaced with an idea for a sakura taisen fic. @.@; and then i still need to do the next chapter of roll to me. ararara~...i just hope i still have enough time and thought to work on these things since i finally found work again. it's customer service/cashier all over again but it'll pay. anyhoo, i'm gonna try to relax and watch infinite ryvius.

* * * * *

this snowflake fell friday 05182001 03:21am...
...and is about a boring but good day and stuff...

ugh...i accomplished a great deal of nothing today. n.n; i got up early (for me at least), to call a place i applied for job at and it turns out they couldn't give an interview that day so to come by tomorrow at 2. so here i was, trying to decide whether or not to go back to sleep, and i tried but didn't succeed. ah well. tried to work on a couple of projects but i couldn't really get into any of them so...i was just bored a lot of the time. @.@; i did receive some good news as far as my b-day though, but that will have to remain a secret for now because i wasn't supposed to know but yeah... n.n; let's just say some people won't expect what happens.

rar...i hate my anime h0dom. n.n; i found yet another character i wouldn't mind cosplaying. Taiyaji Sango from Inu Yasha. she kicks some major youkai ass. *.* and she has a big boomerang to back her up. heck, i think i'd have fun just making the boomerang itself really. n.n; the outfit itself isn't too difficult. her fighting one that is. black tights with a half turtleneck collar and the armor. might attempt the mask too but not sure yet. ugh...too many neat ideas, spiffy character and not enough cons to actually wear them at. n.n;; oh well.

time to sleep so i can get up for that interview. z.z

* * * * *