02:24 p.m. Thursday, November 25, 2004
turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey, stuffing! stuffing!

(see ref. badger/mushroom song)

mmm turkey day. no food coma plz. had a pre-thanksgiving dinner last night with mom and dave but am going to the 'family' shindig at my bro's in a bit. more on that later.

in other news, Sister Rosette is finally a full fledged battle priestess! =D not only that, i managed to scrounge up enough money to buy +5 fire and wind swordmaces since i already had an ice/water one. XD still debating on an earth swordmace since there's really no huge need for one yet. yet. anyways, i might take a screenie later for fun. =D i'm just happy she reach it and can actually solo at decent places by herself. =3

mmm stepmom Sher was assaulted in her own apartment building. that pisses me off to no degree considering both my dad and her have enough problems, physical and otherwise. *sigh* fuckin' crazy ass people. thankfully they at least have the fucker in custody. <.< eh...ask me about it if you're curious.

other than that, some of the #lili crew has decided to make a sister group and translate the Kannazuki no Miko and Read or Dream/Die manga. if anyone wants to help out at all, please let me know. right now, i'm just kinda serving as a rough draft translator. n.n;

anyways, gotta be getting ready. have a nice holiday everyone~. o/

02:29 a.m. Thursday, November 18, 2004
Arana is feeling: v.amused XD

godimus: Lana will be single forever cause she forever macking.. she's big pimpin' spending Gs.. L to the izzo N to the pizzo.. fo shizzo my nizzo, thats the anthem so get your damn hands up. Lana's just a jigga girl. ;-)

w3rd 2 d4 mummyf4ck3r. XD lol

in other news, while it wasn't bad enough i started playing RO on a private server, i went ahead and paid to play on iRO for a month as well. i must say, i think it's improved as far as the lag issue and what not. bots are still abundant but hey, whatever as long as they're not taking my kill. for the most part, i've been playing on Sister Rosette as i STILL want to make it to job lvl 50 with her, even if it drives me absolutely BATTY. i've managed to get her to 47 already and am halfway to 48. i figure if i keep soloing in Orc Village while leeching off Minami a bit in High Orcs with a lot of use of my Hide Clip, 50 shouldn't actually be too bad. o/ i've used Neko a bit too and found that's she's still pretty decent on hunting parties. Ocarina still flies pretty well with the amount of int/dex i put into her so i'm happy. =D considering most of the 'original' AV crew is gone, it's a bit lonely so i've kinda started to hang with people outside the circle and such. all in all, good fun. it was kinda a hard decision to see what i'd go back to- RO or CoH -but i figured in the end, there'd still be more friends on RO so i went with that. jolly fun yo. n.n

mmm what else, oh yeah, got to see Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason during Sneak Preview weekend, and i must say, even though i don't really remember much of the book from when i read it (whenever it was that it first came out) i still really enjoyed EoR. there was one scene in particular that made me go 'O_O holy fuck! did that happen in the book?! i wish i could remember!!'. well...i thought it at least, couldn't very well shout that with my mom and other people in the theatre. n.n; overall while it's not better than the original, it's not worse off that it either. v.good movie, enjoyed it greatly as a sequel. if you're a fan of the original or just love romantic comedies, definately worth the watch in theatres. guys, if you want to get the girl, you'll have to bring her to this movie. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. XD

mmm tomorrow/later today is movie day with mom...i know she wants to see Alfie but i'm kind ehh~ on it. definately hoping and looking forward to Finding Neverland if any of the theatres in SC decided to pick it up. i would think so since SC tends to like small independant like flicks but...we'll see. *crosses fingers* =3

12:15 a.m. Sunday, November 7, 2004
boredom gives birth to creativity

no seriously, either that or my artistic muse feels like hanging about for a while. i'm just waiting to see if my fic muse will kick in since i've been ODing on Kaleido Star with an unbridled passion. <.<; the problem is that i'd want to see the rest of the series really before doing any serious writing to make sure i'm being in canon and what not. *sigh* ah well.

anyways, for the most part my muse has been wanting/willing to play with some wallpaper designs. sure i had a bit of incentive in doing so since the site i u/l'd them to has a MASSIVE image gallery but you need to 'level up' to be allowed access to download them. so i've been just kinda throwing stuff together from the images i have now to get some quick points to get to level 10. thankfully i just hit it tonight so i can leech to my heart's content...after i give my eyes some rest from the computer screen. n.n; here's the links to them, most are 1024x768 because of the size of the originals.

title: sweet sinning
info: Ciel/Tsukihime
desc: pretty much the same as my current blog pic but resized

title: Maidens of the Moon Shrine
info: Kurusugawa Himeko & Himemiya Chikane/Kannazuki no Miko
desc: what was hoped to be the new 'yuri' anime for the season but looks like things are taking a turn for the...'straight'-ness to our disappointment. regardless, the girls still look lovely together so here they are in their miko wear.

title: mamotte miseru...
info: Kurusugawa Himeko, Himemiya Chikane and Oogami Souma's mech/Kannazuki no Miko
desc: this time, they're in their fashionable school wear! the big mech belongs to Oogami Souma, who's the guy that Himeko will probably end up with. ;_; poor Chikane, she tries so hard to be there for Himeko too but as much as Himeko loves her as a friend, there's still a definate boundary she puts between them. *sigh*

title: Best of the Bad Boys
info: Loki/Matantei Loki Ragnarok
desc: yes that's THE Loki, also known as The Trickster...the OG of bad boys in his adult form. XD you just gotta love that cute smirk he has on. him and Xelloss would get along SO DAMN WELL.

title: Two of a Kind
info: Nanohana Jiyu and Yagyu Freesha/Jubei-chan 2 ~Siberia Yagyuu no Gyakushuu~

yeah so...i still suck ass at using photoshop and stuff but i guess it could be worse. n.n;

oh yeah, finally got to see The Grudge. apart from the friggin' teeny boppers that couldn't SHUT THE FUCK UP OR SIT STILL FOR 5 MINUTES...it was a good movie. pretty damn creepy i must say. enough for me to think 'damn...it'd sure suck to open this door this late at night and have some cursed ladies head be floating right there.' the gurgle noise thing was very creepy too. geez there was this one part where like everyone jumped...but my mom like SCREAMED. she screamed enough so i didn't even have to gasp or anything. i was like *GA-*mom SCREAMS* ... <.<; pretty good scare tho, they play the trailer for Ring 2 as well so i'll be checkin' that out.

speaking of trailers...Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the Sith... i'm not impressed and still skeptical as hell. =.=;

03:27 a.m. Sunday, October 31, 2004
tsubasa no yume, soshite sora e!

i've watched 1-26 of 52 episodes of Kaleido Star and i've already been pwnt. ;_; that last scene on 26 just...weeble weeble weeble. >.<; GAH! I MUST HAVE THE OTHER 26 EPISODES DAMMIT!!! more Sora and Layla and Anna and Mia and Sarah and Police-san and Ken being dumped on and everyone else! mooooore~ >O argh~ ADV supposedly has the full series but on animeondvd, they don't show episodes 27-52 in the 'to be released' section so i have no idea what to make of that. =/ actually nevermind, according to animesuki...

Kaleido Star - ADV Films

License announced at Anime Expo 2002 before even airing on Japanse TV. Status of second season unclear (complete series is 51 episodes, but ADV Films claims their DVD release will be 26 episodes).

*cries* FUCK. so if i want the last 26 episodes on dvd, i have to buy the jp dvds... *cues Jay/Silent Bob Fuck Song* you know, i've been defending ADV a pretty good deal lately when people have been badmouthing them but no more. you only licensed HALF of the damn series?! you bastards!!! >.< i'mma kill you! yo mama! and all her bridge playing friends!!! oh well, i can hope that SOME digisub group out there will finish it. <.<

in other news, gaming was fun today. took a fair amount of damage this time but nothing i could walk away from...or be carried away from in a few cases. n.n; being infected was kinda a trip but jahi's poor character got the brunt of that. XD all in all, pretty smooth game for only 3 of us. hopefully, next time the other 2 boys'll be able to make it down here and possibly get a new player since i'm pretty sure we convinced her our group is...'special' and anything but professional. n.n;

in closing... o/~ neko mimi! neko mimi mode! neko mimi mode! neko mimi mode de~! o/~ XD (you know you loved it kage! <3)

10:38 p.m. Wednesday, October 27, 2004
you're on FIRE!

geh flash went off...

woo finally turned the flash off!

along with the gutting of the innards, cutting the top out, making ventilation holes and actual carving...took somewhere between 3-4 hours. not bad for not having a stencil eh? =D well not one printed out from a website at least. i did do a rough sketch on the pumpkin with permanent markers so i'd know where to cut. i just wish i had better tools so 1) it would've taken less time and i could've done more detail like the zipper. ah well, still pretty good if i do say so myself. n.n; geez that pumpkin was thick though. i had to keep lighting candles inside and carrying it to the closet because it was the only place dark enough in the house for me to check if enough light was getting thru. x.x that's the only problem with doing carvings like that... n.n; originally i was gonna do Mokona but happily changed my mind.

*mom arrives at home*
[mom] why is it so dark-oh you carved the pumpkin! it's cute!
[me] =D
[mom] what is it?
[me] it's Gir from Invader Zim. *shows patch and plushie*
[mom] aww it's cute! ...will kids recognize it?
[me] ...umm well it was on nickelodeon for a while... >.o;

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