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today 4 u
i just recently picked up The Best of Rent - Highlights from the Original Cats, and have been listening to it on a pretty frequent basis every since. while listening to the songs i haven't heard in nearly a year by now, i noticed that One Song Glory would make a interesting fanvid/fic to Saishuu Heiki Kanojo/She, The Ultimate Weapon since the catch phrase for the series is "The last love song on this little planet." then the cd progressed to Will I?, which REALLY fits Chise, especially towards the end of the story when...well that's spoilers. n.n; anyways, this is a combonation of two of my fave things right now, depressing as they may be. n.n;


on the brink
Saturday, October 26, 2002 10:29 p.m.

so i'm finally home after a pretty stressful day of work. i have the closing shift so i get in at noon, only to learn that someone in my department walked out the day before and the other person who was supposed to close that night called in sick. ...so essentially, i had a 1 days of backlog, plus my 8hr day. ooooooooooooooh it was FUN like if my anus were to start bleeding! ...so yeah, it was a lot of managers telling me to do 3 different things, while i was trying to answer questions on both the phone and floor. i never got around to doing the paperwork but i didn't manage to get everything more or less stocked for the weekend. ugh...i just know it's going to be hell because i don't have enough rubbermaid containers to last the sale ads. *shakes head* oh well, anything i didn't finish tonight, other than front facing, i can hopefully catch up with tomorrow. ugh...i think i have a fair idea of how the previous department manager krista feels, and said feeling doesn't encourage me to want to become the next dm. i'm so dying for krista to come back from doing resets. i'm very much in a state of overwhelmed. x'x

of course, when i get home, things don't improve too much past being away from work. if i wasn't planning on moving back to SV asap, i swear...i think getting my own fucking dsl or cable modem would be next on my agenda because as frivilous as it is, it REALLY gets on my fucking nerves that my mom can't check her email w/o unplugging the DSL from the router and plugging it directly into their computer. it's ASININE. it pretty much negates the reason for us having a fucking router. it's another one of those things that is as fun as my anus bleeding! sure, it's not like i'm d/l'ing more than either anime or music but it's not like it still can't annoy me. i swear, i think i will actually offer to pay the ass fuck price per minute for tech support call to nutscrape or whoever to get this resolved because it's STOOPID. my god, i'd rather just go back to fuckin' dial up at this point! argh~ michi or eric or whoever, if you can think of a reason why this is happening, please lemme know. x.x

and just for fyi, what i was d/l'ing was the last fy oav from the new series. stopped at 59% and would've finished in 44 minutes. maybe i should just get one of those signs with the clock handles on it and put 'you can unplug the router at blah time' or something. either way, where the episode stopped was kinda cool. it works as a cliffhanger very well. Mayo is still a bitch even if her life was the way it was but at least she admited it and is genuinely sorry. man i hope the story ends here. the book just needs to leave everyone alone already. =P

argh...dizzy spells bad. time to sleep. z.z

livin' la vie boheme
Saturday, October 26, 2002 02:35 a.m.

so after a late start, a quick glance into kino and yummy okonomiyaki, steph and i managed to more or less run the two blocks from the union square garage to the curran theatre, probably no more than 30 seconds before the lights dimmed. n.n; whoo~ cut it kinda close.

hmmm...where to start... well, the sets for La Boheme were really neat. they looked A LOT like sets from Moulin Rouge half of the time but eh. n.n; visually, i give this musical two very enthusiastic thumbs up. the scene where the band comes marching through while everyone is at the cafe had to be the best since there was so much color and movement from practically -every- part of the stage. he really didn't hold back on making it seem just like a normal street because there weren't just people on 'the street', there were also people in and on the balconies of the 'buildings'. it felt more like i was watching a movie set most of the time rather than a musical or play stage really. it's really hard to describe without giving it away, which i really don't want to do because it's something that definately should be seen.

the subtitles were fun since they actually played around with them, switching fonts and sizes to match the mood of the song, unlike when i saw Carmen and it was just your average yellow subs. n.n; though, i was kinda bummed they skipped lines here and there but then again, what can you do? you'd need to either scroll the words or get a bigger screen. n.n; the screens where a lil' difficult to see sometimes since we were on the top balcony but overall it wasn't too bad.

music, i'm just still stunned by the fact that Mimi/Lucia was played by an asian girl. o.o; and she was belting out italian like there was no tomorrow. now i've seen asians in musicals and such before, but they were singing in english so it was just a trip for me. n.n; hurrah for aZns!

acting, this is also kinda hard for me to really form an opinion on since we were so high up and it's really hard for me to gauge a performance when i can't see their expressions unless i use binoculars, at which point i can't see the subs. n.n; if anything, i really liked Marcello and Musetta, they cracked me up so much. there were a couple of spills, one by Rodolfo when he was bringing back wine for Mimi to drink, the other when Marcello starts chasing Musetta down the street. n.n; i think Marcello's was intentional but it could've been due to the fake snow. *shrug* either way, i think it worked nice. as for Rodolfo's stumble...i dunno, i think that might've been a whoopsie but a forgivable one since he might've been stumbling over himself, distracted by Mimi's beauty and shite. =P *shrugs* i guess i'll have to see it again to make sure. XD

and of course, the inevitable comparison of La Boheme to Rent. storywise, they're practically identical save for a few things here or there. i could pick out every little reference between the two, and there was plenty of pickin's. n.n;

though, i found myself a lot more engrossed in Rent rather than La Boheme for a couple of reasons. one being the development of the characters. Rent seemed to take the characters of La Boheme, changed a few orientations here and there, then gave them A LOT more background and overall stage time. and with that extra knowledge of why the characters are the way they are, it makes it a lot easier for me to get into their characters and feel what they're feeling.

second, i mentioned the subtitles earlier and the lack of translations on a few lines, and this definately factors into not being able to connect with the story and characters as well. there were scene where people would be singing different things all at the same time, and i can understand they had to pick one out of them to focus on but ugh...so much emotion is lost doing that. ~.~;

which kind of brings me back to the first reason of development in characters. Rent was a LOT more spaced out with their songs. there was never a song where there were 3 people single at the same time about their seperate situations in Rent, so it was a lot easier to just focus on this person or this couple or whatever.

i dunno, i guess i can handle the 3-person-at-the-same-time thing in good ol' english, seeing as a handful of songs in Les Miserables do that, but the language barrier got to me on this one. @.@; i like the style but oof...if i can't understand it, i just get lost.

overall, i like the musical but there are things that i wish could've been done differently to get the full scale of it i guess. i think La Boheme deserves at least one viewing, the second being optional, but i'd recommend seeing Rent (again) myself for those who don't want to choose between reading subs and watching the stage. n.n;

attention customers
Friday, October 18, 2002 01:44 p.m.

i have but one thing to say to the world of consumers... *ahem*


really, am i asking so much as a retail slut? i know i essentially get paid to help customers but babysitting them and cleaning up after their shit...NO. for fucks sake, i have to be complaining about something that's been around for the past centuries or so. it's like people forget their retail roots once they get a 'real job'. it's very simple. you take it off the shelf, look at it, if you don't want it, do NOT just put it on the floor and just continue to take shit off the shelf until you're satisfied. PUT IT BACK. GAAAAAH! >.<

*huffhuff* -.-; sorry, i just had a really fun time front facing -both- of my departments (because i work both housewares AND seasonal) especially the garbage can/laundry basket aisle. *sigh* i did watch Piano, Puchi Puri Yuushi and Haibane Renmei subbed finally but i'm gonna wait til later to write my reviews. until then, i will simply enjoy my buzz off Skyy Blue Vodka and sleep. z.z

"tsubasa aru no mono, yume ni tobe..."
Thursday, October 17, 2002 3:34 a.m.

well...it's actually the opposite from the quote up above. instead of using their wings to fly towards their dreams, the girls in Haibane Renmei use their dreams to get their wings. n.n i got a bit of new anime in so this is gonna be a review post. first...

Haibane Renmei - Charcoal Feathers Federation
this series is about an 'old house' full of young people, who are seen as neither humans nor angels, since they have grey or charcaol colored small wings on their back, as well as halos (fresh out of the forge!). no one really seems to know why they are the way the are, although there is a slight inkling that they all had a past life of some sort. the only clues they have are the dreams they see before they hatch from a huge cocoon like pod, which is how they decide their names for each other. since our (i think) main character had a dream about just falling through the sky, they decide to name her Rakka, which are the characters for 'fall down'. when they're 'born', they look like ordinary humans but afterwards, they recieve their halo (which may need to be taped to your head if it's still too hot from the forge and won't stick right n.n;) and very painfully sprout their wings.

this series was based of a doujinshi actually, and once i find out the name, i'm hoping to locate it though i really doubt i will. n.n; i really enjoyed the first episode even though it was raw. the story is definately interesting, and leaves a lot of room for both story and characters to develop. the art is fairly simple, which a few touches of CG here and there for effect. the music is very soft and subtle so far. it's a bonus that Noda Junko is in it. XD it's funny, her character Reki has Mitsune's voice with Motoko's looks with Haruka's smoking habit. n.n; the whole crow/raven falling with her thing makes me wonder if it's something like The Crow movie, but without the whole revenge thing. guess i'll have to wait and see. i find it amusing that not too long ago i did a random sketch of an angel. i'm sure it means absolutely nothing but i find it amusing anyways. =P i really like Reki and Rakka so far. it looks like they'll have a pretty close friendship seeing as Reki's the 'lead angel' from what i can tell. augh, i just need the digisub already. @.@;

Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex
i didn't get to sit down and really pay attention to this while i was playing it but from what i can tell, this isn't really attached to the movie at all. looks like missions that took place before the movie timeline perhaps. so far no grand scheme has been revealed but then again, it's only ep 1. n.n; being a tv series, of course the art suffered a bit but it's not completely unbearable like some others. if anything, Kusanagi looks closer to her original manga art. i REALLY like the opening song. it feels very new Madonna stylish or something. i know there's a better artist to describe it but their name escapes me right now. actually, now that i think about it, the anime seems to be a lot more like the video game from what i remember of it, or maybe a combonation of the two. because they have the tanks in this series, along with the invis-camo suits. either way, i'll probably be getting this for my dad and a coworker since they really digged the movie. i will get it for the op. *.*

Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna - Bonds of Reasoning
yet another anime i need to sit down and watch again since i just kind of put it on as background noise while getting ready for work today. n.n; from what i can tell, Ayumu, lost his brother after receiving a strange call from him concerning the Blade Children. two years later, Ayumu still doesn't know what happened to his brother, and now lives with his sister in law, Madoka, who is a detective (maybe was his bro's partner in more ways than one? *shrug*). strange things start to happen around Ayumu, and he's forced to use his somewhat unknown skills for solving the mysteries.

guess they finally decided to do a forensic-like shounen series/manga. n.n; i'm kinda so so about this one. not thrilled with it nor utterly bored. if anything it'll be a fun filler series to watch, especially to see if i can figure out the crimes before Ayumu does. XD i -think- Mitsuishi Kotono does the voice for Madoka but i'm not 100% on that. also, hysteric blue and horie yui do the op/ed.

i also have Naruto and am queued to get Piano and Puchi Puri Yuushi. hopefully i'll finish getting those tonight or at least before my mom has to disconnect the router again to check her email. ridiculous i tell you. >.<

ooooooo~h also got to see Birds of Prey finally. mmmmm...Helena is hot. *.* yup yup mmm~mm! the show is...oka~y so far. the fight scenes while they do have the means of doing HK/Matrix like moves, i think they lack the choreography to make it REALLY great. i'm hoping that they'll change fight coordinators in the future to get the show really rolling. i dunno...it's hard for me to ignore the cheese factor sometimes. i'm all for cheese if that's what they're actually going for, but when they're trying to be serious...it's just too much for me. n.n; oh well, it's only the 2nd ep so i'll probably wait it out. i think i've just been watching too many dark and progressive things lately, and it's effecting my cheesy meter. n.n; mmm...dark and progressive...

*yawn* anyhow, hopefully i'll get my reviews for Piano, Naruto and Puchi Puri Yuushi before i go into work tomorrow. time to pass out. z.z

let the bodies hit the floor
Monday, October 15, 2002 2:02 a.m.

wa~i got to see and talk to k-itchy before he had to take off to sj airport. poor thing was having trouble moving around the house in the dark but i came to the rescue with my photon! although i kind of surprised him at first since i had set up my air mattress in the living room since aya was sleeping in my bed, and he had been sleeping while i was doing so. n.n; it was cool to see him even if for just 30 minutes.

after that, slept in til about 1, played some more Chrono Cross, watched Groove, then we started another section of our survival horror rp game. o~h and did the bodies hit the floor. XD

basically, our special forces team was sent into la, which is now in the same state as raccoon city in re2, to retrieve info from terminals in the basement of a building. started okay, considering our helicopter was taken down by a big mutant squid thing. met up with old triad friends as well as our new future medic, Herbert (ed)! unfortunately, our yakuza friend didn't show up til the end. we actually got away without too~ many injuries thanks to flak jackets (that didn't come to life @.@;). the real kicker was that our team was betrayed by our own government, and the yakuza bailed us out. i don't even know if the info we were sent in to get was legit or had any real importance. @.@; but yeah, we did pretty well for having -really- limited weaponry and ammo this time. we all ended up needing to burn an adrenaline point. had a lot of fun with this one, especially with ed now in on it. n.n he seemed to enjoy it.

ach...need to head home already. @.@;

oh no they did NOT
Monday, October 14, 2002 12:25 a.m.

yes they did.

i'm sorry, i just think it's comedy. this is an actual t-shirt logo in the gift shop of www.kukluxklan.org. the page is COMEDY i tell you. they're actually trying to convince people that they don't think they're superior. check this. straight c&p from their faq page.

Q. Why do you think you are so superior to everyone else?
A. We don't care who is superior and who isn't. God made us all. We simply believe that the United States of America was founded as a white Christian nation. We base this belief on the many writings of our founding fathers as well as the Declaration of Independence. We believe there are those who hate the concepts of Western civilization - Christianity - and wish to turn the United States into a different type of nation than what was originally intended by our ancestors. We think it would be terrible if white Christians ceased to exist and we are working to preserve and promote their interests. We feel the concepts of Christianity benefit all people regardless of color. The fact is we have a right to love our children and our heritage. Even if the white race was but mere cavemen and cavewomen, we still have a right to protect and advance our people.

ri~ght. y'know bub, correct me if i'm wrong but...weren't like oodles of tribes of indians and mexicans here waaaaaaaaaaaaay before any christian set foot on north american soils? ...you might've 'found' the actual concept of the United States of America, but you weren't here from the get go either.

whatever, it's kinda like that scene in die hard with a vengeance, where poor mcclane has to walk thru harlem with that sign on... oooooooooooh nelly, would NOT want to see the aftermath of some fool stupid enough to wear that shit in harlem, compton or cabrini greens. *wince* woo~ >.o

if you're wondering how the hell i even ended up at the sight, it was not out of sheer morbid curiosity. it was because i was looking at the naqoyqatsi homepage and one of the links they have listed is the KKK one. i remember watching koyaanisqatsi when i was in the learning community, and it was a great film, but i never got around to seein the 'sequel' powaqqatsi, which was actually worked on by both George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. it'd be interested to watch the third piece i think, though i have no idea who i'd take with me since all of it is symbolism with music. ah well, maybe i'll drag lori. i think she'd be the type that could appreciate it. n.n;

inlaw induction
Sunday, October 13, 2002 10:36 p.m.

...okay so sorry all but i'm gonna do the whole 'i started out writing this entry but then my lame ass mIRC decided to open a link in this window so i lost all that i originally typed, so i'm going to be a lazy bastard and give you the short short version' thing. o.o

fri - slept most of the drive to san luis obispo since my body was rebelling to my 'monthly bill'. got there, zonked out more until the rehersal, the to dinner at this restaurant called saloons or the like in paso robles, which i would not recommend doing buffet style there if you have a party. 80% of your meal will be either under or overcooked. bro and anna handed out gifts to people who contributed to the wedding and the family, and there was much boohooing. my bro's such a wuss. XD =P

sat - slept in fairly late, only to made to trudge to the hair salon 10 blocks away because dave took the car to play golf. ri~ght. i don't mind walking but not at a pace that later results in my shins being in pain. oh well, got my hair all bobby pinned, styled and sprayed to hell that if anyone were to light a cigarette near my, i'd spontaneously combust. thankfully got a ride back to the hotel from our superb stylist, ate something then got dressed to take pics before the ceremony. went to the very exquisite bed and breakfast place bran and anna were staying, that had the charm of a vineyard in spain, took pics of anyone one and everyone there. i got some nice pics of the grounds as well. then headed over to the health spa place where they were holding the ceremony on the gazebo next to a pond. they had the family seated first, then the maids of honor arrived in the horse carriage, followed by Anna, her dad, and the kids (2 flower girls, who were waving like queens as they pulled up, and the ring bearer). wasn't your typical run of the mill catholic ceremony but i think everyone was happy with it nonetheless. a couple of anna's friends got up to recite poems of love which were really touching. i'll probably try to find them and post them here later because i think they're words anyone who's in or considering being in a serious relationship should take into heart. after all was said and done, bran and anna rode the horse carriage over to the winery which was nearby (not the bed and breakfast place though). the place itself was very nice but damn can i so not drink wine. i can only stand the alcohol taste for so long, even when i'm eating something. >.< the food was great, rosemary chicken in a lemon creme sauce, pumpkin tortellini, steamed veggies. goo~d. after that, there was the toasts, during which more weebling occured. my bro is such a wuss. XD after that, it was dancing time! i had changed from the heels i had been wearing to my good ol' trusty sketchers so i was ready to get it on. even got to bust out my photons and wow everyone, especially the kids. they IMMEDIATELY jumped on me wanting to see my 'lightsabers'. n.n; i think i got all of them hooked that night. the dj was just like any other dj you see at a wedding. tons and tons of cds. too bad the guy didn't know how to work his soundboard. at least 2 song were played with the high well...too damn high. x.x other than that, he was alright. i swear, when i get married, i'm getting REAL djs, for at least a 1-2hr set. during dinner, i'll go ahead and use a cd dj but after that, IT'S ON. XD everyone had a blast, i was dragged out onto the dancefloor more than twice to show the more 'cutting edge' moves of dancing as they put it. ri~ght. n.n; only one person that i saw ended up bowing to the porcelain god that night but man if they didn't miss a couple of times. >.< other than that, night ended on a good note.

sun - slept in til about 11 again, packed up then went to breakfast in san luis obispo called Linn's. goo~d food. it was kinda like hobees. next time i'll have to try their quiches or pies. met up with bran and anna one last time to give them their gifts before heading back.

and now i'm back. overall, i had a good time. it was fun hanging out with my bro's friends i knew as i was growing up and BSing with them. and of course, rough housing with the kiddies a bit. while i still do have issues with anna, i am very happy for her and most of all my brother. he is a wuss but only when the feelings are overwhelming, and i could feel that saturday was just a maelstrom of feelings for him. i wish him the best of luck and happiest days to come. as for anna...girl, i know we have huge differences, and i may act a bit indifferently at times but it doesn't help when you send out this vibe of superiority towards me. i really hope that one day, we can really sit down and talk about this someday but for now and beyond now...just take care of my brother. i could ask for no better person to be my brother than him and i love him dearly even though we might not be extremely tight. to the new extension of my family, the veens, you all seem like incredible and welcoming people, and i would just like to return the welcome you've shown me. again, i know i'm probably the black sheep of my family but i do hope we'll all bond closer in the future.

now onto the subject of anime, i was happy to see that the digisubbers got the final episode of Saishuu Heiki Kanojo out during the weekend and immediately d/l'd it as soon as i could. ...the end is...depressing but it's not happy either. it's very bittersweet but heart warming in a strange manner. i'm not really sure of the whole **spoiler**end of the world** thing being but i guess i can see why. it's not like they had many other options to go with after episode 12. n.n;

also got witch hunter robin 15, which was another good ep. i was really wondering what was happening with Amon and Robin but thank god that's answered now. or at least for the time being. i really like the way the series is going now, a lot more flesh to it than just going around hunting witches. can't wait til the next ep. ugh...when will someone release Juuni Kokki 11+ not xvid? T.T

and now...to sunnyvale! and hoping that none of these damn mosquito bites i got have the west nile virus! >.< oh and thankies to steph who invited me to see La Boheme with her friends! daaaaaaaaaaaaaisuki desuuuuuuuu~! XD *hugs* *listens to Yume Miru Tame ni* T.T

and the plot thickens!
Friday, October 11, 2002 01:41 a.m.

okay, so it turns out i'm an idjit and Witch Hunter Robin is not done. darn misleading msgs. anyways, mmmmm...thick plot. i ri~ke. i feel so sorry for poor Robin. she tries to help and she gets shot at. su~cks. watching Witch Hunter Robin makes me think of mage too much though. it's not exactly the same but it's close enough. i think the only difference is that it's based solely on witches as i have yet to see any other type of 'creature' (vampires, werewolves/cats, etc). just as mages are hunted for their use of magic in a vulgar manner, witches are hunted for the same reason in the series (and yes, they're in black too sans glasses though. n.-).

i remember one of my classmates being a wiccan in HS. it's definately an interesting 'religion'... some day i think it'd be cool to really learn about it but for now, i think i'm satisfied w/ my w/o religion-ness. n.n; hmmm...apparently, my celtic birthday tree is the ash tree. description sounds pretty right on. n.n;

Ash Tree
The Ambition - Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with its fate, can be egoistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent liver, sometimes brains rule over heart, but takes partnership very seriously.

this page seems pretty loaded with info. maybe when i get back from paso robles, i'll read s'more.

oof...paso robles. well, finally, i'll be the only single one in my immediate family as of saturday. foo~ =P dammit, now that my brother is married, i'll have to run from all the questioning at family parties and such. @.@; which just brings me back to my entry a couple of days ago about just being out. really, i'm scared shitless about the 'what if's of me bringing another girl to a family party of any sort. ~.~; ba~h...i really doubt my family would disown me or kick me out of the party even but there'd be that aura of weirdness the entire time. pretty much the same 'it's your decision but i just can't be happy with it' crap i got from my mom. i know they all want me to be happy, but if i find happiness with a girl, i know they'll question it to death. maybe not directly at me but in their minds definately. and my little cousins...they're so darn sensitive and protective of them that i just fear that they'd (unintentionally) limit the way or time i spend with them. again, this is just a lot of paranoia talking. paranoia stemming from knowing that my family isn't too hot about 'alternative lifestyles'. i know they'd never completely abandon me but i just still fear the possibility of (in)difference.

anyways, be back in 3 days. ~.~; oh and thanks jen for the info about open tables @ 26 Mix. i'm definately considering it, if not just for the experience and talking to other djs trying to make it. n.n

yup, it's confirmed...
Wednesday, October 9, 2002 06:53 p.m.


Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the ArchAngels, you're most like the ArchAngel of Light. You've seen the darkside and have opted for something better. You need better press, though chances are no one will really understand your motives.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

i can see michi giving me that look now... XD buwahahahahaha! at least you can say you knew it all along?

new layout *gasp*
Wednesday, October 9, 2002 12:42 a.m.

mmmyess. new layout, with that new layout smell. *snert* anyways, i -was- going to fiddle with css on this one but the heat increased any laziness that was lying latent in me and i ended up with tables again. fe~h...it still looks pretty right? =P probably depressing as all hell but that's how the series is man. really, i'm not feeling down myself, i just think the two go together. o.o;

finally got around to watching the anime version of Metropolis today. it's pretty damn funky. story was pretty easy to follow, if not butchered down to basics. o.o; guess they felt the stories been done and retold many times over already or something. visually, it's a trip seeing the old character designs with the new cg technology, but beautiful nonetheless. music was also trippy but in a good way, almost Kanno Yoko-esque. i really wish i could burn this to cd but alas. T.T guess i'll have to either find a VCD version to d/l or just wait to get the dvd. or if someone with a nice dvd burner wants to do me a favor... XD

spent a bit of today pretty much catching up on anime after sleeping in. Saishuu Heiki Kanojo 11, Inu Yasha 78 (such a cute Sango/Miroku ep! XD he's such a lech but they are cute together. and Sango is hot in that 2d way.), Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu 24, TRIED to watch Juuni Kokki 11 but i'm having major issues with the xvid encoding i guess. i'm so good and fine with divx, and while the ST movie was xvid and worked, i don't feel the need for everything to switch over. really, i don't see that much of a difference. oh, also saw this twisted and sick animation short from val. pretty damn funny, makes me think of what Wendy would be like if it were every animated. i love michi's response to it...

michi: ... wtf is this? O.o;
me: just watch. XD
michi: This is on crack.
michi: Angry tits fire outta my npples?? ><;
me: lol
me: i like it. it has that nice Wendy-like insanity to it. XD
michi: Okay, I'm going to sleep o.o
michi: You've now traumatized me o.o; Thank you.

remember, i still need to send kyo the Puni Puni Poemi op/end too. XD anyways, off to bed. i'm so not sure what time i'm working tomorrow. x.x let's hope i'm due in at 6 or 7. blech...