STORY MODE :: "It's so pretty and clear..."
01:45 a.m. :: Wednesday, January 22, 2003

that's pretty much all i repeated, along with a few various whimpering and sighs of joy, while i was watching the new dvds i got in today.


really, i am that happy. it is SO beautiful to watch them both with dvd quality, along with the added bonus of the j SaiKano dvds having english subs. and Haibane is well...Haibane. o.o the picture was so crisp, it made the wing sprouting scene more pain wincing to watch. XD and the other great thing is...they're both only 13 eps long so i'll only end up buying 5 dvds for each series. huzzah!

the 1st SaiKano dvd came with the box to hold all the dvds, a bonus 'making of' dvd and of course, the VERY cute figurine of Chise. it's so cute. ;.; she's in her school uniform, holding a bento bag with bandages on her knees. waa~! i also got the 2nd dvd but it didn't really come with anything special. n.n; also got the SaiKano ost FINALLY. i'm so happy to have it though i now realize if i want the full versions of the op/end, i need to get the cd single. >.< dammit all! oh well, next order. n.n;

the 1st Haibane Renmei dvd surprisingly doesn't come with a box but it does have a bonus cd-rom disc that has some wallpapers (so using them for layouts and XD) and what i think is a demo version of a cel shading program. o.o; which would be cool but honestly, i have no idea what i'd use it for if i could, seeing as i don't have a japanese OS. n.n; ah well...also got the Haibane Renmei ost, hanenone.'s good to have the cd now since i hadn't found a converter for the .ogg files i had. n.n; and actually, i just checked the homepage for Haibane and it looks like vol. 2 will be hosting the collection box, as well as a halo! XD waa~ hoshii na~! it's such a good thing Haibane Renmei is cheaper than most anime dvds. o.o (even cheaper than some released here in the US!!!)

oh! also got the Witch Hunter Robin osts! and while i was listening to them, i noticed the music sounded VERY VERY familiar to something else. so i checked up on the composer, Iwasaki Taku, and it turns out that he also did music for the Rurouni Kenshin oavs! XDD i swear, a couple of the tracks SO give it away that it's the same guy but who cares? i still like it! XD

sonafa...dammit, i hate it when my mom moves my work schedules around. >.< i thought i was working at 1 later but i'm actually working at 10! AUGH! SLEEP! z.z

STORY MODE :: "Mmmmm...."
11:06 a.m. :: Monday, January 20, 2003

i had a really good section of a dream where i first got to nuzzle and neck with Legolas (not Orlando Bloom, LEGOLAS) then walk around with him, hand in hand, for a bit. le si~gh... *.*

then my damn train of thought carried me to another part of the dream... >.< ARGH!!! come back Legolas! come back Legolas' sister~! ...even though she wasn't there and i really don't know if he has one but i probably wouldn't complain. XDDD

STORY MODE :: "Corruption Chekku!"
01:38 a.m. :: Monday, January 20, 2003

You answered "yes" to 141 of 175 questions, making you 19.4% #FushigiYuugi pure (80.6% #FushigiYuugi corrupt); that is, you are 19.4% pure in the #FushigiYuugi domain (your #FushigiYuugi purity is 80.6%).br>
According to the scoring guide, your #FushigiYuugi experience level is: A channel newbie.

i'm not sure whether to be happy or insulted. =P htf can i still be a newbie?! i'm ON THE CINNAMON ROLL LINE!!! >/ oh well, i guess i joined a lil' too late in the channel to answer yes to as many questions as michi. =P~

You answered "yes" to 84 of 132 questions, making you 36.4% sexually pure (63.6% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 36.4% pure in the sex domain. Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 30%, based on a comparison of your test results with 444497 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 44.6%. The first submission for this test was received March 5, 1996.

why is alana taking a virgin corruption test? because she's actually still celibate you sick bastards! =P mind you the only reason i'm so corrupt is because they ask if you even ever been in a relationship/held hands/kissed/etc. i think i got a decent amount of corruption since i'm bi too so ha HA! (i still can't believe i'm gayer than some people... *mutter*just because i know what a bandsaw is...*mutter*

You answered "yes" to 112 of 200 questions, making you 44.0% otaku pure (56.0% otaku corrupt).

wow...i think last time i took that (a few years back) i was able to answer yes to a lot more questions. guess my fandom has been calmed down to merely d/l'ing digisubs and the every once in a while cd/dvd/manga purchase.

You answered "yes" to 7 of 100 questions, making you 93.0% gamerspurity pure (7.0% gamerspurity corrupt).

there is hope for me yet. XDDDD i really want to see your results on this michi 'n kyo. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You answered "yes" to 34 of 100 questions, making you 66.0% nice pure (34.0% nice corrupt); that is, you are 66.0% pure in the niceness domain.

According to the scoring guide, your niceness experience level is: Warm... You are nicer than most. This is a very good score. You probably lead a happy life, or whatever. Congrats.

i REALLY want to see your score on this kyo...

You are orange. You are emotional. Outside, you are bitter and stubborn, inside you are hopeful, hoping someone will come save you from the bitterness of your own mind. You constantly feel the need to prove yourself, and you look up to those who can make thier dreams happen. You are broken, but not beyond repair like maroon.

true but to a lesser extent on a few points if you can believe that.

STORY MODE :: "Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy FREEZE!"
01:32 p.m. :: Sunday, January 19, 2003

there was much fuzzy navel goodness with the experimental ingredient.

#fy fuzzy navel freezzze

- 2 shots peach schnapps
- 1 cup frozen peaches
- 2 scoops rainbow sherbert
- cup orange juice
- ice (optional)

throw into blender together until smooth, then let it sit for a bit to let it loosen up a bit because it'll be a little thick.

sure my head is kinda feelin' it but he~y it tasted goo~d. XD this is the drink for those of you who don't like the taste of alcohol, seriously. though, that might change up a bit if we decide to try out the apricot vodka later today. n.n;

STORY MODE :: "My parent's computer has a cold..."
03:00 a.m. :: Thursday, January 16, 2003

...which is ironic since Diablo 2 is what's making it freeze for some reason. =P rar! the game has frozen up 3 times now, and i'm not afraid to see if it saved at all before the last crash because i played A LOT beforehand. i swear, if there's one thing i 'm not liking about the game, it's the fact that there no option to save w/o leaving the game. or if there is, i just haven't found it since i don't have the manual. >.< either way, it's just one of those things i like to be obvious to me anyways, or at least in the button configuration menu. rar, i say. oh least it won't be hard to get back to the point i was if it didn't save, just tedious as fuck. >.<

in other news, i know at least a handful of you are dying to know so...senjitsu no deeto (if you want to call it that =P) totemo tanoshikatta. kanojo wa totemo yasashii to omoshiroi. cho kawaii~ genki mo~ kanojo o honto ni suki dakara...kondo koso, atashi wa chanto kanojo to motto yukkuri shiriai ni naru koto o nozomitai. kanojo no paati wa ashita demo, atashi wa nijuuni-ji made hataraku yo. >.< maa nantoka naru yo~.

ergh...i think i totally messed up that second to last part but i think it makes just enough sense for y'all to get it. n.n; gomen nasai~!

in other other news, mmmm...CDJapan has sent out my Witch Hunter Robin cds, Saikano 1 limited press DVD and .hack//sign poster. *.* 4-6 days~! whoo~! <3 also managed to find the eps of Ghost in the Shell tv that i was missing in addition to the new eps so i'll have lots to watch before work. XD mmmm...more Wolf's Rain too. =9~ now if only they'd finish subbing Neko no Onegaeshi... T.T

STORY MODE :: "Not all fans have it wrong..."
03:15 a.m. :: Tuesday, January 14, 2003

y'know, last sat and sun, kyo and i had discussed being a fan (of anime) and how some people take their liking/obsession so far, it offends other fans. example, there's this model of Belldandy from A!MS/OMG in a white bathing suit, and some fanboy had the tenacity and nerve to paint over the white suit so that it looked like the breast area was wet and the 'assets' underneath were rather exposed. if you don't believe me, here's the auction for it.

what. the fuck?

so there's an example of a fan who's got it all here's an example of a couple of fans who got it so right, it's better than the original. the choreography in the new Star Wars movie isn't bad, but i really think these guys put it on a new level. they pulled off some moves that i haven't seen either at all or not much in HK movies. i suggest just d/l'ing it then watching it rather than waiting for quicktime or whatever to open it. believe me. you will NOT be disappointed. i'm thinking if that film reaches far enough, it might be a huge pay off for those two if it reaches the right people.

in other news, kyou, juugoji ni kanojo o deau. atashi wa chotto shinkeishitsu, demo ureshii mo. chotto doki doki suru~. n.n; kanojo wa honto ni sugoi na hito! honto ni sainou ga aru. atashi chotto kangaetta 'atashi wa sonna ni omoshiroi? chotto otaku-rashii na~... masaka, kanojo sonna hito ki ni iranai. waa~ dou sureba ii no?' demo minna, shinpai iranai! atashi wa atashi da mo~n! kujikune zo! XD sono omoi wa sore dake sa. omoi. atashi-tachi no mirai wa mada mienai shikashi...tomodachi demo kanojo demo, atashi wa kanojo ni deatta koto...honto ni yokatta. n.n

huzzah for butchering grammar with a passion. XD i'll take a class someday. really. *snerk* shikkari~ shikkari~

STORY MODE :: "Mr. Sandman...bring me some sleep!"
02:23 a.m. :: Monday, January 13, 2003

i don't know why, but for some reason i was unable to sleep until 8am last night/morning. sure, i had stayed up til about 3:30am toddling around online but i actually went to bed afterwards and tried to sleep. >.< i think around 5 i tried to a few quite exercises to see if it'd tire me out. negative. i tried to watch tv. let's just say i was able to get through both Footlose, The Ref (best. Leary. movie. EVER.) and about 15 mins into As Good As It Gets before feeling sleepy enough to attempt sleep. ~.~ i tried to nap throughout the day but it just wasn't happening. ah well.

the only reason i'm still awake now is because i'm debating whether or not to stay up to watch the last ep of Haibane Renmei which is currently d/l'ing. i really doubt i will because i know delirium is definately starting to kick in and i really do feel tired. n.n; that and i don't want to be all zombie-fied at work since i do have a full shift tomorrow. must make a point to inquire about more hours on the floor. i refuse to go back to the registers. >.<

i'm happy i was able to more or less complete my character for the new RPG we'll be starting soon, Bloodlines. i will have a character like none i have played before! an uber Terminator 2 T1000-like android that is all sorts of wealthy, well equipped and oh yes...airheaded like catgirl Nuku-Nuku while looking like Iria!! XDD buwahahahahaha...there will be so much comedy with this game. o.o though i do still need to be REALLY careful with her since she's weak to just about any type of attack other than plain bullets and melee weapons. n.n; but yeah...i'm Nuku-Nuku with a sense of duty and access to military spec weaponry, including battle mechs! look out! XD

STORY MODE :: "They'll never see me coming..."
03:10 a.m. :: Sunday, January 12, 2003

so thanks to robin, i now own Diablo 2 along with the Lords of Destruction expansion cd. needless to say, i have found yet another way to mindlessly pass time. yes, it is a mindless game but it's at least one step above the mindlessness of Ragnarok Online because you actually have QUESTS you need to accomplish in order to complete the STORY. *gasp* so yeah, i'll be wasting a lot of time on that for a while until/unless i decide to buy Neocron, which did catch my attention but i want to make sure i have people i can still play it with even after Star Wars Galaxies comes out. n.n; eh...we'll see.

in other news of things i never saw coming, a while back i put in a personal profile over at, not really thinking much of it at the time. i mainly did it for kicks and the odd chance that i might get a response from someone in the SC area since it'd be nice to have a friend over here other than the people i work with. n.n;

so i've had this personal up since oct at least, and the only messages i've gotten were for a lesbian club in SF called WetLips. n.n; so i stopped checking until i got the newsletter announcing that ellen degeneres is getting her own talk show. i click on the link to read the article, do so and notice after i'm done that it says i have a new message. 'oh yay, another ad for WetLips. *twirls finger*'

quite a relief to learn i was wrong. n.n; it was an actual reply to my personal for once, and so i was a bit flustered at first as to whether i should respond or not. it's not like i'm extremely knowledged in personals etiquette. =P i decide, 'what the hell, it's no biggie, i'm a person, she's a person. either we'll get along or we won't regardless of where we're wanting this to go. i'll be happy if i just make a new friend.'

i think i can say for pretty sure that we get along pretty well, as far as chatting online. i plan to meet up with her sometime since she attends UCSC. she seems really cool, eclectic, easy to talk to, extremely multi-talented and just overall driven. some i could definately hang out with and want to get to know. looking forward to meeting up with her on tues to hang out. must try to find an anime series she'll like. XD

as for my new years report...uhh...yeah, you'll never see it coming i think. n.n;; =P

STORY MODE :: "Doesn't hurt as much as annoy..."
01:05 a.m. :: Wednesday, January 8, 2003

well, i'm not really sore anymore but the lack of sleep definately caught up with me and i was pretty sick from friday night through sunday. i still have the sniffles, stuffy nose and the annoying as hell cough, which is probably going to linger around for months like it ususally does. >.<

though one neat thing has come out of it that would probably drive a normal person insane but since it has never happened to me before and that is...I'VE STARTED TO LOSE MY VOICE! XDDDD [/Phoebe-like moment] no seriously, it's like novel to me because i have never gotten anywhere NEAR to losing my voice before, and i think i accomplished it this time from the combination of screaming like hell at 1015 and getting sick right after. it's just amusing really. i can't wait to see how people react when i like answer the phones and shite at work tomorrow. XDDD

anyhow, i spent all of last night and today hanging out with a friend i haven't seen in forever, and though we had a pretty bad parting, it was still cool to see him after a long time. really, he's just pretty much the one person i can really talk to about my dream of being a dj because we both want to be in the business. i've missed the small music BS sessions that we had but at the same time, i think the break from each other was a good thing because it really gave us time to just kinda mellow out and put things about each other into perspective. he's still a guy i love to hang out with but yeah, just like i think with just about anyone i know, i can't hang out with them everyday. i guess it's my whole mentality of having to be away from each other to experience stuff that we can BS about. which really makes me wonder if i could ever tolerate living with a SO. =P

but anyways, we just kinda wandered from SV to SJ throughout the day. first we had brunch at Hobbees, then dropped by michi 'n kyo's to have a couple o' round at Counter Strike (which i won overall, ho ho ho~). after that, quick stop at the post office to send off some stuff, then to the now non-existant dj shop in SV. ;.; having been denied said DJ shop, we went to Mitsuwa to partake in manga (SJ Kino does have AzuDai! wai! also preordered SaiKano 7, w00t!) and foodage. then we stopped by Solid Grooves, which was disappointing since their selection of trance and house has been more or less overrun by jungle, NRG or hardhouse/trance. we still managed to find a few records each tho.

all in all, was a cool visit and i'll probably meet up with him again before he takes off on friday. now for some Haibane 12 before sleep! z.z

STORY MODE :: "Yes, it still hurts."
11:43 a.m. :: Thursday, January 2, 2003

just as michi said in the comments, the pics from new years are up here, but if you want to skip to the pics from 1015, go here. but really...all you need to see is this...

that epitomizes our evening baby. that and the shiny laser disco ball of god. XD be sure to watch the vid clip at the end too, SO WORTH IT.

anyhow, to continue from last night, after we passed out on muscle reliever pill goodness, we got up and found that michi was the only one mobile enough to walk around sj j-towne to see if anything was happening. the rest of us continued to recover while playing games and/or working on new character sheets.

after michi got back, we took off for lunch at any place that was open, which turned out to be hot pot. mmmmm~ then we headed over to great mall to catch Two Towers, beating the ticket line by using the ticket machines inside. bwahahaahahahaha~ ninja'd 'em! then we wandered about great mall, window shopping while waiting for our showing. kyo got talked into trying out super spicy stuff in the garlic shop. XD

fucks, need to get ready for work. to be continued again. x.x;



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