02:36 a.m. Tuesday, August 17, 2004
dj nekomancer is feeling accomplished!

why? because i pumped out a 2hr 10min-ish demo today...finally. n.n; took sometime but finally got it done. there were some small mistakes here and there, and near trainwrecks but i think overall, it was pretty good. i didn't really get a chance to practice what i thought would be a decent set beforehand so i wasn't too sure on some of the songs being compatible with each other, but only one of the transitions really bugged me so again, not too bad. i'll lay down the tracklist here for now and once kei-chan has a chance to run in through some filters and even out the volume some (because the volume some of the songs were recorded onto vinyl were LOOOOOOOOOOW), i'll either put it up in mp3 format or give copies out to people on cd. thanks to everyone that supports me and keeps my hoop dream to become a dj alive. love you guys. n.n

01 Vimana - Dreamtime
02 Jan Johnston - Flesh [Tilt Mix]
03 Art of Trance - Madagascar [Ferry Corsten Mix]
04 Armin - Communication [Original 12" Mix]
05 Bedrock - Heavenscent [Original]
06 Moby - Extreme Ways [DJ Tiesto's Instrumental Remix]
07 Hi-Gate - Caned and Unable [Original]
08 Armin Van Buuren - Yet Another Day [Original Mix]
09 Sunbeam - One Minute in Heaven [Club Mix]
10 Ralph Fridge - Angel [Club Mix]
11 York - On The Beach [CRW Mix]
12 Ferry Corsten - Punk [Original Mix]
13 The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane - Synaethenasia (Fly Away) [Paul Van Dyk Dub]
14 Desiderio - Starlight [Ferry Corsten Remix]
15 Survivors - Kagami [The Joker Mix]
16 Ferry Corsten - Indigo [Original Mix]
17 marc et claude - tremble [Riva Remix]
18 Gouryella - Wahalla [Original Mix]
19 Solid Sessions feat. Pronti & Kalmani - Janeiro [Armin Van Buuren Dub]
20 System F - Out of the Blue [Original Mix]

12:59 a.m. Sunday, August 15, 2004

that was some mighty good fun mr. anderson, and i thank you muchly for it. sure there was some small stuff here and there myself and a few others had some issues with, but for the most part, you totally kicked Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection's azz~. i'd go more into detail but it'd kinda be spoiling it for those wanting to still see it who haven't yet. pretty much, if you know the BOTH the Aliens and Predator stories/background pretty well, you'll enjoy the movie. if you're expecting zerg rushing like in Aliens tho, you won't enjoy the movie. the fight between the two is supposed to be a CONTROLLED, COORDINATED HUNT. i know people are confused since in the trailer they have the 'we're in the middle of a war' line but do not be fooled, Predators are not a 'war' society, they hunt to prove themselves and take trophies, that's all. as long as you understand these couple of things, you're fine. n.n

oh and Fatal Frame 2 is pretty creepy. =X

02:04 p.m. Friday, August 13, 2004
happy 13th!!!

i am here bearing gifts of electronica goodness~! first off, watch the damn olympic opening ceremonies because tiesto is spinning during them dammit! XD that and it's always neat to see just how they plan to light the torch each time. =3

i think i may have mentioned this to a few already but John Digweed will be back in SF after visiting us 3 years ago so i REALLY WANT TO GO DAMMIT. LIKE REALLY. so if anyone has an inkling of wanting to go, let me know dammit. XD click on the link for ticket price/location/etc. also JunkieXL, Chris Lawrence and Gabriel & Dresden will be at the same place on the 5th but i dunno if i'm gonna be able to go to both. we'll see.

and last but not least, the FIRST US LOVEPARADE will be taking place in SAN FRANCISCO. this is something that usually takes place in BERLIN. yes the BERLIN IN GERMANY. i cannot STRESS how much I WANT TO GO TO THIS. it has spread out from GERMANY to Austria, England, Israel and South Africa...now it will be in SAN FRANCISCO. I AM GOING. GOING I AM.

i REALLY miss going out to club or rave as much i used too. i realize that we're all growing up and out of such things but seeing as this is kinda the career path i hope to get involved in, i wish to stay fresh in it. and while i love all you guys that have gone with me in the past, i think that maybe i need to find a community like ILR again to get into it all again. i love all my anime/gaming buddies but i think i am once again in need of a clubbing/raving buddy or 2. >.< anyhow, kage i'm sure your interest will be piqued as well as maybe a few others so gimme a shout either on here, phone or email if anyone's up for any of this.

12:24 a.m. Thursday, July 29, 2004
Princess Tutu > ...stuff

wahoooooooooooo~! my first print Princess Tutu dvd vol. 1 and 4 arrived today~! even tho weird ass rinkya only sent me the email saying it was sent out today~! but who cares because i got it today anyways~!

...i'm happy about this. is it obvious enough yet?

really tho, Princess Tutu is by far my all time favorite anime now, bar none. i know most of you are like 'are you high?' but god dammit it's the gospel truth. i love it that much that i want vol. 2 and 3 of the first printing as well so i can have the Akt. 2 and Akt. 3 bonus CDs because lord fuckin' know that ADV won't release the dvds the same way. hell, it took US anime companies long enough to figure out BOXSETS for christ's sake. so until they start getting it that people actually WANT the extra shit that you get with the JP release or at least something of equal value, i'm damn well buying the JP release if/when i have the money to.

anyways, this also presents a bit of a problem since i've only seen vol 2 on rinkya/jyahoo auctions so far, not 3. thru just bitter determination, i found that amazon.jp has the first print editions -LISTED- on their page. now i'm trying to remain calm until they actually email me back saying that they are the limited print, and that they still have some in stock because both JIGS and cdjapan fooled me into wild excitement that they had them in stock, then crush that hope when they said 'uhh...actually, no.' >.< so yeah...i'm trying to keep the excitement down for now.

but i AM really happy i got at least these 2 so far, and that i have a good chance of getting vol 2 w/o going thru amazon.jp still if they fall thru. i watched both dvds already and listened to the CD, which has most of the Nutcracker tracks. i'm hoping Akt. 2 has the Swan Lake tracks. =9 very lovely tho, i got that same state of euphoria when i got Love Hina, Haibane Renmei, Saikano and Noir on dvd for the first time, since as usual, i had seen them by d/ling them first. so the sudden bliss of a CLEAR picture, even w/o subtitles is just...wow. i don't think i'll ever stop with that until digisubs disappear completely or the like.

on the note of digisubs, i guess another group picked up Kurau, and i'm REALLY happy about this because i REALLY want to watch the series, and probably buy the domestic release once it comes out. i can't really put my finger on what i love about the series yet but i just know i really want to watch it. and i'm willing to suffer thru watching raws to do so because i know i'll get lost in a lot of the technobabble, which i'm sure the series will have PLENTY later on. i guess maybe one of the reason i really want to watch it is because i want to see Kurau and Christmas somehow get away from the BS of man always wanting to poke, prod, test and disect something that's 'different' from them, especially if it's more powerful. i'd really like to see them just end up somewhere living an ordinary life without always worrying if they're being watched thru surveillance and hidden microphones. i'm praying for you girls. T~T

i also started two 'new' series, Melody of Oblivion and Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (say that 5 times fast x.x). Melody of Oblivion is a post human/monster war, in which the monsters won but they kind of found a way to...exist together, in that as long as the human offer the sacrifices necessary, the monsters won't obliterate everything. there are supposedly mysterious warriors that exist, Melos Warriors, who fight using arrows conjured by their souls while riding light-streaking motorcycles, that can fly and even come with their own tent! i haven't really decided if i like the series a whole bunch yet but i do find it amusing that the main guy leaves his classmate, that confessed her feelings for him and probably gave him his first kiss, in the dust after he decides to go off and become a Melos Warrior. no really, he rescues her then is like 'sorry, gotta run kthxbai!'. it was just a very '...wtf?! lol' type of moment.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (ugh even typing it is a chore) is based off a hentai game but even in the notes, the subbers said it really doesn't follow the game story much. from what i can tell so far because the story is very 'HUH?' at first our main girl, Hatsuki, sets off to find Hatsumi, who is really Eve. yes as in Adam and Eve. in order to do this, she is more or less forced to pair up with Ririsu/Lilith, who is the maintainer of the library which holds a book that represents a different 'world' or 'reality', and Hatsumi/Eve is currently in one. there's a bit more to it but i'm sure it'd just kind of end up confusing people more. n.n; anyways, the first 2 episodes were kinda 'wtf?' because at the time, you don't realize that Hatsuki and Lilith have already been traveling around a bit, and you're watching the 'current' world they're exploring. once that was clarified tho, my head felt a lot better. this apparently supposed to be a somewhat 'yuri' series but so far, apart from Hatsuki crushing on Hatsumi and Lilith crushing on Hatsuki, not much else has happened. but hey, i'm only on ep 4 or 5 so i still have some time for more juicy bits. XD

and speaking of juicy bits, WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO SEI-SAMA! you ROCK! Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Haru ep. 4 is WINNAR! sure it wasn't an actual **** but still, it was really sweet! people wonder what would happen if like Shimako had taken Sachiko's offer to be her soeur and Sei and Yumi were still available to become sisters. a lot of people think Sei would've made Yumi her soeur, but i really don't think Sei thinks of Yumi as a soeur. i think if it was up to her, Sei might've tried to get with Yumi more than anything. this could be my wishful thinking but i think Sei let Yumi believe that she was just saying i love you because she says it to everyone. *sigh* oh well, Sei is going to be at ******* University so yeah...

oh, also saw Bourne Supremacy which was...ok. i really only have 1 thing to say about it: WHO EVER THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA TO SHOOT 80% OF THE MOVIE W/O A STEADY CAM NEED TO HAVE A PORTION OF THEIR SKIN TAKEN OFF WITH A CHEESE GRATER THEN HAVE SALT AND VINEGAR POURED ON IT. ...that's about it. oh, and poor Franka Potente. T~T

07:31 p.m. Wednesday, July 21, 2004
breakin' da law breakin' da law

so as i was running around on City of Heroes as Animus last night, i noticed something about her costumes, see as she hit lvl 20 a while ago and i was able to make her second costume.

the costume on the left is my lvl 1-19 costume, and the one on the right is my lvl 20-29 costume. now what i came to realize last night is that i'm breaking one of the HUGE anime laws for girls, in that as the character gets stronger and gains more powers, she usually ends up losing clothing at the same time. Animus, complete breaks that rule since as i'm lvling her up more, i actually plan to GIVE her MORE clothing. it's a weird, random but entirely amusing thought. to me at least. lord knows hardly anything else i post here is intellectually worthy. n.n;

but ummm yeah, did a few other things the past week as well. got to meet up with yet another RO buddy, Rae/Boots, since she's staying in the bay area for a bit. we took her to sf j-towne, checked out kino, mikado, had lunch at the bridge restaurant then had crepes. thankfully sophie's wasn't out of green tea gelato this time so i was really happy. XD after that, we went back to the apartment where we tried to watch Marimite ~ Haru ~ ep 1 and 2x2 ga Shinobu-den...but they were very raw so yeah. n.n; after that there was a bit of Kiddy Grade then it was bai bai time~. it was a fun day and was really great to meet up with boots at last since she's such a sweetie on RO. hee hee~ *hugs*

ummm what else, oh yeah, got to show k'n'm The Butterfly Effect, which they agreed was a really good movie...but i got a bop on the head for the ending. my reply was 'hey! i just said it was a good movie! i never said the ending was happy!' XD we also caught I, Robot with jyahi-shenshei, chris, thao and flo, which was surprisingly a lot better than i thought it would be, even with Alex Proyas directing it. i've never read the original Asimov books so i can't really compare it to the books but compared to the other 'man vs machine' movies, it was pretty good and entertaining. and lord know i enjoyed it a hell of a lot better than A.I. >.<

although i think the best part about going to see I, Robot...was filling out the survey they gave out. XD why? because i answered it by asking k'n'm, jyahi, chris, thao and flo for random numbers, and filled the bubbles to the numbers they gave me. the results were very interesting. i probably should've held onto it for nostalgia but i left it there. dah well. n.n; if they actually picked it up and used it, that's comedy platinum in and of itself. XD

11:24 a.m. Saturday, July 17, 2004
HELLA pinoy

following the great Rex Naverette's example...

having plastic floor runners on the carpet...you're pinoy.

having plastic covering on the toilet seats at the banquet hall where your cousin is celebrating his 18th birthday...HELLA PINOY.

no seriously, i went to my cousin's cotillion last night in vallejo at this place called The Banquet. pretty nice place with enough room for 2 big parties...but step into the bathroom and i shit you not, they have plastic coverings on the toilet seats. i wish i had a camera so i could show the non-hella-pinoy populace that there are in fact plastic covered toilet seats, but alas, there was no camera. *cry*

on the otherhand, the party was really nice, my cousin augustine didn't even know it was for him so when he came in the room and everyone yelled 'surprise!', he looked really surprised. n.n; man, both him and his sister veronica like took off in a growth spurt the last time i saw them. felt like a dang midget as only a true pinay could be. XD it was mostly relatives from my aunt's side of the family, so i didn't really know any faces. my dad and aunt were pretty peeved that my dad, sher and i were the only ones there to represent the Veracruz side of the family, most directed at my uncle Frank. whooo man i worry about the shit storm that's headed his way. i could see my dad doing that silent brooding thing. @.@; and it's understandable why, my uncle gilbert, who's auggie and veronica's dad, passed away a bit ago, so i'm sure my dad and aunt were really counting on frank to be there for auggie. =/ *sigh* family drama.

kinda on the same note, they did the candle/rose ceremony thing where the girls with roses got to dance with the bday boy, and all the guys with candles got to say their bday wishes for auggie. when my dad was doing his speech, i think it was one of the few, if not only time, i heard a waver in his voice like he was going to cry. and it's to be expected since him, gilbert and my other uncle ross were practically more like brothers than cousins. so him being there for augustine, in place of his dad probably meant a lot to my dad, and for the kids and my aunt as well.

apart from feeling a bit like a stranger tho, the party was really nice. the food was great though, while they were hella pinoy enough to put plastic on the toilet seats...they didn't have LUMPIA!! =O! man i lost count of how many times i heard 'where's the lumpia?' or 'they don't have lumpia?' or 'this is good...but i need lumpia'. as you can tell, lumpia is a big deal at a filipino party. it's like having a tea party without the tea or crumpets. it's just not right. but regardless, good eats, good times, good friggin' lechon. damn i wish they had paper plates or something to bring back leftovers. ; ;

01:01 a.m. Thursday, July 15, 2004
you spin me right round baby right round

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! SO HAPPY!!!1!1 finally buckled down and got together with kei-chan to buy the stuff to fix the 'new' turntables i bought a while back. and now they're all fixed and play very raburii-like! *bows down to kei-chan* arigatou gozaimasu~ O||_ i dunno how i'm gonna repay you but uhh...i'll be brainstorming and stuff. n.n;

so with the new tables all ready to go, the only thing i'm REALLY fiending for is new headphones since my current ones are kinda ick. the sound proof padding is really squished so i can't always seperate outside sounds from the music coming from the mixer. a new mixer would be nice too, but for now, i'm quite satisfied.

actually, what i'd REALLY want first is some damn space at the house in SC to put my set up so i can practice whenever. =/ that'd prolly help open up more space for kyo and michi's place too but eh...we'll see. if anything, i'd have to rearrange my room completely and prolly take out the futon to put my twin bed back in there. the futon is nice and all but DAMN if it doesn't take up a lot of space, even when folded up into the couch position. auuuugh damn small ass house. >.< i wish i had the SV house back... ; ;

but alas, it'll probably have to wait...but at least now i have A LOT more confidence in making a demo with matching pitch controls and such. x.x i'm probably gonna fool around on the tables later today, and just do a tape recording since i think i have a couple laying around. whee~ progress! n.n /

07:51 p.m. Friday, July 9, 2004
random junk

in my last post, they had those 200lbs of explosives missing but thankfully, they've recovered it and at least one of the culprits behind the whole thing. *phew* now i can sleep a lil better at night. ~.~ the old link still works and goes to the most current info on the case if you're curious.

elsewhere, i was just kinda puttering between burning a massive amount of anime to chatting a bit in #lililicious, when one of the people in there mentioned a new anime that started a couple of days ago called Ninin ga Shinobu-den. they continued to describe it as a series where Shinobu, our main character, goes to school to train to become a ninja. for her first mission, she is to steal the panties of a fellow female classmate. yes, you read that right, she has to steal the panties of another girl. now somehow while Shinobu's in the middle of stealing panties from this girl, Kaede, she develops a crush on her...and continues to plot ways to kiss her and such. ...for me, it had me at 'ninja steal panties'. XD it sounds just cracked up enough for me to friggin' LOVE this series. if you're curious and crazy enough to want to find out about it, check here, here or here.

and if you didn't notice, i added another web comic to the ETC area, Exterminatus Now. why? because it's like reading crap all of my tabletop RPG group HAVE or WILL do in our games together. friggin' comedy platinum i tell ya. check it out. n.n

06:08 p.m. Wednesday, July 7, 2004
bakuhatsu nano wa ikenai to omoi masu!

soooooo...somewhere in the bay area, someone has 200lbs of high explosives that they stole from a storage facility in the San Mateo county. oh, did i mention 30-35lbs of it is military grade C4?

...excuse me while i go dig a bomb shelter and shit. >.<

offical story can be read here.

07:19 p.m. Monday, July 5, 2004
gokigen yo~

yay~ ahoy! thar be color back in this here blog! arr! ...so yeah, yay, not only did i go ahead and get prettiness back, i also made a new layout. not bad for a monday eh? i really would like to do a moveable type thing some day just so i can categorize my entries and what-not but that can so wait til another day methinks. for now, i'm satisfied having punched this sucker out.

moving on, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Maria-sama ga Miteru season 2, Haru, has started and i am veeeeeeeery happy indeed! i got the raw of the first episode and it was nice and droolable merely because Sei-sama showed up. <3 and as usual, she teased Yumi until Sachiko gave her the _ look and scolded her. XD aaaah! so good to have fluffy thespian-ness back! and while i'm on Marimite and thespians, i should also be getting my big yuri anthology order from animaxis soon. mmmm...more fluff. =3

you would've thought with all the fluff about i'd be doing another Marimite layout but it was really between doing a Chrno Crusade or D.N.Angel layout, because i think both don't really get enough love, especially Daisuke and Riku. people are always going on about the yaoi pairings of DarkxKrad, DaisukexSatoshi and blah blah blah, that they forget that 'hey...Daisuke really does like GIRLS.' and being that i really like the DaisukexRiku pair, i decided to show it. =3 a Rosette layout would've been really cool too tho since i finally sat down and watched the rest of the series. that girl deserves bigtime homages.

skipping to the next subject, yeah, i've just started wanting to just finish watching almost every series i never finish recently. i dunno what it is, maybe i'm just looking for closure or something and since i don't really have any IRL, i'll just do it with anime or something messed up like that. n.n;

also got dragged along to see The Notebook, which i DID want to see...but just not while it's that time of the month and i'm about as stable as a bridge made out of popsicle sticks trying to hold the weight of big rig trucks. i managed to keep it together for the most part tho, tearing up a lil here and there but no actual spilling over. it is a really sad story, not so much with how they fall in love, but what happens after all the drama. i would go into it more but i don't want to spoil anyone that still hasn't seen it.

mmm...other than that, not much else to say. didn't do anything special for 4th of july apart from running around with musume-chan and tang/les on CoH. OH OH! that's right, anyone who knows/remembers norcal lester, who we hung out with at Atlantis in Oakland, he recently because a daddy-san of baby Brian. congrats to lester! n.n /

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And I said, let there be color and pretty pictures again...and it was so. Woo welcome back! This layout features the adorable Niwa Daisuke and Harada Riku from the anime/manga D.N.Angel by Sugisaki Yukiru. They are the first canon, hetero couple I approve of since...I don't know. While I wouldn't mind having a Riku all to myself, I think poor Daisuke deserves to have his own 'daisuki na angel' for once, don't you?

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