11:47 p.m. Thursday, December 30, 2004
xmas digest

ah xmas come and gone. or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate during this time of year. mine was pretty decent even if i had 3 xmas dinners rather than the 'usual' 2. all were jolly fun tho with the people they were spent with. though i have to wonder, am i -really- that hard to shop for? ah well.

being the mmorpg sl0r3 that i am, WoW has taken over my life and i'm back to wasting many a glorious hours in front of my monitor again! o/ though at least with WoW, i feel like i'm actually getting things accomplished ingame rather than just parking my ass in a city and praying for a fuckin' party. i'm not bitter really. anyways, i'm having fun but i finding it's kinda beginning to feel a bit like CoH, whereas i can theoretically solo the entire time if i so felt like it, so it's pretty much all i've been doing so far, especially with the very few penalties when you die. which is kinda cool but i guess i should really try to party up with people more often just for the hell of it before i become an uber ingame hermit of some sort. other than that though, the game is pretty fun with the occasional frustrating quest here and there. n.n;

NYE will hopefully go off without too much fuss though i do wish i had more people coming along for the jaunt. yeah, i know what i chose to do this year ain't cheap but hey, it's what i love and aniki will be there, who loves Ferry-chama as much as i do. i know i definately want to stick around for all of his set but i dunno if i'll be able to hang til 8. n.n; man, as long as i don't get another fuckin' parking ticket, i guess i could really give a shit. damn SF street cleaning. >.<

10:51 p.m. Thursday, December 16, 2004

Friday, 12/31/2004
Presale: .00
Ticket Sales Stop at 4:00:00 PM (PST) 12/31/2004

Talent: 1015 Presents: FIRE & ICE - 2005 New Years' Eve Celebration. Come celebrate New Years' eve at 1015's Ice Hot Winter Wonderland Featuring: *5 hour Special Extended set w/ Ferry Corsten from 11pm to 4am *Open bar from 8pm to 9pm *25,000 sq. feet of paraty space & 6 themed environments *heaated outdoor chill area serving hot beverages *aerial, fire, and exotic performances *over a dozen DJ's playing trance, house, hip-hop, breaks, downtempo, and progressive *Northern California's largest kryogenic liquid nitro display *full-spectrum laser and light show.

lemme know if you're interested at all, link to buy tickets is here.

03:46 p.m. Monday, December 13, 2004
you know you and the # you hang out in are going to hell when...

i mean really, it's not bad enough that we're either girls who dig on girl or guys that dig on girls digging girls...then when ended up with this conversation...

[Tiny_Snowfairy] i didn't do anything yet
[YT] My brain parsed that as "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"... and it's a quick leap from there to "The Virgin Mary is Watching the Store"... My brain is odd.
[Satsuki-chan] YT: LOL
[Satsuki-chan] YT: What smells like shoe polish?
[YT] Hehe...
[YT] Satsuki: So... who gets to play Jay and Silent Bob?
[Satsuki-chan] YT: no...i must stop myself from thinking about it further...
[Satsuki-chan] (Yoshino and Rei?)
[YT] Could be... but I had Yoshino pegged as Randall. She's evil enough.
[Touko] Minako and Tsutako?
[atua|work] they both talk too much to be silent bob
[Satsuki-chan] yeah, i just kinda defaulted to Yoshino and Rei since Rei really doesn't talk that much...
[atua|work] yeah... ;)
[YT] "I'm Yumi... and this motherfucker is my hetero life-mate, Silent Sachiko"
[Satsuki-chan] LOL
[YT] OK, so maybe not.
[Satsuki-chan] aaaaaaaaaaah this is so wrong...
[YT] ...and that's a bad thing? [Touko] I know.
[atua|work] LMAO... so wrong
[Touko] Yumi as Jay, Yuuki as Silent Bob.
[Touko] :D
[YT] Does that make Sachiko's fiance cameo as Olaf?
[Satsuki-chan] does this make Kashiwagi Rick Darris?
[Satsuki-chan] since he has the sports car and all...
[YT] "Kashiwagi... show us your metal face"
[Satsuki-chan] so is Sei Caitlyn?
[YT] Could be... I can see Youko minding the video store. Mostly because I suspect she'd enjoy ordering porn to scare people.
[Rosa_Chinensis] hmm
[Satsuki-chan] Happy Scrappy Hero Pup!
[Satsuki-chan] yes, but would Youko get hermie porn?
[YT] Hell yeah.
[Satsuki-chan] heh heh...

i didn't start it, i swear. ...but it was fun once the thought process started. XD

03:12 a.m. Friday, December 10, 2004
not your typical 'glass of warm milk'

1 mug of warm/hot milk
'splash' of Kaluha
'splash' of Irish Creme
'splash' of Hazelnut creamer
+ dollop of whipped cream
happy, warm neko =n.n=

kinda like the fancy coffee you order at Applebees or Bennigans minus the coffee bit if you actually want to SLEEP. n.n;

03:29 a.m. Tuesday, November 30, 2004
morai naki

that's my new gmail addy btw. morainaki at gmail. mail me and stuff dammit. <.<

took the purity test again after...i dunno how long. long enough for me to remember my older test score though. anyways, i'm currently down to 74%. i think that's not bad since i haven't actually HAD sex yet. =P now that everyone knows TMI about me, moving on...

aaaaaaah the end of Kaleido Star (or at least what i could SEE since the seed for the torrent pack went *poof* at 97.5% grr~) was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL MAN. man, i was able to watch up to 50 without too many problems, and 50 on it's own is extremely moving that i was wondering if 51 could managed to be as good or BETTER. silly me, it took a while since windam needed to patch up the file but MAN...was it worth it. =O i'm SO getting this series on dvd no matter what. if/when i get the money, i'm pretty sure i'll end up getting the jp Omoide boxset that comes with the Maboroshi Waza music box, then the individual limited dvd releases for the mini albums AND THEN...ADV's domestic release of 1-26...and 27-51+oav if they ever actually decide to release it. i absolutely ADORE this series. i think it's doinked Princess Tutu off my 'all-time favorite' pedestal. =D it's just hard not to luff on Sora and the fact that the girls 'make eyes' at one another helps too. XD

ooorgh...translating is ha~rd. XD well, not hard really...but just really time consuming and such. @.@; all i can say is thank god for furigana on KnM. <.<;

thanksgiving was pretty good. went to the cemetary in PA to bring flowers to grandparents and my 'cousin' (he's really my uncle but since we were only a year apart, seemed more appropriate to call him a cousin). *sigh* it's hard to believe my mom's parents have been dead for 14 years now. i know it had been a while but since i've kinda blocked out a lot of specific dates as to when things happened when i was a kid, it was hard to really gauge it. anyways, dinner was good. my bro-in-law randy introduced me to The Faint, which has a very 80s pop rock sound to it, but with a bit more of a dirty, industrial edge to it. i likes so far. will leech from him later. XD i dunno tho, the food was great this year but i just wasn't into it as much as before. then again, maybe it's just kinda been like that for a while with mom doing the whole atkins diet thing. -.-; ah well, maybe i'll be better off at xmas. n.n;

*sigh* i dunno, i think with sher getting attacked and visiting family graves, it really kinda resonated in me just how much my family means to me. i'm horrible at keeping in touch with people in general but i just hope people know that i do still care. =( i guess i just kinda suck at showing it on a (semi)regular basis... bleh. anyways, much love to all the people i care about, i mean it. =3

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