well now everything makes sense!
Thursday, March 13, 2003
11:00 p.m.

Rock on.  You are WAY too cool for the guys you're around.  They are intimdated by you, but they won't admit it.  GO YOU!
The guys are intimdated by your coolness.

Why are you still single? (girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

riiiiiiight. =P wonder what i would've gotten if i had chosen 'a vagina' for the question 'what do you look for in a relationship possibility?' XDDD feh...

argh...so not looking forward to this weekend. damn no sales tax. hopefully it won't be too bad since there will be 3 people in my department, including myself and i only have to be there for 4 hours anyhow. here's to hopin'.

"it looks sort of...not good..."
Sunday, March 9, 2003
11:47 p.m.

i think that more or less epitomizes our Bloodlines game for this weekend. @.@; ugh, the frustration i feel...i wear it like giant radioactive rubber pants. i don't think i can ignore my veins. >.<

the situation could be sooooo much better right now for our poor characters. n.n; pretty much, we lost our |337 warship, along with 99.9% of our fighters/mechs, our dropship is unaccounted for and the mechs/fighters that we -do- still have, are all sorts of tore up. this is a result from having to deal with clan, psycorp AND creed...all at the same time. this could've been easily avoided yes, but i was afraid of the cost so...i said fuck it and gung ho'd that shiet. o.o;

...i don't think i'll be doing that...EVER. anytime soon if ever again. ~.~;;;

blargh...doesn't help that we're unable to get back to the empire even if we somehow manage to get off the smoldering planet we're on.

*sigh* and i can't play a round of senseless RO to ease my mind either. feh...the gaming gods are against me today. >.< *looks at her 'let the wookie win' shirt* this shirt! it does NOTHING! NOTHING FOR MY GAMING KARMA!!! >.<

worst of all...we have no idea what happened to Gir... o.o;;;;; taihen desu!!!! >.<

uki uki uke!
Wednesday, March 5, 2003
07:57 p.m.

The Yaoi Selector: Which Uke are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

i think that's more or less right on. n.n i can be either or, it really depend on the person i'm with at the time. kekekekeke...but Cloud? @.@; eh...i dunno, Cloud doesn't strike me as the inbetween type until like...maybe the waaaaay end of FF7 when he finally gets his head in check. =P ah well.

a~h what to do tomorrow since i have no work until 6. so far i could either...

A) clean up my room a bit. it is getting a bit cluttered.
B) get my hair cut as i've been whining about it for a couple of weeks now. which is always fun because the stylist's never expect someone to bring a comic or the like in to say 'that's the way i want my hair to look.' XD i like surprising them.
C) start playing Ragnarok Online a bit since i have an account to fiddle around on. though, i do kind of want an account of my own and for it to be girls because they're cuter and it'll be mine, ALL MINE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
D) play either more NWN or D2 since i haven't really touched either in a while. n.n;; probably won't but eh...might as well list it.
E) go to RadioShack to pick up those adapters and cables i need. as well as an ear attachment for my phone. need one with a volume control on it!
F) work on a design for either aniki's blog or for haibane.net. @.@; this i don't know either. usually after i finish one layout, unless i have one immediately plan afterwards, i lose my muse for another few months. n.n;;;
G) go to the post office, yet again, to get a money order for the Aoshi x Misao doujinshi i won on ebay. yes, i'm weak. bite me.

i'm hoping for a combonation of a, b, e and g but it really depend on when i wake myself up and at 'em to do it. bla~h...i'm feeling that lack of sleep now so maybe i'll go to bed early and wake up early. ~.~;

ugh, managed to forget the new Shopaholics book at home today so i was very bored during lunch. ~.~; thankfully, lori was around to BS with for a good chunk of it. she might show up for fanime which would be really cool. it's always a bummer when i announce something like ferry corsten @ 1015 to her and she says she has to work that night or the next morning. ~.~; hopefully, she'll remember to put in a note for those days off considering she has heeeella time to do so. n.n;

mmmm...want to play more .hack//infection... *.* eh...so hard to decide because i'm at a point where i can either buy a PS2, one Technics 1200 turntable or wait one or two more paychecks in hopes that kyo's old testing company bails out and needs to sell their computers. arr~ decisions... >.< really, it's mostly between the turntable and the computer...because if i save another two paychecks, i can get either a computer...or TWO turntables, with my parents chipping in the $100 from xmas. arr...guess i really ought to wait for those 2 paychecks to make any decisions... *sigh* ;.;

mmm...girl scout cookies...made from real girl scouts. XDDD

and if you haven't seen these, check 'em out. XDDD

got .hacked?
Wednesday, March 5, 2003
02:43 a.m.

so i decided to hang out over the hill today since...well, not much else to do around here. o.o; i managed to finally run some well needed errands beforehand though. n.n; really ought needed to send out that payment for my CDJapan order from last month. *sighs over not ordering Sennen Joyu once again* hmmm...makes me wonder if they still have the special version of the Sumire retirement oav... ack! no! bad! >.<

very very bad considering how much money i spent today really. n.n; the CDJapan order just by itself was $187.08 (Haibane 02 & 03, SaiKano 03 and the Haibane image cd). then we decided to head over to valley fair after dinner since kyo really needed to pick up his preorder of Xenosaga (which they never called him about in the first place... ~.~;). so we truck on over and hit up EB...where i saw they had .hack//infection...

this is where i say i was very happy that michi was lacking her digicam because if she did, there would be multiple picks of me trying to reach the box, which was on the waaaaaay top shelf just out of my fingertip reach. so what do i do?! what any self respecting gamer would do, of course!! i get a random cover for another game and use it to nudge .hack over the shelf barrier and into my hands!! ha HA!! VICTORY! VICTORY FOR ME~!

...of course, the guy at the counter who was attending to kyo and michi of the time was just like '...or she could've asked one of use to get it for her.' pfft...PITIFUL HUMAN! besides, not like i was gonna buy it there. ~.~; i was gonna wait til we got to fry's! o.o

so we zip to fry's so that i could look for The Ring, .hack//infection and some cables & adapters for my turntables. the only thing the fry's in SV had was The Ring. ~.~; so after moping around a bit in the store, trying to look for the cables and once again oggling the Technics 1200 tables, i decide to ask the guy at the game counter if they even recieved .hack yet, seeing as last time i was there, they didn't have a single boxset for Noir but now, every time i went down a dvd aisle, it was there. figures. ~.~; on an off note, they also had the dvd box version for .hack//sign too...buuuut i'm not sure if i like the show THAT much. or at least to get it dvd by dvd like i am for Noir. so i decided to skip it for now.

anyways, i ask the guy and he's like 'i think we sold out but let me check.' clickty-click goes computer-kun, which tells us they indeed sold out BUT! a few other stores still have it. desperate to have it in my hands, i ask if the palo alto store still has any, which they did! so quick check of my watch (which i believe read 8:35pm) and i decide...i can make it. >.<

so i zip on down to palo alto, cursing every stoplight that is red and any car going slower that 35-40mph...making it with time to spare! HUZZAH!!! XDD so i quickly snatch up the game, the strat guide (hush aniki, i'm only going to use it after playing thru initially or if i just get abso-fucking-lutely stuck on something) and The Ring (since michi pointed out i could save time by buying it there), oggle at the Chobits box a bit (which again, i may or may not get, it's still a toss up), then head over to the registers.

now most of you know i lived in mountain view for a majority of my high school years, thus i know a few people in the mountain view/palo alto/sunnyvale area. i generally expect to see someone i know at the movie theatre or tower or something along those lines but...for some reason, fry's didn't strike me as a place to run into someone i know. and yet, as i was walking towards the register i was directed to, i saw my old friend and crush, Marlod. o.o; it was just odd really...i was never really too close with the guy, just buddies if anything since my crush never really amounted to anything past that. maybe it was because he was in a dress shirt and tie or something... *shrugs* n.n; anyways, he ends up near my register and i say 'hey marlod' and it takes him a sec to look up but when he does, he kind of just looks at me for a few seconds then is just like 'oh my god. hey how you doin'?' i didn't get to talk to him long since i wanted to get back to show michi The Ring (see if she'd jump/meep/scream...which she did. XDDD) but again, since i was never that close to him, it wasn't too big of a deal. though...i do kinda wish i could've just caught up with him.

i don't know why, but i've more or less lost any contact with my friends from...well, anything before #fy really. elementary, junior high, high school...i'd still recognize someone if i cross paths with them but...it'd be odd to strike up a conversation since it's been so long since i've talked to any of them. i feel bad that i didn't try harder but heck...with moving to another high school it was bad enough. *sigh* i dunno...i guess maybe i never made a tie with anyone from back then that i felt it necessary to really keep in touch with them or vice versa. oh well...maybe i'll get lucky and i'll be able to go to both reunions or something. =P

anyways, .hack is really fun and interesting so far. it really does a good job of simulating that you're actually playing an mmorpg rather than just...an rpg. it seems like it'll take some time and care to go through though since it goes to the lengths of simulating not only the mmorpg aspect of it, but being an actual player outside of 'The World' by having to 'check your email', the forums for 'The World' and even being able to customize some things on your 'desktop'. n.n i'm looking forward to playing the game when i can,seeing as i don't own a PS2, thus have to play it at kyo 'n michi's. n.n;;; oh, and i love...LOVE that they left the japanese voices in there. LOVE IT I TELL YOU! XDD

best dialogue ever...

Kite: ...nee? / ...hey?

both kyo and i were like 'dude...he only said '...nee.' n.n;;;; argh, okay, should've been asleep 2hrs and 14mins ago. n.n;

i r so teh happi!!! XD
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
12:48 p.m.

so a week or so ago, i half jokingly/seriously asked in #fy if anyone would do a yuri fanart of Rally Vincent and Priss Asagiri. Halite, one of the quietest people who's been in the # (well...in comparison to the rest of us big mouths), peeps up and says 'i'll do it. i just need some pics of them and a pose.' so i throw out the pics and pose idea for her to use then wait patiently. n.n

indeed, patience is a virtue...since it rewarded me with THIS. XDDD


i am soooooo happy with the results. i bow to Hally-chan's |337 skilz0rz! i must make it a point to send her a really wowlastic wedding gift or something. n.n thank you hally-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! *glomps* XDD

alrighty then... err... i was gonna blog about something else... dammit! @.@; the picture wiped my brain! ...durr durr...oh wait! i remember! Sennen Joyu! also known as Chiyoko, Millennium Actress. this. movie. is. GREAT. words cannot express how much i love this movie for it's...'simple complexity'. simple for the theme, while the way it's told is...not necessarily complex as 'in hurt your head' but in a way that is fluid yet everchanging. i've never watched Perfect Blue, for which Studio Madhouse, Satoshi Kon and Sadayuki Murai are most recognized for, but i might be tempted to pick it up, if not just to see the style of which they execute the story.

anyways, summary of the movie (...to the best of my abilities without really spoiling it) is about an actress, Fujiwara Chiyoko, retelling her life story and life long love when a small production company is hired to direct a documentary for Studio Gen Ei, which Chiyoko worked for during her career. Tachibana Genya and his cameraman, search out her house far from society, and conduct the interview, during which Genya presents a key to Chiyoko. A key 'to the most important thing there is.' Upon seeing it, a floodgate holding back years of memories is unlocked and...then become the movie you watch. n.n

this movie truly is simply pure and poetic, almost to the likes of a Ghibli movie. and it has a kick ass soundtrack too. n.n i'm so bummed that i missed out on preordering the special edition of this movie since CDJapan already has it marked as out of print after only being released on the 25th of last month. 7 days!!! >.< rrrrgh!!! and it had english subs too... ;.; ah well, maybe i'll get lucky at fanime or something... if they end up showing this on one of the nice big screens at fanime, so going. it's worth it to see it on a big screen imho. a~h i wish my computer was still working so i could burn it to disc... T.T

ah well, time to go run some errands then get some cables to finally start making a demo cd for myself. n.n; *eyes nuri and neko* kyaa~ i'm working on it, i swear!!!

get off my head!!!! >_<
Monday, March 3, 2003
09:21 a.m.

while we were driving to aya's restaurant, i had managed to get in a 15 or so minute nap...in which i think i was actually able to get into a deep enough sleep to dream...that i was playing Halo. @.@; we had joked that i would probably end up dreaming about it again tonight.

apparently, the joke is on me... done in by my own subconscious! CURSES!!! >.< but where as the first dream was from the actual game view, this one played out a lot more like a movie. think like the last scene of the Resident Evil movie pretty much. i woke up a couple of times during the dream, not because i was scared...but i think because my adrenaline was actually going because my heart was beating pretty fast when i'd wake up. it was pretty weird though because...i was like, at OSH working, but it wasn't the same one i work at now. it was in a different city with a slightly different layout...but yeah, the aliens started invading while i was at work. what a bitch. =P i think most of the aliens were the Flood though, not the Covenant.

i think the highlight of the dream, was at some point i try to exit the building to find help, manage to find an old yellow VW bug, drive around to find...a whole bunch of Gir's in dog suits. o.o; they weren't much of a help but it was damn amusing. n.n;;;

Cortana says, "...sod off!"
Monday, March 3, 2003
01:46 a.m.

whee~ fun weekend! was kind of short since i got off work later than usual on sat, then had to leave tonight a lot earlier since i work at 10 but was still very entertaining. n.n

sat at work wasn't too bad considering how damn busy it was. darn those sunny central coast days. o.o; though, i admit i had been pretty lazy on friday, i felt i accomplished a great deal more than sat so it evened out. i -could- have left work about 15-20 mins earlier but i actually wanted to make sure i had done everything i could and i really need whatever time i can get since they're cutting down hours quite a bit these days. i swear, i have no idea if i'm actually considered full time or not since i'll work a full 40 hour week then like a few weeks later, get dropped down to like 30 or 29 hours. ~.~; ah well, i guess i -might- start keeping an eye out for another job just in case but knowing myself, i'll just stick it out. n.n; ble~h.

anyways, get out of there like 8:48 or some crap, deposit my check then head out to kyo 'n michi's. i call ahead since they have a tendecy to run out of liquid refreshment sometimes so i wanted to make sure...and i also needed a more valid excuse to get ingredients for #fy fuzzy navel freeze. XDDD i got an extra ingredient which steph huggled muchly...Smirnoff Citrus Vodka. she seriously like...nuzzled and huggled the bottle. n.n; but oooo~h i think it gave the fuzzy navels an extra kick in more than just taste because i was a lot warmer than without it in the mix. *n.n* let's just say, it got me so warm and buzzed that after a while, i -had- to listen to disco house.

now i don't know why...but i guess if i'm just chillin' or driving or just sitting w/o having to pay much attention to anything, i have this dire need...to listen to disco house. o.o; it sure surprised the hell out of michi when i kept spinning song after song after song of disco house. n.n; i really don't get it... when i drink at 1015 or a rave, i get up and start dancing my ass off. XDDD hmmm...i guess it could be a difference in environment? o.o either way, very good with the extra vodka kick. n.n you could taste the alcohol a lot more but no some much as to where you'd make a face or anything. n.n;

after my disco house session, we started our RP, which was really a LOT of mech fights...with a bit of chasing inbetween. n.n; the mech fights lasted a bit since we now have the actual hex grids and what-not to conduct the battles, whereas last time, it was just simple rolling of the dice. which i don't mind, it's actually kind of neat but if i'm not the one fighting, then i just need something to occupy myself with so i don't FALL ASLEEP *COUGHCOUGH*...like play DoA Volleyball with steph! XD hee hee~!

anyhow, once again, our team managed to get through the game without getting scathed...well, technically since my characters an android and doesn't really care -too- much about getting flung out a 11 story window by a high explosive and landing on the windshield of a passing car. n.n;;; damn that NPC...if i didn't have such a sense of duty...OOOOOOOH vengeance, sweet vengeance...but alas... my poor character, she kept having explosives of all varieties thrown at her, getting booted out of her fighter in the head and being 'deployed' (jumping of her own free will) from a moving fighter jet after being 'ejected' (after clinging onto the canopy of the jet that she was booted from, and having it the canopy released PURPOSELY) from another one. ...she wasn't having a good day. @.@; damn those draxian humans and wanting to find their roots and shit. >.<

though i have to say, the best moments of the game for Shizuka (my character) was probably the jumping off the jet and flying inbetween 2 unsuspecting mech & severing their legs off while cloaked. XDDD for the game as a whole...the series of Alpha Attack brawling for Wolfgang's (hank's character) final in the mech tournament. omg it just. DID. NOT. END. @.@;;; when it finally did, the NPC mech only had it's head and center/left torso left while Wolfgang's had the same plus it's left arm i think. n.n; it was...very sad yet amusing. too bad our scientist slept through it all. >.<

after the game ended at -5am-...we finally got some shut eye, woke up between 12:45 and 2...then proceeded with the ass whuppin' that is kyo and i playing Halo, multiplayer. XDDD i found that i can't pilot an aircraft for shit but manage hovercrafts and trucks fairly well, aaaand i really need to work on saying 'fire in the hole' or some such warning before chucking a grenade down a hall/shaft/etc. n.n;;; but yeah, definately hours of mindless alien blood and guts gushing fun! XDD mmmmm...pulse rifle w/ 100 ammo... *.*

after a bit of that, we headed out to oakland to have dinner w/ aya and co. at her family's restaurant. mmmm...delish as always. n.n it was kinda fun seeing everyone since the house used to be the meeting spot but with it out of the picture, without the dinner, i probably wouldn't have seen any of them until fanime. n.n;;; but yeah, there was much foodage and a couple of new but friendly faces. we bailed out early since both michi and i have work so there was no karaoke for us...but there was boba to be had at the new tea station. mmmmm...coconut milk tea boba gooooooo~d.

after that, it was just back to the apaato to play one more level of Halo before i had to take off, which OMG was a pretty frustrating experience but not as much as when the Flood first show up and you have to fight your way back out of the control center. that was aaaaasssss. i think what made it less frustrating was the fact that you can let the Covenant and Flood hack away at each other, giving us less shit to deal with. n.n;; even then, there was still quite a bit of frustration to be had. though yeah...i SO cannot see myself playing Halo by myself w/o having MAD cheats on... honestly, it's like Doom where you have the really easy first 5 levels then everything after that just progressively impossible. =P damn swarms... ~.~; but yeah, it definately be fun to get a full squad in there seeing as the NPC troops are nothing but cannon fodder. ah well...better them than the actual players i guess... n.n;

anyways, sleep for me~ so oyachumi~ o/~ z.z

dear...as(s)k master?!
Saturday, March 1, 2003
11:21 a.m.

bwahahahahahaha~! so apparently planetout has some kind of hook up with margaret to do a 'dear abby' type thing. while i don't have any questions i could ask her, i still think it's a fun read. XDDD

waaa~h...i want to see revolution... ;.;

fairy tale + ballet + crack + quack = ?
Friday, February 28, 2003
02:36 p.m.

? = arana needs more Princess Tutu. ~.~ not only because it's a crack story, but it's pulled off so well that i brings me back to the days when i was watching Kaitou Saint Tail. Ahiru, while her voice is perfect for her character but takes some getting used to, is a very well done character consider she's...well...a duck. o.o A duck that is given the power to turn not only into a human girl but also into Princess Tutu, a magical princess destined to save the prince and return his heart to him. of course, while Tutu has all the grace and elegance of a swan...Ahiru is...a duck. n.n; in her ballet classes she tends get there late, be threatened about marrying her teacher, who just happens to be a CAT...and has about as much grace and elegence dancing as Elaine from Seinfeld does.

...so yeah, while the series does have a serious crack element, it still has a really nice story to follow and is actually really touching and cute at times. n.n i WISH i could find the episodes i'm missing between because i've been watching it in this order... 1-2, 6-8 and 13-15. >.< TASUKETE!!!! DAREKA!!!! T.T anyhow, i recommend this to anyone who likes either mahou shoujo, crack comedy and a good selection of classic pieces (Waltz of the Flowers, Swan Lake, Blue Danube Waltz, etc). good shtuff.

...now i want to go out and buy a mass amount of classical cds. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! >.<

...thank goodness for di.fm having that link to a classical stream. *phew~* n.n;;;

in other news, i might be able to play Ragnarok Online beta2 for a bit since a friend hasn't been using his account much lately. wa~i! n.n / more cuteness abounds! XDDD

and aniki, if you want me to design a layout for your blog, i can. o.o just lemme know what colors you want to have as your theme and if there's a pic you want to use or if you want me to find one for you. n.n

lazy indeed
Wednesday, February 26, 2003
04:44 p.m.

yeah, until now, i just haven't had the huge desire to write in my blog. a lot of stuff happened where i wanted to write it down, if not just to have a record of what happened. ah well, i'll try to cover at least a bit of that time now.

the entire weekend of the 16th was pretty awesome, i got a 3 day weekend when i had only asked for 2 days off. sunday was just...mindblowing. Ferry Corsten played a MUCH better set than last time he was in town. ...either that or i just had that much more alcohol. XDD maybe both. either way, it was really sweet. i ended up going with jen, lucinda, cat and tenebrae, who unfortunately had a sprained ankle, but i was able to get her a chair to sit in so she didn't have to stand the entire time. it was all of their first time to 1015 and they were pretty happy with the venue, who wouldn't be? especially the main room! whoo~! but jen forgot the glasses i bought for her... T.T oh well, next time! and there will be a next time... *winkwinks @ steph* or if you're in the area aniki on the 21st...kekekekeke!

err...but yeah, Corsten rawked. i don't think any of us stopped dancing in some fashion from 12:30 to 3:30. well...except maybe to go to the bathroom. n.n;; he played both Ligaya and Tenshi, one after the other nonetheless! he of course worked Punk in there as well as a remix of Out of the Blue. mmmm...good shtuff! =9~ i got Ligaya signed too~! WHOOOOOOOOO~! XDDDD the people who were trainspotting at the booth were really cool. one of the girl's was like 'yeah, the first time i saw Corsten, it was in Tokyo!' i was like 'O.O; daaaaamn LUCKY!'. there was one guy at the bar in the mainroom too that was really cool. Junior was his name i think, and he lives in Campbell. ugh...that bartender was being such an ASS...and he didn't know like half the drinks we asked him to make, and it was simple shit like a sour midori and a hurricane. jen asked for something i had never heard of...planter's punch or something but still, the guy should've known the other crap. when i asked for the sour midori, he gave me a shot of JUST MIDORI. i was like 'uhhh...thanks.' and just took it because it was still alkie and i just wanted to get back to the dance floor. but getting back to Junior, we talked BS while we waited for the grumpy bartender to get our order (which at that point was just WATER. WATER FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!), and he went ahead and bought my water for me. awww~ that's why i like the 'rave' clubbing scene! people are nice! *n.n* oh, i also ran into Young and very unexpectedly, Pat from ILR. waaaaa~h it had been so long since i'd seen Pat. he was always such a sweetie! and man, his lightshows have gotten hella tight! i think the last time i saw him give a show was at Overdrive and i was pretty gone at that one. either way, it was fun dancing with him for the last couple of hours. n.n

mmmm...other than that, i was just happy to get all raved out while wearing all my Invader Zim stuff! XD too bad that shot of midori spilled on my shirt. n.n; ah well, as far as i can see, there was no major stain from it or the green hair spray in my hair. lol i got so much of that on my shirt since both cat and i broke down so much as to pour water on our heads to cool down. n.n;;; i swear, i should tip those girls at the coatcheck a lot more next time. they're always willing to get my records so i can have them signed. i <3 j00-tachi~! anyhow, it was a great night, followed by raburi soreness and ibuprofen. n.n; i need to go to a rave to get those nifty double color photons... T.T i miss them so. i also want the strobe rav'n lights. mmmm...lights. OH! The Shiny Disco Ball of GOD did a different effect this time. it was nifty... *.* and at one point, they filled the entire room with fog... OMG it was TRIPPY! the only thing i could see was fog, my photons spinning, fog, cat's photons spinning and fog. it was SWEET! XDDDD i love it when they do that...i want uber fog machines in my house!!!! XDDDDDDD

mmmm...what else... OH! i got the special edition version of the first DVD for Noir. *.* it's...so...BEAUTIFUL. it's one of those series i don't mind spending a little extra to get as it comes out. everything looks so cle~an... T.T i <3 it with all my <3. should be getting more Haibane and SaiKano soon too. in fact, today i'll be driving down to FINALLY get my vol 7 of the SaiKano manga. AUGH! FINALLY!!!

i've decided that my computer is officially fooked, and am trying to figure out a way to explain this to my parents w/o them totally freaking out. either that or i just wait until kyo's old work place folds and i buy one of their machines, which i'd really prefer to sending in my computer to get fixed. either way, i'm fine with using my parents comp for now. it's just a pain since i can't burn any of the anime i d/l to a cd. i guess i -could- get a portable burner but i dunno...i'll have to research into that a bit. maybe i'll ask some of the boys at work.

anyhow, off i go to get me manga. oh...and for those who know what i'm talking about...

Rally was top and Priss was bottom. XD HEH HEH! okie buh-bye. o.o

blah blah me...
name - Alana S (email)
a.k.a. - Reki Mitsune Ayane (IRC) Sizer Kestral (NWN)
age - ni-juu-ni-sai!
signs - Metal Monkey / Gemini
job - OSH Houseware / Seasonal peon
abode - Central Coast / Monterey Bay
status - hitori desu~ ;_;

My ultimate dream is to be dj. Local, world class, whatever. I just want to be the one making the dance floor shake, the roof raised and the tootsie rolled. And if I ever get enough money pooled together, I'd want to open my own club and have an open table night for all the other dreamers out there.

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"eight eight the burning eight... between sunday and monday hangs a day so dark it will devastate..."

ah, so yeah, i decided to change the layout a bit. i was fighting with an image from Noir for a while and decided it was indeed a losing battle so went to search for other images. huzzah for Yua Kotegawa to the rescue! so the girl above is Anna from Anne Freaks, a lovely story of a girl who meets a boy that is burying his mother after accidentally killing her in defense. the girl then proceeds to kick him and tell him he's doing it all wrong. XDD i <3 it. but yeah, i saw the image and it just kept staring back at me... @.@ so i went ahead and used it. n.n yay~ pumpkin color~ *licks the screen* ble~h >.< j/k