01:34 a.m. Thursday, October 7, 2004


of course, whether i end up going or not is another thing. n.n; but mmmm...that just sounds so good. *_*

10:05 p.m. Tuesday, October 5, 2004
love parade / topless

so we managed to catch the last bits o' love parade on sat. missed the actual 'parade' part but got to see pics of it via msg boards and such. it took us a while to find it since it wasn't on the street anymore, but behind pacbell park at that point. we saw quite a few people leaving as we were walking in but once we got there, there was still plenty of bodies to go around. it was pretty much like being at an outdoor rave but there's no tents or the like to seperate the 'rooms' from each other. some of the floats were really decorated while some...weren't but eh, it's the first year after all, can't expect really extensive stuff from the start. while i think they picked the right location for it, AUGH! it was cold and wiiiiiindy at night! =O next time i'm bringing one of my fleece sweaters instead of my light windbreaker. =X it looked like most of the floats stuck with using turntables but a few wear using either laptop or cd set ups, and you could tell which ones those were because they actually let people on to the point where the floats were literally bouncing. n.n; overall, i thought it was a pretty big success for the first one ever in the US and hope they keep SF as the home town for it because i -really- can't see them shutting streets down in any other large city but...i could be wrong. hopefully i'm not and it stays here tho. XD

now, getting to the whole 'topless' part, just to get one thing clear, no i did not at any point go topless at love parade or any other time during the weekend. Topless is in reference to the name of the elite space pilot team in the new oav series of the anime classic, Top o Nerae or GunBuster as most probably know it as. ...no, i'm not kidding, they named the elite space pilot team Topless. now...with the title being Top o Nerae or Aim for the Top, i can kind of see what they were possibly going for...but there are so many different ways to go about this. really there are. unfortunately, we're pretty certain they picked Topless on purpose since the main character, Nono actually does blush at the name. while this was established a long time ago, i would just like to reitterate that Gainax has gone BAT-FUCKIN-SHIT NUTS.

with that out of the way, this GunBuster seems to take place on Mars, sometime between when Noriko and Kasumi set off Buster 3 and when they actually make it back home, i could be wrong tho since no date is mention on either the site or the anime, at least not in plain text. n.n; anyways, Nono runs away from her small snowy village in the middle of the night, which she was happy living in but wants to become a space pilot as well. so she hops a train to the city and...ends up working in a small bar as a waitress, which she is currently indebt to since for some reason, things have a tendancy to split in half around her. she ends up meeting an ace Buster pilot, Lark/L'arc, who point blank tells her that in order to become a pilot, she needs to have the special abilities of a Topless pilot. Nono, not knowing this becomes very sad and realizes that her dream may never come true...until an alien attacks nearby. <.<

i don't want to spoil it all for those who want to watch it but one thing lovers of the original should know is that, once again Gainax has gone BAT-FUCKIN'-SHIT NUTS, soooo...the Buster you know and love, is no more. the Buster you know has more or less been assimilated by FLCL as far as just about...everything. while i didn't think everything would be the same, i didn't think they'd COMPLETELY remake the look of the Buster mechs but umm...i was wrong. it looks like a Street Fighter or KOF mecha thug. so far the only bits of the original i've seen in this is that they use one music track and the shouting out of 'moves', other than that, nothing else. don't get me wrong, i like it so far even if it hurts my brain, but it's just...not the original. n.n; i fear even more for my sanity since the second episode's storyboard is done by none other than ikuhara. so who knows, maybe there will be lots of roses, lesbians and people randomly changing into cars and stuff. n.n; in either case, i can't wait. as a plus tho, Sakamoto Maaya does the voice for Lark and there are a few other recognizable seiyuu as well. for more info, english page here, official jp pages here and here.

*sigh* i DO really love the original Top o Nerae though. that will always remain a classic in my heart no matter how many other space odysseys come out after it. i truly feel it is probably Gainax's best work even though it was only a short 6 oav series. i mean, yeah you have Gundam, Macross and all the rest, but for some reason, Gunbuster just sticks out the most for me since it wasn't so much from the war and fighting itself that made it interesting, it was the characters and their struggle with themselves and the sacrifices they made to do what had to be done. the whole space travel deal does work in extremely odd ways, and only one other anime really went into it that i can think of and that's Hoshi no Koe. it's really a great sacrifice to ask teenagers to pretty much leave behind all they know to fight some unknown enemy for unknow reasons other than the survival of mankind. to give up the years you lose in traveling for the greater good. that's pulling the heartstrings if you ask me. while i like the stuff Gainax puts out now since it's fun and mind breaking, i kind of wish they could do something like GunBuster again. that'd make my day. =3

12:58 a.m. Wednesday, September 22, 2004
more conversation fun!

lol i see a pattern slowly forming. a pattern where i'm so devoid of having something interesting to talk about, i resort to just posting up conversations i find to be amusing as all hell, but i'm sure are like 'wtf?' to the 2-3 people that still read this thing with all it's broken images and shit. ah well. on with it!

me: so you enjoyed Tipping the Velvet? =3
them: O.O
them: did i ENJOY it?
them: i reveled in its brilliance and bathed in its lusty beauty!!!!!
me: LOL
them: i sang praises of joy and pride of being a lesbian!!
me: ***, you rock. XD
them: i was beside myself with giddy glee!!!
them: and i thank you OH SO MUCH for telling ******* aobut it!!!
them: i cant believe what i was missing out on! victorian lesbianism, oh how wonderful you are!
me: no prob, i wasn't sure if you guys had seen it yet, so i felt obligated to share. ;-)

Tipping the Velvet pwnz! just like Sienna Guillory pwnz as Jill Valentine! *_* but bah on being a lil' sick (i think it was you Kei along with my lack of sleep =O) and probably missing the 1 week run of Rent in SJ. =(

05:16 p.m. Sunday, September 19, 2004
talk like a pirate day!

so 9/19 is talk like a pirate day but since i'm not as savvy on pirate talk as i'd like to be, i decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean instead...which lead to this conversation, yes once again, on #lililicious:

* Shouko-chan hmmms and decided to put in Pirates of the Caribbean in honor of Sept 19th.
* Himeko jumps on Shouko to watch it with her
[Shouko-chan] *.*
[Shouko-chan] i don't know if i'll be able to concetrate on the movie anymore now but eh... XD
[Himeko] I can yarrr at appropriate moments and you can at least pretend you watched something piratey..
[Shouko-chan] or i could 'shiver your timbers'...
[Himeko] <_<
[Himeko] >_>
[karen|] haha
[Shouko-chan] XD
[Himeko] that works <_<
* Shouko-chan shivers oneesama's timbers... *.*
[Himeko] *_*

whoo so a bit o' time has passed since i last blogged. few things have happened. JTAF was last weekend, and for the most part it went as planned. got there, had dinner, had crepes, met up with jahi to get the 411 on security...then we went home. apparently there was some issues with the room for the dance and the hotel wanted more money sooooo...they ended up charging EVERYONE to get into the dance, and i do mean EVERYONE. con attenders, staff, even the DJs had to pay...but i found this out afterwards, so while i feel bad for dropping out, i'm somewhat relieved at the same time. -.-; a dj should not have to pay $20 to get into a dance they're spinning for. just my opinion.

of course i caught Resident Evil 2: Apocolypse on opening night with nam, chris and thao. *.* JILL VALENTINE IS FAWKING HAWT. omg her entrance scene with her busting into the police HQ and just capping 3 zombies on sight...i got such a warm fuzzy feeling. *.* i like Sienna a lot more with short dark hair rather than curly blonde hair, much more sexy imho. of course Milla was as hawt as ever as well, even if we didn't get another muff shot. XD overall, loved the movie, and even though they did end up bringing the camera in a bit closer for some of the fight scenes, it was still WORLDS easier to follow than Bourne Supremacy. great fun tho, lotsa grrl testosterone ass kickin'. XD can't wait to see where they're gonna go with the 3rd part if they decide to continue it. =3

this weekend was another viewing of RE2 (XD) but more importantly, ARMIN VAN BUUREN!!! XDDD there were a few small bumps in the plan but we managed to get to Ruby Skye and get parking. RS is surprisingly really close to Curran theatre and Max's. XD

anyways, got to the doors, which had no line at all and was like 'uhh where's the line for will call?' and had to go to the 'map point' table set up about 20ft from the door to get the ticket to get in. went inside and saw it wasn't crowded at all yet and Markus was on so we decided to walk around to check things out since it was our first time there.

about 30 minutes later, suddenly EVERYONE seemed to show up at once. i'd have to agree with someone i asked on a forum board tho, the crowd at RS isn't quite as courteous as other places. there's a lot of shoving and pushing w/o any apology or 'excuse me' before or after the fact. =/ *sigh* ah well...

anyways, Markus was pretty awesome, only heard him make one small mistake during the time i was there. he used quite a variety of music as well.

then Armin came on and of course people went absolutely insane. totally agree with fupa with the type of trance Armin gave us that night. it's like he was determined to hit us with build up after build up, great shit. was definately great to hear Synaesthasia and Communication, and a few other songs i know by ear but not name. but while the crowd did have a lot of energy, i was still getting pushed and shoved with little regard so around 1:30, i decided to just chill upstairs for a bit. around 2:45 tho, i just said screw it, went back downstairs and slowly worked my way towards the front. i love just watching this man spin because he didn't just move the crowd with his music, he gets into as well, and you can see from the cute boyish smile on his face that he loves his job. and of course, we love him doing his job. o/~ when i bounce, you bounce, we bounce! o/~ XDD

augh when he went to the edge of the stage to shake hands and sign people's stuff tho, i got soooooo squished. x.x i accidentally ended up kinda shoving my arm into this lady's face in front of me, so i smiled and said 'sorry i'm getting pushed from the back' but she just gave me a dirty 'whatever' look. yeesh...

ah well, overall it was a good night for me, even with the small problems and annoyances, and even now the ringing in the ears, sore body and fuzzy feeling head. *goes off to swallow more pain relievers* n.n;;;

other than that, uhhh...i guess there's something up with toudaisei.com so i'll have to talk to my buddy to see what's up with that. <.< mmm must find a time to watch Sky Captain, GitS 2: Innocence and Shaun of the Dead. XD

07:36 p.m. Monday, September 6, 2004
someday spundae sunday

so i'm quite a bit of 'sore as hell' pain right now, am sleep deprived and have a slight headache...oooooooooh but i had fun getting all of the above. XD

friday - so friday was Digweed night in SF at Mezzanine. aniki and i decided to try to get there early so we check out the first guy spinning that night, desyn masiello. he was alright i suppose, had some drawn out flat songs here and there but was decent. i think overall, i'd prefer jonathan ojeda to him. still dancing to quite a bit of his set tho. we both had a Raging Bull each, i pretty much downed mine asap because maaaaan did they put a lot of vodka than 1015 does. then again, 1015 also has smaller ass cups so that prolly has to do with it too. anyways, yeah, i downed mine, aniki kinda sipped away at his. i also had a Smirnoff Ice not too long after that so i was pretty wheeeeeeeeeee~. n.n; which was new for aniki since i was never really in a drinkin' mood when he was. n.n; anyways, we both kinda came to the conclusion that buzzed/tipsy me, really doesn't differ to much to rolling me, the only real difference being that i can stand for a lot longer when buzzed/tipsy. n.n; Digweed came on eventually but his set was also kinda flat for the first 1½hr or so. we spent that chunk just kinda chillin' outside listening while BSin' and watching some of the bums do some really odd things... O.o; sometime during the night tho, aniki's cell fell out of his pocket, so it kinda put a damper on the rest of time Digweed was on. not to mention it was HELLA packed, thus very hot in there. thankfully tho, since we have cell phone karma from trying to give someone back the phone they lost at a rave, someone picked up his phone and gave my phone a call after the club had closed. =3 overall, it was a decent night, not quite as fun as i expected it to be. i think the highlight of the night was one song that Digweed played that had a rolling bass drum build up and at parts of the song, this deep Satanic like voice would say 'YOU ARE ALL MY CHILDREN.' =O it was really weird but i liked it. got home around 7:30am, showered, ate, BS'd online for a bit then passed out around 9am.

saturday - zzzz-ow my neck, my back, my legs, my-zzzzzz...

sunday - zzzz...mmm guess i don't hurt TOO MUCH anymore. hop on IRC and kendo in #lililicious continues to verbally poke me to go see Gabriel & Dresden/Junkie XL/Christopher Lawrence at the same club since she'd seen G&D on friday night in NYC. after going over the pros and cons for hours, around like 8pm i decide 'the hell with it' and leave it to up fate. heads - i stay home, tails - i go to the club. *flips coin* tails. ...oh fine fine i'll go! unfortunately, couldn't find anyone to go with, which was why i was pretty hesitant about going. going to the movies alone is one thing, but a club? @.@; meh anyways, i grab some dinner, take a shower and get out the door around 10pm. gas tank is a bit over half but i figure i'll try to do speed limit to conserve a bit of gass for the drive home. get to the club around 11:45pm and since the usual lot i park in is closed, i find fairly close street parking instead. the club is THANKFULLY not as packed at friday night, leaving a pretty good amount of dance space. =D Gabriel & Dresden had opened so unfortunately i missed 2/3rds of their set but what i did get to hear was pretty fuckin' awesome. Junkie XL was up next and MAN. that guy just fuckin' PWNZ. he had the crowd going all night with the music, and he was like going off on the music himself, hopping around and waving his arms. he's a fuckin' NUT! i love it! he played a couple of songs i recognized, the first i don't know the name but i recognized the girl's voice and the lyrics. second was Red Pill, Blue Pill, which i recognized as soon as i heard the telltale bongo drums. that REALLY got the crowd going. third, and by far the most awesome, and probably the highlight of my night, was his closing song: You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party - Beastie Boys remix. I. WANT. IT. SO. BAD. the crowd went NUTS on that, singing along with the parts they knew, especially the main line. XD after that C.Lawrence came on, and i must say, damn he's startin' to look pretty old. like REALLY old. maybe it's the fact that he's really skinny and scrawny but damn. n.n; anyways, his set was alright, nothing TOO special. i spent most of his set BSin' with a girl i buddied with while there. she was really awesome, totally friendly and just fun to talk with and such. these 2 drunk guys had been like trying to dance with me, and she kinda knew them because they were hanging out outside the club before it opened up, so she like shooed them away from me. n.n; she'd come there with her husband who was also pretty gone but was still having a good time. we exchanged info and stuff so that we could meet again to party and such, which was really cool. i guess they're having a bbq this weekend and when i told her i spin a lil' (since her husband does too), she was like 'oh! you should come and bring some records! =D' but i told her i might have to do JTAF this weekend (if i get an email back soon... <.<;) but i'd let her know if plans changed at all. if anything, if i couldn't make it, then we could meet up for AVB on the 17th. so going to the club alone wasn't too bad actually. i chatted with a couple of other random people as well so it was cool. oh yeah, i think there were a lot less people rolling this time compared to friday night too. omg, there were these 2 people tho, 1 guy 2 girls and first the asian lady was all making out with the guy, then when she was done with him, she went over to her blonde lady friend and started HELLA freak dancing with her. i mean, not just bump and grind, like bump and grind plus wandering hands that almost exposed poor blonde ladies boobages several times. me and the girl i was hanging with were just like 'ummm...whoa. as long as they don't knock down the dividers here i guess. <.<' since we were kinda leaning on them a bit aways. n.n; anyways, i was REALLY happy i ended up going. i don't regret it even tho my SF parking karma kicked in and i got a ticket for parking where the street cleaning thing comes. GRR. FUCKING HATE THAT SHIT. but ah well, was still worth it anyways. n.n

ugh...i'm so confused about JTAF tho. i have no idea the line up is working, if it's slots for each DJ or just a huge tagteam effort or what. <.< i wish JH would get back to me but seeing as it's only a week away and such...i feel a good amount of doubt. they said they want to keep it 'japan themed' but i'm like 'uhh...not very much of my collection is 'japan themed'...' so whatever.

oh i was surprised that it is pretty possible to wear jeans to the club...but DAMN if i don't need a BELT to keep them from slipping down to my hips all the time. <.< both nights i kept on having to pull them back up because my undies would start showing. oh and my new Reebok shoes did pretty good, last night being the first time i wore them and all. they're a lot lighter than my usual sketchers so i think they work a lot better for dancin'. unfortunately, i think for AVB's night at Ruby Skye, i won't be able to wear them since i guess they have a dresscode of sorts. bleh...why do clubs enforce dresscodes? it's a fuckin' dance club, not a ballroom. people are just going to get wasted and all messed up from dancing anyways. i just don't get it. -.-; oh well, must find out beforehand but for now, must regain sleep and such from uber party weekend. @.@;

01:30 p.m. Thursday, September 2, 2004
more #lililicious fun - orgies

some of the conversation was trimmed down due to relevance. i would say that it's fairly SFW in the way that we don't mention body parts or activities done to said body parts. n.n;

* Rosa_Chinensis has joined #lililicious
[Shinzantetsu] Youko has returned...
[Rosa_Chinensis] I was gone? D:
[Shouko-chan] youko~ *flomp*
[Rosa_Chinensis] [16:13] * Disconnected
[Rosa_Chinensis] [16:13] * Attempting to rejoin channel #lililicious
[Shinzantetsu] Ping timeout
[Rosa_Chinensis] I was only gone for a few seconds, right?
[Rosa_Chinensis] aww, damn
[Rosa_Chinensis] what did I miss? D:
* Rosa_Chinensis huggles Shouko
[Shinzantetsu] Not much
[Rosa_Chinensis] just another group orgy, huh?
[Rosa_Chinensis] glad to miss that ;)
[Shouko-chan] no, no orgies. not enough girls to go around for that.
[Rosa_Chinensis] I don't understand, Shouko
[Rosa_Chinensis] what do girls have to do with orgies?
* Rosa_Gigantea whips Youko
[Rosa_Chinensis] excuse me? O_o
[Rosa_Gigantea] don't act so innocent
[Rosa_Chinensis] get away from me, you scary s&m queen
[Shouko-chan] lol
[Rosa_Gigantea] :P
[Rosa_Gigantea] yeah right
[Rosa_Chinensis] and that wasn't an innocent question!
[Rosa_Chinensis] it was a sociological observation
[Rosa_Gigantea] pffffft
[Shinzantetsu] Just that it would make more sense in this channel if girls were in involved in any orgies, Youko
[Rosa_Chinensis] the number of females isn't necessarily relevant during group sex
[Rosa_Chinensis] yes, I suppose, Shin
[Rosa_Gigantea] it is
[Rosa_Gigantea] for us
[Rosa_Chinensis] although some of the girls would only be interested in orgies with each other... you'd be left out
[Rosa_Gigantea] i'm dissappointed in you
[Shinzantetsu] It's okay. It would satisfy the voyeur in me
[Rosa_Chinensis] lol
[Shinzantetsu] Voyeuristic tendencies can be fun every now and then
[AoyamaMotoko] hm. group lesbian orgy...
[Shouko-chan] actually the number does kinda affect an 'orgy' because if you only have 3, that's still a 'menage e trois' not an orgy. i think anything past 3 is considered an 'orgy'.
[Blackheart] I think past 5.
[Rosa_Gigantea] yes
[Blackheart] 5 and up.
[Rosa_Gigantea] quatro
[Shouko-chan] 5 works yes but i was going as far as names they have for groupings, and i don't recall one for a group of 4 so...yeah... n.n;
[Blackheart] 5.
[Noriko] so seisama, oneesam would just be a menage e trois
[Wolfie] sorta :o
[Blackheart] Actually, they DO have a name for 4.
[Shouko-chan] ah see, i was unaware of this.
[Blackheart] I wish I could remember it.
[Blackheart] Hold on, I'll look it up.
[Kwai] quartett? XD
[Blackheart] Foursome, I'm thinking...
[Kwai] Foursome would probably be the word ;)
[Shouko-chan] well yes, but you could apply that to ANY number...
[Wolfie] ...you can?
[Blackheart] ... not really...
[Shinzantetsu] Fivesome... Sixsome... Tensome...?
[Noriko] fourtyfivesome? I guess the nameing rule works.... but orgy would be better...

so yeah, i'm kinda curious to see what other people's opinion is. where does one draw the line for an 'orgy'? 4 or 5? and if there is a name for a group of 4, apart from 'foursome', by all means enlighten me. o.o quartet doesn't really work for me either since i think more a long the lines of a violin quartet or the like with that. <.< seriously, comment me on this people. XD

in other news, Lion King was brilliant, tho having watched the movie a gazillion times and knowing what happens kinda works for and against you. it's like, y'know what happens but you wonder how they'll pull it off on stage, and i have to say was very pleased with the results. the little kids who play the young Nala and Simba were ADORABLE. XD and they guys they got for Scar and Mufasa were pretty on target with the voices. the hyena trio were great too. XD it was overall a great show and i enjoyed it a lot, then again, it's Disney. XD i only wish i could've been down on the floor instead of the mezzanine so i could see the elephant better. =O

before watching Lion King tho, my mom and i went to have dim sum (on my choice) at Yank Sing, which is supposed to be one of the best in the SF area. it's been A WHILE since i've had dim sum so my mouth was watering just smelling the food walking into the building (we went to the one on Spear St. off of Market). i was in HEAVEN. got the usual shrimp shumai and such but there were a couple of bits worth mentioning since i hadn't ever had them before elsewhere. first is the seaweed wrapped tofu, which looked like it was lightly battered with something, barely noticable. SO GOOD. some of the pieces can be a bit on the salty side but if you get one just right...oi... you taste the seaweed definately but there's almost like a hint of shrimp in it as well. SO GOOD. my mom was gonna send it away but i was like 'well i want to try it.' my mom was thanking me after tasting it. XD second was something that LOOKS a lot like the sesame desert buns but w/o the sesame seeds on it. don't let it's plain look decieve you tho. the 'dough' has the same consistancy as the sesame seed buns but instead of red or mung beans in the middle, there's rice and a little bit of meat, ground beef i think. sounds simple right? but everything combined is surprisingly delicious. the rice and dough make it a little sweet, while the meat brings a bit of saltiness into the mix. VERY GOOD. i enjoyed it a lot. i would definately recommend Yank Sing for any dim sum lover. my tummy rumbles just thinking about it. T-T

my mom also wanted to do a little bit of shopping beforehand as well since we had time. she is practically HELLBENT on getting me jeans or any sort of pants that aren't boys. @.@; from sunday to yesterday, she's been on a mission to get me into pants that are all boot cut, which i've been embracing/enduring/what have you. n.n; really, i think this haircut served as a catalyst of some sort. @.@; well either way, i kinda like 'both' styles really, old and new. as long as my mom doesn't try to push me too hard into girly-girl stuff, there should be no reason to throw a massive fit on my part. n.n;

spent the evening last night with aniki~ kinda as a celebration for finding a place for him to live and such. after an EPIC BATTLE on magic online, to which most of the time i just kinda smiled and nodded as he tried to explain stuff to me, we headed over to GM to lounge about D&B's. he was rather disappointed in the lack of the usual conventional fighting games and such, but i think we had enough amusement playing what we did. i gave Mazan another try, sober this time. n.n; i did much better this time i think tho i really don't get the whole 'berserker' mode thing. i think they should've left that out and stuck with the whole block/parry/counter deal but eh. spent way too much on Time Crisis 2, then tried a racing game that reminded me of the Micro Machine racing game on the PS we used to play at the SV house, but in this case, it's a sit down game and the seat moves around. =X i think we ended up wiping out a great deal but it was still rather amusing. after that, we tried to play a classic game of Joust together but for some reason, it wouldn't let 2 people play so i ended up playing by myself. =( i got to like the 3rd level tho. XD

after that, we went to get a quick dinner at Cocoanut Grove next to the movie theatre, which has these REALLY funky fans on the wall. it's hard to explain...it's one of those things you just kinda need to see i think to get the full impact. had some ok pad thai then watched Without a Paddle (since i wasn't in the mood to watch Exorcist and he wasn't in the mood for seeing Suspect Zero). it was surprisingly not as slapstick goofy as i thought it was going to be, seeing as how Harold and Kumaar is pretty damn slapstick, stoner funny. Without a Paddle was trying to teach some sort of life lesson while having bits of funny in it, which kinda made it a bit awkward to watch. not to say it wasn't funny at all, lord knows that i was laughing at parts here in there but overall, it just wasn't as mindless as i was thinking it would be. o.o ah well, i'd say save it for a rental personally, at least that way you won't have rude ass people talking loud throughout the movie. <.< i like making commentary here and there, but i whisper it so as not to disturb anyone else's viewing. unless EVERYONE is heckling it, then by all means, go crazy. n.n;

mmmm digweed soon. XD must rest arms from playing too much Time Crisis, Police 911 and Mazan. sore. T-T

03:21 a.m. Sunday, August 29, 2004
thu - sat in XX seconds


watched Garden State w/ mom: =)
buying Garden State ost, Tipping the Velvet book & dvd @ Borders: =)
trying to avoid mom so she doesn't see purchase of Tipping the Velvet stuff: >3
Azure Raze hitting lvl 14 on CoH: =D
being able to use Super Jump because of above: XD


hanging out with aniki and his triumphant return from cheeseland: =D
watching Tipping the Velvet dvd for thespian goodness: 8D~
trying to sleep w/o much success for unknown reasons: X(


still trying to sleep w/o much success: X/
attempt to beat Fatal Frame 2 #1, instead of sleeping: =O omfg! one hit kill! >/
finally falling asleep for a bit: =)
making it over to great mall to hang out with windam: =)
getting snazzy new shoes that were thankfully still there: =3
watching the US Quentin release of Hero: =D
attempt to beat Fatal Frame 2 #2: =D
watching the ending of beating Fatal Frame 2 on Normal mode: >/ *PIF*
coming home to find compter off for some odd reason: =O!
seeing that d/l of fate/night OST finished before mysterious shut down: XD
general opinion of fate/stay night OST: =)

yeah, i'm lazy. sue me. o.o as for Tipping the Velvet, cat, jen and lucinda - you NEED to see this. it's so damn hawt. =D~ i rank it up there with But I'm a Cheerleader and Kissing Jessica Stein. i'll prolly be diving into the book soonish. as for the Fatal Frame 2 ending, Kei or whoever wants to see it, i saved it so you can see for yourself. maybe i'll rant on it later after watching Lion King tomorrow and such. sleep now.

06:14 p.m. Wednesday, August 25, 2004
amusing conversation of the day

[Shouko-chan] oooh real girls kissin' on 2chan. pretty cute. =X
[Wolfie] that just reminded me that i'm hungry....
[Shouko-chan] doh... n.n;
* karen| shares pizza with sumi
[Shouko-chan] lol you're welcome sumi? n.n;
* karen| gives sumi her sisters veggie pizza
[Tsutako] hehe
[Shouko-chan] <- nsfw~ cute kissin' girls. boobs kinda small but eh, pretty anyways. XD
[karen|] what do you expect from an asian?
[karen|] DDD chest?
[Shinzantetsu] lol
[Wolfie] mmm
[Blackheart] Those boobs aren't small... they're perfect.
[Blackheart] ... veeery nice...
[Shouko-chan] hey i'm asian and i have Cs. <.<
[Blackheart] The one on the left looks kinda like Michelle Branch.
[Wolfie] they're not THAT small <_<
[Blackheart] ... Cs? Perfection.
[Wolfie] or...at least they could be smaller. >_>
[karen|] <_<
[Shouko-chan] i said 'kinda' n.n; if one of them came up and kissed me, i wouldn't be like 'honey, that was lovely but yer boobs need work.' or something n.n;
[karen|] rofl
[Wolfie] haha
[Tsutako] I like small >_>
[AoyamaMotoko] Those are quite a nice size
[karen|] that was great shouko, actually made me laugh ;p
[AoyamaMotoko] wow. someone else likes small
* Shouko-chan bows for karen.

i love the conversations i have with the lililicious crew. i really do. XD and since 2chan has such a high turnover rate for their pictures, you can view it here. and yes, it's NSFW due to the boobages. =D~

oh and for the Hero viewing, i've decided on the 7:50pm showing on sat at great mall. if anyone can make it, gimme a call, comment or email. n.n

12:54 a.m. Tuesday, August 24, 2004
manic manga monday

well...at least it still feels like monday to me since i'm still awake and all. <.<;;; anyways, i spent a good amount of time today reading a manga series Haru yo, Koi by Kaori Saki, which is being scanlated by Chaotixubs. basically, it's revolves around 3 people who end up living together under really strange circumstances. 16 year old Sone Mafuyu ends up moving in with her 19 year old brother, Sone Takashi, at his Tokyo apartment. why you ask? well (this isn't much of a spoiler since it's revealed in the first chapter) it turns out that Mafuyu was caught fooling around with her classmate, Shirai Sae, by a teacher while they were skipping class, resulting in phone calls to parents and being expelled. her family being oh so fuckin' understanding decide to transfer her to a complete different school to escape the embarassment. parents... -.-; anyways, not a minute after she reveals this to her brother, who should show up at their door but Sae herself, saying that she's cut all ties with her family and will be temporarily living with them until she can afford a place of her own.

now...i know this sounds like a trainwreck drama, and in some ways it is, but not nearly as bad as one would fear. it actually has some REALLY funny parts in it, especially with Takashi having to get used to that his sister is in fact a lesbian, and likes to make out a great deal with Sae with only a skinny sliding door between them. n.n; poor guy. anyways, it kinda jumps between romantic comedy to romantic drama to smutty drama. =X yeah, you get a show but it's not extremely graphic, mainly nekkidness, boobs and ass. i like the story so far, it's not overly service, dramatic or slapstick. it's a pretty good balance with fairly believable characters and relationships. so far 36 chapters have been released and i'm looking forward to checking out the rest, possibly buying the manga if i can find it in kino. waugh...i just checked to see how many vol of this manga are out...there's 11 that i know of and ch. 36 is vol. 4. ~.~; mmm...guess i'll definately be lookin' next time i go to kino. wow...really makes me wonder just where the story goes from here if there's 11 volumes. @.@; well, i'll get to see in due time i guess. n.n;

another manga that chaotixubs is working on is Futari H or Futari Ecchi by Katsu Aki. this is something i've been wanting to check out for a while just because it sounds so damn wrong. to quote the animaxis site, "Makoto and Yura made their arranged marriages as a cherry boy and a virgin. But many problems arise for the beginners of sex, and they have to overcome to become true love birds... There are many biological explanations to some of the details, so this book is not just erotic, but fun and quite educational." this description is SO RIGHT ON, it's SCARY.

i had watched that anime beforehand since i had access to it, and was very amused by the two trying to become familiar with each other sexually. XD it was almost cute at times BUT...the MANGA...omg it's on an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL. they take it sooooooooo much slower in the manga, it's even painful for the reader to go thru because you end up getting as frustrated, if not more so, than the characters themselves. n.n; i swear, Yura HAS to really love Makoto to put up with his lack of skills. if i was her, i'd be saying 'the hell with you practicing, we're going to a friggin' hypnotist or SOMETHING to fix your damn problems son'. then again, i doubt it was really intended to be read by a female of any sort, and seeing as most of the time, the female lead Yura never really gets full satisfaction out of their ordeals, i guess as a girl myself, it's just like 'okay...so the guy got off...and poor girl has to just deal with not reaching the big O. ...fuck that.' >.< then again, it's only vol. 2 so once could hope that Makoto improves in time. then again...it's VOLUME TWO. while he's improved A BIT (i won't say how because then it's just taking all the fun out of it), it's just 'c'mon man...i barely see the effort on your part...'

and when they say "There are many biological explanations to some of the details, so this book is not just erotic, but fun and quite educational.", they're not joking about that either. they like took statistics and what-not, size/type measurements and just a whole bunch of other stuff i'd rather not commit to memory. really, it's kinda like Playboy having articles inbetween the T&A all over more or less. anyways, ummm...i dunno, while i think the anime is amusing, i think curiosity killed the cat as far as the manga. i figure if Makoto can't fix his main problem within a volume or two, i won't be able to stand it much longer. ~.~;

next is Tenka Musou by Sasaki Akane, which i actually started reading last week but seeing as i was doing manga reviews, thought i'd throw it in. this is another ninja story but not quite as wacky as Ninin ga Shinobuden. n.n; this follows the life of Han, a spunky lil' ninja girl, who's been trying to live a normal life in a small village for the past 5 years. unfortunately, the fact that she's actually the princess of The Land of the Shinobi and the power of one of the two Tenka Musou scrolls is sealed within her body makes things a bit troublesome. oh, did i mention her full name is actually Hattori Hanzou and she's the 10th generation of her family? and while she looks weak and no more than 13 most of the time, she's actually more around 18. the reason behind this is because there had to be some sort of compensation for her body sealing this great power, so her internal biological clock was frozen. the only time she takes on her 'true form' is when she uses the Tenka Musou power, turning her into a much busty, bishi woman. =X really, think Hinako-sensei from Ranma½ more or less.

anyways, after an incident at the village, she decides to set out to put an end to all of it by confronting the person who holds the other half of the Tenka Musou, Lord Nobunaga. now this all sounds all fairly serious yeah? BUT...i said it's not QUITE as wacky as Shinobuden... after leaving the village, she comes across 2 swordsman, the idiot Sukesaburou and the cool, collected Kakunoshin. while Han is running from some of Nobunaga's nameless henchmen, she kinda...well...uses Sukesaburou's face as a landing spot, which pisses him off to a great deal...until he sees Han...in her hawt older form. at which point he declares her his 'tenyo' or heavenly maiden. n.n; unfortunately, Han switches back to her 'normal' form shortly after, and Sukesaburou being the FLAMING TARD that he is, thinks she's someone complete different even tho she's wearing exactly the same thing and all. he decides that's she must be his tenyo's little sister and from then on, insists on following her around in hopes of seeing her 'older sister'. n.n; hilarity ensues.

all in all, this is a REALLY fun series, kinda bringing back the same kinda fun entertainment that Slayers originally gave me, but with ninjas and such this time. n.n; i wouldn't mind seeing this turned into an anime seeing as it actually has a PLOT unlike Shinobuden, which i love, but i love me some storytellin' sometimes. n.n; this is why i couldn't get into Urusei Yatsura. <.< i like my story dammit, even if it's utterly simple. if i'm able to find this at kino as well, i'll probably pick it up. =3 *prays that some anime company picks it up as a project* ;.; Tenka is being scanlated by Tsuzuku Jinsei o and has released up to chapter 5, which is all of vol 1. uhh...if there's more than that, i don't know yet but i'm gonna try to check up on it. <.< also, if you want to check out some of Sasaki Akane's other work, her page is here.

there's a couple of other manga stories i'm following right now, Pieta and Deep Love, but those are A LOT more dark and drama oriented than any of the above so i'll spare the general public of them but if you're curious, feel free to ask. i really like both but they are really sad and bittersweet most of them time so it's not something you want to read while feeling down and listening to stuff like Eternal Snow, Ano Hi ni, Voices, Koi Kaze soundtrack and other such heart wrenching music. n.n;

oh PS - to those i invited to check out Digweed with, this is a SURE THING for me. i have bought my ticket so i'm going come ragnarok and all so get back to me if you're going or not. thankies~. also start planning for Armin, which is on the 17 of next month and is on a friday night. i'm fo' sho' going to that too. to not go would be blasphemous dammit. o.o

and Hero is out this friday, who wants to try to catch it at the Great Mall this weekend? o.o lemme know~ any day but sunday would be good since sunday i go to watch Lion King with ma mere~.

04:39 p.m. Saturday, August 21, 2004
demo and my ooglay mug =X

alrighty, here's the link to my demo which i will probably rerecord because...i should. <.< i can see now why most djs do their mixing digitally when doing cd mixes. >.< bleh~ i really don't want to do digi-mixing for a demo tho. it'd be kinda pointless if i did that. *sigh* well we'll see, next time instead of the MD player, we're gonna try to just hook it straight into the computer but with better audio wires. >.< again, here's the tracklisting for the curious.

01 Vimana - Dreamtime
02 Jan Johnston - Flesh [Tilt Mix]
03 Art of Trance - Madagascar [Ferry Corsten Mix]
04 Armin - Communication [Original 12" Mix]
05 Bedrock - Heavenscent [Original]
06 Moby - Extreme Ways [DJ Tiesto's Instrumental Remix]
07 Hi-Gate - Caned and Unable [Original]
08 Armin Van Buuren - Yet Another Day [Original Mix]
09 Sunbeam - One Minute in Heaven [Club Mix]
10 Ralph Fridge - Angel [Club Mix]
11 York - On The Beach [CRW Mix]
12 Ferry Corsten - Punk [Original Mix]
13 The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane - Synaethenasia (Fly Away) [Paul Van Dyk Dub]
14 Desiderio - Starlight [Ferry Corsten Remix]
15 Survivors - Kagami [The Joker Mix]
16 Ferry Corsten - Indigo [Original Mix]
17 marc et claude - tremble [Riva Remix]
18 Gouryella - Wahalla [Original Mix]
19 Solid Sessions feat. Pronti & Kalmani - Janeiro [Armin Van Buuren Dub]
20 System F - Out of the Blue [Original Mix]

some of you know and/or have seen already that i chopped off my hair again but this time, it looks a lot better than i had it before. it was even Mom Approved(tm), which is a big thing because last time i cut my hair short, she straight up said it looked too butch. =.=; anyways, she likes it a lot, which weirds me out, especially when she's like 'you should get like the tips of your duck tail dyed some color! like blue!' <.<; anyways, styled and unstyled. bleh so not photogenic. ~.~; that and when it's unstyled, it always looks better right after the shower or the day after shower. pif...oh well. n.n;


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