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i thought the lyrics from the song Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill and the story of the series Mahoromatic went well with each other, and dammit Mahoro is so damn cute, i have to have a layout with her in it.

think back on Thursday, September 5, 2002 01:13 a.m. and remember la grand retour

first of all, people can once again start calling me on my cell. i just switched the service back to my old nokia phone instead of trying to put up with the one i successfully fucked up. n.n; i still want to change services and upgrade to a better phone but i don't think this is the time to do so. maybe the end of the year when i (hopefully) get lots and lots of xmas money. n.n;;

oh, on the subject of money, i wasn't originally gonna post this but i found it amusing. so i get a call (on my cell, hee hee! *ahem*) from some people saying that i'm eligible to win like ,000 for blah blah blah something or another. yeah, i know i should've paid more attention but kyo was over and i just wanted to get back to watching guu dammit. anyways, they asked a few typical survey questions, one of which was what was i most interested in: sports, music, womens issues, etc. etc. and i answered music. the guy then asked what type of music i liked, and i answered digital/electronica (i wasn't sure if the average telemarketer person would know 'trance' n.n;). at that point, he was like 'oh! really? are you a raver?', and i thought he was joking around but i answered yes anyways and he said 'oh! me too!'. i thought that was pretty cool and it was so sweet when he said he felt guilty because he had to try to sell me magazine subscriptions and that i could hang up on him if i wanted. n.n; lol good to know that the 'raver' community isn't dead from the neck down.

also, for the time being, since i have no idea what happened to netcomments, i'm just going to extend my old guestbook to here until i get my new domain on a roll. works just the same, just make sure you select that you're commenting on something here and which entry or the date of the entry.

anyways, as you can tell by the title, a lot of things will be changing for me. the last couple of days i was angsting quite a bit over a lot of elements in my life, and i think after i managed to let some of that steam off (*hugs oneesama*), i came to a lot of conclusions.

the first course of action i'll be taking, will probably be a bit drastic, cause a lot of drama and possibly a lot of silence treatment but...i just can't let it continue.

second, i need to start looking at requirements for classes for audio/sound multimedia. i've decided to hell with web/graphic design. it's something i like to do when i'm motivated enough to want to share something i like with whoever cares, but it's not what i think i can or want to do for the rest of my life. i really want to start learning about the way sound works to get the best resonation for my future club, and maybe even to start producing my own tracks when i can. this is, of course, after i'm all done and caught up with any payments and have my car up to top condition.

i'm tired of the way i've been living up to now and i'm going to start taking major steps to pulling myself out of it. i can't go on living off my family and depending on them at every bad junction i come to in life. it's not fair to them, and it's cowardly and weak of me. with the exception of maybe a dvd here or there, i'll be putting off any of the purchase i thought i needed until everything above is accomplished. it won't be easy, and i'm sure i'll probably whine about it from time to time but i know that i need to make these sacrifices if i want to get anywhere in life. the dj/music industry is definately not an easy one, but it's what i want, and i now know i'm willing to do what it takes to get in there.

yes ladies and gentlemen, you can say that the fire has officially been light under my butt on HIGH. o.o; i want out and i want it asap! ...but damn if that ,000 wouldn't be a helping hand in that. n.n;

think back on Monday, September 2, 2002 12:11 a.m. and remember web stuffs, anime and future drinking

if people haven't noticed, although i managed to fix my blog images, is most definately hosed. it's already been snatched up by someone else so we're trying to think of another domain name to put it under. also, my comments seem to be on the fritz again so i'm thinking of moving to another blog provider with built in comments aside from livejournal because it's just too much ass. i also was thinking of changing my domain name from naze-nani to something else because it just doesn't seem to fit me much anymore. to what i'm still not sure but it'll probably be a while til that happens anyways.

caught on a whole truckload of anime today. Chobits 19 - 22, .hack//sign 16 - 21, Azumanga Daioh 17 - 19, Witch Hunter Robin 8, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu 20 and last but not least, Saishuu Heiki Kanojo 6 - 7. pretty much Chobits, .hack//sign and Saishuu Heiki Kanojo were my downers, while Azumanga Daioh and Guu were my uppers, with Robin somewhere in the middle. i absolutely LOVE Saikano but at the same time, it's just so entirely depressing to watch. in either case, i still really want the ost and doujin album, and the last vol of the manga. T.T i just want to see with my own eyes what i -know- is going to happen in the end. oh, and lovely little tidbit at the end of Azudai 19...preview for Mahoromatic season 2. *kirakira~* *.*

and watching Azudai 19, a lot of the characters in the last half went flower watching/hanami. i've always been able to enjoy a walk through a simple park to huge forests of Yosemite, so hanami would be an awesome thing to do, especially with a group of friends. then i remember, 'shit, wasn't my plum tree in the backyard dropping petals like nothing out of a shoujo manga?! dammit!! we should've had a hanami party! >.<' or something like that. personally, i think it'd be damn cool to have a party either at the house or at one of the nearby parks with cherry trees with just some food and a lil' booze. naa minna? n.n

think back on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 08:51 p.m. and remember it's time to sell that extra kidney!!

Every Friday in San Francisco
1015 Folsom
Doors open at 10pm

9/6 Deepsky (LIVE & DJ SET)
9/13 Armin van Buuren (holland)
9/20 Ferry Corsten (holland)
9/27 Sasha (uk)

...the god(s) have heard my cries. T.T 9 <- (fist of gratification) now i just need to sell a body part or five, one of my body parts optional *eyes michi*. XD in either case, i MUST make it to Ferry Corsten's set AT LEAST, as much as i'd love to see armin van buuren for the first time, and deepsky and sasha again. mmm we shall see. anyways, anyone game to go to at least Corsten? n.n

think back on Sunday, August 25, 2002 04:02 a.m. and remember cyberfest 2002 b n.n d

somehow, i always managed to make it to this party, and if you've been reading me for a while, you'll know why. this year was pretty fucking sick. granted, it didn't have as many headliners as metropolis, but hell, as long as us lil' guys can get the job done, it's all good.

guess i'll start with the bad stuff just to get it over with. there were 2 fights that broke out, the 2nd one pretty damn serious since it involved a chair meeting someone's head a la pro wrestling. as quoted from blue crush 'OUCH. *nod*'.

jahi lost his chains at security check, which i feel kinda bad about since i forgot to remind everyone about it, and i didn't notice beforehand he had some on.

i lost one of my blue/orange photons and one of the smaller crystal adapters for my ribbon photons. i'll have to make a point of looking at my pockets when i'm taking stuff out of them because i probably ended up taking more than i intended. either that or i danced -that- hard. o.o;

at some point of the night, they required that -everyone- have a wristband to enter the halls, which housed all the dance rooms except for -ONE-. which really sucked because the wristbands were only for the 21+. at least that's what we though. finally, they figured out that it was pissing people off that they couldn't go in w/o leaving people behind so they set up fencing and guards around the alcohol areas.

and of course, the star bad act of the night, poor lucinda got a bit of etard throw up on her arm. granted, etard barf hardly ever contains chunks of any sort since they rarely eat anything right before/while they're rolling, so you usually end up with just watery crap but yeah...barf is still barf. gee~w. n.n;

i know that seems like quite a lot of bad stuff but it really dampen my night at all. trance room was off the fucking hook and thankfully wasn't hella over crowded. everyone that had been there kept saying that concourse was hella small but i dunno, i thought it was pretty decently sized. maybe not as a whole but at least the individual halls were big enough, in length and width.

the house room was pretty sick too even though we parked in the trance room for the most part. we started out in house after making the rounds of rooms, and i think i got my first request for a lightshow in there too.

speaking of lightshows, either my fairly regular pratice is paying off or i've just found a way of doing lightshows without tiring my arms out too much. because really, my arms don't feel anywhere near as tired as after metro, though of course, we'll see what i have to say about that tomorrow. later when i wake up. n.n; i will assume that the practice and watching flo has made my techniques a good amount better, since i got comments from people both sober and rolling. this one guy, i had only been going for like 10 seconds and he was like 'dude, you are the best lightshow i've had all night!!' i was just like 'okay man. thanks! o.o;' then he liked hugged everyone else that was there because i did a good job. huzzah i guess. n.n;

and even though i think that guy was very much overestimating my photon abilities, it was people like him that made the vibe really good, even with the fights and shit. everyone seemed to be in a good night, even with the cold, foggy, windy weather and other crap like the wristband shit. people were generally polite, when i gave a lightshow, i got thanks all around and names. granted i don't think i'll ever remember those names or faces but i will remember they made the night good for me. n.n thanks to you guys, hope you and your own had a safe trip home.

on that note, my happy ass is hitting the showers. rave funk no good outside of rave.

think back on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 10:53 p.m. and remember OMFG

now...ask anyone, i know a good many trivial things when it comes to anime or movies, whether it's quotes, actors, music, whatever. not 5 minutes, i could SWEAR...i heard Big Brother 3 use a clip of Tenchi Muyo in Love! bgm. it was only like a short 8 second clip but i'm PRETTY DAMN sure it was Tenchi's Decision/Tenchi no Ketsui. damn i wish i had the cd with me and had recorded at least that small clip from BB3. i heard it after all the ladies in the house were getting drunk and talking about sex, one of the guys couldn't take it and retreated to his room. ugh...that's like the 2nd time this week that i've heard anime music being used on US tv. weird weird weird. @.@;;

think back on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 02:57 a.m. and remember victory is mine once again

huzzah, the prettiness is back. rejoice mofos. omg i'm fuckin' tired. had a fun couple of days off. got to see signs, blue crush and xxx in one day for .50 'matinee'. ass rape matinee. eh oh well, guess i can't complain since i movie hopped and got my .50's worth of movies. then today, finally finished some projects i've been meaning to do...and no, neither of them were my door and window. n.n; i'll do it thu night or fri morning though. s'all good. in any case, i didn't sleep as well as i was hoping too so i'll pass out now, thank you. z.z

think back on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 06:36 p.m. and remember i'm not a public

no really, i'm not. =P but apparently, someone else felt i was and all the images on my blog were replaced with images that said ''. so until i get home, the page will be insane asylum sanitary white. foo.

think back on Saturday, August 17, 2002 08:37 p.m. and remember seeing seeing seeing triple triple triple i'm on GMUD, doing my multi-window thang. Mahoro on Phoenix talking to Keiichi, Motoko on Phoenix talk to Keitaro and Misao on Ranma talking to Hotaru. now, i know that my friend Mike is Hotaru on Ranma. here's the log...

Hotaru pages, "Oh, if you can get Long back online, I have a online present for him." to you.
You page, "Here on Ranma y'mean?" to Hotaru.
Hotaru pages, "At Phoenix. It's more appropriate there. ^_^" to you.
You page, "Who're you on Phoenix? o.o Oh...hmmm maybe their connection pooped out. He's not on AIM either." to Hotaru.
In a page-pose to you, Hotaru swears you to secrecy, [names omitted], Keiichi and Keitaro. ^_^;
You page, "......................." to Hotaru.
You page, "well doh. o.o" to Hotaru.
In a page-pose to you, Hotaru has been on all day, actually. ^_^; Didn't feel like popping Keitaro on actually. x.x
You page, "'s rather frightening that i'm talking to you on 3 different screens and didn't realize it til now. =P" to Hotaru.
Hotaru pages, "I didn't know it was you either. =p

o/~ it's a small MU* after all... o/~ @.@; yeah anyways, i found that amusing. and kyo, if you don't get online again til later, then the link he wanted you to see is here.

think back on Friday, August 16, 2002 11:30 p.m. and remember it was so cute, IT HURT

i shit you not. i thought i had seen it all with like DiGi Charat and all but oi...did Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan prove that wrong. it's rather strange seeing as it came from the same man who did EXTREMELY shounen series like Love Hina and Ai ga Tomaranai, Akamatsu Ken. my mind just goes between boggling and shutting down really. ow ow. basically, Mao-chan is about these three 8 year old girls, who are part of a defense force that protect the world from, get this, GIANT UFO PLUSHIE. I. SHIT. YOU. NOT. they even arrive on earth through the atmosphere in huge gumball machine plastic pods before ejecting from it and floating down with their built in parachutes. Naru, after all her hard work at Tokyo U, obviously changed her name to Kagome when she joined the defense force, and is now a teacher as well as the commander of Mao-chan's team. ...not really but it damn well looks like her. >.< in addition to Mao, there's also Misora and Silvia, who is most likely to be my fave cuz she looks like she zones out a lot, a la Mutsumi style. XD in either case, i was (fortunately?) a lil' distracted while i was playing ep 1 so i'll have make some to really sit down and watch it later. must...remember...saline IV... *shudder* @.@;