t s toe!!!!! XD
Tuesday, April 8, 2003
11:10 p.m.

PlaysStation 2 Dual Play (SF) with Tiesto
Friday, 6/6/2003
Presale: .00
Ticket Sales Stop at 6:00:00 PM (PST) 6/6/2003

Talent: Spundae presents PlayStation 2 Dual Play featuring Tiesto with Noel Sanger. This is the record release tour for Tiesto's newest album, Nyana, in stores in May 2003, featured at Virgin Megastores. Go to www.HOB.com to enter the contest to win a trip to see Tiesto in Las Vegas on Sunday May 25 at the House of Blues.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

GOINGGOINGOINGSOGOING! XDDD must christen new debit card with ticket purchase! *.* mmmyesss...more trance goodnessssss... *slurp* i can make it to 6am...can j00? XDD

for lack of something better to post...
Friday, April 4, 2003
10:25 p.m.

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

5 if i recall correctly, and not counting practically living at kyo 'n michi's. n.n; the house in sv, where i practically grew up in, until i 'moved out'... and ended up staying with my dad in his office also in sv for his magazine for a bit. then over to mv into my grandma's apartment. then over to the 'guest house' of my aunt and uncle's also in mv. then finally over to the sc 'beach house'. i moved back to the sc for a bit but due to some unfortunate circumstances, i ended up back in sc where i currently reside.

2. Which was your favorite and why?

hmmm...y'know, to be honest, i'm not really sure. i gue~ss the 'guest house' in mv just because of a lot of fond memories. i met a lot of friends who i've come to really cherish while at that house, and had really good times with them there.

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?

mmmm...i think more on the exciting side really. the packing and moving part can be stressful, but if you have the right people around to help it's cool. unpacking and setting up my room is always a fun thing for me. it's like a puzzle for me to figure out how i'm going to arrange my room. n.n especially poster space! XD

4. What's more important, location or price?

i haven't really been faced with that problem yet? n.n;;; i'd try to balance both if/when i do though because really...while it's nice in sc, and it's free...it really sucks since i'm far from friends and just a completely different suburb that i'm used to.

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

omg...where to begin... (heated) pool, check. spa? pfft...simulated onsen! XD sauna, check. big yard, check. may~be an organic/herb garden but i'd definately need some help maintaining it. n.n; LOTS of space from other houses so that i can blast my music/movies/etc without having the cops knocking on my door. n.n; oh i'm sorry...buzzing at my guilded gates. XDD bwahahahahhaa! err...ahem... carrying on, call me crazy, but i want a small theatre with DTS or THX...with like some lazyboy recliner couches. XD that would be t3h sh137! gotta have it set up so that it can project all media though, film or dvd. mmmyess... definately need a sound proof studio to mix/record in. media/geek room to do music vids, graphics, webpages, play LAN games. XD seperate game room, which will house actual arcade machines, pool table and all platforms, even the atari for the hardcore Ba-Bomb'ers! XD small archery/gun range. hall wide enough to drive small carts through (think Caddyshack or The Toy. mmm...mini cobra cart. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! XDDD). uber-kitchen as well as uber outdoor grill, which can be used as either gas or charcoal/wood. mini hall to have parties in, complete with dj booth and full bar of course. oh, can't forget the cages! XD have speakers set up around the house to play music either through my uber-stereo, dj set ups or computer. ...man, i think i could go on forever, and into extreme detail so i'll just cut it off here for now. n.n;

*sigh* ...still miss RO. T.T been play AO to fill in but...just not the same. i can't see myself playing a lot of multiple characters in AO because of how much time it takes to even get decent armor and such. it's just too much of a chore when i want to just have fun. ~.~ ah well...maybe i'll start a new character when jahi signs up so at least i'll have someone to go through the trouble with. n.n;

mmmm...what to do for my bday... it's still a bit away but i do want to do something. just not sure what yet. i guess i can start looking to see if there's a rave or something to go to but i actually want to do something...not as flashy. my mom suggested maybe inviting some people to camp at like sunset or new brighton, which sounds cool but i don't know if there'd be enough time to coordinate it all. eh...guess we'll see.

triumph of the human...something...
Tuesday, April 1, 2003
03:05 p.m.

first off, aniki i finished your layout. if you wanna take a look at it, it's here. check your phone msgs and lemme know.

now teh funny... one of the managers comes up to me at work yesterday...

"so i was walking down aisle 10 to get to receiving and this guy stops me to ask for moth killing products. i tell him 'at the end of the aisle on the right, bottom shelf'. he says 'oh, i've been there already. those are moth -care- products. i want them dead, not cared for.'"

...i seriously don't know if i could've stopped from dying at laughing if he'd asked me. i seriously don't.

t-minus 04:06:50
Friday, March 28, 2003
03:54 a.m.

welp, here it is, last day of closed beta2 for international Ragnarok Online. some people were REALLY stupid and didn't read the full announcement which said it ends at '15:00 March 28 PST'...so we had a bunch of whiners that were saying it was supposed to end yesterday. READ YOU BUFFOONS! >.< jeezus chrysler!

after much rigorous playing, ignoring my bodies complaint for food and sleep to a point, i managed to hit about 60% to job level 40 before i had to go to work at 5. fortunately, kyo kept playing for me while i was at work so that i could come home to...

...him. my preeeeecioussssss. my assassin. shirokaze. *.* i would've loved to have seen the small transformation from thief to assassin but eh...i figure i'll get to see it when beta3 starts up. n.n

but oooooooomg i enjoy playing him, even for the short amount of time i have left. it's just lovely to see the hit points fly, especially when they're critical hits. XD so...pretty... *.* i'm hoping to play a bit more so that i can use grimtooth but i highly doubt it since i have to work at 1. foo~ darn work.

y'know...it may seem silly that i enjoy a pointless experience ladder game with no real plot yet (or proper english for that matter n.n;;;), but i don't see it any different from a tamagotchi or other virtual pets. it's still something that you take care of, apply certain qualities too and even dress up. it's still something you put time and effort into, thus making it yours and hard to part with, even if for just a couple of months. i will miss my lil' Shirokaze, especially after hitting 'our' goal for the beta so late in the game, but i'll be seeing him again in the future. mata na~ n.n v

'and then he ran into my knife...he ran into my knife -ten- times...'
Thursday, March 27, 2003
04:52 a.m.

yes, just like any other movie that has music i like, i will quote it until you are sick, then quote it some more until i'm finally sick. XD

ugh...managed to reach job level 39 on RO but...i dunno, assassin just doesn't seem possible at this point considering the crap i had to do just to get from 38 to 39. bleh~...if only there was a monster than i could kill for 1% each...i'd only have to kill 100 of them. but instead it's stretched out to more like 300 probably, with mixed percentages of .1%-.5%... ugh...i just really wanted to reach it before the beta2 ended since most likely when beta3 starts, there will be a ton of new features and the person who's letting me play on their account, for which i am thankful for even considering it, will want to understandably play more. yeah...i -could- get a credit card within that time i suppose but...i dunno. i'm still wary to let myself have one really. >.<

bleh...it is just a game, but i was just hoping to reach that point that i didn't get to last time i suppose. here's to hoping i can reach lvl 40 before 3pm on friday. =P

oh yeah, i was wondering if it was possible or not but my question was answered today. you -can- get a double critical attack with a thief. i wish i had gotten a screencap of it but it went by too fast and i really wasn't expecting it. >.< i thought maybe it was lag but the way the hits were stacked, it was too close to be lag. o.o; hee hee~ i <3 my thief. anyway, thus the title of this entry. o.o

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
01:58 a.m.

yes, it's about time i saw the Oscar winning movie of the year. =P feh. what can i say...it was very...musical broadway. o.o yes yes. musical broadway. don't get me wrong, i like a lot, especially the song where the ladies are all describing how they killed their men. that was classic. XD i really like the way they opened it too, making a beat out of noises first to lyrics. good shtuff.

though i have to agree with the inktank guy on the music. there was A LOT of it. o.o; really, you couldn't go more than 3 minutes at the most i think without SOME sort of musical piece. for the most part they all fit in...the only one i had a bit of an issue with was the husband's song. it needs to be included definately but...it just seemed sort of out of place with the rest of the music which was very uppity but that was about it. everything else i really liked.

now i'm sure people are/were debating 'which new musical is better? Moulin Rouge or Chicago?'. personally...i think i still like Moulin Rouge overall. it's hard to really put my finger on why but i just do. maybe i just have some sick loyalty to Baz Luhrman and his style...which really could be it considering i even went to go see his version of La Boheme (i <3 j00 steph! XD). i think that could be it though, just his style. that uber zaniness. the fact that he made a musical movie but it still had his trademark style to it. hmmm...i'll figure it out someday. =P

and on a random note, as we arrived home, my mom said 'alana was almost a roxie.' i was thinking '...i almost killed a man and tried to use my arrest as a start for my singing career? o.O;;;' but thankfully, she finished right after that though...

[mom] yeah, roxanne was our second choice for your name after alana. that way we could call you roxie!
[me] roxie? o.O; roxie salom...somehow, i think i like alana a lot better. =P

i would hope everyone agrees with me. =P roxie...blech.

8 mile / oscars
Monday, March 24, 2003
02:18 a.m.

what can i say about this movie? i know i definately like the battle scenes at the end, especially the last one. toooootally shot that poser down. XDDD that was just sweet lyrically poetic justice.

other than that, i mean yeah, it does kind of show that Eminem is capable of (acting) other emotions and feelings than what he generally presents in his music but then again, i don't really ever chose to listen to his music often so i guess my opinion is kind of biased. =P

though, i think the fundamental message behind the movie was fairly well presented, which was to follow your dreams the way that you see fit. it might not be the fastest or cheapest, and you could very well get fucked when something/one lets you down, but it's what you chose and unless you die, you can always come back up from it.

being someone who is also wanting to make a break out into the music industry, i can definately relate to this movie on that level. ...other than that, i felt i was rewatching bits of like...my junior/high school years. @.@;

i seriously give respect to anyone who has any sembalence of being able to freestyle/flow/battle because i find it to be damn hard. i can think on the spot but not nearly as much as these people can. and it's not only a matter of just vocabulary/slang, as with any type of entertainment, it's a matter of making it original and still reaching your audience. ...even if it is as michi puts it 'artistic shit talking'. n.n; *tips hat*

definately not a movie for any ol' joe off the street, but if you have/had an appreciation for hip hop or rap, it's your movie. while i don't really listen to either much anymore, i can still enjoy the movie and don't regret dropping for it. for the average joe though, i would say rental but don't choose it over something else you're really wanting to watch. or borrow/watch it with a friend. might be a bit better because then you're only wasting time. n.n;

...i still don't know what possessed my mom to ask me to go see it with her. @.@;;; i just don't...

oooh...missed out on the oscars and am now thoroughly disappointed i missed michael moore bitching out bush at the award podium. DAMMIT!!! >.< huzzah for Miyazaki and all of Studio Ghibli for winning best animated feature for Sen to Chihiro Kamikakushi / Spirited Away. and of course, a tip of the hat to disney for bringing it over, and getting nominated for Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet. n.n

other than that, huzzah for neither my blog or any other webpages getting hacked with the anti-war message. n.n; while i agree with them, if i want to protest, i'll do it on my own thank you. =P

iya mou~!
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
01:32 a.m.

i just realized i didn't say much about Neo Ranga in my last post. n.n; the series is...okay so far. but seeing as each episode is only 15 minutes long and i've only seen 8 so far, i'm willing to keep going to see how things develop. a lot of it so far has just been the city and the girls getting used to the giant robot relic that 'invaded' their city but i'm hoping for more kicking of ass later on. and the swords. i wanna see the swo~rds. XD chicks + swords = happy arana (usually).

i did indeed end up buying the rest of NieA_7 today just because it was only another 3 dvds (since it's only 13 eps) and i like it more then enough to get it. XDD it is a bizzare series, and i agree with kyo that someone put it best when they said 'NieA_7 is to Serial Experiments Lain as FLCL is to Neon Genesis Evangelion.' yoshitoshi ABe REALLY gets my vote as far as storywriting goes now just because of the variety the he's able to come up with. ...or at least the variety of sketches he's able to come up with, then someone makes a story off of them. n.n;

a thought that came to me when i was thinking over his work, which kind of lead me to think about anime in general, and i think that he might've mentioned something about it in a panel sometime... but that he didn't want to give viewers of his stuff what his interpretation of his work was. that he wanted people to decide for themselves what they just saw. and it made me think of the many series i've seen where it leaves it very open ended and wonder if they all feel the same way. like 'yes, i had something in mind while creating this but i don't want to ruin your own experience by telling you what i was intending because it could effect your own feelings about it.' while some people want things like that defined, i say i go with ABe. i don't want to go to a museum and have someone tell me what i should think about when i see splotches of paint or sculptures. i just want to joy it as i see it, regardless of whether i'm 'right or wrong' as to what i feel when i see it.

blah...all closing shifts this week. ass. >.< ah well, at least i don't have to worry about sales anymore. =P wow...scary... i just found the official musical score for weiß kreuz... i think i'll sleep now. x.x oh, and if anyone knows an online shop that still has the 2nd DVD volume of Haibane Renmei with the box, please let me know. ;.; cdjapan sold out even though i preordered. *shikushiku*

the roof! the roof! the roof is burnination!!!
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
02:55 a.m.

god i love this song. currently listening to vol.1 ost of the anime Witch Hunter Robin, track 15 - flame. robin's theme is really sweet too. overall, i just really like the ost. n.n; the composer, iwasaki taku has come up with a good amount of soundtracks just within the span of 4 years, including both of the Rurouni Kenshin oav's, the Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Now and Then, Here and There), the Read or Die oav and worked with Kawasumi Ayuko (seiyuu for Mahoro/Mahoromatic, Melfina/Outlaw Star, Aoi/Ai Yori Aoshi, etc.) to make her first original album. i love the stuff that this lady comes up with, maybe not so much as Kanno or Kajiura, but pretty darn close. and i think it's safe to say that i like her work for WHR the best out of all the albums i've heard so far. while the RK oav cds are REALLY good, they do lack the variety that WHR had, which might be expected since the RK oavs were only like short 3-6 eps while WHR was a full 26 eps tv series so~...eh. n.n; either way, WHR is still the winner for me. XD

i dunno, i've been deviating from my usual dosage of trance/house for orchestrated stuff and a few rock cds (Bowling for Soup - Let's Do It for Johnnny and the brilliant green - the winter album). *shrugs* it happens every once in a while i guess, and can never really tell what brings it on or what i'll be tempted to listen to next. i suppose i could just dismiss it as 'i want listen to what i want to listen to dammit!' =P

anyhow, no sales tax weekend wasn't -TOO- bad...though i still think the CLUE x 4 would've come in handy. or like one of those number ticket dispenser things. or both. or maybe just not have a freaking no sales tax day. =P meh...either we, i got off pretty easy since i only had to work 4 hours sat, then 5 hours sun, both end of the day shifts without having to stay behind and actually help close the store. *PHEW* that would've driven me NUTS trying to clean up the carnage left by customers for a full hour after closing. >.< but yeah, i survived this weekend with only a bruised knee, poking the opposite leg with the corner of a fireplace screen and poking my hand with my utility knife because i was in a hurry and didn't put on my gloves. >.< meh...

got down to SV (where i still am currently), to hang out with kyo, michi and jahi. we ended up playing a short game in which we successfully made it off the planet and didn't like...anihilate anything we shouldn't have. n.n;;; and we picked up a new friend, A-chan a.k.a. Apocolypse, a biiiiiig 9' battle droid that looks like Monev the Gale from Trigun and sounds like one of the robots from Robocop. yeah. we're glad he's on our team too. o.o; btw hanky~ are j00 gonna still play wif us? ;.; onega~i isshou ni asobo yo~ ne?

after much RO after droping jahi off, i passed out around 3, woke up at 9:45 or so...just to start playing again. n.n; yes ladies and gents, i have no life, or if i do, i use it to play extremely cute video games so that i can get the nifty assassin. o.o;

erm...after that and lunch with michi (tk noodle...mmmm~), hopped over to fry's to look for Neo Ranga but they lacked it so we wander around for a bit, stared at the Technic 1200s again, this time SERIOUSLY debating whether or not to pick one up since i have like 0 in the bank now and don't have to worry to much about spending it since i have another check coming in prior to the 1st of april. i decided to put it off again, just because my b-day isn't -that- much further away and it'd be really nice if my family just wanted to pitch in for those for a present. even if the just bought like 1 or the audio studio software, i'd be coo~l. we did thankfully locate where the Y audio connections were, and picked it up as well as a 12' cable (which wasn't quite long enough. ~.~;;).

for dinner, we decided to just go to the food court at valley fair since i still wanted to get Neo Ranga and i knew at least suncoast would have it. finally just went ahead and picked up NieA_7 as well...

O M G this anime is GREAT. why the fuck didn't i pick it up before?!?! Mayuko CRACKS ME UP. she tries to go for the quiet student type, but with Niea around, she busts out MAD Yukari-sensei like expressions that just had kyo and i ROLLIN'...well, quietly since michi was sleeping. n.n; but STILL! it was only the first episode and we were DYING! omg...i am so getting more of it tomorrow when we go back to fry's. guess i should check to see how much of the series is out... SO NEED TO SCREENCAP the 'roof' scene. the expression Mayuko pulls there is PRICELESS. Chiaki SCARES me too. she gets blown up by Niea's ufo...then immediately BLOGS about it. some fucked up SHIT! I LOVE IT!!! XDD

ah yes, and if you want THE BURNINATION... just scream/sing TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!! i think i got to like...lvl 12 with 2K something points. o.o; damn being SWORDED! >.<

white day, shmite day
Saturday, March 15, 2003
04:04 a.m.

heh heh...nah, really i'm not that bitter about not having anyone to share white day with. consider i'm not japanese and don't even know if i'd be dating a guy...yeah. n.n; did get to hang out with a friend though after work so it was a pretty decent day, rain and all. didn't have too many a neurotic customer but had a couple that really make me want to buy a 2x4 and convert it into a CLUEx4. ugh... ~.~;

it's funny...i've told i think a handful of people at work that i'm bi, and some people have picked it up from conversations i've had either directly with them or from listening in on another convo i'm having with someone... and in either case, most people just seem damn surprised when it dawns on them. i get stuff like 'really? but you never really talk about it.' ...is there some like unwritten rule that bi/les/gay people need to flaunt around acting, speaking and functioning as their sexual orientation? o.o; seriously, it just trips me out. it's not like i deny that i am bi when someone asks, i just don't feel the need to introduce myself like i'm at one of those places in But I'm a Cheerleader. i dunno...i can understand if they said something along the lines of 'oh, i never would've guessed' or 'oh, i had no idea'...but 'oh well you never talked about it'...huh?! i guess maybe things could be different here in SC but...eh... whatever. i still don't want to use my sexual orientation as a conversation starter. =P

anyhow, don't really have much else to talk about...or at least feel like talking about since it's 4 in the bloody am. n.n;;; the only thing i left is for you, aniki. started on the design for your blog. here's the sample if you want to take a peek. if you look though, gotta give me some feedback and stuff. yeah, i know it's a pretty drastic color scheme to your usual grey or black. =P but that was the only pic that was 'speaking' to me, thus the colors. hope it's not too...pastel for you. n.n;;;


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My ultimate dream is to be dj. Local, world class, whatever. I just want to be the one making the dance floor shake, the roof raised and the tootsie rolled. And if I ever get enough money pooled together, I'd want to open my own club and have an open table night for all the other dreamers out there.

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ah, so yeah, i decided to change the layout a bit. i was fighting with an image from Noir for a while and decided it was indeed a losing battle so went to search for other images. huzzah for Yua Kotegawa to the rescue! so the girl above is Anna from Anne Freaks, a lovely story of a girl who meets a boy that is burying his mother after accidentally killing her in defense. the girl then proceeds to kick him and tell him he's doing it all wrong. XDD i <3 it. but yeah, i saw the image and it just kept staring back at me... @.@ so i went ahead and used it. n.n yay~ pumpkin color~ *licks the screen* ble~h >.< j/k