doushite, doushite suki nan darou? konna ni namida afureteru...
Tuesday, October 7, 2003
12:52 a.m.

i really need...

to get it into my head...


it's just not good for me. o.o

...anyways, i decided to finally finish watching Full Moon o Sagashite after starting it probably close to a year ago. what a dumb idea that was. i had left off at a part in the story where it all the drama was managable and the song Eternal Snow was just another beautiful ballad about love. little did i know i should've stay at that spot because not 10 episodes later, and hearing Eternal Snow a buh-gillion times later, i was as much of a blubbering, weebling mass as i was when i had watched episode 8 of Fruits Basket. just...genki nai to da max. althought Full Moon ends nicely, i still can't shake the feelings i had during those couple of episodes where Eternal Snow just does a massive fatality move on your heart and soul. so i now have a love/hate thing for Eternal Snow. ~.~; it's on the list with Ano Hi ni and shiat. damn you Tanemura Arina, you've pwned me again. *shakes fist*

so yeah, no more shoujo rabu rabu angst drama series for me for a while. lots of either crack or shonen stuffs instead. ~.~;

dance! it's your birthday!
Friday, October 3, 2003
10:17 a.m.

well okay not really but as my bday present to my ever so lovely tolerable of my constant torment out of love oneesama, Michi, i presented her with two options today. Armin Van Buuren or Chemical Brothers? she chose Armin...thus! she shall be dancing to the oh so wonderfulrific spinnings of Armin Van Buuren @ 1015 on 10/17. won't be exactly on date for her bday but is close enough. n.n;;; everybody! la dee da dee da!

i have no words...
Tuesday, September 30, 2003
10:57 a.m.
**warning kind of not safe for work**

ummm yeah...i'll just wait for the comments to roll in since i can't find the words but just so this entry doesn't look completely empty...

j: WHOA!!!I'm at work, but send that link to my E-Mail. What the hell is it?
me: just...just look later.
j: Is that a good, "Just look later?", or a bad, "Just look later"?
me: just...just look later.
j: 0.o. Damnit, I need details!
me: did you not read what the bottom of the frame said? n.n;
j: I couldn't, since I sort of closed it.
j: I'll gamble, though..
j: -That's- What it said.
j: Wow.
j: I wonder if she's any good?
me: at which?
me: djing or her toplessness? =P
me: or yes?
j: Yes.
j: I mean, okay, you're partially naked.....that holds my interest for about 5 seconds, if a)I'm not sleeping with you, and b)I'm there to listen to music, with no lap dance from you.
me: *nods* well she'll be at the cow palace oct 18th i think is what the flyer said. n.n;
j: You want to go see her, and is that a Saturday?I think I may be heading to a show that day.....
me: actually i don't care either way, it was just the concept itself that made the proverbial needle jump the record and scratch all the way off to the side in my head.

you think you have an identity crisis?
Sunday, September 28, 2003
01:13 a.m.

so i finally got around to watching Identity now that it's on dvd since i missed it in the theatres. i have to say, while i don't think it's a movie i really needed to see in the theatres, it's not to say i didn't enjoy it at all. quite the opposite in fact. a real big plus of waiting to see it on dvd is that you have the choice to watch either the theatrical release version or the full extended version. you can guess which i picked. =P so yeah, i'll have to go back and watch the theatrical version later but man...this has to be one of the best mystery/suspense movies i've seen in a while. it was done very interestingly, kind of a nice harmony of 'who done it' with a very big and nicely executed M. Night Shyamalan twist to it. it's hard to go into without totally spoiling the entire thing so y'all will just have to watch and see for yourselves. XD definate two thumbs up, new release rental to see imho. b n.n d

ah yes, and i also got around to seeing Once Upon a Time in Mexico a.k.a. the third installment to Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi story. yes, the third. it's quite shocking how many people i've come across that don't even know about El Mariachi and think Desperado is the first film. ~.~; but anyways, fun fun fun...with guns! johnny depp's character was great, the smarmy asshole double crossin' american. really, you just can't go wrong with depp most of the time. in fact, he really kind of stole the show from Banderas and the rest. o.o it doesn't help really when the story revolves around him, and not so much El Mariachi himself, which is why i think fans of the first (and maybe second) were so disappointed. Enrico Inglesias (sp?) and Marco Leonardi, who play El's back up men, didn't really fill their roles that well, considering i think they were supposed to have been his comedy relief, once again stolen mostly by Depp's character. so i guess my beef with the movie it really an El Mariachi movie? or is this just another movie that happens to have El Mariachi in it? ...that and the huge fight that El has with the Cartel men in the middle of the square, he says to Cucuy 'You will be the last' or something to that effect, he never gets back to that. lines like that are made for a reason and i feel they should abide to them. even if they do a thing like in Blade 2 where he shows up in the nudie booth. but yeah, fun ride but a bit unbalanced with being marketed as an El Mariachi film.

tuesday is coming. did you bring your coat?
Friday, September 19, 2003
12:16 a.m.

whoooooooooooo~! XD Don Herdzfeldt, the creator of the lovely animated short Rejected, has a collection of animated stuff hitting theatres theatres today (friday), called The Animation Show. unfortunately, i missed the premiere showing in SF which Hertzfeldt attended himself. BUT luckily, the nick in SC is one of those theatres. SCOOOOOORE! XD but only until the 25th so if people want to go, tell me now. NOOOOOW! XD it'll be damn skippy to see his stuff on a bigger screen than my computer one for once! now with more sodium! SWEET JESUS! XD

mmmm vorpal blade...
Sunday, September 14, 2003
12:34 a.m.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, stalking amidst the freeway! It is Alana, hands clutching a vorpal blade! And with a booming roar, her voice cometh:

"I'm going to clobber you until you spontaneously degenerate, and dip you in uranium!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

strangely enough, the first half of mine was almost the same as kyo's. XD

Hark! Who is that, striding across the tundra! It is Kyo, hands clutching a reflective halberd! And with a spectacular cry, his voice cometh:

"I'm going to pound you until you spontaneously degenerate, then steal your lederhosen!!!"

taidaima! ...kamo
Tuesday, August 26, 2003
02:06 a.m.

my my, what have i been doing that i have neglected my blog for so long? to tell you the truth...

not a whole damn lot.

i mean, i've been watching some movies, hanging out with friends, playing ragnarok and working, of course. but just somehow haven't really felt the urge to write about any of it for the sake of writing.

am i back for good?


i have no idea.

but i just felt like writing today for some reason. maybe it's the slight difference in weather or something. it's been really hot, and still is pretty hot (well, in the valley at least, not here on the coast), but as i stepped out to drive back home tonight, i saw flashes in the sky.





and now it's raining. i dunno. it was a pretty wacky drive though. i kept hoping that lighting wouldn't like hit a tree, then i'd crash into it or something. XD i guess i prefer to enjoy lighting and thunder from inside a house. not while i'm driving a windy mountain highway.

hmph...was hoping i'd get my LotR:TT and Haibane Renmei box in the mail later today but judging by my order status, it's not gonna happen. well poo.

mmmm looking forward to labor day weekend. gonna go see BT do a set at 1015. he was pretty good at metropolis that one year so my hopes are high. overall though, i just want to get into a club and dance my ass off with friends while feeding off the primal energy of the crowd moving to the thumping bass. mmmm...bass.

finally got around to seeing the end of Mahoromatic - Motto Utsukushii mono and Kiddy Grade. Mahoro had a kind weird but happy for Gainax ending, while Kiddy Grade just...kinda started to confuse me after a while. too many damn appearance changes i tell ya. either way, was fun watching both. Eclair and Lumiere rock. if i can find a good pic of them, i might use them for the next layout, cuz i'm sick of this one already.

anyways, i should've been asleep oooh 3 or so hours ago so i shall do so now. peace, love, dope!

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ah, so yeah, i decided to change the layout a bit. i was fighting with an image from Noir for a while and decided it was indeed a losing battle so went to search for other images. huzzah for Yua Kotegawa to the rescue! so the girl above is Anna from Anne Freaks, a lovely story of a girl who meets a boy that is burying his mother after accidentally killing her in defense. the girl then proceeds to kick him and tell him he's doing it all wrong. XDD i <3 it. but yeah, i saw the image and it just kept staring back at me... @.@ so i went ahead and used it. n.n yay~ pumpkin color~ *licks the screen* ble~h >.< j/k